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Chapter 10


"You will lead me to paradise…in more ways than one."

Toboe was scared, but he refused to show it. Instead he curled his lips back to bear his teeth and growled, "I will do nothing without my mates." He put extra emphasis on the word mates but all it seemed to do was cause the black wolf to laugh at him, an almost menacing laugh.

Then Darcia made to lunge at Morina. Toboe leapt at him, aiming for the throat, just as Darcia wanted him to. The black wolf turned so that Toboe went sliding towards the wall. The poor thing hit the wall hard and got the wind knocked out of him, and the pain in his back caused him to shift back to human form.

Darcia shifted as well and crouched down in front of the younger wolf. He grabbed his chin and forced him to turn his head and face him. "Do not fight me little one, you'll only end up getting hurt." Toboe tried to pull out of the grip but Darcia's lips crushed into his with near-bruising force. The kiss was meant to dominate and show control.

Poor Toboe was left panting for air, shocked at his own reaction (or lack of reaction). Tsume and Kiba were always so kind and gentle, but Darcia was rough and demanding. He was surprised to find he wasn't fighting him, even though he was afraid.

Darcia's golden eye flashed and Toboe felt as if everything was falling away from him. All of his fears, doubts, worries, even his memories. All he could remember was Morina and Darcia. He knew Morina was his responsibility to protect and care for, but he couldn't remember why.

He looked at Darcia again and asked where he was and why he couldn't remember anything. Darcia put his plan into full swing with his response, "You were attacked little one, by a white wolf. He wants you dead, as do his friends."

"Why me? What did I do?"

"You did nothing my little one. I will protect you. Just trust me." Toboe felt that this person was the one he should trust so he did. He allowed Darcia to lead him to another room, as little Morina was led to one nearby and locked in.

Toboe was led to a large and very beautiful bedroom, which happened to be Darcia's but he didn't know that. "What is this place?" He asked.

"This, little one is our room." All Toboe could do was stare in wonder as he was slowly guided towards the very large bed in the center of the room.

Back with the others…

Tsume was busy attacking some poor defenseless tree in an attempt to not murder Cheza. Kiba was pacing so he could think of a plan to get Toboe back. Blue was weeping while Hige looked after the pups. Cheza, for her part, was silently looking towards the nearby city. Lulue and Hime were licking their mother to make her feel better, while the two boys were play fighting in the background under Hige's watchful eye.

Kiba rounded on Cheza and everyone stopped to watch. "Where did they take him? How do we find him?"

Cheza turned her sad eyes towards him, "I'm sorry Kiba, I can't tell you that…he'll kill me."

At this point Tsume decided he'd had enough, "I'm going to kill you in a half a second. You tell us where to find our mate or I will rip your throat out!" The fact that no one moved to stop him showed how upset they were.

"Follow the flowers." Cheza was afraid he really would follow through with his threat, "If you follow the white flowers you'll find him."

"Why should we believe you? All you've done is lie to use and lead us away from our goal."

"Please Kiba, you have to believe me. I had no choice then, but I do now. Darcia abandoned me so he has no control over me now."

Tsume stepped back from her, "Who is this Darcia?"

"He's a ruthless black wolf with a single golden eye. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants." Cheza shivered slightly.

Kiba softened his voice a little bit, "What does he want, and how does it involve Toboe?"

"He wants to go to paradise, and he knows Toboe can lead him there. I was ordered to lead you all in circles until the real guide was revealed." Cheza truly looked sorry for what she was forced to do.

Tsume shook his head, "Toboe would never do anything without us." He had had one run-in with the black wolf, and he feared for Toboe.

Cheza stood and yelled at him, "He won't have a choice! Darcia's golden eye causes you to forget everything and trust only him. He will then own your mind and body. The only way to get Toboe back is to get him away from Darcia and make him remember who you are."

Kiba took on a thoughtful look, "So he did this to you? He owned you?"

"Yes, now that I am free of his control I am regaining my memories. He took me from my family and took control over me." Cheza hung her head slightly and then looked at Kiba again, "They live in that city over there, that's where I'm going to go now. I'm going to find my family again."

Blue finally picked her head up, "I wish you luck. Your mother probably misses you terribly."

"Oh Blue, I am so sorry your little girl got taken too. I know he'd never hurt a pup, but he may try to use her to keep Toboe compliant if he has to. He won't hurt her though. I know that much."

Blue gave Cheza a hug, "Thank you for telling me that, it puts my mind at ease a little bit."

After saying her goodbyes and wishing everyone luck in getting their pack mates back, Cheza headed off towards the city ahead. In the meantime the other retreated into a cave to plan their course of action in getting Toboe and Morina back.

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More of Darcia controlling Toboe. Toboe and Morina interact. Darcia and Morina interact. What is the pack's plan? Will it work? Will Toboe remember them?

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