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A/N: This is a remake of my previous story, which was deleted due to the immense amount of mistakes I have made, also, my computer crashed, disallowing me from doing anything.

This story is set after Naruto recovered Sasuke from Orochimaru.


The dark hairs ruffled, and his eyes narrowed. Gone were the days when he used to be one of them. One who felt alive, one who felt every part a person, one who had the human blood flowing in his veins. But, they have vanished from him, all traces of humanity except his physical features was destroyed. His body, no longer needed the blood to thrive and survive, he was released from the need for food and water, released from the cycle of life and death, freed from the bonds of many a human weakness. God? Maybe, or maybe not.

His dark brown eyes glanced at a tall mountain, where it's natural magnificence gleamed in shades of white, blue, brown, grey and black. He smiled, and like a moving thunderbolt, he was gone faster that light.

He reminisced his past, as he remembered so many a tale from so far back, that it was a wonder it had survived in his mind.

Ten thousand long years of waiting, and he has yet to see any improvement made by them. He had allowed them so long, so many chances to change their ways, but they have not. He vowed a long time ago to change humanity for the better, but it seems all he tried was in vain. He released Kyubi into the world to teach them a lesson, hoping that they would learn not to destroy the natural balance. However, they have not. Nothing significant was achieved in the past years. So many chances he had given them, so many chances at survival. Kyubi, one of his students, had became a demon in their view. Well, he is kind of rude, brash, loud, ruthless, and arrogant, but a demon?

Why? Why would they do so? Why would they brand someone who was meant to teach them a lesson as a demon?

Foolishness was the only thing in his mind.

How would he cure the world? How would he cure nature? How?

In the end, he sat to think and ponder the fate of humanity. How would he save the world? Perhaps its time for him to make a choice between the world, and humans. However, who was he to choose? Who was he to choose their fate? Who was he to choose the fate of the world?

Why not let the humans choose for themselves? He could only hope that humanity had the wisdom to make the right choice, between survival and extinction.

Whom would he choose to be the test? Who is powerful enough, yet weak enough for the humans to defeat them? He would need time to consider, yet time is limited for nature, as each passing second weakens nature, and he would have to make a good choice, a good candidate to represent nature's true will of self-preservation.

Then, the cold wind blew across the mountain flatlands, and that instant he knew the answer for the right examiner. He knew exactly which disciple to call to test the people of the world, to test their willingness to unite, to combine and to set aside their differences, greed, and demands, to test their willingness to survive.

Then he smiled a while more to the company of the blue cerulean sky, and he laid his back on the rocks to amuse himself in the nature's shows in the sky.

Now, he only need to consider the way to inform humanity, yet not make them aware of his presence. He wanted his disciple to give the task his all, yet without his young disciple knowing about his plans. He would need to turn his disciple, and humanity at each others necks, without either of them realizing his presence or master plan. A very interesting challenge, to play guardian angel, and hidden mastermind, Maybe he would return enjoy this little game that he loved so much as a human, the game where controls the mind and actions of others without them knowing a thing about it. Ah, the joy of play mind games again, and the joy of outwitting everyone and himself,

Now, for the game plan. How would he deceive the both sides to fight? The gale swept the highland plateau, the breeze chimed through the grass and ruffled the leaves of the tree shrubs. The streams murmured, and he knew the answer again. He gave a dark laugh, and the plateau echoed with his evil, malevolent crackle.

"Now, to set the plan in motion." He said to himself, his lips crested into a small dark smile that no one but the companions of nature realized.