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Summary: Hermione Selene Granger goes undercover before she can become a first class Auror like Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter. For her task she must live among the deatheaters without being found out about her duty. But what happens when sneaking around gets her caught up with Voldemort's twisted plans that somehow involve the malicious Draco Malfoy?

Warning: This story will contain profanity, smut, and unusual likeliness.

Authors Note: Ginny is mentioned to be on the dark side in this chapter. It'll be explained throughout the story.

Dangerously in Love

Chapter One: Prologue

It was dark on that cold October night. A new reign was beginning to give life, and no one could stop it. The trees swayed from side to side, while the leaves of assorted colors rustled from beneath the withering wind. She inhaled a deep breath on that crisp, autumn night, hoping she'd see another day after the next.

Her chestnut colored strands of hair flowed along with the gentle breeze, as her eyes of amber rested upon her target. It was a portkey she was after. Tonight was the night she would finally prove herself worthy to be a first class Auror. Her wit and cunning mind would finally come in handy as she waited for her time to shine once again.

"Hermione," a voice said softly, "are you sure about this?"

"Harry," she sighed with a tinge of annoyance, "You and Ronald are already certified Auror's, not to mention first class. Its my turn to prove that I too am in that league."

Harry nodded with the slightest regret. "Then it's here where I must leave you. Farewell my friend, only time will know when you might be released."

"I'll be alright Harry," Hermione said while embracing him gently, "Tell Ron my words also, will you Harry? I'll miss you all dearly, Merlin knows when I might be free, or if I can bring Ginny back to the side of light."

He held his breath and turned his head. "I can't believe she left."

"She was brainwashed and kidnapped," Hermione said quietly with a small tear streaming down her cheek.

His unruly, onyx hair whirled with the wind. He watched as Hermione turned her back and began to walk away from him, then remembered: "Won't they know you're an Auror?"

"Harry, don't you remember?" the witty woman responded with a twinkle of humor in her eyes, "Not even the ministry displays Auror's that aren't first class. Safety precautions."

"Ah yes, I'm just going nutters since your leaving."

A final adieu was given then the strong witch stalked off into the dark night in a split second. Her body had been pulled into the vortex of the portkey; she jerked forward to a gloomy and murky surrounding in a mere blink. She knew where she was. It was exactly what she imagined it would be and where. Hermione stepped into the north entrance of the Forbidden Forest with ease.

Her head snapped to the right and left as she ran swiftly amongst the trees. She couldn't be seen nor caught for death seemed so close to her. The flame of retribution had only begun to burn and this was her one shot to prove loyalty. A smile then graced her face. No more living in the shadows, she can finally break free and be her own.

A distant cackle awoke her from her precious thoughts.

'Perfect,' Hermione thought gleefully, 'two idiots in a row that'll lure me to where I need to be.'

Hermione crept towards the two and was welcomed with a dim light and cold presence. The two were heavy cloaked deatheaters, no more than twenty. She could catch the faint words 'mudblood' and 'filthy creatures.'

"The dark lord is sure to be pleased with the blood I have shed tonight," a well-rounded deatheater grinned darkly.

From the looks of what Hermione saw, the other looked hardly amused from the first ones accomplishment. "You're honestly a bigger idiot than I originally thought you were Rigel."

"You're just jealous of my deeds Xavier," Rigel snorted with such hatred. "The reign of a new era begins once we shed enough blood."

"I hardly think the dark lord will be amused with you killing a mudblood family," Xavier's voice drawled with boredom. Hermione shivered slightly and began to listen intently. "Looks like the buffoon Pettigrew has planted himself inside you."

Rigel stepped towards Xavier and drew his wand from his pocket. "Don't you dare insinuate something like that!"

"Just stating the obvious you moronic fool," Xavier scoffed bluntly, "You know mudbloods are of some value to the dark lord. Just hope he doesn't kill you, your sake not mine. I actually wouldn't mind it."

The pudgy deatheater snarled. "I still don't see why they're useful," he shrugged while glaring at his adversary. "Dirty blood."

"To a pureblood is quite useful, honestly, I don't see why the dark lord keeps you around when you don't listen."

Hermione gasped while eavesdropping into the conversation. She was engrossed in the fact that muggleborn witch's as herself were quite useful. In what ways?

Xavier sighed while breathing in the air. "Two of the most powerful wizards are half-bred, have you noticed that? Look at that Potter boy. His pureblood father and mudblood mother."


"And our dark lord himself? His mudblood father and his pureblood mother. Have you seen no connection here? Half-bred is stronger in many ways than one."

"And Dumbledore?"

"Dumbledore is an old bloody duffer," Xavier barked with anger.

"I don't care," Rigel said simply. "Dirty, tainted blood is all in the same. Women amongst them are quite breath taking though."

Xavier rolled his eyes and began walking away from Rigel. "Complete moron." He half whispered to himself. "Come, we have to go to the manor to meet the dark lord. His calling burns my skin."


Hermione couldn't believe what had happened. Had her ears deceived her? Was what she heard true? Muggleborns were of use after all? Oh my.

"Well you learn something new every day I guess," she mumbled to herself coherently while drawing her wand. "Uncoverous."

Her wand spit out a bright golden color and letters began to form. The deatheaters had gone and she just sent a spell to tell her where the trace of them had left. Finally the words settled.

Malfoy Manor

At that moment she could've fainted and might have awoken years later knowing she was in a coma.

This time, that wasn't the case.

Her amber eyes showed a look of exasperation. The only thing she hated more than Voldemort was the Malfoy family. Many would say hate would be such a strong word, but in this case, nothing could be strong enough.

Draco Malfoy.

That name still killed her inside. A shiver ran through her spine. It was such a vile and loathing thought to have in her mind. It was her job. She had to go to the one place she had the utmost hatred and fear for.

She silently whispered to herself. "Malfoy Manor."


And then she was all gone.

The passing of time only seemed to anger him to further notice. They were late. He sat in his chair while rubbing his temples. Something was going on outside the door. Noises of hushed whispers were destroyed as a loud clap of thunder disturbed the silence and distilled surroundings. This aggravated him to further notice. Suddenly, yells were heard amongst the crowd from outside of his chamber.

He was sick of such ingrates; of them groaning about something or whatnot. It was tiring after some time of the bickering, though; he was now the enemy himself. Sighing, he felt the mark burn deep within his skin. Those perilous silver orbs of darkness closed into a dusked oblivion then he muttered his destination.


A room of black hooded adults gathered around a tight circle. He walked over to his place in the circle, next to his father and Blaise Zabini. Next to Zabini stood a girl no taller than five-five. Her flaming locks cascaded down her shoulders as she looked up at Blaise. It was that Weasley girl, Ginny.

She had given herself to Blaise at the end of graduation. She had fallen for a Slytherin, one who remains in darkness, and emotionally slashed. Though the consequences were deep, she was loyal to Blaise and the dark lord himself, so they were married. Any account of treason and both were put to death, end of story.

The door creaked open slightly.

A shadow stalked into the room and all bowed with the utmost respect.

It was he, lord Voldemort. He was the dark lord and no one knew when the reign of allegiance would begin or demise. The dark lord himself wasn't know to be too trusted, even though others devoted him a great amount of loyalty. Voldemort was fully recovered, and with his powers in hand, he seemed immortal.

"Rise," a raspy voice murmured through another heavy, black, coat.

All who bowed rose and stared ahead to their master.

"I have a few announcements," the dark lord claimed while sitting in a forest green chair. "I have called this meeting because the Imperial Emerald of Salazar Slytherin has finally been brought from history."

No one dared to even make the slightest peep, even though it was big news.

"The Imperial Emerald was said to be more powerful than the Sorcerer's Stone itself. Legend tells us that Salazar placed the stone into the descendant of his late mistress Chantal, a mudblood. Though the whereabouts are unknown, we need to gather the blood of a mudblood witch or wizard in order to find what we need. Either that or you can notice the given signs."

'So it's finally been found,' he thought while smirking inwardly. 'All I have to do is brush up on my charms and I'll be in the good graces for the dark lord even more.'

"Secondly, our reign of a new era has only just begun. I've noticed that those of who are mudbloods are of some use to us all. As you may know, half-bred children hold a strong feeling within not knowing where to go. Astray from a wizard or witch's life and distant of that to a mudblood. That is why we must spare those of whom are mudblood women, though others may be perished."

Voldemort's eyes darted around the room to see if any disruption had broken out. Not one word had been spoken, good.

"For the time being, I suggest you all watch out," Voldemort growled softly with the same harsh tone. "Dumbledore and his army are watching out for any signs of change. Potter on the other hand, he must be given to me. I will call you when you need to be summoned." Voldemort stood up and once again everyone bowed to his grace. "From further adieu, all of you are dismissed, though I'd like to speak to young Mr. Malfoy."

To his utter dismay, Draco stood up with his eyes boring at the floor. "Yes my lord?"

"Draconis Lucian Malfoy," Voldemort said with a hint of pride, "I remember when you were a child. The prophecy and all its glory. Do you remember?"

"No my lord, pardon," Draco whispered incoherently.

The dark lord walked around the room then pointed at Draco. "It was said that you'd take after me child. It was said that you'd find the Imperial Emerald and do everything what I wanted to happen. Don't disappoint me. Leave."

Draco bowed once more then stalked out of the room. 'Interesting, but the dark lord has something wrong. It isn't possible to have such a powerful child, is it?'

She hesitantly walked towards the manor. It wasn't one of those mansions on the horror movies where there is a werewolf and a damsel in distress, it was actually quite nice. That's the part that scared her the most.

"Alright, mission one complete," she said to herself like in one of those secret agent muggle movies. "Meetings in the Malfoy Manor."

Hermione crept among the darkness before pointing her wand to herself. "Concelo Dispersum."

With that, her physical form had dispersed, leaving her to blend with transparent flesh. Hermione began to walk carefully among the deatheaters that roamed quietly. With all of them to apperated, it sounded as if fireworks had been done. 'Where to go…'

As she stepped through the wooden doors, she couldn't hide her face of awe. It was fascinating inside the manor. There were many paintings and sculptures of snakes, dragons, and relatives. Hermione shivered as she looked at the portraits, she felt as though they were watching her.

'Paranoia,' she thought calmly while gasping for air.

Her head snapped to the right when she heard a distinct creak of a door. Hermione's breath distilled as she saw who had walked out of the doors. It was him. The boy whom she first met in her first year and despised; The one who rioted the Slytherin's to claim her a mudblood. His hair was now of a silver-blond, and eyes of azure mixed a gray, sadistic hue that bored into your very soul.

Draco Malfoy.

How she abhorred him. Every move he made was like being engulfed by hell. She shuddered as he stalked passed her with not a glance. Hermione exhaled her deep breaths.

Bad move.

Draco instantly turned around and drew his wand. He heard something, a discrete noise, as if someone had been there. He began walking towards Hermione then ran his hand through the air.


He immediately turned and walked away muttering about mistrust and craziness. Hermione decided it was time to leave the manor and find a safe haven to rest. As she began to walk away from the portraits, an eerie coldness surrounded her. The light flickered and dimmed to nothingness as she whipped around.

'Its nothing,' she whispered quietly while walking out of the entrance. As she made her way back into the woods, something caught her attention once more. It was that same sense of unfriendliness. Hermione had a feeling this wasn't a good thing, so began to run as fast as she could. Something was after her; she could feel it deep within her. A chill stroked her heart as she ran more.

Suddenly she fell down out of breath. Panting for small breaths, she leaned over clutching her heart. She just felt so lonely and sad now. Then she heard it again. Something swooped down from the shadows and came deadly close to her face. She faced these creatures once, a long time ago.


But she blacked out. From what she remembered, a skeletal frame hunched over her consuming her soul.

A shout brought between two deatheaters from their midnight watch. It came from the direction of the woods, and they ran immediately. The scene displayed a dementor hunched over a woman pointing her wand.

The faint yell of her voice struggled as unconsciousness overwhelmed her. They immediately dispersed of the dementor, while scolding it, and levitated the woman to the manor's hospital.

They appeared in a huge room and sat her in a white bed. The first deatheater coughed and appointed the girl to a tall, blond woman, with sickly pale skin.

"Madame Malfoy," he stated firmly, "We found this girl in the woods being attacked by one of the dementor's. We thought she would be of some use since she held a wand in her grasp."

Narcissa Black Malfoy stared at the girl with a slight look of grief. Her soul may have already been taken; all she could do was perform charms on the young lady. She summoned a potion expertise and ordered her to make a blood indicator potion while she checked her condition.

"Reviaro," Narcissa chanted with a sigh. A glowing, golden light gleamed over Hermione's pure aura. She was all there.

"Thank goodness," the woman sighed in relief.

The potion's expertise walked up to Narcissa and bowed, "Madame, I have the potion."

"Alright," the elder woman said while drawing blood from Hermione. She released the blood into the potion flask and began to stir. The blood did not mix.

Narcissa gasped and shook her head with remorse. "Muggleborn. She is the one. Only hope can keep her from destruction of the abomination."

It was dead night when she woke up. The howling of the wind roared gently as her breathing became controlled once more. Where was she? The last thing she could remember was fending off a dementor when…

Hermione shot up in bed. Her soul was still there, but where was she? Her chestnut wisps of hair fell in front of her face. Her rigid body fell back to her bed and she pretended to be asleep. She heard something.

"Is she awake Narcissa?" a deep voice asked smoothly.

"Alive and well Lucius," came the warm voice of Narcissa, "This girl looks familiar."

Hermione felt them stop at her bed.

Lucius glared darkly at the girl and scoffed, "I can never forget that retch. Its Hermione Granger the mudblood."

"That clever girl from the Quidditch cup?" Narcissa asked with disbelief.

"Yes," Lucius replied. "Never forget your enemies. We must take her to the dark lord in the morning, well or not. Let us go."

"I'll be a minute," Narcissa said as Lucius walked out of the room. She bent down to Hermione's side and tapped her. "I know you awake dear. I can't let you go, but I promise you that you wont be killed."

Hermione remained silent with her eyes rapidly shut. Narcissa stood up promptly and walked out of the room. The young lady shivered in her bed and started to cry. She couldn't escape for she dug herself a hole she couldn't escape.

Kat: Well here is my new story. I know you guys will love it if you give it a chance. Its one of those stories of betrayle and trust. Loyalty's will be tested, and among all, can love defeat friendship?

Things you should know:

Uncoverous- When apperation has been used in an area, you can use this spell to discover where the person you seek has gone.

Concelo Dispersum- This is an invisibility charm. It works like the cloak except it makes you blend in and makes your flesh camo transparent.

Reviaro- This charm is made to reveal ones true nature