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Fanfic Chapter 1: Unleashing Exodia
Episode Basis: Heart of the Cards

3000 years ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian Kings played a game of great and terrible power. But these "Shadow Games" erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the Earth. That is until a great and powerful Pharaoh locked the magic away, imprisoning it within the mystical Millennium Items.

Centuries later, a boy named Yugi unlocks the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. He is infused with mystical, magical energies. For destiny has chosen him to defend the world from the return of the Shadow Games just as the brave Pharaoh did 3000 years ago.

Ever since Yugi Moto solved the Millennium Puzzle, nothing has been normal for the high school kid. It seemed like everyone has been trying to beat him to a pulp (at the very least) and several times, he came close to losing the puzzle forever. Things have accelerated since he discovered that he had been inadvertently using his puzzle to help save his friends' lives.

Now things were about to go one step further.

And it all started with a card game.

"Yoo-hoo, earth to Joey!" Tristan Taylor called to his friend Joey Wheeler. The toe-headed boy was concentrating on the five cards he had in his hand. "Are you out to lunch again?"

"Beat it, Tristan, can't you see I'm thinking."

"Well that's a new one," Tristan joked.

"Very funny, wise guy. Yugi's just teaching me how to play Duel Monsters." Joey referred to his opponent, a small kid with spiky blond and black hair with red tips and large innocent violet eyes. He was wearing a yellow upside down pyramid around his neck.

Tristan took the hand of cards from Joey and stared at them. Each of them had a picture of some strange human or animal-type creature. The names were set on top along with a symbol. There were a various number of stars between the name and the picture. There were also two three or four digit numbers next to the description text. "Drool Monsters?"

"Duel Monsters, ya' nimrod," Joey cracked yanking his cards back. "Watch and learn."

"The players play with monster cards," Tea Gardner explained. "Each monster has an attack and defense number and the players use them to deplete their opponent's life points."

"In addition, there are magic, trap, and accessory cards that help you and harm your opponent," Harold Kumara added. "Joey has been catching on pretty quick."

"Yeah, but Yugi's a real pro at this," Tea commented. As the one who knew Yugi the longest, Tea knew that Yugi could probably become a professional Duel Monster player.

"I'll say. Yugi's about one move away from defeating Joey," Harold said.

"All right, Yugi, it's time to duel!" Joey announced. He picked a card out of his hand and laid it on the game mat that the two spread out over their desks. "I play Kagemusha of the Blue Flame (1). Good move, huh?"

"Yup," Yugi agreed. "But not good enough. I counter attack with the Koumori Dragon (2). Looks like I win again."

"Aww man," Joey whined. "That's the third time!"

"You stink at this," Tristan observed which broke Joey's pride even more.

"You're doing fine, Joey," Yugi encouraged. "I just have better cards than you. My Grandpa owns a game shop and I get all my best cards from him."

That perked Joey up. "Really, can we go see?"

"Sure. Maybe I can even get him to let you see this ultra rare card he has."

"Ultra rare card? Way cool!"

Rare card? Could they possibly mean… no, it couldn't be.

That afternoon, Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, and Harold walked into the Kame Game Shop which Yugi's grandpa, Solomon Moto, owned.

"Grandpa, I'm home," Yugi called to an elderly man standing behind a shelf.

"Yugi, I see you brought some friends home."

"Grandpa, can you show us your ultra rare card? Please?" Yugi pleaded.

Solomon looked like he was going to say no, then he smiled. "Of course; anything for my grandson." Solomon took a small box off a back shelf. Yugi and his friends hunched around the box as it opened. Inside was a Duel Monster card. At first, it looked like any normal card, but the picture of the dragon monster on it was so detailed, it almost looked alive.

"Wow," Joey and Harold gasped.

"It's called the Blue-Eyes White Dragon," Solomon explained. "So rare, that it rarely leaves my sight. It's one of the most powerful monsters in the game." The Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3) fit its name; it had beady blue eyes and white scales. Bony arms with three claws and a thumb.

"Wow, that looks like one cool card," Harold said.

"I don't know, looks a little creepy to me," Tea commented.

Tristan took the card and stared at it. "What's so special about this thing?"

"Give me that," Solomon snapped taking it back. "You need to be gentle especially with this card. There were only four of these cards ever made."

"Only four?" Harold asked. "Wonder why."

"So how about trading?" Joey asked.

"Absolutely not!" Solomon snapped. "I would never trade my precious Blue-Eyes White Dragon."

"I probably couldn't afford it anyway. What I meant was how about trading me some other card, something I can use to form my own deck."

"Well that I can do." Just then, the bell over the front entrance rang and a new presence entered the Game Shop. "Can I help you?" Solomon asked.

"If you can't, I wouldn't be surprised," a harsh voice said. Yugi and his friends turned to see a tall boy with auburn-colored hair and beady blue eyes. He was dressed in the same uniform that Yugi, Joey, Harold, and Tristan wore. He carried a metal suitcase.

"Seto Kaiba!" Yugi recognized the boy who was in his class but was also head of a multinational game corporation, and Tristan exposited that to Joey and Tea.

"I came to see if this dump has some worthwhile cards," Kaiba commented.

"I didn't know you were a duelist," Harold said giving Kaiba a suspicious glance.

"Maybe we could all duel together sometime," Joey suggested.

"Oh please, I'd have a harder time playing solitaire. I am the Number One Duelist in Japan and the favorite to win the Duel Monster Championships. You wouldn't stand a chance against me."

"You think so, rich boy?" Joey squabbled. "Maybe we should settle this with fists instead of cards."

"Knock it off, Joey," Yugi scolded.

Kaiba turned to Solomon. "Now does this place have some decent cards or not?" His eyes then settled on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. "What, it can't be?! A Blue-Eyes White Dragon in a place like this?" In his mind, Kaiba was thinking, I'd never imagined that I'd find the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon in this place. Kaiba was entranced by the Blue-Eyes White Dragon until Solomon pulled it away and placed it back in a box.

"Well, enough window shopping," he said. "Is there something else I could help you with?"

Kaiba scowled fiercely and thrust the metal briefcase he was carrying onto the table. He opened it and turned it to show its contents to Solomon. Inside was every single Duel Monster Card one could imagine. People were free to trade their Duel Monster Cards for other cards as well as buy them. And Solomon's surprised expression showed that some of them were really rare.

"Listen, old man, I'll trade all of these cards for your Blue-Eyes White Dragon."

"Tempting," Solomon commented. "But no." The kids were shocked by this, Kaiba especially.

"Then... how about selling it to me? I can pay any price."

"I have no doubt you can," Solomon agreed. "But you see, this Blue-Eyes White Dragon is extra special."

"Huh?" Everybody else asked.

"I keep this Blue-Eyes White Dragon close to me, not just because of its rarity or value, but because of what it represents," Solomon explained. "This card was given to me by a good friend of mine and it's all I have as a reminder of him. So you can see, I couldn't part with it."

Kaiba gasped. Nobody had turned him down before. How could an old man refuse money or trade simply because he's taken a liking to a card?

"You'd feel the same way even if the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was a common card, right, Grandpa?" Yugi asked. Solomon nodded. Growling in frustration, Kaiba took his briefcase back and stormed out of the Game Shop.

"I can't believe Kaiba was willing to do anything to get that card," Harold commented.

"Yeah," Joey agreed. "I mean I know it's rare but he looked desperate."

"Who cares?" Tristan said. The others put the incident with Kaiba out of their minds.

They will soon wish they haven't.

The next afternoon, while Yugi and his friends were at school, Solomon received a visitor at the Game Shop. Even without turning, he could sense that something was amiss. He turned around. "Can I help you?"

The small man standing between two goons chuckled. "My master, Seto Kaiba, wishes to challenge you to a duel."

Solomon stood firm. "And if I were... to decline?"

"I'm afraid I must insist," the small man replied.

Young Kaiba just doesn't know when to quit, Solomon thought. But I'll teach him to respect the heart of the cards.

When Yugi and his friends arrived at the Game Shop that evening, they were surprised to find it empty but unlocked.

"What happened to him?" Yugi asked worrying for his Grandfather. The answer came in the form of a telephone call which Yugi answered. "Hello, Game Shop."

"Ah, Yugi, perfect," came Kaiba's voice. "Your Grandfather's here with me, but he's not exactly feeling well. You better come down to my company and pick him up." Kaiba's tone didn't even sound remotely sincere.

"Kaiba, what did you do, Kaiba? Kaiba!" The line was dead.

"What's wrong?" Tea asked.

"Something happened to Grandpa," Yugi cried in fright. "We have to get to Kaiba Corporation! Harold, call 911!"

Harold used the Game Shop's phone to call for an ambulance then Yugi and his friends hurried to the Kaiba Corp. They arrived at the top floor and came across a frightening sight!

Solomon was lying on the ground barely conscious. Kaiba was standing over him wearing a gloating look on his face.

"Grandpa, what happened?"

"Yugi..." Solomon's voice was weak. "I tried to teach him the heart of the cards but I failed!" Yugi was horrified on seeing him in this position.

Joey and Harold faced-down Kaiba. "What did you do to him, you maniac?" Harold asked.

Kaiba shrugged indifferently. "We just had a little duel, with each of us putting up our rarest card. But I guess the stimulation was just too much for the old coot."

"Kaiba, you should be ashamed of yourself!" Tea scolded.

"On the contrary, I'm quite pleased. Look at what I got." He held up Solomon's Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card which he then tore in two.

Everyone gasped. "No..." Solomon pleaded weakly. "My Blue-Eyes White Dragon... my treasure!"

"There can be only three of one card in a deck," Kaiba mused. "Anything else might become a liability."

"Why that big..." Joey got ready to charge Kaiba but Yugi held him back. "Yug..."

"Please, Joey, I don't want any more people I care about hurt." Joey stood down.

"Yugi," Solomon called. He took out a deck of Duel Monster cards. "Here... I constructed this deck myself. I put my heart and soul into it. Use it... and teach Kaiba to respect the heart of the cards."

"But Grandpa, we have to get you medical attention."

"Your friends can look after your Grandfather while you and I duel," Kaiba suggested.

Yugi was ready to refuse when Tristan called out, "Take him, Yugi." Yugi looked at his friends who had reassuring smiles on their faces.

"You just leave your Grandfather to us," Harold assured him.

"We'll take care of him while you take care of creepy-Kaiba," Joey added.

"We know you can do it, Yugi," Tea agreed.

"Are you sure?" Yugi asked.

"Yug, you're the best duelist I know, plus if things get out of hand, you have the Millennium Puzzle to back you up," Joey argued.

"Yugi, you have something that Kaiba doesn't have nor will he ever have," Harold coached. "You have faith."

Yugi smiled, grateful for his friends' confidence. "All right."

"Everyone, put your hands together," Tea instructed. "And I'll mark us with a special sign." She drew a star so that each point was on someone's hand.

The others were confused by the action. "What gives, Tea?" Joey asked.

"It's a symbol of our friendship. So that when Yugi's dueling, no matter how tough it seems, he'll know that he's not alone."

"Thanks, you guys," Yugi said. He turned to face Kaiba. "Kaiba, I challenge you to a duel!"

Kaiba just shrugged, his smile made it look like he knew Yugi would challenge him. "As you wish, follow me. Tristan hauled Solomon onto his back and went into the elevator along with Tea, Joey, and Harold. Tea took one last glance at Yugi as the elevator doors.

Kaiba lead Yugi into a large arena. There was a display grid with ten squares on each side. Two podiums stood on either side elevated about thirty feet off the ground. The podiums contained a tray similar to the duel mats that every duelist has as well as counters for their life points and view screens so they could see the tray of their opponent. Kaiba manned the red one and Yugi took the blue one.

"We start with 2000 life points," Kaiba explained. "First one to 0 loses."

(Y: 2000)
(K: 2000)

"Now, Yugi, are you ready to play?"

"Play time is OVER, Kaiba!" Yugi said firmly as a glow came from his Millennium Puzzle (a glow that Kaiba noticed but didn't understand what it meant). Yugi was bathed in a white light and when it dissipated, Yugi stood but he looked different. He seemed taller and there was a harsher look in his eyes. "Now, Kaiba," this new Yugi said. "It's time to duel!"

Yugi and Kaiba each drew five cards. Kaiba went first and drew a sixth card. "I'll start off with the mighty Hitotsu-me Giant (4)!" Kaiba laid the card on one of the squares that was furthest away from him. The field started to glow as a large one-eyed green giant appeared.

"The field brought the monster on the card to life!" Yugi exclaimed.

"It's my virtual simulator," Kaiba informed him. "It makes 3-D life-size images of any Duel Monster."

"So this is how you defeated my Grandfather," Yugi realized. Kaiba didn't even try to deny it. "Well, I won't give you the chance to defeat me. I summon Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress (5)!" A blue dragon appeared on the field. "Winged Dragon, fireball attack!" The attack destroyed the giant. "Your giant falls!"

(Y: 2000)
(K: 1800)

"Nicely done, Yugi," Kaiba complimented. "But let's see how you do against this!" Kaiba summoned another monster to the field. A demented-looking clown sitting Indian-style appeared, laughing a high-pitch laugh.

"Saggi the Dark Clown (6)?" Yugi said confused. "But that card has hardly any attack points."

"True, Saggi only has 600 attack points while your dragon has 1400, but when combined with this..." Kaiba placed another card on one of the bottom set of squares.

"A magic card!" Yugi identified.

"The negative energy generator triples my Dark Clown's attack power."

(SDC: 600---1800)

"Saggi, attack with dark light!" A ball of black energy destroyed Yugi's Winged Dragon.

(Y: 1600)
(K: 1800)

As Joey, Harold, Tea, and Tristan brought Solomon out to a waiting ambulance, Tea still worried about Yugi. She turned to Joey and Harold. "Tristan and I will take Yugi's Grandpa to a hospital. Joey, Harold, you two go back in and cheer Yugi on. I think he's going to need our support."

"Sure, Tea," Harold agreed. The two ran back into Kaiba Corp.

Kaiba's magic card makes it so that Saggi is the most powerful card on the field,

Yugi analyzed. He looked at his hand. And I have nothing in my hand that can defeat his Dark Clown. He drew a card but it was a low-level card that looked like some sort of arm. I can't beat Saggi with this. I should play a different monster, in defense mode. The monster will be sacrificed, but my overall life points will be safe. Yugi placed a card face-down on the monster zone and turned it horizontal signaling that the monster was in defense mode.

"Running scared, I see," Kaiba observed. "Saggi, attack with dark light!" The monster never even appeared as the ball of black energy disintegrated it.

By this time, Joey and Harold have arrived at the dueling stadium.

"Whoa, those monsters are real!" Joey gasped as he caught the tail end of Saggi's attack.

"Joey, look at that!" Harold pointed to the life point counter. "Yugi's trailing."

"Yeah, well, it ain't over until it's over," Joey said. "I know my bud will come out of this."

"You're faring no better than the old man was," Kaiba insulted.

"My Grandfather is a great man and a better duelist than you'll ever be," Yugi said with ferocity. "He trusted me with his deck and I'm putting all my faith in it."

He drew a card and smiled. "And my faith rewards me with Gaia, the Fierce Knight (7) with a destructive power of 2300!" A blue and red armored knight on a purple horse rose from the ground. It carried two lances which it used to stab Saggi.

(Y: 1600)
(K: 1300)

"Yeah, Yugi!" Joey cheered.

"Way to make a come back!" Harold agreed then noticed that a third person was on the sidelines: a little boy with long hair.

"Big Brother!" The boy called out.

'Big Brother?' Harold thought. He never knew Kaiba had a brother. Then again,

Kaiba rarely talked about his family. Then again, Kaiba rarely talked period.

"Yugi's knight is now the strongest monster on the field!" Joey said in glee.

"Yeah," Harold agreed grimly. "But remember, for every strong monster, there's a stronger one."

"Hey, we're here to cheer Yugi on," Joey said. "If you don't have anything positive to say, then don't say anything."


"Well, Yugi, apparently you're a little better duelist than I thought," Kaiba said.

"But can Gaia stand up against this!" Kaiba placed a card down and the last monster anyone expected to appear was formed.

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"No way, we all saw Kaiba tear that card up!" Joey protested.

"Surprised?" Kaiba asked Yugi. "Did you think your Grandfather was the only one with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon card? Blue-Eyes White Dragon, attack with White Lightning!" The dragon launched a powerful white energy blast at Gaia. The knight was completely engulfed in it.

(Y: 900)
(K: 1300)

Yugi panicked and laid a monster in defense mode.

"I get it," Harold realized. "Kaiba's trying to collect all the Blue-Eyes White Dragons. That's why he was willing to do anything to obtain the one from Yugi's Grandpa!"

"Face it," Kaiba said. "There's no card in your deck that can defeat my almighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" As proof of Kaiba's boast, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon destroyed Yugi's next two defense monsters. "So how can you handle two?"

"Two?" Joey and Harold shouted at the same time. Sure enough, another Blue-Eyes White Dragon rose next to the first one. It destroyed another of Yugi's monsters. "Faith or no faith, you will fall before my superior monsters!"

Yugi groaned. Oh great, I could barely handle one of them, let alone two. And none of my monsters are strong enough to deal with it. But I know my Grandfather's deck won't let me down. Yugi drew a card and breathed a sigh of relief. It was a magic card. "Swords of Revealing Light! It stops all monsters for three full turns!" Three golden swords came down in between Kaiba's dragons.

Kaiba was annoyed at Yugi's lucky draw, but not worried. "So what if you did stall my dragons for three turns. The fact of the matter is there's no monster in your deck that can stop my Blue-Eyes White Dragon."

As he laid another monster in defense mode, Yugi hated to agree with Kaiba, but he was right. All the monsters in his hand were below 2000 attack points. Although, Yugi noticed that three of the cards looked the same, like orange body parts. He's right. There's nothing in my hand that can defeat Kaiba. They're all a bunch of... pieces.

For someone claiming to have faith, you're giving up too easily. Yugi gasped. For some reason, he heard his Grandfather's voice. In his mind's eye, he saw his Grandfather appear before him. Listen, Yugi, sometimes the cards are like a puzzle.

You mean like the Millennium Puzzle?

Correct. Each piece connects to form a larger entity. But before Yugi could ask for a clarification, his Grandfather faded, with only his words remaining Like a puzzle, a puzzle.

Yugi wondered when were the cards like the pieces of a puzzle. Then remembered a story his Grandfather once told him: "Duel Monsters contains only one unstoppable monster. But he can not be summoned unless the player has all five special cards in his hand. A feet that to this very day, has yet to be accomplished..."

That's what these cards are; they're the pieces of the ultimate monster! Yugi looked through his hand and realized that he already had three of the pieces. He was only missing one arm and the pivotal part, the head. He drew a card. It's another piece of the puzzle!

"Quit stalling or you'll forfeit the match," Kaiba threatened.

"I never forfeit!" Yugi came back as he laid another monster in defense mode. He noticed that his deck was getting a little low. But he couldn't let Kaiba know what he was doing; otherwise Kaiba would stop at nothing to defeat him. And his Grandfather was counting on him.

"You have such a look of desperation on your face," Kaiba commented. "And you should be. You see, while neither of my Dragons can move for two more turns, my next monster is under no such spell... the Judge Man (8)!" A burly troll in purple robes rose from the ground and pounded Yugi's monster.

Yugi drew a card. I can attack with the Dark Magician (9), Yugi planned. But he won't stand a chance once Kaiba's Blue-Eyes are free of my spell. I'll have to take a chance. Yugi laid the card on the field. A human wearing purple robes with equally purple hair rose from the field. It carried a long staff with a jewel set inside a cornucopia shell-shaped cover. "Dark Magician, Dark Magic Attack!" The Dark Magician held out his hand and the Judge Man turned black and white like a picture negative before breaking apart.

(Y: 900)
(K: 1000)

"Oh yeah! How do you like that, Kaiba!" Joey said.

Kaiba seemed indifferent. "Good job, Yugi, but not good enough. You see, my next card is... the THIRD Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Yugi, Harold, and Joey all gasped as another Blue-Eyes White Dragon appeared and destroyed Yugi's Dark Magician.

(Y: 400)
(K: 1000)

Yugi and Harold were thinking the same thing: Kaiba had three Blue-Eyes the whole time! He tore up the fourth one so nobody could have it, and especially not use it.

"There are only four Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the world. I sought to collect all four of them, but because of your Grandfather's stubbornness, I had to resort to... other means. If your Grandfather accepted my generous offer like he should have, we probably wouldn't be having this duel right now. So you see, Yugi, your Grandfather has nobody to blame but himself for his current... situation."

Kaiba has all three Blue-Eyes White Dragons on the field. None of my defenses are strong enough to resist that kind of firepower. My only hope now is to draw the final pieces. But will I be able to draw it in time? The odds are really stacked against me. Yugi's hand shakily reached for the cardon top of his deck, but somehow the deck had moved out of his reach and no matter how hard Yugi tried,he couldn't reach it. The deck, it senses my doubt, Yugi realized. He tried to stretch out his handa little more.

Then he noticed the mark on his hand, his piece of the friendship symbol.

You can do it, Yugi! Yugi imagined that his friends were standing with him, their hands over the deck.

Yugi, don't give up, your Grandfather's counting on you, Harold reminded him.

We're all right behind you, buddy, Tristan encouraged.

Do it, just kick Kaiba's butt, Joey threw in.

Yugi, we all believe you can do it, we have faith in you.

They're right, Yugi thought. I can't give up. I won't! I promised my friends I wouldn't give up!

"Draw your last pathetic card!" Kaiba said forcefully.

"My Grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain..." He held up a card that looked like a giant head. It matched the other four cards in his hand. "Exodia, the Forbidden One (10)!"

"No! It can't be!"

"Yes. I've assembled all five special cards, all five pieces of the puzzle!" Yugi laid all five cards on the table. A pentacle-star formed and a black portal appeared on Yugi's side of the field. A giant gold-armored monster with broken chains on its arms and legs stepped out of the portal.

"It's not possible!" Kaiba gasped. "Nobody has been able to summon him!"

"That's the biggest Duel Monster I've ever seen," Joey gasped. Harold just nodded.

"Exodia... GOD FLAME!" Exodia unleashed a gigantic energy blast that destroyed all three of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons at once. The shockwave almost knocked Kaiba off the platform.

(Y: 400)
(K: 0)

"No way! How can my brother be defeated?" The little Kaiba asked nobody in particular.

"You play only for power and greed," Yugi told the defeated Kaiba. "That was your downfall. But if you put your heart into your deck..." He held up Exodia's head card. "There's nothing you can't do."

"But... I am the best in the land! How could I have lost to such an amateur?"

"Kaiba," Yugi addressed, a strange eye symbol glowing on his forehead. "If you truly wish to know..." He held out his hand. "OPEN YOUR MIND!" Yugi sent a shockwave coursing through Kaiba's body. Kaiba felt a piece of himself break away and disappear.

Joey and Harold clasped hands. "All right," Joey cheered.

"Victory," Harold added.

Only two grownups learned about Yugi's victory over Seto Kaiba that day. One was in a hospital bed where Tea and Tristan were keeping vigil. Solomon said but three words easing Tea's and Tristan's minds. "Yugi did it."

And in a dark room on an island, a man reported to his boss. "Mister Pegasus, sir, please excuse the interruption. But Seto Kaiba, our uncontested champion, he's been defeated in a duel by someone named... Yugi." There was a glint in the man's left eye as if he knew everything.

Monster Glossary:

Name: Kagemusha of the Blue Flame
Level: 2
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 800
DEF: 400

Name: Koumori Dragon
Level: 4
Type: Dragon
Attribute: Dark
ATK: 1500
DEF: 1200

Name: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Level: 8
Type: Dragon
Attribute: Light
ATK: 3000
DEF: 2500

Name: Hitotsu-me Giant
Level: 4
Type: Beast-Warrior
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 1200
DEF: 1000


Name: Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
Level: 4
Type Dragon
Attribute: Wind
ATK: 1400
DEF: 1200


Name: Saggi, the Dark Clown
Level: 3
Type: Spellcaster
Attribute: Dark
ATK: 600
DEF: 1500


Name: Gaia, the Fierce Knight
Level: 7
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 2300
DEF: 2100


Name: Judge Man
Level: 6
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Earth
ATK: 2200
DEF: 1500

Name: Dark Magician
Level: 7
Type: Spellcaster
Attribute: Dark
ATK: 2500
DEF: 2100


Name: Exodia
Level: 7 (accumulation of stars on each card)
Type: Spellcaster/Effect
Attribute: Dark
ATK/DEF: Rumored to be 5000 (unimportant since playing it will automatically ensure victory)