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Fanfic Chapter 48: Dungeon Dice Monsters Pt 4: The Miracle
Episode Basis: Dungeon Dice Monsters Pt 4

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! Just as Yami-Yugi got the hang of the whole dice summoning thing, Duke decides to take the game up a notch by creating a warp vortex with a black die with which he can use to teleport his monsters behind Yugi's defenses and attack his heart points. But Yugi beat him to a punch by rolling his own black die and having his ultra-fast Strike Ninja use it to attack Duke behind his defenses. The Strike Ninja was able to blast two of Duke's heart points before falling to Duke's most powerful creature: Orgoth the Relentless. With his advantage gone and Duke's mind on vengeance and rage, it will take a miracle for Yugi to win.

The television cameras were primarily filming Orgoth the Relentless after the Strike Ninja's destruction.

"Look at that beast," Solomon said. "It's huge. Even if Yugi summons another monster, it won't be able to beat it."

"There's one monster that Yugi can use to win," Bakura said. "It's a monster that has never failed him before."

"What do you mean?" Solomon asked. "Do you know about this game?"

"Not too much, but I recognize some of the monsters being used, they also have Duel Monster counterparts."

"If that's true, then perhaps other Duel Monsters have been incorporated into this dice game," Solomon said.

Yugi had better win this, Yami-Bakura thought. I can only obtain his Millennium Puzzle through a Shadow Game and I can't do that if he volunteered to give up Duel Monsters forever. If he loses, I'll be stuck here forever.

With Yugi's Strike Ninja gone, he was on the defense again. I need to protect my heart points. "Go, dice roll!" Yami-Yugi rolled a movement crest with a double movement bonus. "I'll use the crests I rolled to position my Knight of Twin Swords between your monster and my heart points."

"Nice try, Yugi, but none of your monsters can withstand the might of Orgoth the Relentless," Duke said jiggling his dice. "And he's coming for you!" He threw the dice which came up two movement crests and a defense crest. "Orgoth, advance four spaces!"

Yami-Yugi quickly realized what he was doing. Duke was using the warp vortex the same way he was using it only seconds ago. "Orgoth, jump into the warp vortex!" He smirked seeing his opponent's scared look. "Two can play this game, Yugi!" Orgoth jumped into the warp hole and came out right in front of Yugi's monsters. "The end is near!"

"Perhaps you've forgotten, Duke, but I still have one more heart point than you! Go, dice roll!" Yami-Yugi got two movement crests and a magic crest. "Using the movement crests, I'll build a wall around my heart points!" Mighty Mage, Knight of Twin Swords, and Thunderball all gathered around Yugi's podium.

"How sad, the so-called King of Games is in a desperate retreat!" Duke rolled two magic crests and a defense crest. "Now you'll see how a real master plays. I'll use two movement crests from my crest pool to position Orgoth the Relentless in for an attack. Next, I'll use the magic crest I rolled to raise Orgoth the Relentless's attack power by 10 giving him a total of 40! Orgoth, attack Thunderball with Diamond Blade Strike!" Thunderball was split in two before blowing up.

"Devlin's smart, Devlin's cute; Joey's stuck in a doggy suit!" The cheerleaders said.

So much for Thunderball, Joey thought. Looks like I better get used to the taste of dog chow."

"Duke's taking out Yugi's defenses one by one!" Tristan commented.

"I know," Tea agreed. "But Yugi's been in tough spots before and he's always come through. And remember, he still has the lead."

On the outside, Solomon and Bakura cheered Yugi on. "Remember, Yugi, just like Duel Monsters, the game's not over until the last move has been made!"

"Fight on, Yugi," Bakura said. "It was your destiny to become the King of Games, don't let anything he says or do take that title away from you!"

"Poor Yugi," Duke taunted. "You can't summon any more monsters because there's no room left in your territory. You've played well for a first timer, I'll give you that much. But there's no way a hack like you could defeat the great Pegasus. Now I'm going to expose you as the fraud you really are!"

"Don't give up, Yugi," Harold called. "Your heart is stronger than anything Duke can throw at… AARRRGGHH!" Simon kicked him in the shins hard.

"Pitiful boy, cheaters never prosper and the friends of cheaters will suffer at Master Devlin's hands." He gave Tea another lewd glance. "Unless, one would choose to ally herself with Master Devlin or one of his subordinates." Tea responded the only way she could: by giving him the raspberry.

"This guy is really starting to piss me off," Harold said through gritted teeth.

But Yami-Yugi took heart in Harold's words. "Don't write that victory speech just yet, Devlin! This game isn't over just yet! Go, dice roll!" He got two unmatched movement crests and an attack crest. "I've finally found Mighty Mage's special ability: he can attack monsters two spaces over. Mighty Mage, Lightning Staff Attack!"

"No worries, I can weaken your monster's attack with a defense crest! Orgoth the Relentless, activate defense!" Orgoth was able to withstand Mighty Mage's attack.

(OR: 40/20/20)

To make matters worse, because Orgoth withstood Mighty Mage's attack, Mighty Mage took 20 hit points of damage.

(MM: 30/20/30)

"He's not finished yet, Duke!"

"Oh he will be, after my next turn! Go, dice roll!" Duke rolled a magic, attack, and defense crest. "Advance one space, Orgoth the Relentless! Right now, Orgoth's attack power is 40, but his special ability lets me use three magic crests to increase his attack power by 10 per crest for a grand total of 30 increased points, more than enough to destroy Mighty Mage."

(OR: 70/20/20)

"Even YOU should know that it takes more than power alone to win, Devlin, without strategy, it's just empty threats!"

"Is that so? Orgoth the Relentless, attack Mighty Mage with Diamond Blade Strike!" Orgoth swung his blade and destroyed Mighty Mage.

Oh no, now there's only one monster standing between Orgoth and my heart points. How do I get out of this?

"Looks like your beginner's luck has finally worn off, Yugi."

Maybe so, but I can't stop now, I have to keep going! "Go, dice roll!" Yami-Yugi rolled two attack crests and a movement crest. "I'll use that movement crest to move my Knight forward two squares!" The Knight of Twin Swords carefully approached Orgoth. "Then, I'll add four crests from my crest pool to the two attack crests I just rolled for a total of six attack crests!" Orgoth the Relentless only has a total of five defense crests. With my advantage, I should be able to beat Orgoth and go on the offensive. "I call on the Knight of Twin Swords! Double Slash Attack!" Yami-Yugi's knight's swords clashed against Orgoth's armor.

"You amateur, you may have six attack crests but I have Yaranzo's special ability, he can change any crests in my crest pool to defense crests, which allows me to shield Orgoth from your attack!" Yami-Yugi and his friends gasped as Orgoth matched every blow from the Knight of Twin Swords.

"I'd say your time's just about up, Yugi! In a few more roles of the dice, your heart points will just about be history! You stupid hack, you are nothing compared to Orgoth the Relentless! Go, dice roll!" Duke rolled a movement, attack, and trap crest. "Orgoth the Relentless, attack the Knight of Twin Swords! Diamond Blade Strike!" Yami-Yugi actually heard the knight scream in pain as Orgoth struck him down. "That was your last monster, and now you have nothing left!"

Yami-Yugi's roll turned up nothing.

Duke rolled another set of movement crests. "I move Orgoth the Relentless forward two spaces and into attack position! Orgoth, attack Yugi's heart points!" Orgoth stabbed his sword into Yami-Yugi's heart point.

(D: X)
(Y: X)

"I knew you were nothing. For all your hot air, you're backed into a corner. I control the field and you control nothing! You don't even deserve to play games, you're a disgrace to the gaming world. Millions of fans are glued to their television set waiting for me to show you up for the fake you really are!"

Maybe Duke is right. Being King of Games means I have to be good at playing, and Dungeon Dice Monsters isn't like Duel Monsters, it's an entirely different game with different rules. I'm just not good enough to beat Duke. Poor Joey, I promised to get him out of that dog suit, but now I'm about to let my best friend down.

"Stop wasting my time, Yugi, just give up and surrender!"

"No, Yugi, you can't surrender to that blowhard!" Joey cried out.

"This mutt just won't learn," one of the cheerleaders said.

"Get the muzzle," another said.

Joey gave them a growl so feral that it scared them into submission. "Don't let Duke rattle you, Yug, you've been in tougher situations against better players than this nut case. You've always turned it around! You even whipped Pegasus and he was as crooked as they come!"

Duke gasped at the insult his idol was receiving and was ready to shoot another of his special die to shut up Joey for good.

But Joey continued, "You won the entire tournament at Duelist Kingdom, Yugi!"

"Even so, this is a different game," Yami-Yugi argued.

"Bull crap," Joey retorted. "This is no time to be humble, buddy, you won the championship because you were the best player on the island, better than Weevil, Mako, even me and Mai, all because you believed in your heart!"

"I don't know."

"What, you need further motivation? Well look around you!" Yami-Yugi complied and saw the cameras. "Everyone's watching you, Yugi, friend and foe alike, and they all know the same thing that I do: that no matter what happened, you never gave up! And what about your opponents, how do you think they would feel if they saw the guy who beat them roll over and play dead like it was you in this dog costume and not me? You're not playing for just me any more, but for all Duelists! Everyone who participated in Duelist Kingdom! Even that slime Pegasus!"

Joey never realized how true his words were. Because this was being broadcast world-wide, everyone saw it. Kaiba and Mokuba were watching in Kaiba's office. Mokuba leaned forward on the couch. Kaiba just crossed his arms.

"Seto, I know you don't like Yugi," Mokuba said. "But… I really hope he wins this."

"So do I, Mokuba," Kaiba admitted.

"You do?"

"If Yugi loses, it would be a slap in the face to all those who dueled him." Yugi, prove to me that you deserve the title.

Mai was watching in her apartment. She gripped a throw pillow while thinking, Come on, Yugi, you have to get Joey out of that thing!

Weevil and Rex were watching it on television in the display window of an electronic store.

"If Yugi folds to this Devlin guy, what does that make you, third rate?" Rex jabbed at Weevil. Weevil just growled at the runner-up.

Mako was listening to a play-by-play on a radio by a lighthouse. "Come on, Yugi, you can weather this storm!"

Even Rebecca, who was getting great coverage even in the United States, was watching.

"Please win, Yugi," she pleaded. She cuddled her bear whom, in turn, cuddled the Ties of Friendship card.

Even Croquet was watching it from a television in a hospital lobby. Scowling, he took out his cell phone and hit a speed-dial. "Gary, it's me, listen, I need you to do something…"

"You can't let this Duke of Dorks scare you, Yugi, you're the King of Games! So what if Dungeon Dice Monsters is a little different? If you trust in yourself, you can still win! You taught me that, pal!"

"Joey's right," Harold said, then grunted as Simon performed a surprisingly effective Vulcan nerve pinch. Still, he continued, "You're not just fighting for yourself or Joey, you're fighting for the entire game of Duel Monsters! And no matter how any of your opponents feel about you, they all feel that you deserve the title! Feel their strength and spirit, Yugi, feel it, for it's all for you."

"Yugi, no matter if you win or lose, you must never give up the faith!" Solomon called.

"He's right," Bakura agreed. "Win, Yugi!"

"Come on, Yugi, you can do it!" Someone else called.

"Yeah, you can win any game!" Another said. Soon, the entire crowd was cheering for Yugi. Solomon and Bakura looked around surprised and pleased then joined in. Even the Millennium Ring spirit wanted Yugi to win (though it was for selfish reasons of course).

I can feel it, Yami-Yugi thought. The eye that was now the Millennium Symbol was glowing slightly on his forehead. I can feel everyone's heart, everyone's spirit, they DO want me to win. Joey and Harold are right, they all want me to win. And the only way to win is to do what I did believe, believe in my heart! "Thank you, thank you both, I have forgotten how I became Duelist Kingdom Champion in the first place and that was by believing in my heart, and just as I put my heart into my dueling deck, so do I put my heart, and the hearts of everyone I have come across, into my dice. This roll is for them!"

"Yami, listen up, there is one monster that can help us."

"Yes, I agree, we need to call upon it now."

"Then let's do it, partner," Little-Yugi told Yami.

"GO, DICE ROLL!" Everyone watched with baited breath as the dice came to a stop.

Yami-Yugi got a level four summoning!

"Nice roll, too bad I have you so boxed in that you can't dimension the dice."

"Don't be so sure," Yami-Yugi said with a chuckle.

"What do you mean?"

"There's more than one way to dimension the dice, Devlin. You just have to believe."

"Don't tell ME how to play MY game."

"Fine, I'll let the dice show you."

"Come on, Yami, you can do it, feel the dice guiding you, it wants you to succeed," Little-Yugi coached. "Feel the dice, feel its heart!"

"I feel it, my friend, I feel it." "Dimension the dice!" The dice was inserted into a zig-zag block between the two dungeon paths.

"It'll never work," Duke said. Then he gasped as the dice fitted perfectly into alignment. "No, you've completed the summoning!"

"Now I call on a monster that has never failed me, a monster that I trust with all my heart… I unlock… the DARK MAGICIAN!"

Yami-Bakura chuckled, "I knew it, those three were always close."

"Did you say something, Bakura?" Solomon asked.

"Uh… er… I said I had a feeling that Yugi would summon it."

Duke was flabbergasted. How, I don't remember programming him, he's a Duel Monster! Unless…

"Your game is truly a marvelous creation, Devlin-boy, I especially love all those unique monsters."

"Thank you, Mister Pegasus."

"In fact, as a token of good faith, and because I love the game so much, I would like to make a little change."

"What kind of change, sir?"

"Oh, don't worry, nothing that will change the game, I would just like to add some of my Duel Monsters into the arsenal of dice monsters."

"Oh, of course, I'm flattered."

"There's one monster that I think you'll find especially interesting."

"What is it?"

"You'll discover it soon enough."

Is this it? Is this the monster Pegasus was talking about? I can't believe it, I totally underestimated him. Now because of my foresight, he has been allowed to summon his favorite monster! Could I have been wrong? No, I can't be wrong, I just can't be!

"This is impossible," Simon said aghast. "That little twerp must've reprogrammed Master Devlin's game somehow! That's the only way, there's no way that…" Tea slugged him so hard that she knocked him out. Harold and Tristan gave her a standing ovation.

"I move the Dark Magician six spaces and use his awesome power to attack Orgoth the Relentless!" The Dark Magician in the Dungeon Dice Monster had 40 attack points, more than enough to take out Orgoth. "Dark Magic Attack!" Orgoth had only 20 hit points so he couldn't stand up to the Dark Magician.

"Yeah, take that, dicey!" Joey cheered.

Keep cheering, you fools, Duke thought. It'll make it only that much sweeter when I take out his last heart point. "Your comeback ends now! Go, dice roll!" Duke rolled two magic crests and a defense crest. "I move the Dark Assailant!" The Dark Assailant was the only monster (besides Ryu-Kishin) that Duke hadn't used yet. The skeleton leapt onto the treasure chest that Duke called an item summoning. "Remember when I told you about item summoning, Yugi? Well I hope you like surprises because you're about to be getting one really soon! The time has come! Now, Dark Assailant, open the chest!" The treasure chest exploded to reveal a blue dragon-like monster with a cannon on his back. "Behold, Monster Cannon!"

"What does that do?" Tea asked.

"'What does it do?'" Duke mocked. "It takes out Yugi's Dark Magician!"

"Say what?"

"Just as its name suggests, Monster Cannon fires a monster at the opponent instead of a normal cannonball."

"Yeah, I figured that," Harold said sarcastically.

The Dark Assailant got into the cannon. "Monster Cannon, ready, aim…" the cannon pointed at the Dark Magician.

"I activate Dark Magician's special ability!"

"You what?" Duke gasped.

"Conceal yourself with Magical Hats!" The Dark Magician disappeared under four top hats. "He's under there somewhere, Devlin, but unlike the Duel Monster version where you can attack one hat per turn, you literally only get one shot with your Monster Cannon!"

"Your carnival tricks won't save you this time, Yugi! Monster Cannon, attack the Dark Magician, underneath the second hat on the left!" The Dark Assailant was fired at the desired hat and there was a bright explosion.

When the smoke subsided, the hat was gone.

But Yugi wasn't perturbed. "You guessed wrong, Duke." The Dark Magician popped out of the hat on Yugi's far right. "I should thank you, Duke, for making the powers the same as in Duel Monsters."

But it wasn't me! Duke silently protested. Pegasus put in that monster and didn't tell me! "Yaranzo, retreat!" Yaranzo high-tailed it back to its original position.

"You can run, Duke, but you can't hide!" Yami-Yugi said as he rolled two magic crests and an attack crest. "I'll use the two magic crests I rolled to activate another of Dark Magician's special abilities!"

"Another one?"

"Go, Mystic Box! Your warp vortex inspired me to find an alternate route to your side of the field!" The Dark Magician was placed into a human-size box which was then pierced with swords.

"How are you going to do that, by skewering your own monster?"

"Did I?" As the box opened up, it was revealed that the Dark Magician wasn't the monster that got pierced, it was Yaranzo.

"Oh no! There's nothing protecting me and my heart points!"

"Which means he'll deliver the final blow! Dark Magician, DARK MAGIC ATTACK!" The Dark Magician unleashed its full power and put out Duke's final heart point.

(D: 0)
(Y: X)

Everyone on the outside cheered. Solomon wiped a tear from his eye. "I knew you could do it, Yugi."

Speaking from personal experience, the Dark Magician is not a monster that mere paths can stop, Yami-Bakura thought.

Yugi (back to his original self), his friends, Duke, and even Solomon and Bakura reconvened in Duke's living room. "Yugi, I'm sorry that I accused you of cheating," Duke apologized. "The better player won. And you were right, my rage and jealousy were blinding me to logic and reason." Duke pounded the arm rest of his chair. "I was such a creep, and now, because of all those TV cameras, the whole world knows it. My store is ruined. No one's going to want to play Dungeon Dice Monsters now!"

"That's not true at all, Duke," Yugi argued. "Dungeon Dice Monsters has the potential to become a huge hit."

"I haven't seen a game this intense since Duel Monsters," Solomon said. "Being the only shop that sells Dungeon Dice Monsters, you can't just close it."

Tea nodded, "There's more than enough room for two game stores," Tea said.

"Yeah," Harold agreed. "One that specializes in Duel Monsters and one that specializes in Dungeon Dice Monsters. This game is bound to take off and once that happens, there'll be so many customers that both stores will be needed."

"You really think so?" Duke asked.

"Yeah, even I think so," Joey said. "Dungeon Dice Monsters is a great hit; it's just you I don't like."

"I would love to learn how to play this game," Tristan said cheerfully.

"Me too," Bakura agreed. "Playing games is part of what makes life exciting."

"Now that Joey's out of the dog suit and Yugi's allowed to play Duel Monsters again, maybe things can get back to normal," Harold said.

"Or as normal as things get for this crew," Tristan said giving Harold a noogie.

"But… how can you guys let me off so easy? Especially you, Yugi, I mean I humiliated your friend, forced you to play a game that you knew nothing about, and almost forced your Grandpa out of business.

"Let's just leave the fighting on the field," Yugi suggested. "Because revenge begets nothing but hatred and rage, and if you're truly sorry, then the best thing you can do is be friends."

"I really don't have a lot of friends," Duke admitted. "Are you sure you…"

"Hey, look at who we allow into our group," Harold said gesturing with his thumb to Tristan and Joey. "You're normal compared to these two."


"Thank you, thank you all." Duke and Yugi shook hands.

Duke's laptop beeped signaling that he has e-mail. "Whoa, Industrial Illusions did send a contract after all," he said excitedly. They want to take Dungeon Dice Monsters global!"

"That's not all," Bakura said. "I heard some news reporters talking after the fight, and they said that a representative of Industrial Illusions is claiming that the match was a joint promotion between their company and the creator of the game."

"I guess everything worked out after all," Harold said looking at Simon who was still knocked out cold.

"Yeah, and you know what… I realized something today. Playing any game… whether it is Duel Monsters, Dungeon Dice Monsters, or any other game, isn't about just mastering the rules, it's about getting to know your opponent!"

"That's right," Yugi agreed. "That's part of what makes playing games so exciting, meeting new people and making new friends." Because you never know where you're going to find them or when you do, how close you're going to become.

A deep chuckle came from the Millennium Puzzle.


I would just like to thank all of those who stuck around for the duration of the entire series. I apologize if I said or did something that offended somebody, if I made a mistake in something or if some stuff about this didn't appeal to you

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