Chapter 17: Ending Vlad's Search

As Vlad was finally back at his mansion, he was pacing back and forth in the room as Skulcker, Walker and Technius came into the scene.

"Do you want us to come up with another plan to get the next amulet?" asked Walker.

"I'm afraid not" replied Vlad, "you three have failed me miserably!"

"We could have succeeded if our foes were not a step ahead of us" said Skulcker.

"That was your fault!" screamed Vlad right in front of Skulcker.

"Hey, let's not blame each other" said Technius, "we can learn from our mistakes."

"You three have made too many mistakes!" shouted Vlad.

"Too many mistakes?" asked Technius, "But I came in when these two made the most mistakes."

"Don't make excuses Technius" replied Vlad, "and you Walker, how could you have let go of Doloan Wong?"

"I swear he was at my side" said Walker, "they must have set him free."

"If they are going to attack me at my mansion, it would be too soon to speak" said Vlad.

"You were saying?" asked a voice.

As Vlad turns around, he could see Danny Phantom, along with Jackie Chan, Tohru, Captain Black, Uncle, Jade and Doloan Wong.

"So you have come to make a sneak attack on me, have you?" asked Vlad as he changed into his ghost mode, "then let's see if you can stop me from acquiring the last amulets."

"Actually" said Danny, "we have come to end your search, once and for all."

"There are at least seven of them standing" said Walker, "and only four of us."

"Don't worry" said Vlad as he split himself into six more Vlads, "my Vlad clones shall keep them all busy. Vlads, take care of them!"

Doloan Wong then released his dark chi warriors and they got into their stances, as Uncle and Tohru were preparing for the chi shield spell, Danny Phantom got into action by helping Doloan's dark chi warriors. Hak Foo launched his attack at one of the Vlad clones, knocking the Vlad clone to the wall. Fynn then launched his weapon and guided it to another Vlad clone, knocking the Vlad clone to the ground. Chow and Ratso were having the most trouble with four Vlad clones trying to surround them into a corner. Danny raced toward their rescue and knocks one of the Vlad's out, by delivering a good punch. He then delivered a good kick against another Vlad clone, knocking that Vlad clone down. As Uncle and Tohru finally finished the chi spell, Jackie got into the fight and kicked the other two Vlad clones down.

"Hurry" said Vlad to Walker, Technius and Skulcker, "head to the room where the amulets are."

"Good idea" said Walker.

Walker, Technius and Skulcker followed Vlad to the room where the amulets were located. Meanwhile, Danny took Vlad's prized position to the group as he was coming up with a plan on how to end Vlad Plasmius' search for the Amulet of Time.

"What's that you got in your hand?" asked Captain Black.

"It's Vlad's prized procession" replied Danny as he handed Captain Black the football.

"People, I think our ghost friend has just come up with an idea to humiliate Vlad" said Captain Black as he showed the football to everybody.

Back in the room where the amulets were located, Vlad was worried what had happen to his clones. One of his clones entered with urgent news.

"Sir" said the Vlad clone, "your prized procession is missing."

"You mean my football that was signed?" asked the original Vlad.

"I think we can come up with another truce here" said Danny as he entered the room with the football in his hand.

"Give me that football or else!" shouted Vlad to Danny.

"Then go get it!" shouted Danny as he threw the football.

As one of the Vlad clones tried to catch it, Fynn grabbed the football.

"Score!" shouted Fynn.

"Over here, I'm open!" shouted Ratso.

"No problem" said Fynn.

Fynn throws the football toward Ratso, and two Vlad clones try to get it. Ratso manages to grab the football and then hands it over to Hak Foo. Hak Foo then plays keep away from a Vlad clone, and then throws it to Chow. Chow is surrounded by three Vlad clones that are trying to get the football away from him. Chow then sees an opening and throws the football to Jackie. Jackie then bumps into the main Vlad.

"Give me that football or else" said Vlad.

"Then come and get it" said Jackie.

Vlad tries to use his powers to get Jackie, but Jackie dodges Vlad's attempts. He then throws it to Tohru who now has the football. Skuclker looking at the situation starts up his goo cannon gun.

"You fool, you will mess up my prized procession!" shouted Vlad.

"Well sorry" said Skulcker as he lowered the weapon.

Tohru then throws the football back to Danny. All the Vlads start to concentrate on Danny and try to gang up on him to get the football away from him.

"Give us that football!" demanded all the Vlads.

"One more step and I'll use my ghost beam to destroy this football!" said Danny.

"You wouldn't!" cried the original Vlad.

"Oh would I?" asked Danny as he had his ghost beam charging.

"You must be bluffing" said Walker as he entered the scene, "now hand me that football or else."

"Don't you see Walker" said Vlad, "Danny Phantom here won't be giving us that football. He's threatening to destroy it."

"Then I'm afraid I and Technius would have to us extreme force to stop it" said Walker.

"But your extreme force might destroy the football" said Vlad, "don't do it."

"Vlad is right, I am going to destroy this football, unless if you do a few things" said Danny as he stopped charging the ghost beam.

Suddenly all the Vlad clones went back into the original Vlad.

"Fine" sighed Vlad, "tell me your demands."

"My first demand" said Danny, "is to end the search for the Amulet of Time."

"Fine" grumbled Vlad, "you people are always a step ahead of me anyway, despite my connections."

"Second demand" said Danny, "give Mr. Chan his job back as an archeologist."

"Okay" said Vlad, "as long as I don't have to ever see his face or any of his friends' faces ever again."

"Third demand" said Danny, "hand over all your amulets you have acquired to a variety of museums, but not under your super vision."

"That will be under my super vision" said Captain Black.

"Fine" sighed Vlad, "anymore of your demands?"

"And one more thing" said Uncle as he used his chi spell.

Uncle's chi spell then drained all the powers of Doloan Wong's dark chi warriors, turning Hak Foo, Fynn, Ratso and Chow back into their original selves.

"Hey, that wasn't part of the deal" said Doloan, "you didn't need to have to do that. I helped you achieve this victory."

"Just to make sure you didn't use these dark chi warriors for any future attempts for your own conquest" said Uncle.

Doloan then got mad and then disappeared from the scene.

"I would like to have my football back, please" said Vlad as he changed back into the normal mode.

"Fine" said Danny as he handed him the football, "just keep your end of the bargain."

"So does this mean we still get to go to jail?" asked Fynn to Captain Black.

"Since you were a big help" replied Captain Black, "I'm going to let it slide, at least for now. So you four better get out of here before I change my mind."

"Good idea" said Chow as he was going to leave through the door, "let's get out of this dump."

"Are you sure Vlad will keep his word?" said Jackie to Captain Black.

"I'm sure of it Jackie" replied Captain Black, "I'll have the amulets be guarded by Section 13 agents in the museums that will host them. You better get back to work."

"Come on Jade, Uncle, Tohru" said Jackie, "let's go home."

"Thought you never asked" said Jade, "I'm so tired of living in that apartment."

"And Uncle needs to maintain his shop" said Uncle.