hey guys. Well I was having some writer's block On 'Paradise in Your Eyes' and then I had a dream about Kagome and Inuyasha having a daughter, And the dream was so good I thought I would make it into a story! Ok here it goes!

DISCALMER: I don't Inuyasha, But I can dream can't I?


-BEEP- Yuta Higurashi shielded her eyes from the morning sun that had invaded her peaceful slumber.-BEEP- The annoying clock just wouldn't shut up! She placed her pillow on top of her head hoping to drain out both sun and noise. -beep- Yuta knew she had to wake up, but sleep was just too good. She had been having a great dream too, one she longed to finish. It was about a man with long silver hair and dog ears. Yuta had no idea who he was, but she had dreamed of him often. -beep- 'Damn alarm clock!' a tanned hand reached out from under the blanket and smacked the snooze button hard.-silence- 'that's better' Yuta sighed into her pillow. Maybe now she could get some sleep.-KNOCK-

"Yuta Higurashi!" came her mother's voice from the other side of her door. "Yuta, get up NOW!!"

Yuta slumped up against the bed frame. "Mom it's summer! It's a crime to wake up this early!"

Her mother chuckled. "Well then we'll both go to prison! Come on, get dressed! We need to get to the shrine." Yuta rolled her eyes and got up slowly. She undressed from her pjs and pulled on the dress they had bought for her grandmother's wedding. It was a dark blue festival kimono, with a baby blue sash around her waist. She threw it on and then faced the mirror. It hugged her thin form tightly, showing off what little growth she had had since puberty. But she was still growing, she was only fourteen, but she would soon be fifteen.

Yuta was tall for her age with a slightly muscular figure. She had dark ebony hair that glistened and fell down to her waist. At first glance, Yuta looked like a completely normal Japanese teenager, that is accept for her eyes.

Yuta had bright golden eyes with very dark pupils. At first glance people always assumed that they were contacts, but Yuta had above average eye sight and hearing. She had no idea why, she just did, she had always had it. She always was a bit different than everyone at school, Yuta had constantly got into fights at school(which she always won by the way, even against boys) she was a very fast runner, and was abnormally bright even if she sometimes didn't act it (A/n sound like anyone we know?) Yuta ran her long finger nails through her thick locks when her mother knocked on the door once again. "You ready yet?"

Her mother stepped into the small room and eyed her daughter. She smiled and said, "You look beautiful Yuta."

Yuta smiled as well, "So do you mom." Her mother too had long dark hair, but she had deep blue eyes, not the strange gold. Her mother had always looked beautiful, but today she looked gorgeous. Her hair was tied into an elegant bun and she wore a powder pink kimono, that was the exact same style as Yuta's. "I mean, for a thirty year old woman you look pretty damn good!" But her mother didn't look thirty. She looked 25 in the least. How she managed to keep so timeless was beyond her.

Her mother furrowed a brow. "Yuta! What did I tell you about cursing?! Come on were gonna be late," She said as she dragged her daughter behind her and headed to the front door. Yuta froze when her stomach rumbled.

"Mom?" she asked.

"Yes, Yuta?"

"Will there be food there?"

Her mother rolled her eyes. "Of course Yuta. It is a party."

Yuta shook her head. "I mean will there be ramen there?"

Her mother looked at her incredulously. "It's a wedding Yuta! Why would they have ramen at a wedding?"

Yuta looked unmoved. "Will there be ramen there or not?"

Her mother shook her head and kept dragging Yuta out the door and to the car. "Just like your father," she mumbled under her breath.

Yuta looked up forgetting her stomach. Her eyes were wide in shock. Her mother had hardly ever mentioned Yuta's father and secretly, she longed to know more about this strange figure. "What did you say?"

Kagome inwardly cursed herself. Why did she mention Inuyasha? She had always been short about the fatherly situation so Yuta knew nothing about him and Kagome intended to keep it that way. Best to save her from heart break as well… "Nothing Yuta. Now get in the car!"

Kagome could tell by the look that Yuta had given her that she didn't believe her. She was too smart, and she had been blessed with her father's hearing but not his ears. 'to bad, they had to be his best feature' Kagome inwardly giggled. She had definitely tried to hate Inuyasha since she had left, but never could. No matter how much her mind would tell her to hate him, her heart knew better. She still loved the hanyou deeply and not a day went by when he wasn't constantly in her thoughts. Not to mention the fact that Yuta's spirit reminded her so much of him. At least she was blessed with something of Inuyasha's that wouldn't break her heart. Yuta stared out the car window, her hair blowing much like how his used too in the wind. Kagome smiled to herself and went back to driving. Yuta would never break her heart.

They arrived at the shrine about half an hour later. Both women stepped out of the car and walked briskly up the steps to the shrine.

"You would think they would put an elevator here or something," mumbled Yuta grudgingly. Usually she walked up the stairs with ease but, then she had been wearing tennis shoes, not heels.

Kagome chuckled from above her. "Your late great-grandfather would never allow that. Besides it's good exercise!"

Yuta rolled her eyes. Her balance was thrown off kilt by the odd shoes. She sighed to herself, I wish I could just fly up all these steps, like the guy I dreamt about. Yuta played with the idea and when she reached the last fifteen steps she thought she just might try that. Yuta swallowed and looked back down the steps. If she tried this ..she would either make it or she would end up on the road bellow.-Gulp-. Kagome was calling her from the top of the stairs. "Hurry up, Yuta!"

Yuta took off her heels and griped them in her hands. She bent her knees down, and a feeling of confidence flowed through her body, along with another strange emotion of power. Yuta jumped high into the air and landed gracefully onto the level ground. She looked down to see that she was perfectly unscratched. Yuta grinned. That was definitely a rush! She had to do that again! But not now. Her mother was no where in sight and she needed to catch up with her. Yuta ran as fast as she could, which turned out to be pretty damn fast. She stumbled across white linen decorations and elegantly placed tables. Chairs sat on either side of a long white carpet that led up to the alter that was covered in pink cherry blossoms. The many seats were already filled with people. Yuta followed the other bridesmaids, cousins, and friends of the family, into the house. Her grandmother was wearing a long simple white dress and had a bouquet in her hands, following western tradition. She smiled at her only grandchild as she walked up. "How are you, Yuta dear?" she asked giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Oh, I'm fine grandma. How are you?"

Mrs. Higurashi smiled widely. "I'm just dandy! Remember I am getting married today!" The woman wasn't that old, in her early fifties, but still it was rather odd to be married so late in life. Yuta smiled, even if it was odd, she still felt happy that her grandmother had found love. Maybe that meant her mother had some hope…

It was obvious that her mother was lonely. She had seen it long ago. According to her uncle, Souta, Kagome was still "hooked up" on Yuta's father. This whole idea confused Yuta. If her mother was still in love with her father, why did she leave him all those years ago? Why didn't she ever go back?

The ceremony was starting. Both Yuta and Kagome lined up in a row with the other two brides maids. They walked down the isle after her new cousins-in-law. She stood patiently as her grandmother walked down the white silken carpet. Yuta smiled as everyone stood, but then in eyeing her mother who stood next to her, her mind went back to wondering...who is my father? What does he look like? Is he even alive?...Without knowing him, how do I know my self?

8888888888888888888888THE RECEPTION 8888888

The wedding had been beautiful. Her grandmother and Mr. Ueda had wed and made quite a cute couple. Yuta watched them nuzzle together from the other side of the head table. They all sat outside in the shrine, near the Goshinboku. Her mother had purposely chosen to sit with her back to it. For some reason, Kagome couldn't stand to look at it. Kagome eyed the couple warmly and then looked back to her daughter.

"Aren't they cute together?" she whispered. Yuta nodded in agreement with a smile. The smile waned as she thought back to the ceremony. She had to ask her mother about her father, she needed to know what had happened that caused her mother to leave. She was just about to ask her mother everything right there and now when a hand tapped Kagome on the shoulder. Both women turned to face a pretty faced man with short, light brown hair and hazel eyes. He looked to be in his late twenties and he was smiling broadly, almost stupidly. "Hello Higurashi. Long time no see!" he said cheerily.

Kagome suddenly tensed and smiled a slightly fake smile. She got up and briefly hugged the man. "Hello Hojo. How are you? I mean I haven't seen you since high school!"

The man known as Hojo smiled again. "Oh I'm fine. I took over the store a couple years back and business is booming. How about you? You look great by the way. What did you do after you moved to Kyoto?"

Kagome gave a nervous little laugh. Yuta furrowed her brow.

"When did we move to Kyoto?" she asked. Kagome shot her a warning look. Yuta gulped. Hojo took one look at a Yuta and froze. His silly smile was still on his face, and he gave the great impression of an idiot to the girl. "Hello," he spoke in happy carefree voice. "Who are you?"

Kagome pushed herself out of Hojo's arms. 'Why didn't he just let go?' she though as she pulled Yuta out of her chair and placed her at her side. "Hojo," Kagome spoke rather slowly. If he was still the Hojo she knew then he was probably still not the brightest man in existance. "This is my daughter, Yuta. Yuta this Hojo, he's an old friend of mine."

Hojo looked slightly taken aback. This daughter of hers looked like she was already 13 or 14. That would have to mean that Kagome had gotten pregnant when she was a teenager. Worse. She had gotten pregnant while she was dating him! He had never slept with her, she was always too ill and always had to go home ill from their dates. He snapped out of his chain of thought and nodded in greeting to the young girl. Hojo noticed her eyes and there was something very familiar about them. He no longer had a smile on his face.

"Wasn't expecting that, now were you big boy?'' Yuta asked him sarcastically. She didn't like this guy, not one bit. Something in her gut told her to rip this guy to shreds, but she refrained herself.

"YUTA!!" screamed her mother, her eyes wide at her daughter's harsh words. "Watch your manners!" Inwardly, Kagome was cracking up. Not just because Yuta had said what Kagome had been thinking, but also because it reminded her of Inuyasha's jealousy. Kagome tried to keep a smile off her face, but Yuta saw it any way. "Yuta would you excuse us for a moment? We need to talk." Kagome asked her and then got up with Hojo.

Yuta looked around to see that no one was watching her and she hurried to go spy on her mother and this "Hobo" guy. She found them both around the corner of an old wooden building. Yuta listened with her delicate ears. The voices were still a bit fuzzy and she couldn't get any closer with out them seeing her. Then a thought came to her. Yuta took off her heels again and jumped up onto the roof of the building. She landed gracefully smiling at her new gift. 'I bet I can rub this into the long jumper's faces at school!' She thought with an evil grin. Yuta then averted her attention on the two adults below her.

"Kagome when did you have a kid?" Hojo asked incredulously.

Kagome seemed emotionless. "Almost fifteen years ago, Hojo. Why do you care?"

Hojo looked on the verge of pulling out his chestnut locks. "Because you and I were dating fifteen years ago!" he exclaimed. Yuta held her breath. There was no way in hell that this guy was her father! He just couldn't be!

Kagome only looked at him blankly. "Don't worry, she's not yours." Yuta sighed deeply. That was close. But then another thought entered her mind. 'Then whose kid was she?' Kagome spoke again, this time tiredly. "And Hojo, we never dated. I'm sorry that my friends led you on, but there was someone else."

"Yeah someone who left you with a kid! Who was he?" Yuta stopped breathing all together. Kagome only frowned. "Hojo I don't ask you about your past, so don't ask me about mine."

Yuta felt a harsh disappointment stab at her heart. She rolled over onto her back. The band from the party had just declared it was time for the 'father-daughter dance'. Yuta closed her eyes. Would she ever experience what it was like to have a father? To be daddy's little girl? Her mother had grown up without a father. Kagome knew how it felt, but her father had died. Yuta's was somewhere in the land of the living. Would she ever find out who he was? Oh, how she longed to at least know his name.

"It was that Inuyasha guy wasn't? The one with the silver hair?" Hojo accused below her. Yuta hurriedly rolled back over, Her eyes wide. 'Silver hair'? That guy in her dreams had silver hair. It took a while for Kagome answer.

"That's none of your business, Hojo" she said monotone.

"It was him! That asshole left you when he heard you were pregnant, didn't he?" Yuta felt a low growl escape her throat. Her hand clasped her mouth. Why the hell did that happen? She had never growled before, she had sounded for a brief second like a rapid dog. Things were definitely getting strange…

Kagome looked up into Hojo's eyes, with sheer hatred. She brought her hand up and smacked him hard on the face. Yuta couldn't restrain a small victory dance at her mother's antics. Kagome breathed out the words "Don't you ever talk about him like that ever again, Hojo."

Kagome looked like a wild woman. 'How dare he say that about Inuyasha?'

"He's ten times the man you'll ever be! He would never leave me! I left him for reasons, which are none of your business. Now I want you to stay away from me and my daughter," and with that Kagome stormed off. Yuta sat Indian style on the roof and crossed her arms, tucking her hands into her long sleeves. So the name of her father was 'Inuyasha' Huh? He was the guy from her dreams, he had to be! Yuta yearned to know more about this man. She walked over to the side of the roof and gracefully jumped down. She landed bent down with her head facing the ground. A pair of shoes were all she saw. Yuta looked up slowly into the man's face, praying it wasn't Hobo. Yuta was faced with the grinning face of her uncle.

"So you finally figured out how to do that, did you?" He asked giving her a hand up.

Yuta's brow furrowed again. "Finally? Who else can do it?" she asked incredulously.

Souta shook it off. "Don't worry about it. Have fun bouncing around the city like that!" Souta laughed and turned to head back to the party.

"It was Inuyasha wasn't it?" Yuta called out. Souta turned around wide eyed with shock. "He could do that couldn't he?"

Souta walked back to his niece and gazed down at her. "How do you know about Inuyasha?" She was the very essence of him. She may have looked like his sister, but her very soul was that of his hero. Yes, Inuyasha was still his hero, even if he was twenty three years old now.

Yuta shrugged as if wasn't a big deal. "I was spying on mom and that Hobo guy, when they started talking about him." she gazed back up into her uncles brown eyes, somewhat anxiously, "So he is my father isn't he?"

Souta smiled to himself. He put an arm around his niece and said, "Let's go for a walk, shall we?"

Yuta nodded slowly and walked with him as he searched for words. "Yuta, a long time ago when your mom was only fifteen, she found her destiny." He lead them to an old abandoned part of the shrine.

"And that was?" she asked as they climbed up the stairs to the dingy shed. Souta smiled and slid open the doors. He looked back into his niece's golden eyes.

"To be guardian of the Shikon no Tama," He walked forward and down to where a small well was placed right in the middle of the room. He beckoned Yuta to follow. She slowly did, taking step by step into the room. "While there she met Inuyasha and fell in love. Do you want to know more?"

Yuta nodded her head starring deep into the pits of the well.

"Okay," and with that her uncle threw Yuta down the well.

Yuta screamed and cursed the name of her uncle. She clamped her eyes down tight and threw up her arms in front of her face preparing to hit rock bottom, but strangely she didn't. 'the well can't be this deep' she thought and then opened her eyes. Yuta gasped. Bright pinks and purples swirled around her. She felt a strange floating feeling in the pit of her stomach as if she were on some strange ride. Then just as soon as it had started, it had ended, and Yuta found herself in the bottom of the well. 'Was it all a dream? Did I hit my head?' Yuta looked back up the well. The edges of the well were covered with thick ivy, beyond that she saw a deep blue sky above her; no roof. Her body shook. This had to be a dream. Yuta, for the fourth time that day bent her knees and jumped up out of the well gracefully. She looked around her to see nothing but grass and a deep forest. No buildings, no cars, no people. Where the hell was she?


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