The Silent Green GFT!


"Wheeeeeeee! Flying turtles! Look, hikari! I'm a butterfly!" said Yami Bakura, dancing happily in the tall, vivid grass.

Ryou sighed. "Yami, are you on crack again?"

"What's crack?" came the resonse.

"Nevermind. Just… never mind. Let's go home."

"NOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! Look, I made a little bunny friend! His name is Ryou."

"… You named a bunny rabbit after me. I feel so honored." Ryou said, sarcastically.

"Yup! Aww… Look! Ryou said you remind him of his mom. She hates him too!"

"Oh, so now the bunny is talking to you. Who do you think you are, Dr. Doolittle?"

"I'm not little. You of all people should know that, hikari."

"Ryou (the mortal) blushed a bright cherry red. "That's not what I meant, and you know it." He looked around.

"…Yami? Where did you go this time?" Ryou scowled and took out his Sennen Ring.

"My Yami," he stated, and two of the dangly… things pointed toward the left.

"Thank you," he said affectionately, and started toward the left. But as soon as he took a step, two more of the triangle chains faced right.

Ryou stepped to the right, and the ring's pointers gestured dead center.

Resignedly, he watched as the hanging links battled with each other, each indicating a different way.

He then decided he might as well walk in a random direction to find his yami, when all of the needles suddenly pointed up all at once.

He looked up incredulously, at Yami Bakura on the back of a giant flying turtle.

"Look where Ryou (the bunny) led me to! I named him Giant-Flying-Turtle."

"How original," Ryou quipped.

Ignoring that comment, Bakura shouted, "Isn't he beautiful?"

Ryou sweat dropped, then shrugged. "Ok."

Bakura smirked innocently, if that's even possible, and beckoned to his hikari. "Oi! Come on up! I promise, it's fun."

"Sure, why not?" Ryou said, without any inhibitions.

And so they flew away, Ryou (the bunny) hopping cheerfully behind them.

--- The End ---

Hehe. Wrote this in Math/Science today. It amuses me. It's a break from all the other things I've been writing. XD Soooo many of my fics are chaptered. I just updated Ancient Secrets and AIEEEEE! My Credit Card is Gone! last night…

This is actually not filled with lovely shonen-ai goodness! ::gasp:: Well, there SORT OF is… if you take it a certain way, that is. Review my stupidness, please!