Darkness and Light

Hey, I'm slickboy444. This is just a quick intro to this little story I've been working on. This is the first X-men story I've put in the comic section, but I do have numerous stories in the X-men Evolution section. This is a slightly AU and also has major Scott/Jean pairing. I've always been a big fan of them as a couple and it has been very frustrating seeing Marvel break them up and kill Jean for the third time! The writers have split up one of the most enduring couples in comic book history and it just plain pisses me off! Not to mention issue 154 of New X-men really put the final nail in the coffin when Jean changed the past to have Scott kiss Emma. And it's not just Scott and Jean; they killed off Psylock, they killed off Colossus, continually split Rogue and Remy up, and split the team up in general! The comic has totally screwed the whole series! I thought that just plain sucked! So I began to think of this little AU. I got the inspiration while writing my previous story, "X-men: Evolution of the Heart" and after reading some of the comics. I am a bit less familiar with the comics than the cartoon so please bear with me and forgive me if I make any mistakes.

This story takes place before Xorn is revealed to be Magneto and includes the characters Rogue, Storm, Gambit, Kitty, Emma, Kurt, Beast, Bobby, Jubilee, Angel, Logan, and Xorn. This also includes a character I created myself. I hope you like him!

Summery: Lots of bad things have happened to the X-men lately and the future in issues 151-154 is far from pleasant. Scott "Cyclops" Summers hasn't been acting like himself for quite a while now. Ever since he merged and was separated from Apocalypse he has been dark, angry, and withdrawn from everybody he cares about. It has especially caused undue strain on his marriage with Jean. It has led both of them to do things they would never normally do. It has led to a volatile affair between Scott and Emma. It also played a part in Jean kissing Logan. Not only that, it has also led to a great deal of instability with the Phoenix. It doesn't stop there, it has led to the X-men splitting up and dividing themselves over the pettiest of arguments. Now, a strange and mysterious intruder enters the institute and seems hell bent on killing Scott. But there is definitely more to this strange man than meets the eye...And what he knows will both shock and horrify the X-men and it will change the future forever...

Remember, I don't own X-men in any way, shape, or form so please don't sue me! I have nothing. This is just an AU that I thought up myself and I am making no money off of this. Also, I beg of you all to review this story and tell me what you all think! I love to get feedback and I am open to all criticism...But please don't go so far as to send me hate mail. Send all feedback to or post them on Now without further adieu, I bring you "Darkness and Light!"

PS: This story is dedicated so my loyal X-men reviewers Sweet Like Chocolate, Sentoris, Darkness1, Wen, Jen, and Remy's Ange. Thanks and this one's for you! ENJOY!