Okay I've written fan fiction before. But I have only ever written Harperchondriac/Andromeda Fanfiction.

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The Ocean Blue

TITLE: The Ocean Blue

AUTHOR: parisindy

RATING: PG 13 (foul language)

DISCLAIMER: No money was received or exchanged. I do not own The O.C. or any of its Characters. This is purely for fun.

ARCHIVE: Please ask first.

LOGLINE: What starts off as a nice relaxing afternoon of sailing could turn tragic for Seth and Ryan as an accident forces them to fight for their very survival.

In fourteen hundred and ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean

blue. Anonymous

"I am not sick!"

"Dude, you look like a nasal spray commercial!"

Seth ducked the pillow his foster brother aimed at his head. Seth continued finding the whole situation highly amusing. "Are they paying you royalties?"

"Seth!" Ryan's voice was low and threatening but Seth didn't buy it for a moment.

"So...Since you're not sick want hit the bay? Do a little coasting on the waves?"

Ryan looked like he turned a little green "Sailing? No, I'm just going to crash and watch TV."

There was a light knock on the door as Kristen entered the pool house. Instantly her face wrinkled with concern. "Ryan, honey are you okay?

Seth piped up before she could answer. "He's sick but he's in denial."

"Aw, I see."

"I'm not sick." Ryan protested. "In fact we were just about to go sailing. Right Seth!"

It was such an obvious ploy but Seth, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, leapt to Ryan's defense. "That's right if because if you were sick you wouldn't want to go sailing."

Ryan glared at Seth.

Kristen stepped forward and placed her hand firmly on Ryan's head. He flinched slightly but Kirsten was persistent. "Well you don't have a fever... I had come to see if you would pick up some decorations for me for tomorrow's cabaret but if you're going sailing..."

"We can pick them up on the way back. I don't think we'll be out long." Ryan obliged.

Kristen smiled as she took a step back from Ryan allowing him his space. "Great. I'm glad you won't be gone long anyway you really look awful."

"Thanks" Ryan replied snidely.

Seth chuckled to himself.

Even Kristen was starting to laugh. "You know what I mean. I'd hate to see you get sick especially with mid terms coming up."

Seth groaned. Leave it to Mom to think of school and blemish a perfectly good Saturday afternoon. "Mom!" He whined.

"Fine, fine I'm going. Just don't forget to pick up that stuff. I need to start organizing it tonight."

Ryan looked over the side of the Summer's Breeze bow. Seth's small sailing vessel glided across shiver and every time the small boat hit a large wave he felt his stomach gurgle in protest. Pretty soon whether he wanted to or not he would have to admit he was sick. He hadn't wanted to come in the first place but he had never really been sick in the Cohens house before. When he was sick at his old place in Chino he would just crawl on to the small cot in the room he shared with his brother. He would pull the

blanket up over his head and will the world away. Luckily in his old house no cared and he was pretty much left alone. He loved the Cohen's but sometimes it just felt weird having them know every aspect of his life. He liked being alone with his misery.

Plus, he hated to admit it but sailing made him nervous. He could swim just fine sure, but he had never swam in the ocean. Which was weird considering he grew up in California. Some people automatically thought all Californians we're surfers but his Mom never even took them to the beach. When Trey and he were little they used to go to the free swim at the YMCA and of course he same in the Cohen's pool but that was it.

He was starting to feel queasy again so he closed his eyes trying to think of something other then the up and down movements of the boat.

Seth poked him in the side and he jumped. "You okay?"

He blinked up at Seth's concerned face. Ryan rubbed a hand across his eyes. "I guess you were right. I'm not feeling so hot."

"I knew it." Replied Seth seriously. "I wish you would have said something earlier. We're kind of far out now. It'll take us about half an hour to forty-five minutes to get home. Is that okay?"

"Seth I'm not dying I just have the flu or something." Ryan groaned inwardly, it was starting already. The overly concerned look on Seth's face convinced him of it.

"Well you just take it easy and I'll get us home. We probably should anyway if want to do that errand you volunteered us for."

"She does lots for us Seth."

"Yeah, Yeah" Seth waved his hands obviously he did not want to be reminded. Seth pretended to be the big shot sometimes but when push came to shove he was a good kid.

For a moment they were both distracted by another nearby boat. It was pulling a wakeboarder and Ryan watched as the person on the small board leapt and twisted in the air. The high-speed motorboat swerved crazily as it occupants roared with laughter. Seth swore under his breath as they both saw the driver throw a beer can over board.

"Idiots," complained Seth. "They shouldn't be drinking like that never mind polluting the ocean."

Seth liked to part like everyone else but he new when to draw the line. Ryan admired him for that. Lots of people didn't know when enough was enough. Also Seth was very protective of his ocean. He loved to sail because he enjoyed he purity of being one with nature, the man against the elements. This made Ryan laugh because he couldn't even imagine Seth sleeping in a tent or anything. But, Ryan had to admit Seth knew sailing.

The noise of the other boat and the movement was all a bit much so Ryan closed his eyes again. He was trying to concentrate on how the sun made images on the inside of his eyelids when he heard Seth yell.

Ryan eyes shot open but it was to late to do anything. The last thing he saw was the speedboat heading straight for them.

Voices... he heard voices.

"Are they dead!?"

"Fuck! This can't be happening!"

"Look the one with the 'fro is breathing!"

Seth, they we're talking about Seth! Was he hurt? Ryan wanted to call out but he could seem to open his eyes. God, Seth, please be okay! He must have made a noise.

"Alright the other ones alive to let's get out of here."

"Sean, we just can't leave them..."

Seth...Seth... Seth...The Mantra ran through Ryan's mind. He had to get to him. Everything was so cold it was hard to move. He tried to move his hand. Pain shot up his shoulder and coursed down his back and up his neck. "Seth," he managed to mumble before he sank back down in to the deep dark black.