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(Day 3 of mission)

Sarutobi Asuma yawned, stretching as he approached the Akabeko; he had woken up only to find his alarm clock broken and that he was late for his mission. But even then, he couldn't be bothered as he walked through the backdoor. He wouldn't be missed; after all, he had gotten the lousiest role out of the team.

Flashback begins

"The manager of the Akabeko has requested a shinobi team to help out at his restaurant for a week. Due to harrassment from the local gangs, most of their staff have either quit or been injured. Our mission is to help out with the restaurant needs and at the same time get rid of the loan sharks." Kurenai read from the mission scroll.

"Akabeko huh." Asuma quirked an eyebrow as he inhaled on his cigarette.

Ino squealed, "Oh Kami! I can't believe we're going to be working there!"

:I know!" Sakura agreed, nodding her head with vigour. "Have you seen their uniforms? They're to die for!"

Both girls giggled and squealed again, much to the puzzlement of the rest of their team.

"Ne Sakura, Ino. What's this about the Akabeko and their uniforms?" Tenten perked up.

Sakura and Ino swiveled around to face their female teammate, "Didn't you know? The Akabeko is one of the classiest restaurants ever! They specialise in all sorts of Chinese delicacies! And their uniforms are the cutest ever; you have to see if for yourself!"

Tenten nodded slowly, a wry smile spreading across her face as the two girls went into another squealing fit. She turned to Shino and asked, "Ne, do you have any idea wherethis restaurant is?"

The ever stoic boy made no move to reply, Tenten chuckled, "I guess that's a no then."

Kurenai smiled, "Well, why don't we all just ask around?"

Flicking his cigarette onto the ground, Asuma shrugged, "Hai, hai."

Narrowing her eyes, the female Jounin was about to berate the male for being annoying when a thought struck her. "Oh and Asuma..." She started, "I don't think they would appreciate you smoking in there either. After all, it is one of the classiest restaurants." Quoting her two students, she winked at the horrified Jounin instructor before walking off.


Kazuo smiled as he welcomed his new workers with open arms, "Thank you for coming as soon as possible. It's good that Hokage-sama sent a team with more females than males, I am rather shorthanded on waitresses right now."

Kurenai sniggered and jabbed Asuma in his ribs saying, "Looks like you're not wanted." Whereas Shino and Tenten, having never seen the Akabeko's uniforms, merely stood stunned at the formality of the manager's clothes. Kazuo was wearing a smart black tuxedo with his brown hair slicked back with gel.

Annoyed, Asuma glared at her as he pulled out a cigarette, forgetting Kurenai's warning about not smoking in restaurants.

Seeing this, the manager couldn't help but speak up, "Sumimasen, but smorking is not allowed in the restaurant for the comfort of all patrons." He said, pointing at a no smoking sign.

"Ah gomen nasai." Asuma apologised, placing the unlighted cigarette back in his Jounin vest pocket, muttering some well chosen curse words under his breath, glaring at the giggling Kurenai.

"Now then, let's assign you all to your various jobs and get you into your uniforms."

It was then Shino decided to speak up, "Uniforms?"

Kazuo nodded, "Hai, uniforms. The Akabeko is famous for its Japanese architecture and Chinese influence. Not trying to be proud or anything, but it is one of a kind."

Sakura grinned, "Ano Kazuo-san, I've always wondered. Who designed the uniforms?"

A smile stretched across the older man's face, "Ah that would be my grandmother. The Akabeko was formed by my grandfather and wanting to make his restaurant different from the rest, he let his wife decide the theme."

As Kazuo finished his introductions to the rest of the remaining staff, he allocated them their duties and handed out their uniforms.

"I suppose Hokage-sama informed you of the loan sharks that have been coming. Which was why I requested for shinobi, and I sincerely hope that you will all help me in ridding the Akabeko of them."

Asuma let out a boisterous laugh, "Which is why we're here, boy."

Flashback ends

As expected, no one complained as he stepped into the kitchen half an hour late. Sighing, Asuma rolled up his sleeves and put on his assigned white apron assigned him and made his way over to the sink. Having left his Jounin vest at home, he didn't have to worry about it being stolen or getting stained as he washed the dirty dishes that steadily came in.

"Why do I get all the dirty work?" He sighed, wishing he had a cigarette right now as he dipped a greasy plat into the soapy sink.

Flashback begins

"Nani! Why do I get al the dirty work! I mean, I'm a Jounin for crying out loud! How come you all get to be waitresses but I'm stuck with dishes!" Asuma yelled the moment Kazuo left the room to get their uniforms.

At that Ino raised a finger as she spoke up, "Asuma-sensei, missions are never meant to be exciting, besides they have to be carried out efficiently. The missions isn't to bad, you can take it as training as well."

Kurenai burst into laughter, along with the other kunoichi. Shino however, allowed himself a small smile at the comeback Ino had shot at their sensei. It was the exact lecture she had been given by Asuma when she had complained about the mission.

"Sou desu Asuma-sensei, so you shouldn't complain!" Sakura grinned, nodding. "After all, you said it yourself!"

Tenten grinned as she joined in the mini debate, "Plus you're our sensei and you should set an example for the rest of us!"

Before Asuma could retord, Kurenai slapped her hand over his mouth and said, "They're right you know. Now shut up, he's coming back. You wouldn't want to offend our client now would you?"

Asuma glared at his colleague before forcibly removing her hand from his mouth grumbling, "Che, like I care. He just offended me and I ought to..."

He shut his mouth as Kurenai's glare intensified. He knew how females could blow up at any given time, having seen Ino nag at Shikamaru all day long when he was training Team 10.

It was a good thing too, as Kazuo stepped into the room, only to see Kurenai glaring daggers at Asuma, with the female genins laughing.

"Well, I must have missed something. Nyway, here are your uniforms; there are two sets of each. Can you start today?"

Flashback ends

Tenten smiled, nodding as she scribbled the order onto her notepad. "So, fried fish fillets and vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, mini spring rolls and a tub of steamed white rice. Would you like any drinks to go with you meal?"

As soon as Tenten finished taking the order, she ripped it from the notepad. Whipping out a senbon she tossed it, piercing through the slip of paper. Hearing the thud of the weapon hitting the block of wood, the chef stuck his head out the small window, waved at the weapons specialist before taking the order, all much to the astonishment and awe of the patrons.

"Okaasan, otousan! Did you see that!" The little girl and her brother at the table cried out amazed at the show of prowess, tugging at their parents' sleeves.

Their mother hushed them as the father spoke up. "Impressive, you must be a kunoichi."

Tenten grinned, "Hai, my team and I are working her temporarily to catch some... troublemakers."

"Sou ka. I used to be a shinobi as well, but since I met my wife I decided to settle down. I've never regretted it since." With that, he reached over and clasped his wife's hands. The woman blushed under the open show of affection and playfully smacked him on the arm.

Both children gagged and stuck their tongues out, "Yuck! I wouldn't get married to any boy! They're so dirty!" "Well I wouldn't wanna go near a girl either! All you do is play dress up and stupid dolls."

Chestnut eyes sparkled with mirth as she wondered what life would be when she would be older. 'I wonder if Neji would make a good father... I'm sure he would.'

She snapped out of her thoughts as another patron on the other side of the restaurant signaled her. Excusing herself from the family of four, she headed over.


Shino stood at the entrance of the restaurant, trying to appear friendly and welcoming. Without his usual shinobi attire, he felt uncomfortable yet strangely in place. Standing clad in his black tuxedo, his job was simple. The cashier.

Yes, it would have been simple had it not been for the girls flocking around trying to flirt with him.

Flashback begins

Sakura and Ino squealed in delight as they grabbed Tenten by both her arms. "Didn't we tell you these uniforms were gorgeous?"

Kurenai raised a delicate eyebrow, "They call this gorgeous? I call it disgraceful; look at how revealing it is!" She exclaimed, raising the so-called disgraceful outfit for everyone to see.

Smirking, Asuma retorted, "You wouldn't want to offend our client by not wearing the assigned uniform would you, Kurenai?"

Said woman glared fiercely, "Urusai! I know you're enjoying this mister."

"Payback's a bitch isn't it." Came the smirked reply, "and I would gladly enjoy it but unfortunately I'm stuck in the kitchen with the dishes." Asuma sighed, feigning regret.

Shino however, remained silent throughout everyone's conversations as he eyed the clothes in his hands. It wasn't until Tenten spoke up asking Shino what his uniform looked like did he look up. Facial expression indistinguishable behind his collar and sunglasses.


That single word destroyed it all. Aburame Shino regretted he had ever said that dreadful word as two squealing, ecstatic girls grabbed him by the elbows.

"Shino, you are in need of an extreme makeover!"

Flashback ends

Shino shuddered involuntarily; he never wanted to do it again. Even Tenten had stood aside watching, having taken sadistic glee in watching someone else come under the hands of Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura for a change.

With his hair trimmed neatly and gelled up and dressed in the smart outfit, he looked absolutely different. The only thing he had been able to keep were his sunglassses. Shino had always been in introvert, which was quite understandable since his clan dealt with insects and not many people wanted to be associated with them. After all, who wanted to mix around with someone who allowed creepy crawlies to live in him? Not that he minded, but his sunglasses were the only thing that allowed him to shut out the rest of the world and how they felt towards him.

Shino blushed, snapping out of his thoughts when a brazen young lady leant against the counter, allowing her breasts to spill over, showing off her cleavage. Behind her, her friends giggled, encouraging her outrageous behaviour and taking liberties at staring Shino up and down.

"Well you look good enough to eat. What say you and I disappear for a little while?" With that said, the girl tilted her head to one side and winked at him, at the same time allowing her sleeves to fall over her shoulders, revealing more than she should.

Shino gulped, in all his years as a shinobi, no one had taught him how to handle a situation like that should it occur.

Fortunately, Kurenai came to his aid, coming up behind the girl and clearing her throat she said, "Down girl, you're not his type. Go chase some other boy who would appreciate your... personality."

Said girl couldn't be bothered to turn around, rolling her eyes as she retorted, "Just shut your mouth bitch, I do what I like."

The moment the words had left her mouth, the girl's so-called friends had already begun backing away from the pair, having recognised Kurenai as a Jounin. And unfortunately for her, even a patient woman like Yuuhi Kurenai could not take being called a bitch lying down. She whipped out a kunai and slammed the weapon into the counter, right between the teen's breasts.

Eyes widened in shock before narrowing, "What the fuck was that for you psychotic..." She yelled, swinging around to face Kurenai, further words of rage trailing off as she gaped, recognising the older woman. Mouth opening and closing like a goldfish, she tried to form an apology but to no avail.

Kurenai grabbed her by the arm and threw her bodily out of the restaurant, glaring daggers at her friends who immediately retreated to the girl.

The humiliated teen picked herself up, huffed and stormed away, her friends running after her. Shino's lips quirked as he allowed himself a small smile, "Arigatou Kurenai-sensei."

Kurenai blushed slightly and waved it off, "I had to do it, she was getting on my nerves anyway. But guess now you know what some girls are like, so stay away from them.

Shino nodded, lips spreading into somewhat of a wry grin. However, Kurenai's next comment left him speechless, mouth hanging open. "But I have to agree with her, you do look good enough to eat."

The Jounin couldn't help but grin in mischief as she continued to tease the now blushing boy, glad that her three female students were able to change the stoic boy, however little.

Flashback begins

"You have to remove that coat! I mean, you can't work in a restaurant and not wear their uniform! Take it off Aburame!"

Sakura quirked an eyebrow as she heard Asuma's yelling over the next room. "Someone's being stubborn."

Ino grinned, "Hey you guys, have you ever wondered what Shino looks like under that baggy coat of his? I mean, look at Hinata! Who would have thought she had such a great figure under all that."

Tenten grinned, "Might I suggest a plan?"

Kurenai suppressed a grin as she watched her three students already dressed in their uniforms crowd around the small window situated above the lockers connecting the male and female locker rooms. Even she couldn't resist a peak.

Despite Konoha being a summer type country, and considering how intense their trainings and missions could be; Kurenai had always noticed that Shino never, ever took off his jacket. Kiba had done so a few times, revealing a leather vest over a fishnet top. Even the shy Hinata had unzipped her jacket slightly to reveal her black shirt, even taking to rolling up her sleeves.

Tenten was looking up at the window, moving her fingers about as the strings tied to them adjusted the mirrors she had placed above. "There!" She whispered and pointed above. Brown, blue and green eyes looked up, watching as Shino unbuttoned his top. Ino stifled a giggle as she cast a glance to her left, only to receive a glare from her sensei who had sidled up into their circle.

So now an extra pair of eyes stared up, widening as the Shino in the mirror took off his high collared jacket...

Only to reveal him in a loose fishnet shirt. Before anybody could say anything, SHino looked up toward the window, watching as four sets of heads ducked down.

Sakura panted, "That was so close!"

Ino however, glared at Tenten, "Tenten! I thought you said we wouldn't get caught!"

The brown haired girl raised her hands in front of her in a bid to defend herself, "I did! I used a simple genjutsu to hide the mirror; I don't understand how he was able to detect it!"

Kurenai chose that opportune moment to speak up, "He uses Kikai bugs remember? One of his bugs probably told him what was going on. Kiba's tried sneaking up on him a few times but it's never worked since Shino always knows he's there."

Three sets of eyes flared up dangerously as they said, "And you didn't say this just now because...?"

Smirking, Kurenai shrugged, "It conveniently slipped my mind, but you saw what you wanted didn't you?"

Immediately, the three teens blushed huddling together.

"Oh... Did you see his face?"

"What about the six-pack!"

"Don't forget his arms!"

"His girlfriend's sooooo lucky!"


Kurenai sighed, a grin creeping onto her face as she listened to her three students croon over her male student next door, knowing full well he could hear every word. But she wasn't going to ruin it for them, not just yet.


"Shino, you're supposed to be the cashier; you have to smile when a customer comes up to pay for their bill! Otherwise they'd think this restaurant does not have good service and won't come back if they don't receive a smile or thank you before they go! Do it again!" Sakura yelled as she sat in a chair, staring at the boy opposite her.

"Thank you, please come again." Came the reply, devoid of any emotion.

Sakura sighed. This was going to take a long time.

Flashback ends

A phone rang, snapping Kurenai out of her reverie as she picked it up. "Hello, you've reached the Akabeko restaurant. Would you like to make a reservation?"


Yamanaka Ino sighed as she rubbed her aching shoulders, "Hey Sakura, you have to admit, being a waitress is tough."

"Yeah... I have a new found respect for them." Sakura groaned, "I never imagined serving so many patrons and clearing tables in such a short time could be so tiring!"

Ino gave a small smile, "Hey at least we managed to learn a little more chakra control ne? I mean, having to carry such heavy trays, you really have to have a lot of muscle strength in your arms."

Sakura nodded in agreement, "Not to mention how we have to memorise the menu so we know what the patrons are asking for. Kurenai-sensei says it's good for improving our memory should we need to go on scouting missions, that way we wouldn't have to write it down as everything's already in our heads."

She grinned as she leant over the table to poke Ino's hair, "I got to admit though, the Akabeko's uniform is really nice. Buns really suit you!"

Ino playfull smacked Sakura's hand away, "Are you kidding? I think it's horrendous; I'm sticking to my ponytail. Pity I can't say the same about your pink hair, they look rather... interesting. Least we know someone there looks normal." She said, pointing to the other side of the restaurant where Tenten was currently serving a group of men.

Both girls laughed as they sipped their drinks. After a three hour shift which unluckily took place during peak hour, the two were finally able to enjoy their hour long break. As they chatted amiably about how different and easy this mission was, Ino couldn't help but notice how Tenten seemed to be having trouble with her patrons.

"Ne Sakura," She spoke up, interrupting the girl's talk as she pointed at Tenten, "Is it just me or do they look like their harrassing Tenten?"

Sakura frowned and squinted, "I'm not sure, they only seem to be giving her problems about the fo..." The rest of her sentence went unfinished as one of the males moved his hand to caress Tenten's bare thigh.

"Kuso! Ino's it's them! Let's go!"

Drinks forgotten, the two girls leapt from their seats as they went to back up their friend.


Tenten couldn't help but feel on cloud nine as she headed over to the table, seeing those children only made her think of her having a family with Neji on day. But as she got closer to the patron's table, she couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding.

A group of six men were sitting around the table situated right in the corner, away from prying eyes. As Tenten approached, she noticed how their eyes seemed to focus on her body rather than her face. Grimacing slightly, she stepped forward, "Can I help you with anything?"

Tentens eye twitched as she suddenly felt very self conscious. They kept staring at her body and her clothes. For the umpteenth time, she wondered why she had even allowed herself to wear such a uniform.

Flashback begins

Tenten gulped, "Ino, Sakura, are you sure I look ok in this?" She asked as she looked herself over in the mirror again, hand smoothing over the material of the cloth. It was cool to the touch, somewhat expected of polyester.

As she watched Sakura and Ino twirl in front of the mirror, she couldn't help but realise that the uniforms almost resembled her current shinobi outfit. It was a full length barebacked Cheongsam. Like what Kurenai had said, it was downright revealing, but the dress accentuated her figure, the slit running up each side revealing her thighs.

And to complete the Chinese ensemble, they had to wear high heels and tie their hair up in buns. She smiled wryly as she looked herself in the mirror thinking, 'I wonder what Neji would say.'

Flashback ends

The man to her right spoke up, tapping his watch, "Yeah little missy, we've been sitting here for the past ten minutres and nobody's come to serve us. What do you call this kind of service?"

As the first man occupied her attention, the man on her left brought his hand up and caressed Tenten's bare thigh. Flinching, she turned sharply to the man protesting, only to receive a shrug saying, "My hand slipped." This was followed by chuckled and wolf whistles from his friends. "Go Sozuku-sama!"

Brown eyes narrowed suspiciously as she restrained herself from punching the leer of the man's face. Tenten knew it was a lie but the restaurant's reputation was at stake. Turning to the man on her right, she apologised, stating she would be right back with the menus.

But before she could leave, she was grabbed around the waist and pulled into the lap by the previous man, Sozuku. Unfortunately, he had picked the wrong waitress to mess with that day. Tenten swung around and slapped him before pushing herself off him.

Head held high, she stalked off, only to get stopped by Sakura and Ino. "Tenten, are you alright!"

Said girl nodded, fists clenched tightly as her shoulders shook with rage. Ino chanced a look at the table, flinching as she noticed the men openly leering at the three of thm. Sakura oblivious as she tried to calm the irate girl down. The six men were merely laughing with their friend as he bragged about how he loved women who fought back. Narrowing her eyes, Ino hustled her friends toward the locker roo, swearing under her breath.


"Sumimasen Kurenai-san, but there seems to be a problem." Kazuo explained nervously. "It seems that the mean have appeared and they harrassed one of your students."

Kurenai looked up from the register book, "Nani? What happened!"

Hurriedly explaining the situation to the frantic sensei, he pointed her towards where the girls currently were. Dropping her pen, Kurenai left her position and headed to the locker room.

Slamming the door open, she stopped short at the scene in front of her. Instead of finding a traumatised girl, she found them sitting around in a circle quietly discussing a plan.

"Ino, Sakura, Tenten... Daijoubu ka?" She asked worriedly.

Tenten nodded, "Daijoubu desu. Sorry for making you worry but we're fine and our cover wasn't blown."

Sakura grinned, "And I know just the way we can take care of them, though we might need Shino's and Kazuo's help.


"As manager of the Akabeko, I would like to apologise for my waitress' behaviour. With my sincerest apologies, would you all please come with me? We have prepared a private room for you to enjoy, complete with a free five course meal." Kazuo said as he bowed repeatedly towards the man who was obviously the leader.

"Apology huh?" The addressed man turned to his friends as he continued, "Now this is more like it."

Sozuku smirked, leaning back into chair. "Alright then, as long as we are served by those three waitresses."

Kazuo bowed humbly, though inwardly he chuckled, 'And you will regret you ever chose them.'


As expected by Sakuram they were chosen to serve the loan sharks. She looked to her teammates grinning, "So, we ready for this?"

Shino nodded silently, Ino cracking her knuckles and Tenten checked her arsenal of weapons, all cleverly concealed by genjutsu.

Basically the plan was to have Ino distract the men, Tenten to pin them to the wall with weapons and Shino to call out his Kikai bugs. And finally, Sakura and Kurenai would cast a genjutsu on them.

Ino snorted, "Ne Sakura, whichever way I see this, it all seems like a prank to me."

Sakura laughed, "What can I say, I learnt from the best."

Meanwhile, somewhere in Tea country, a certain blond sneezed.


"Enjoy your drinks." Ino chirped as she set the cups down on the table. Before she could leave, Sozuku grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her onto his lap.

"They say blondes have all the fun. Why not sit down and share some with us girly?"

Ino's eyebrow twitched, 'Everything's going acording to plan, now all I have to do is keep them distracted.'

Bursting into a loud high pitched giggle, Ino turned in the man's lap and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Why of course Sozuku-sama, anything you want. The customer is always right."


Hearing whooping and cheering coming from the room, Sakura turned to Tenten and winked, "Mission: Kick their sorry asses is now in action."

With that, she licked her index finger and pressed the wet digit slightly into the rice paper of the shouji door. Peeking through the hole, she checked the situation. "Ino's got them distracted, you can go in anytime Tenten."

Nodding, Tenten went through one final check before standing to open the door. Sakura grabbed her wrist, whispering, "Try not to kill them?"

Brown eyes twinkled with mirth and sadistic glee, "Why Sakura, I never miss."

Sakura chuckled, "I know, just make sure they suffer."


Tenten slid open the shouji door, only to find Ino sitting at the table playing a drinking game with the men. So far, Ino had been able to get away with her losses, by persuading one of the men to drink it for her.

Seeing Tenten standing at the door, she knew that the next part of the plan was coming up. Faking a surprised gasp, she stood up hurriedly and ran to the door, brushing hands off in the process.

Running past the other kunoichi, she winked and mouthed a 'Go for it'. Winking back, Tenten stepped forward. Though slightly intoxicated, Sozuku still recognised Tenten. Standing up awkwardly, he swayed from side to side as he pointed at her, "Yo.. you back f... for more fun?"

"Oh yeah, and this time it's MY kind of fun." With that, swift fingers reached for all her available kunai and shuriken, up till now shrouded by genjutsu, and threw it with precise accuracy.

"Na... nani?"

Within seconds, she had all six men pinned, whether it was to the walls, floor or table, they were immobile.

As the men realised their situation, they seemed to sober up, yelling profanities at her.

"You bitch! What the fuck!"

Tenten smirked, "What I'm doing you say? I'm taking you down. Sakura, Shino!"

On cue, the both of them stepped into the room, Shino already calling on his bugs. Six screams reverberated throughout the room as his Kikai bugs crawled towards them. Fortunately, or rather unfortunately for the six loan sharks, their private room was a fair bit away from the main restaurant.

Kurenai and Ino stepped in, grinning as they watched the supposedly tough men cry and scream like little babies; struggling against their bonds and trying to avoid the bugs.

"Get them away! Ahhhh! Help! Please!"

"These bugs are called Kikai bugs," Shino began as he lifted his finger to eye level, watching as a lone female bug crawled on it, "and they eat away a person's chakra, even draining him dry, causing him to ie. And I control their every action, if you value your life, you will swear to never come back again."

Despite his gang's pleading and crying, Sozuku yelled, "Like hell we'll listen to you!"

Shino's eyes narrowed behind dark shades, "Well then, shall we?"

Sakura grinned as she muttered under her breath, "It's my turn now..."

Closing her eyes, she gathered the appropriate amount of chakra, casting a genjutsu over the men.

Shino smirked, knowing what came next in the plan and added, "If you want to live, I suggest you do as we say."

Sozuku nodded in silence, eyes wide with horror as he watched the now enormous bugs stand over him. Around him, his fellow men either cowered in fear or sobbed helplessly, arms over their heads as they tried to hide from the Kikai bugs, now ten times their size.


Kurenai stood behind her students, patting them on their shoulders. "That was a great job, I'm proud of every single one of you. Ino for your quick wit, Tenten your amazing accuracy, Shino your calm exterior and Sakura you genjutsu. That was a pretty hard one to handle too."

Sakura blushed under the praise, "Arigatou Kurenai-sensei, but I couldn't have done it without you."

Kurenai brushed it off, "Anyway, althought we've already tackled the problem, don't forget we still have to work here till the end of the week."


Fiver heads turned towards the source of the yell, Asuma stood in the doorway of the private room, white apron crumpled in hand. "You mean you took out the loan sharks without me? How could you! And I still have to stay on washing dishes? NO WAY!"

Ino grinned, "What? No congratulations or words of praise for your wonderful students? Kurenai-sensei didn't lift a finger either. She thought it would be a good experience for us."

Asuma narrowed his eyes, "You could have at least informed me of what was going on."

Closing her eyes, Ino shrugged, "But this case involved extra discretion sensei, this is a restaurant and there is their reputation to uphold. We can't you barging around beating people up here; it's bad for the Akabeko!"

Gritting his teeth, Asuma growled, "I need a god dammed smoke right now! I'll be around the back if anyone's looking for me."

"Ano..." Kazuo politely interrupted as he stepped up from behind Asuma. "I'd just like to thank you all for your help. I know that we are paying for your services but the restaurant would like to offer each of you a pair of vouchers entitling you to a free meal in gratitude."

Asuma grinned and slapped a hand over Kazuo's shoulder, "No problem, it was the least the team could do."

Sakura sniggered and leant over to Ino and Tenten whispering, "What happened to all those complaints earlier?"

The manager smiled in gratitude, "We cannot thank you more than enough, knowing now those loan sharks won't be coming around creating trouble. Therefore, including those vouchers, we will offer you a discount on all your future meals here; so we hope you will continue to patronize our restaurant.

Kurenai gasped, "Demo, Kazuo-san!"

"Kurenai-san, if it hadn't been for you and your team, the loan sharks would still be here bothering my staff and demanding protection money. It is only right. My grandparents would have wanted this as well."

Hearing this, Kurenai sighed and nodded, "Alright, and we're supposed to continue working here till the end of the week right?"

Kazuo nodded embarrassed, much to the chagrin of Asuma and continued, "Although one of my waiters has falled ill, Asuma-san, woul be so kind as to take his place?"

"Would I!" Asuma gawked, "OF COURSE! Anything but the kitchen!"

"Demo Asuma-san, you might want to try coming in on time."

"Kuso, I didn't think anyone would notice..." The Jounin muttered.

As the group burst into laughter at Asuma's expense, even Shino couldn't help but crack a grin.


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