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Chapter 12

"Cloyster! Surf!"

Ash and Pichu jumped on top of Cloyster's back as they roared across the ocean, away from the rampaging Alxasaurus. (1 )

Those meat-eaters were fast!

"I really want to go home…" Ash muttered, even though he had been there for less than four hours.

I agree. Fearow said, before she dropped a coconut on a random sea attacker.


We really need to escape though… Ditto muttered, turning into an Aerodactyl himself and swooping into the air.

"Wait! Ditto, can you turn into a Serebii?"

Ditto sighed. I thought of that, but… I've never seen one before.

"What about… Jirachi?"

No. How do you know?

I don't know… I just think it might work.

They sighed. Ash picked up a fruit, studied it, and took a bite. Ankylosaur said it was edible enough.

And his stomach didn't hurt.

They found a cave to shelter for the night, and fell into uneasy slumber.


Gasping for air, stumbling through the marsh while Kabutops did a good job of keeping the Triceratops away…

Why was it attacking him?

He stumbled slightly, but regained his footing and continued on his flight.

Must escape!

This was no place to rest and get soft.

Ash, you all right?

"Good enough." He muttered grimly. "I wish I'd brought a first-aid kit."

You're bleeding! Fearow shrieked.

"Shh! We don't want to attract attention! It's just a scratch…"

Pichu looked worried just the same.

This was a dangerous place to be, worse than home…

They ate mushrooms and berries raw, and avoided the murky water, not sure what it contained.

Survival ran to the front of the mind.

This was no game anymore.

The next morning, it was off again. And so the pattern continued for a harrowing two and a half weeks, before Ash finally found himself home.

Apparently no time had passed there, but… he still had Aerodactyl and now an Omastar too…

Now what?

All right, that trip to the past had broken the monotony quite nicely, even though he was grateful for a week and a half break afterwards…

But did he have any purpose to fulfill?

It would be nice, he thought wistfully, as he sat in the branches of the maple tree on their property.

His pokemon snoozed underneath.

But… even if nothing new shows up, I'm glad I went on my journey just the same. It taught me a lot.

I will not lose that knowledge.

I will not let everything I learned fade away. I will keep it all burning bright inside of me.

The future still waited.

I will not be afraid of the future either, it cannot be worse than those days in dinosaur times and those didn't break me.

So it was a lesson.

I guess I should say thank you, Serebii.

I wonder? Well, not that it's my business, but thank you again.

What about the future?

It won't be perfect, but it will be enough, and I will make it work.

That was life.

That is life.

Finally, that's the way my life will be.

End Chapter

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1 Information taken from and I am grateful to their free online info… this is a real dinosaur by the way…

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