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The Seeds of Chaos


Vash lay dieing on the floor of the cave as lava poured into chamber, filling it with heat, smoke, and fire. He laughed, yes, he laughed for this was not the end. Not by a long shot was his fortune so terrible. There was one waiting there in the shadows for him to call. One who had been with him since the earliest days of his life. The one who had given him the jewel shards that had saved both his and Viola's lives.

"I knew you would come for me father." He said raising his head.

"My son, it is time for you to return to me." the shrouded figure said as he absorbed the boy back into his body. "I will allow your sister to live for a time, but for now she on her own, as I am too weak to go after her. This body of mine is old and there are no more demons for me to absorb and make me whole again. Therefore I must call all my children and grandchildren back to me. It will begin in Tokyo, where they dwell, and all shall return to me from whence they came."


Joey couldn't sleep. He'd tried, but something kept nagging at him. When he'd gotten up, he felt a need to hold the Millennium Key. He got the curious Item from his lock box, went to his window, and looked out over Domino, to the horizon, where Tokyo's lights glowed like the Aurora Borealis. His thoughts were suddenly turning to concern for his friends in Tokyo. From both times.


Kagome bolted out of bed, gasping for air. She felt like she couldn't breathe. She'd dreamed about…that time again. About the first timeline that had been erased…About… She shook her head. She didn't want to think about that. Any of it. She was with Inu-yasha. She had her friends from the Feuding States Era, and from Domino in this time. She would not let a nightmare get in the way of that. And yet… It was a nightmare in the first time that had started all this.