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It was a nervous, active Friday afternoon at the Downtown N.Y.P.D station. Everyone bustled about, hurriedly gathering and dishing information on the latest crimes, suspects and offenses. They were all busy, being as the following day would be a popular holiday, bringing a wide possibility of crimes and riots. So, the local police scuttled about almost worriedly, attempting to conclude certain cases and make room for new. Oh, and there would be new.

Tomorrow was the first of January. In the city of New York, it was one of the most proper holiday to show your patriotism. And to many Americans alike, the best way to set the mood for patriotism would be to get drunk, which often resulted in an overflow of suspects thrown into jail. And that brought all sorts of kooks to the station; prostitutes, bar rioters, outlandish homosexuals, drunken hobos: you name it, they were always there. Count on it.

The law enforcement of New York did count on it. And they were never let down. So, there they were: getting ready.


At an oversized desk in the middle of a large, scarcely decorated office sat a lean, handsome young man. He shuffled through a large amount of papers on the surface of his desk, a disgruntled frown covering his face. His intense chocolate eyes were darting to and fro, his eyebrows locked in a furrow. He sucked at his bottom lip fiercely, a habit formed from years of stress. He was dressed in a light gray three-piece suit, his lavender dress shirt matching attractively with his striped tie. His eyebrows lifted relievedly as he found what he was looking for.

"Ah!" he exclaimed triumphantly as he leaned back in his chair and began to flip deftly through the pages of a wide manila folder. He came to a certain page and began to read, bringing a finger to his chin thoughtfully. Soon, his brows reset in its furrow as he began to suckle on his lip again. He closed the folder and tossed it onto his desk then began to peer around his room in deliberation. He reached out and pressed the button on a small speaker device on his desk. After it beeped, he leaned over so that his face was over it.

"Ayame?" he said. He released the button, awaiting his response. Almost immediately after, another beep sounded and a small feminine voice was heard on the other end.

"Yes, Chief Daioh, sir?" she said.

"Send in Miss Hasaki for me, will you, Ayame?" he said.

"Yes, sir. I'll get Keiko to do it. She'll be there shortly," said Ayame.

"Thank you," he said. He released the button and sat back, waiting for one of his best detectives to come bursting into his office. He was not disappointed.

Moments later, a young agitated bluenette came crashing through his doors. A tight frown marred her face as her eyes narrowed dangerously at the man. He smirked at her defiance. Her hair was in a high bun, but the loose strands in the back of her head bounced brusquely as she marched angrily up to his desk. She wore a white dress shirt, a khaki colored vest, and black form fitting slacks complete with a black tie. Her open toed high-heels clacked against the hard wood floor loudly, reflecting her displeasure.

She stopped at the front of his desk and folded her arms across her chest.

"What the hell do you want, Koenma?!" she snapped. Koenma smiled and rocked back in his chair.

"It's nice to see you, too, Botan. I'm doing fine, and you?" he quipped teasingly. Botan rolled her eyes and sighed edgily.

"Cut the cutesy shit and get to it. What am I doing in your office? I was just on my way out, for cryin' out loud!" she shouted angrily.

Koenma only smiled wider at her outburst. He was entirely familiar with her behavior. She could be quite the moody one.

He looked down at the folder on his desk and his smile slowly slid from his face. He leaned forward and placed his fingertips on top of it. He sighed as he slid it towards her. Botan looked at the folder, then back to him. She eyed him suspiciously before she slapped her hand on top of it and slid it off the desk. She sighed as she opened it and began to flip through the pages as he had done moments ago.

"They call him Dewy 'The Screw'. He's been at large for quite some time now, robbing people then killing them, assaulting citizens, and selling drugs to the local kids," Koenma said. Botan shrugged.

"So? What do you want me to do? He sounds like a mediocre buster to me. Have Meshi see to it," she said. Koenma folded his hands on his desk and narrowed his eyes on the woman before him.

"Turn to page twenty-three," he demanded quietly. Botan glanced up at him before she looked back at the folder and started to piece through the pages. She stopped, having found her destination. She squinted her eyes for a better view of the small words, her mouth moving silently as she read the information. She snorted and looked up at the Chief.

"Wow. He's a jerk. But what is it in here that you couldn't send Meshi for?" she asked curiously. Koenma only nodded towards the folder, as he was sucking on his bottom lip again.

Botan opened her mouth in a silent question, but followed his unspoken order. She turned her eyes to the papers once more and read the bottom of the page slowly, being sure to take in every last detail.

"Woah... he's a lunatic. Twenty-one rape victims... eleven child molestation cases... he killed his landlord... and his landlord's dog. Not to mention the number of robberies he's committed...." she said scrutinizing the report carefully. She licked her lips distractedly as her eyes gained a sudden fierceness. She finished reading the page and looked up at Koenma, a wry grin slowly spreading across her face.

"Where can I find this guy?" she said. Koenma leaned forward, folding his hands on his desk.

"He was last reported seen in a SUV, no doubt stolen, near Central Park. Posted, I guess. Probably scanning for victims. That was two hours ago. My guess? He's not smart enough to leave town yet. I want you to inspect the vicinity, ask questions if need be. Take Uremeshi, too," he added quickly. Botan frowned.

"What?! No! Meshi's just gonna' slow me down!" she protested. Koenma shifted in his seat.

"I've got the distinct feeling that you're going to run into this man today. I don't want you to be alone when you do. You can't sleep on this guy, Hasaki. You read his file. He's extremely dangerous. I want you to have back up on this one... even if you might not need it. Just as a precaution..." he said quietly. Botan growled, irritated with his request.

"What, you don't trust me all of a sudden? You think I can't handle him or something? You know as well as I do I've taken down the worst of them. Many of them worse than this guy," she complained. Koenma rose from his chair, straightening his suit jacket once completely standing.

"Yes, that is a well known fact around here..." he said.

He sighed, running a hand through his short, coffee colored hair. He pushed through his chair and his desk and made his way over to Botan.

"... and you know I worry about you sometimes. That hot head of yours is gonna' land you into some harsh trouble one of these days. I just want... I just want to make sure you're safe. I know you're a big girl and you can take care of yourself. And I know you don't want pity from anybody, no matter who it is. But I want you to know that it's not pity, nor is it doubt that drives me to protect you," he said. Botan folded her hands behind her back and ran her tongue over her top row of teeth skeptically.

"Then what is it?" she asked him. Koenma gave her a side smile and reached out to playfully punch her shoulder.

"I guess I care about your welfare. And the fact that you're damn near irreplaceable," he joked. Botan smiled and looked down at the wooded floor as a light rosy tint sprayed her cheeks. She wasn't used to him being so mushy. She looked up at him and her smile slowly slipped and she sighed disapprovingly. She slowly raised a hand and for a moment, Koenma's cheeks hinted blush but it quickly faded when her thumb reached out to stroke his bottom lip gently. Botan looked back up to his eyes and smirked.

"You gotta' stop doin' that. You keep giving yourself a swollen lip!" she scorned.

Koenma slid his tongue along his lip. Sure enough, he could taste the raw beginnings of a fresh bruise. The corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile.

"Heh... yeah. It's a habit. Probably from all of the anxiety you cause me," he chuckled.

"Well," Botan said, "I'd better get going if I'm going to catch any leads on this guy."

She gave Koenma a flirty wink and turned on her heels. She reached the door and stopped as Koenma called out to her.

"Don't forget to pick up Yusuke," he called. She growled and spun back around.

"Damnet, Daioh! He'd better not get in my way!" she exclaimed at him before she swung the door open and marched out, slamming it closed behind her. Koenma sighed.


"So where are we going first?" asked a young man. He sat in the passenger seat of Botan's car, leaning on the door and looking out the window. Botan glanced over at him.

He was very attractive with his observant, dark eyes. His hair was short and gelled back, two loose strands dangling in front of his face. He was fitted in a T-shirt and blue jeans, a black suit jacket covering his muscled form. Although he was one year older than Botan, he was still a young rookie and his exuberant, cocky veneer sometimes caused her to loose their target. He originated from Japan like she, only he didn't speak a lick of the language. Sighing, Botan looked back out the window again.

"Central Park," she said. He scoffed, turning to look at her.

"For what? Takin' a break for hot dogs?" he sneered. Botan gritted her teeth as a familiar ire she got from working with Yusuke began to build.

"No..." she said through clenched teeth, "We're going to get some leads." Yusuke frowned.

"Oh..." he said almost disappointedly. Then his face broke into a wide grin. "I wouldn't have minded, you know."

Botan looked at him curiously for a moment. Then she smiled. Yeah, he could be a real pain in the ass, but sometimes he was cool. Sometimes.

"We can get some after we nab this guy. My treat," she offered as they rounded the corner to the park. She parked the car and shut off the ignition. They both climbed out and Yusuke began to stretch.

"So do we split or what?" he croaked. Botan walked from the street over to where he stood on the sidewalk. She reached into her vest pocket and took out a pair of sunglasses. She unfolded them and placed them over her eyes.

"Of course. We cover more ground that way. Got your Roger?" she asked. Yusuke reached down to his waist and unclipped a walkie-talkie from his hip. He held it up and shook it before he clipped it back to his belt. Botan nodded approvingly.

"Good. Radio if you need me or if you find something to go on," she said before she turned curtly and began to walk down the pathway into the park. Yusuke frowned then turned his head as he saw two pretty, young women jogging up to him. He clapped his hands and began to rub them together eagerly, a mischievous smirk replacing his frown.

"Excuse me, ladies? I've got a few questions to ask you if you have the time..."


Two hours and several dead-end leads later, Botan was standing where she had first began, questioning a young couple.

"You say he circled the park several times?" she asked, a pen and a small notepad in hand. The girl nodded, hugging onto her boyfriend as if she were terrified.

"Yes, he did," she said. Botan nodded, scribbling something onto her paper.

"Uhn hunh... And did you see him talking to anyone, perhaps while still in his car?" she said, her eyes still fixed on her pad. The young boy nodded his head.

"He called the hot dog vendor over once. I didn't hear what they where talking about, though. They were too far away and I wasn't really trying to listen anyway. But he had caught my eye just because of the way he was watching the park. So I kept an eye on him," he said. Botan pursed her lips as she wrote down what the boy had just told her.

"The hot dog vendor, you say? Is he still around?" she said looking up to peer around. The girl nodded and pointed off to her side.

"He was just over there. He'll probably make his way around shortly... Oh, I was so terrified!" she cried, throwing a forearm across her eyes. Botan looked back at the young girl and squinted.

"Terrified? Why? Did he say anything to you? Did he... harm you in any way?" she asked her. The girl threw her arms around her lanky boyfriend again and sobbed. Botan rolled her eyes and sighed loudly.

"Young lady? I need to know if he's done or said anything to you," she said slowly. The girl looked up at Botan, her eyes wide and tearful as she bit frightfully on her knuckle. She shook her head quickly.

"Okay then," said Botan, snapping her pad closed and shoving her pen back into her vest pocket, "Thank you for your time and cooperation."

With that, she tersely turned on her heels and began to walk over to where the girl had pointed off to, leaving the boy to comfort his overly distraught girlfriend. She sighed.

Every one wants to be a dramatic...

Her paces became slower as she came across Yusuke chatting with a busty young lady. He had his back towards her but from the blush on the girl's face, she could tell he was flirting. His pad was out, but Botan was positive it wasn't a lead he was writing down.

She stopped walking completely as she came up behind him. She folded her arms across her chest and began to tap her foot impatiently.

"... so of course, I had to save her hide again. I mean, I'm like Superman in my precinct," he bragged falsely. The girl put a hand to her copious chest and sighed adoringly.

"Wow... how brave of you. How does your partner ever make it through the day without you?" she said, her highly pitched voice almost causing Botan to gag.

"I can't! I have to have him with me every step of the way... I mean, I'm just so defenseless... even if I do outrank him!" Botan interjected, mimicking the girl's voice. Yusuke's shoulders shot up to his ears and he slowly turned around, his face red with embarrassment.

"Botan! I was just... asking this young woman about that man..." he said.

"What man?" said the squeaky voice behind him.

"So, get any info?" he asked, quickly changing the topic. Botan shook her head, her cerulean bangs waving along with it.

"Nope... what about you? Catch anything besides her number?" she said. Yusuke gave her a cheesy smile and placed a hand on the back of his head. The young woman's head suddenly shot out from Yusuke's side, a very irate pout in tow.

"Excuse me, Missy, but this man and I were having a nice conversation. I believe you just rudely interrupted us..." she said, stepping beside Yusuke.

Yusuke gave a short whistle and took a large step away from the girl. Botan put a fingertip to the edge of her glasses and pushed them down a little. She eyed the girl up and down before she looked back up at her face. She glared at her meaningfully, her eyes shaped into small slits.

"I don't have time to play with young, whorish slurs like you. So listen to my advice and take it how you want it: Scram," she threatened through clenched teeth.

A look of disbelief struck the girl's face before it was quickly covered with a scowl. She looked over to Yusuke, who shrugged, then back at Botan. She lifted her hand to give her the bird before she turned and sauntered off. Yusuke threw his head back and let a gaudy laugh rip through the air before he turned to look at Botan.

"Thanks for handling that for me, Hasaki. I couldn't have worded that better myself. She was a real pain, " he lied placing a hand on her shoulder. Botan growled as she gathered a handful of his T-shirt and yanked him down to eyelevel.

"You were supposed to be looking for our guy!" she grounded out through clenched teeth. Yusuke gulped. He placed a hand around Botan's wrist and pried her off his shirt.

"I was! Honestly! But she came up to me asking me questions about my job so I had to answer! I can't just be rude like you and snap at everyone who says something to me!" he replied.

"Whatever. Look, I don't even care anymore. Just... what did you get for us to go on?" she asked exasperatedly.

"Oh!" said Yusuke as he began to flip through his pad, "Lemme see... yeah, this guy said he spotted him at a bar two blocks north of here... these two little kids said that he winked at them, too... aaaaand that's about it. The rest is unimportant stuff that I'm sure you've got as well."

"Kuso!" Botan cursed as she snatched her glasses from her face. She sighed and began to rub her forehead with the back of her wrist. Then she bit her lip and placed her hands on her hips. She raised her head to look around the park.

Just then, she noticed the black SUV parked...







Her eyes widened as she watched Dewy lounged against his door, his arms folded across his chest as he surveyed the passersby. It was him alright, clad in dingy blue jeans, a ratty muscle shirt, a leather vest, and thick, black biker boots. His large, round sunglasses were perched atop of his head which was topped in a long, blonde, oily mullet. His face was dirty and pockmarked, trimmed with a blonde goatee. He had a tattoo of a spider web on the back of his hand, this she recognized cogently from the photo in his records.

"Botan? Are you alright?" said Yusuke, placing a hand on her shoulder. Botan looked at him. He was peering in her face concernedly, his eyes holding a little worry. Botan nodded quickly and opened her vest once more to slip her shades into the pocket.

"Yes, just a little hungry, is all. Say... I saw a food vender a little ways down. Can you go get us some hot dogs and a couple sodas?" she said taking out her wallet. At the mention of food, Yusuke's eyes sparked, a wide smile spreading across his face. He shook her shoulder lightly.

"Of course! What kind of soda do you want?" he asked. Botan shrugged as she pulled out some bills and handed it to him.

"Whatever you get. Here," she said handing him an extra bill, "get you something extra."

Yusuke happily accepted the money, too hungry to suppose that she was trying to draw his attention elsewhere. Then his brows furrowed.

"Hey, aren't you gonna' come with?" he asked her.

"Nah," Botan said, "I've gotta' go call Koenma. I'll meet you over at the picnic benches."

Yusuke nodded then ran off towards the vendor. Botan turned back around to see that Dewy was already watching her. She smirked and cupped her breast to adjust them. Then she bit her lip seductively as she began to saunter over to him.

"Nice truck," she complimented when she reached him. Dewy licked his lips and smiled, revealing he was missing a front tooth.

"Nice ass," he retorted gruffly. Botan clenched her hands at her sides, already ready to let this guy have the beating of his life. But she remembered she had to stay calm; she just had to catch this one. She gave a ditzy laugh.

"Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself," she said folding her arms behind her back and batting her lashes at him. Dewy's smile grew wider.

"Wanna' ride?" he said. Botan blinked rapidly, not understanding if he was talking dirty or suggesting literally.

"Excuse me?" she asked, close to letting her facade slip. She didn't take kindly to men talking dirty to her. Dewy nodded back at his truck.

"Wanna' ride?" he repeated. Botan laughed, covering the fact that she was almost angry.

"No, but how about I take you for a ride?" she said, pushing back her vest to reveal her handcuffs. Dewy's smile grew even wider, thinking she was hinting something kinky. That is, until he noticed her gun... and her badge. His arms dropped and his face fell as he abruptly stood straight.

"Shit!" he cursed. Botan nodded.

"Yes, and you're in a lot of it," she said as she unlatched her cuffs from her belt band then unhooked her gun. She made a motion for him to turn around then stepped up to him. She opened one of the cuffs and slapped it on his wrist then tightened it.

"You're going away for a long time," she told him over his shoulder. She tried to open the other cuff but couldn't. The lock was jammed.

"Shit!" she exclaimed as she tugged fiercely at the cuff but to no avail. Dewy growled lowly and Botan had just enough time to look up before she felt the back of his head smash into her nose. Botan stumbled backwards, dazed from the blow. Dewy took this time to turn around and sock Botan right in the jaw, knocking the gun out of her hand. The hit sent Botan reeling as she staggered backwards then fell, clutching at her nose.

"Yep, and you're in a lot of it, Hun," he said as he stepped up to her and kicked her harshly in the ribs. He then turned and dashed to his car. He opened the door and hopped in before he started it up and pulled of, leaving tire tracks in his wake.

Botan snatched her gun from the floor and hopped to her feet. She ran over to her car and jumped inside, not caring that rivulets of blood were pouring out of her nostrils or that she was leaving Yusuke. She started her car and tore off, in hot pursuit of Dewy.


Botan dipped and dodged through traffic, narrowly missing other cars as she sped along the streets after the black SUV. She lifted a hand once to wipe her nose with the sleeve of her dress shirt, smearing the blood on her top lip. But she never lost Dewy, not even when he crossed over through all the lanes and passed onto the highway. She yanked her steering wheel to the side to follow, ignoring the blaring horns as she nearly hit them in passing. The highway was scarce, giving Botan enough room to close the gap between them. She unlatched the small speaker from its place on the dash and lifted it to her mouth.

"Pull over!" she shouted. She promptly received a finger out of the driver's window for a reply. Botan growled angrily. She lifted the speaker to her mouth once more.

"I'll ask you once more: Pull over!" she shouted. Same response.

"That's it!" she snarled. She threw the talkie down and slapped her hand onto the wheel. She jerked it to the left and stomped onto the gas pedal, pulling up right next to him. The crook looked out the window and sneered.

"Fuck you!" he shouted. Botan smiled sinisterly.

"We'll see who's fucked... she mumbled. She jerked the wheel right, causing her car to ram into its neighbor.

"Hey!" the man shouted. His car swerved unsteadily for a moment before he regained balance. He chuckled and pressed the gas pedal harder, hastily surpassing Botan's car. Botan reached up to her collar and loosened her tie.

"Alright, you're asking for it!" she hollered. She pressed the gas pedal once more, catching up with the suspect easily enough. She steered the car far left, then jerked it to her right again. She rammed into him once more, this time knocking him off course.

"Holy shit!" the man shouted as his car veered off the highway and careened into a steep ditch.

Botan pulled over quickly. She opened the door and hopped out, hand ready at her waistband. She kicked off her heels and scurried down the ditch. She made it down just in time to see the car door swing open. She ran over to the door and swiftly lifted her foot up, kicking Dewy squarely in the nose. He let out an agonized scream as he crumpled to the ground, streams of blood flowing through his fingers as he now clutched at his nose. He rolled over to see a silver Magnum pointed squarely to his forehead.

"Don't you fucking move!" Botan shouted, cocking the switch with her thumb. Dewy yelped and his hands shot up. Botan frowned.

"What? No more fight?" she asked. In one swift motion, Botan flipped her gun around then swung her arm back, striking him in the face with the butt of the handle. She then lifted her foot and stomped it down between his legs, eliciting a screech from him.

"Sorry, Dewy. But it looks like you won't be 'screwing' anything for a while," she grunted as she placed a foot on his side and kicked, rolling him over on his stomach.

"Arms behind your back, Screwy," she demanded. Dewy complied easily enough, not wanting anymore harm to befall him. She pulled out her keys and unlocked the jammed cuff, smirking triumphantly when they came loose. She slapped it on his other wrist then grabbed his forearm.

"Up on your feet, Tough-guy," she mocked as the tugged him to his feet. She led him back up the ditch and to her car. She opened the back door and pushed him in, slamming the door closed when he was seated. She unclipped her phone from her hip and dialed a number.

"Yeah, Keiko? Tell Koenma he can come pick up 'The Screw'."


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