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For those who either don't know or forgot.. In Japan, high school is from 10th to 12th grade, and years are known as years 1-3. Ex.

10th grade- Year 1

11th -Year 2

12th - Year 3

Wait & SeeRisk

By Silver Miko

(Tatakai! Tatakai! Ta-ta-kaiā€“OTA-KING!!!)

Chapter 1: The Inconceivable To the Teenage Mind

It is a common known fact that there are arch-types of high school society. There's the trendy, preppy, and/or popular kids who have nice clothes, are over-all well-known and liked. There are jocks who rule the world of high school sports and are made to be heroes, there are the studious students aiming for high exam scores who are often looked to for academic advice, who are thinkers. Then there are the outsiders. The delinquents, punks, goths. The kids that don't fit into any other mold and are the anti-thesis of the popular crowd.

Shinomori Aoshi belonged to such a crowd. Standing tall at 6' 5" and wearing a long black coat he stood out as an ominous shadow amongst the other students wearing the standardized black school uniform of Watsuki High School. Under the coat he wore the uniform pants with black leather boots that had metal plating on them and he wore a black tee-shirt under his uniform jacket which was open. He had ebony black hair with long bangs that fell into his piercing grey-blue ices that had a cold look to them. He almost always wore studded black leather wrist cuffs and always had an mp3 player handy.

Most students usually ignored him, although it was hard with him being the tallest student in school and the fact that he was somewhat of a mystery made some students morbidly curious about him. He would get strange looks from year 1 students, or hear whispers from his fellow year 3 students behind his back.

In short, Aoshi hated high school and couldn't wait until graduation. He was sick of all the stares, the whispers, the popular kids that were so transparent and all the blind followers that couldn't see how fake most people were. The only people at Watsuki he would remotely consider worthy of talking to were his small circle of friends.

Sagara Sanosuke, known for his street-fighting; his girlfriend Megumi who despite being popular wasn't a total flake; and Aoshi's cousin Takagi Tokio who was somewhat the resident punk goddess who though not quite a member of the popular crowd wasn't an outcast such as Aoshi was.

His other friends, Himura Kenshin and Saitoh Hajime were in their first year at Toudai, and Aoshi missed having them around sometimes when he found himself surrounded by year 1 students who tried to ask him stupid questions such as 'why did he always dress like that', blah blah blah.

And he mostly missed Saitoh's never-ending supply of cigarettes. Despite quitting smoking, Aoshi suddenly felt the urge for a smoke as he leaned against the tall oak tree in the school courtyard during lunch. It was shaded and secluded, the perfect hideaway as Aoshi wanted nothing more at the moment than to be alone.

Skipping to the desired track on his mp3 player, Aoshi closed his eyes and sighed as he let the music filter through his consciousness, blocking out the annoyance of school life for a short period of time.

I waited for you I died inside my own head

and I'd die again for you

I'm feeling tired completely uninspired

and I'd die again for you

so kill me with the love that you won't give to me

give to me

and pack the wound with salt

I wanna feel it bleed

feel it bleed

I'm searching for reasons to keep away the demons

and I'd die again for you

I wish you would hear me can feel it when you hear me

when I say

I'd die again for you

so kill me with the love that you won't give to me

give to me

and pack the wound with salt

I wanna feel it bleed

feel it bleed

wanted me to crawl

so now I'm on my knees

on my knees

His momentary peace was interrupted when he sensed something, someone rushing towards his direction. His eyes snapped open as he saw a blur of black, cream skin, and blue-black hair heading towards him. The figure skidding to a halt, hunching over she clapped her hands to her knees as she gasped for breath, huffing.

"Stupid freaking boys and their stupid flirting." she mumbled with a growl.

Aoshi recognized her instantly. Short at around 5'1", long blue-black hair in a braid...

Makimachi Misao, year 2, and one of the most popular girls in schools. From her breathless rant he guessed that she was once again being hit on by the entire male population and didn't seem to enjoy it.

'Perhaps she's a closet lesbian. Now that would a scandal.' he mentally mused.

Misao straightened up and brushed her bangs out of her hair, blinking as her ocean blue eyes widened slightly as she caught gaze of Aoshi standing against the tall oak tree with his arms crossed, looking somewhat dark and menacing.

She gulped and paled visibly slightly.

The sight of the tall third year goth always made her feel slightly nervous as she passed him is the halls and worse with the fact that his locker was three lockers from hers. She couldn't explain it, but the sight of him made her breath catch, her stomach drop, her heart race, her hands tremble. He was her complete opposite. And that he lived two houses across the street from her was even more nerve-wracking.

'But...he could be so freaking gorgeous if he wanted.'

Misao winced slightly at her thought, but it was true. Despite his fashion, Aoshi was undeniably a handsome young man. The one thing that struck her most was his eyes. Eyes that while cold seems to pierce right through a person.

Realizing they had been standing in silence for three minutes, Misao bit her lip, then took a shaky breath.

"H..hello, Shinomori-senpai."

Aoshi merely looked at her, not moving.


Hearing his velvet-rich voice Misao backed up and walked away hastily, frowning as she headed inside. She probably looked like a total idiot running away like that, but being in his presence was just...startling.

And who knows what people would say if they saw her talking to him. She knew the rules of high school society. She was popular and he was an outsider. The two were not supposed to mix. It wasn't that she hated Aoshi, she didn't even dislike him, she just....felt weird around him. Trying to think of something else, Misao suddenly groaned when she realized it was Tuesday and that meant she had work after school.

For the past year Misao worked at Daido Food Market near her house as a cashier and despite not really liking the job, it was steady pay and close enough that she could walk home. And the hours were flexible.

It wasn't that she was poor, she just would rather have her own money than have to borrow from her grandfather all the time, with whom she lived with. Her Jiya had his restaurant to worry about and Misao didn't want him having to worry about her finances. She had a 5-10 shift, which meant she would have to grab a quick snack before working or she wouldn't be eating for seven hours.

Heading for her next class, she decided to get some of her assignments from the day's previous classes started so she wouldn't have much to do after work. Luckily for her, no one ever wanted to go to Chemistry early, so she had the room to herself for fifteen minutes before class began.

Hopping onto a metal stool, she pulled out her English workbook and began her homework, humming and singing to herself.

Hitogomi ni kiete yuku As you disappeared into the crowd

senaka no mitakutte te wo futta I waved my hand to your back

kinou made ga Until yesterday

uso mitai ni mieru This all felt so unreal

namida deru hodo waratte laughing so hard that we could cry

te wo tsunaide mitsumeaeba when we held hands and gazed into each other's eyes

itsumo (anata no) nioi (kasuka ni) as always (your) fragrance would (ever so faintly)

mune wo setsunaku shita tug at my heart-strings

wagamama no shita shi Even though we acted selfishly

tsumaranai kenka mo shita and we've had our petty fights

aenaku naru hi ga kuru koto mo I never knew the day would come when

shiranai de We couldn't see each other

ano hi oikakete Chasing after that day

kimochi no subete wo uchiaketara when we could open all our feelings to eachother

kaze mo sora mo mada The wind and sky still

futari dake wo tsusundeta wrapped around just the two of us, alone together

Getting two pages completed, she heard the bell and yawned, stretching her arms out as she spun around the stool and watched as students filed in. Same old same old.

'I think I am truly starting to get bored with my life.' she mused as she watched everyone sit in the same seats as always.

Shaking her head from the thoughts brewing, she pulled out her chemistry notebook as a corner of her mind still replayed her run-in with Aoshi. He was so tall. Misao figured she came up to his chest.

'Why are you THINKING so much about him?! It's Shinomori-senpai the same scary goth guy popular people avoid. You ARE NOT getting interested!!!!! And besides, he's rumored to be bisexual and into weird things. You really wanna obsess over someone like that?!'

Misao rubbed her temples. Everything was turning out so odd today.


Aoshi groaned as he looked down at himself. Black pants and a white collared shirt. His eyes narrowed at the florescent lit hell that stood before him. With hesitation he stepped inside as the clock in the center of town chimed for five o-clock. He stepped through the sliding doors and heard the sound of beeps and cringed. He did not want to be in this place, but his parents weren't ever around to support him and thus...he had to do it. Shinomori Aoshi had gotten a part-time job.

He walked over to the small wooden podium where a woman in black with light brown hair stood. He waited as she was looking over some papers she looked up and blinked.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes. I'm Shinomori Aoshi. I'm scheduled to start today." he replied, feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh, Aoshi-san, yes I've been expecting you. I'm Shigatsu, the front-end assistant manager. You're going to bag and a cashier is going to be training you. She's supposed to be here any minute now."

"I see." he replied.

Shigatsu was in her thirties and almost anorexically thin. Aoshi had a strange feeling from her haughty tone that he would NOT like this woman. Before he could think more a blur moved past him and to...lean against the podium.

"Shigatsu-san, I'm here!!"

"Misao, try to be more on time."

Misao nodded as she gasped for breath, which made Aoshi wonder if she just ran everywhere. Then again, Makimachi Misao was known for being overtly energetic. Sometimes that was good thing.

Misao blinked and turned, finally noticing Aoshi and she paled.

"S..Shinomori-san!" she gasped out.

"Oh, you two go to school together? Well Misao, you'll be training Aoshi-san today so try not to get distracted and show him the ropes."

Misao began stammering and slumped her head, nodding.

"Follow me." she mumbled as she lead Aoshi towards register four and went through the process of signing on with the touch-screen monitor.

Yep, she was just a big barrel of sunshine around him, he mused. He knew she was nervous around him and it was slightly amusing, but sometimes irritating. He had known her for years since he lived practically right across the street from her. Yet she had never made an effort to get to know him. They had played together a few times as children during block parties but...they were on different worlds. She was a sheep following the flock of popular kids, and he was a wolf apparently.

No, Saitoh was more wolf-like. Aoshi was just.....there. Making raging waves in their little pool of shallowness.

Meanwhile, Misao was having a mental breakdown.

'Inconceivable! In-con-FUCKING-ceivable!!! Why is he working here now?!!! Fate hates me! That's just it. I swear....fuck!!!!'

She really wanted to scream but bit her lip and held her frustration in and was glad that she didn't have anymore customers in line at the moment.

She turned and noticed Aoshi staring at her.

"What?" she asked, her voice edged with venomous tone.

"You look like you're trying very hard not to explode. Is my presence such a bother?"

Misao blinked and frowned.

"My problem is none of your business!"

"If it is about me then logically it is."

"Well you know what........ah fuck this." she growled and walked away towards the podium.

"Shigatsu-san I can't! I can't train that guy."

"Why is that?"

"He's too...too weird!"

"Well Misao you're just going to have to suck it up and do it. It's your job."

Misao pouted and turned around and headed slowly back to her register and began counting the agonizingly slow minutes until her break. She swore the clock was against her, moving agonizingly slow just to tease her and torment her like a cruel sadist. Speaking of...

He was staring. Again.

Perhaps he was sadist. Maybe he was into that kinky sadomasochism type of stuff. It was common knowledge that Aoshi had slept with Tomoe before they broke up and she began dating Kenshin. Tomoe had been a pale, waif-like goth who wore black and purple makeup and always spoke softly and poetically. Who knows what type of things Aoshi liked to do during sex.

'WHY ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT THIS?!!! Goths and preps do NOT mix!! It's social suicide! You may not give a shit most of the time about people's thoughts, but this is enough to cause real trouble!!! STOP THINKING ABOUT SEX AND AOSHI!!'

She rolled her eyes and sighed. When would it be seven-thirty already? She needed a Coke desperately. Her holy grail and fuel. Beautiful stuff in a can. She grimaced suddenly as she saw a large order come through her line and sighed as she saw there was a lot of seafood and blooooody meat.

Times like this she wished she had hand sanitizer. Or a grenade. Preferably both. One to throw in Shigatsu's face. Doing her best to ignore Aoshi, she continued her work, hoping an opening would arise in another apartment. She hated the registers and the front.

After what felt like forever, break came and went, and it was nine forty-five, the ever-agonizing last fifteen minutes. It was slow so Misao cleaned her register and glanced at Aoshi warily a couple of times, who now just smirked slightly at her whenever he caught her staring. No doubt he found this all so amusing, she thought bitterly.

Turning her light off, signed off her register and finished cleaning. Aoshi stood and watched and soon enough it was ten. Grabbing her purse, Misao exited the store and took a deep breath of the night air, immensely relieved to be done working and to be away from....

She turned and made an 'ack' noise when she noticed Aoshi standing behind her. She growled and stomped her foot. Actually stomped her foot.

"That's it! Can't you just leave me alone!!!!" she yelled and began walking away, only to be dismayed that he was following her.

She glared at him from over her shoulder as he walked three steps behind her.

"I'm not following you, Misao. We happen to live on the same street."

"Don't be so formal with me, Shinomori-san!"

"And just what is your problem with me? Let me guess, it's because you're popular and I'm not? Really, so shallow."

Misao stopped walking and spun around, hands on her hips.

"So what if that's it? You probably think I'm a shallow person anyway. Look, it's reality. You're a weird goth boy, I'm me. We don't mix well socially or pretty much on any level so just leave me the hell alone and I'll do the same for you. Understand?"

Aoshi took the steps necessary to tower over Misao, standing a foot away. He looked down into her now slightly widened ocean blue orbs as a chaotic thought filtered through his mind.

'I want to shock her. I want her little world to be rocked and tipped. To show her she's not as perfect as she thinks...'

A part of him...wanted to corrupt her.

"Understand this." he mumbled as his fingers brushed against her chin before tilting it up to his, his lips brushing against hers.

"When it comes to desire, there are no rules." he murmured before capturing her lips in a scorching kiss, moving his lips expertly over hers. A small moan in her throat made him feel triumphant....but also...aroused. That was not what he intended. He wasn't expected it either. And neither was she he ventured as he broke off the kiss and watched as she blinked and pressed her hand to her lips.

"Wh....w.WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!!!" she screeched, smacking him upside the head as her cheeks turned red.

"To prove a point." he replied, practically shoo-ing her away as she kept up her slapping.

"Which WAS?!"

"That being a goth or a prep has no standing in attraction."

Misao snorted.

"I hardly think you're attracted to me. I'm not nearly pale or waif-like and I don't spout tragic poetry or wear all black."

"That mouth could be used for so much more than scathing comments."

Misao turned around and continued walking.

"I may not have before but...I hate you Shinomori Aoshi!"

He caught up with her to walk by her side.

"That's fine, but you can hate a person and still fuck them."

She whipped her head to face him.

"I would never sleep with you, ever."

Aoshi smirked, feeling oddly piqued and more interested in this petite girl with the cutting tongue.

"We'll see." he murmured and walked away towards his house and Misao hadn't even realized they were right near her house.

She sighed and groaned. At school and at work? And now he was coming onto her? Misao had no idea how she was going to handle this new uprising with Aoshi. She wondered if he was seriously interested in her sexually, or if he was just messing with her. As alarming as that was, what alarmed her more was that the thought that he was just messing with her was...disappointing.

'Oh no. No no nooooo! I am not interested in sleeping with Shinomori Aoshi! Oh...crap! I mean yes he's not bad looking, scratch that he's actually hot but he's WEIRD! And supposedly bisexual so who KNOWS besides Tomoe who's he's been with and he probably likes having weird, freaky, gothic sex...........though....that's kind of....curious NO!!! BAD MISAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Would life ever be normal again?