Mommy, Mommy


The cold wind blew the hair out of her face, causing her to bite her lip nervously. Maybe now wasn't a good time. She looked down at her daughter, with her beautiful ice blue eyes the color of his. What would happen if she froze before he got her? She wrapped the young girl more tightly into the blanket, making sure the note was still enclosed. A gasp of sadness escaped her lips, as she focused on her. This would be the last day she'd she her little girl. She pressed her lips up against the girl's forehead.

"I love you, Angel." She whispered.

Gaining control of herself, she made her way to the front door, and lay her small daughter on the floor. Preparing to run, she knocked on the door, and then with one last glance back ward, she ran away.

If she would have turned to look back, she would have seen him open the door, and find the precious girl. She would have seen the shocked look on his face. And she would have seen him whisper "Peyton."