Black Rose: Star's out sick today so I will be writing the fic alone.

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Story time


The drifting melody flew from the keys of the black grand piano as she played her song. Her song was sad and illuminating as is took part in assuaging her broken soul.

The Moonlight Sonata was her song of choice on this night of anguish. The moon silently hung in the sky glowing white with a blue hue as the trees bathed in its lonely light. A timid wind kissed her skin and danced with her short silken Brunette hair.

Tea's fingers pressed each key softly as the song of her soul cried out in pain. In complete darkness, no light but the moon to guide her, Tea's heart was torn and broken. Her fears had come true and there was no way to stop it, no way to make it go away.

Tea's was so caught up in her song and her thoughts that she failed to notice the two shadows enter the Veranda and she continued to play; closing her eyes was swaying with the melody.

The Silhouettes walked up beside her entranced by her song and saddened by her indifference toward her friends.

Tea finished her song as a lone tear hit a white key and melted away. She sighed wearily as she pushed herself away from the piano and stood up to leave and was meet by the faces of Joey and Tristan.

"Tea?" Joey looked at her with sad eyes "Whad happened to you?"

"Joey? Tristan? What are you doing here?" Tea asked in an unprecedented tone of despair.

"Tea, we only want to help you. Tell us what happened to Yugi. Why have you been so depressed lately?" Tristan asked

"Guys, I'm sorry but Ya-Yugi is not coming back- he said something about his destiny." Tea said, "He is not coming back." She began to cry.

"What da heck Happened? Please Tea, you can tell us." Joey said.

"Okay sit down a I will tell you." She said and followed suit as Joey and Tristan sat Cross-legged on the ground. Tea looked up into the dark sky looking for the right words, "It all started a week ago..."


Black Rose: So Hiei, What did you think?

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