Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Hermione/Harry, Ron/Lavender, Willow/Oz, Giles/Jenny,

Teachers and Classes:

-Buffy Summers...DDA (Defense Dark Arts),

-Minerva (Emma) McGonagall...,

-Severus Snape...Potions,



-Olivander... (Wand Guy),


-Hagrid...big guy that meets everyone (with Fluffy the dog.)


Objects or notes:

-Floo powder is the powder to use in the fire places as a means of travel

- Houses (Godric Gryffindor-Red, Helga Hufflepuff-Blue, Rewina Ravenclaw-Purple, Salizar Slytherin-Green)

-Thestrals are the invisible horse things that you can only see id you have seen death.

-What does the egg hold? (phoenix?)

-What is the owl's name gonna be?

-What is the (whatever-the-egg-turns-out-to-be)'s name?

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone that you have heard of here. I do own the twins though. I have used them an awful lot if you look at any of my fics. And I actually finished writing one down, I repeat: writing, and I thought it was okay, but I never put it down on paper. Oh well.

Other Notes

-Dumbledore's phoenix's name is Fawkes, and let's just pretend that he is bluish okay...

-The time line for this is probably going to be very much messed up for most to understand. So ignore most of that, okay?

Timeline: S2 end or beginning of S3 of Buffy. (Different version of 'Anne'.) Year two beginning of Harry Potter. I probably won't mention much of that.


-She is pregnant, and she just found out. Dumbledore offered her this job by an owl. She accepted from LA, and is on her way to Hogwarts. The gang doesn't know where she is, and is worried, but they can't get a lead on her.

-Buffy goes to Olivander, and has to make her own wand, because none else can agree to her. They all want to be hers, so now the wizard has to pick the wand instead. It is the first in history to be custom made. She picks Kendra's stake, making it become invulnerable now. She adds a bit of her blood, and finds some on her cross of Angel's. It combines to make the wand. The wand/stake now is smooth even though it actually isn't. It won't cause splinters or anything. It also turns halfway into petrified wood, making it rock as well as wood. Hagrid and Olivander are both amazed at it. Buffy is just awed by everything.

-all of the teachers are curious about her. She is solitary, and young. She is pregnant, takes the job, but she seems very sad also. Her eyes are the oldest they have ever seen, even older looking then Dumbledore's and Harry's.

-Buffy uses her summer to learn all the magic she can at the school, before the students get there. (Harry, Hermione, and Ron are second years now.) She is very into magic, and is surprised she didn't get in to it in the first place. She learns that she has wizard blood on her mother's side, as well as her father's side, but neither of them knows. And her being the slayer just adds to it. When she wishes things (like to be affected or not be affected by potions) they're true.

-She prefers to be alone for now, and Surprisingly, Dumbledore's phoenix, who she has dubbed Faw, comes to her often and gives her some companionship. Everyone, even Dumbledore himself doesn't know much about what has happened in her past. Naturally, everyone is curious.

-A prophecy comes to light about a returning warriors, slayers (plural), and 'the two.' As well as 'the one who lived,' and the two companions.

Buffy sat down on her bad for a few moments, taking in the appearance of her room. She could hear her mother in her own room down the hall. She was sleeping, but Buffy could hear odd noises coming from her mother. But she didn't stick to the reflections.

Instead, she quietly got her large, empty weapons bag out, and packed some things. Buffy packed only those things she couldn't be without. Mister Gordo and a few of her weapons went in her bag, including the sword that- 'Don't even think about it.'

Buffy didn't want to remember any of this. It was bizarre, even for her world. And she hated it. She had never hated her destiny more in those moments she allowed her brain to process anything other then 'Get the hell out of Sunnydale before you change your mind.' Even though she knew she wouldn't.

She had to get out of there. The hellmouth wasn't even cooking up a grand scheme right now, and it had involuntarily thrown her for a tail-spin. And her world was turned upside down. She had... she went back to packing when she realized that she had gone back into reflections.

Buffy packed her favorite clothes, and anything she couldn't be without. That included all of her diaries, and any notebooks she had around. She grabbed her most precious pictures, and the jacket she had received from Angel outside of the Bronze. She was wearing the claudaigh ring, as well as the necklace. They felt like extensions of her, she didn't even notice that she hadn't always warn them, but she checked all the time. Without the things that connected to her to Angel, she would feel nothing more. And she couldn't do that. Not for her secret.

It was another reason that she would leave. Her secret was shocking to herself, so she wouldn't even think about how. It was just not supposed to happen. It was impossible.

Buffy inwardly groaned at herself at that. She was on the hellmouth, and here, nothing was not possible. She learned that so far. But she also knew no to rely on miracles or anything. That only led to heartbreak and disappointment.

When she was positive that she had everything, she pulled the paper that she had been sure to grab out off of the bed, and put it down on the small desk to write on it.


I know you don't accept what I am. I'm not sure I do a lot of the time. But you never know, I will probably find out that I am something more, knowing my luck.

Anyway, if you are reading this, then I have done something that is obviously stupid, but I am not running on logic here. I am going on instinct for once. I know you won't understand any of this, so go to Giles for answers. He'll know what's going on, or at least what has happened. But I don't know if he will know what I cannot tell anyone else. Like I said, I am not exactly thinking straight right now.

But don't worry, I promise not to get myself killed any time soon. I know, we don't have much of a choice if Death comes for us, but I won't go out without a fight.

Tell Willow, thanks for being my friend, and just trying to do what's best.

Tell Giles that I am not abandoning my duties, but I will be careful. And tell him that, even in this short time, I still look up to him. He is my mentor, and all of us look up to him. You always thought there was something going on between the scoobies, to have an elderly man hangs around with us. He is a friend to us all, and has undergone some drastic things lately. He is more then a father to me and the rest of the gang, then our own. Our dads aren't exactly there, but he picks up perfect slack, with being our friend, defender, mentor, guide, and honestly, our father figure. He really has.

Only Xander will understand this, since it's to him. But I know. Just tell him that. And I am mad at him for it. It hurt. He has been there, we've needed him. But at a time we needed him most, he didn't exactly act on rational thought. Instead, his mind returned to some sort of pissing contest. I don't know what it is with those two...

Tell Oz that he really has been a good friend. Willow relies on him, and he keeps her safe when it is needed. He changes his hair, and sticks out like a sore thumb. But in our gang o' scoobs, he is another member.

And we are all equal in one way or another. We benefit by friendship and band together whenever a crisis appears. All of us have something to give. Strength, inner or outer, a little humor for the times when it is a slow, or a bad night. We have the courage in our group, even if they don't see it themselves.

Tell Cordy, that she deserves as much fun as possible, she'll probably pass this off as some kind of inner meaning saying she needs a manicure or something, but really, she is a valuably member of the team. She may not be willing for a lot of the things we face, but never the less, she sticks around and lends a hand. Her eyes have opened, but unlike me, she had been giving the chance to keep some of her innocence.

They won't understand this right away, but they will in time. It was in my dream.

'Two are made, and one climbs their way back home. Their time is not finished, so they begin their lives anew. One a fighter, one a teacher. One will rise from the ashes of time, to reclaim himself, and out of the phoenix, they all will arise. The one who survived, and the two companions will band Together in this time of need. And they will form their family, with many more.'

And no, I have no idea what it means. You guys think it over. I need time to myself, to think and get something sorted out. I'll mail you later gang....

Mom. I love you. But I know that you will refuse to believe what I have been 'Called' to do. You will deny it at every bend. Join the club. I had my acceptance, wrapped up in a nice little (tall, dark, handsome, broody) person, but I think it kinda got unraveled.

Oh well, I never get a break. I should have known; perfect peace, and BOOM! I got another big bad to deal with.

I made a deal with Spike, and as I had suspected, he bailed. Next time we meet, there will be a face-off, and I will be waiting to avenge my sister's death. It's my job, my destiny, and my right. Besides, the Billy-Idol wannabe just needs to go. I will go on until I get my peace, which I know I will not find until I get a miracle. But I think I'm all out of those....


And as Buffy laid the letter on her bed neatly, she took one last glance at her room from the window, imagining when he would come up to her by the same sill.

He would look in on her; sometimes she would be awoken in the middle of the night, to find him just staring at her. Protecting her even when she slept. She loved him all the more for it. She would miss the house; the window where she would be happy to see... his deep chocolate eyes would be missed as well.

But she just had to get out of here before she suffocated. And now Buffy had her secret. And she wouldn't let it come out in Sunnydale. The slayer would not let her secret come out; for all the demons and darkness to find a way to hurt her now, it would be bad. Ad she wouldn't allow it.

She also was not sure that she could stay here, and not kill Xander. She had found it strange when something like that had apparently come from Willow's mouth, but she didn't hesitate. She was busy with her thoughts. And it was Xander Harris, one of her best friends; he wouldn't lie. Would he?

And now, he had. And it had cost a lot. And she couldn't be held responsible for her actions if she stayed. So she saved herself a confrontation. She let him be without even a slap on the wrist.

He had caused the world to bleed, and he could have avoided it if he had ignored his immature actions, and told her the truth. But no, he had lied, and betrayed her trust.

Oh well, she would be gone, and would save them from any more pain like they had already experienced. She would leave, and they wouldn't have to hang around the threat that is Buffy Summers.

And there were too many memories. They couldn't be sorted by any means otherwise, if you weren't Buffy. But she remembered everything that had ever happened between them. And she couldn't stand it. The memories she had of Angelus were hazy and faded, but the ones of Angel were clear, as if they were happening right now. Buffy remembered every word spoken, or touch between them. And now, he was gone, and she was left with the Acathla scene...

Buffy shook her head numbly as she grabbed her bag and headed for the bus station. She'd go to LA. Maybe she could pick up some kind of life between where she once lived, and where she once thrived. She shrugged and went back to not thinking much at all. She was getting good at it. And she had only been up to it for about two hours.

Se stopped by the school first, taking in her friends' meeting in the front of the school. Giles was okay, although he didn't exactly look good and healthy. But he would be fine physically once he had some time. Willow was still in her wheel chair, being pushed by her boyfriend. Cordelia had come up to them from a separate area, and even Xander looked kind of queasy. All of them looked uncomfortable. After a few moments, together they slowly faded off into the building, as the bell rung.

And Buffy found herself behind the tree, watching them turn, one of her last memories of this place before her trip to LA. She sighed as she turned and walked to her destination; the bus station to get herself a ticket.

On the bus, she found herself unable to sleep. The bus wasn't full though, so she had her own window seat. And she watched, blindly, as Sunnydale faded under her gaze.

And then she saw the familiar Sunnydale Sign.

'Now Leaving Sunnydale.'

'Yeah' Buffy thought. I can finally get off this stupid hellmouth now. I can just go... away.

And then she saw the rest of it, where it said 'Come back Soon.'

Buffy just looked out of her window, not really seeing. 'Not soon, but maybe, maybe someday. But not soon.'

She finally fell into a restful sleep as she headed to the city she was born in. No dreams claimed her, her body was just so strained and tired. Her mind was to numb to interfere. And she had her secret. And she didn't want the wrong crowds to find out. So she was going away.

As she faded into her sleeping black oblivion, she knew she should keep this sleep close, because, from now on, she knew she wouldn't be getting much of it.

Buffy had been in L.A. for a good week. She had a small job, and she hated it. But it got her the money she would need to start off with. And she wasn't showing yet, which was good. But she would be in a month or so, if she was lucky. She could already tell she was starting to get hungrier then usual.

When her shift at 'Helen's Kitchen' was over, she went towards the family home shelter she was sharing with Lily. Buffy made sure not to walk through the graveyards or alley ways. She didn't want to end up being on the wrong end of a vampire or demon.

They had taken in a few of the others from the worker bee hell place, and were using it to their own abandon. And they had also found a lot of money in there. They split it up between them, leaving Buffy with around twenty thousand. She was trying her best to save it up.

One night though, she walked by a tattoo parlor, and her mind thought of something. And before she knew it, she was in the shop, and looking around.

She didn't actually have any intention of getting a tattoo, but she was so muddled, that Buffy wasn't exactly sure what she did now a days. So when she walked out of the shop, she had a small tattoo on her right shoulder blade.

It was small, and at a place that she doubted anyone would notice It was there for her own knowledge.

It was a Phoenix. Its wings were that of a bird's, and of flames. It was coming out of it's ashes. At the base of it, was a claudaigh ring, and the flaming wings also were put out to make a heart. It symbolized eternity, and a rebirth. It showed that she might have come out of her shell (even though, in this fic, she hasn't...) but she was never the same. And it would not end...

Buffy had met a lot of people from her newest adventure. She had save a gang from the place, and shared a conversation with a guy who everyone called Gunn. He was nice to her, and said that he already knew she was pregnant. He had seen her puking. She had paled at the thought. It had made her run to the toilet.

Anyway, Gunn was with a gang that hunted vampires and stuff, when him and some of his gang got pushed into that place, and were just too outnumbered. They had strayed far into it, for a week. Buffy had learned a lot, and looked very different. But she wasn't showing yet, so it was fine. Buffy had started giving him tips to the slaying job.

Lily, Gunn and a few of the other people she had met up with had started a band with Buffy. It wasn't anything big, but they made a little bit of money through clubs. Buffy was surprised that she still remembered how to play the guitar. Before she became the slayer, she was into a guitar and ice skating. They set her free in a way. And Buffy had a farely beautiful singing voice.

She used lyrics she had made up over time, (she had notebooks of them.) and made up songs to sing. She was very well liked around the clubs lately. But it was something to pass the time by, and she didn't have to think when she sang. And then it came.

It was early morning when she was awoken by a white and grey owl. She had been having nightmares, and awoken screaming, before she finally faded off into a nice dreamless sleep, until she had heard an unfamiliar noise.

Her instincts immediately shoved her up, and she had seen the owl. She had been shocked. Then she had thought, 'But what do I expect?' She had shrugged. Until she had seen the paper tied to the bird's leg. She took it off, without an offence from the bird, and had read it more then once before it had sunken in...

Ms. Summers,

My name is Professor Dumbledore, and I am the headmaster of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. I would like to invite you to the school for a teaching job in the Defense of the Dark Arts. I know that this will be kind of odd to you, but I assure you that I am just asking for a good teacher...

If you will accept my invitation, meet a tall broad man named Hagrid at the train station in London, England, between 9 and 10 (9 ¾ is the wall to go through.) on Thursday. (It was a Monday.)


Professor Albus Dumbledore...

P.S. Yes, I know that you are pregnant, and the slayer, and I have no intention of you having to abort it to accept you in.

Buffy was in bit of a shock. She had just been asked to teach at a school of witchcraft and wizardry, by a headmaster that she had never met or heard of. She was still considered a student, was pregnant, and basically homeless and penniless. Yet here she was, being asked to do something like teach.

It took her only a few moments to think about it, and she wrote the directions down. She took a piece of paper and wrote

'I accept.'


On it, she put it on the owl's leg like the other had been, and gave it a bit of bread and water, before it flew off into the unknown...

She turned back to her bed, and made a mental note to tell the others that she was leaving. And as she turned her light out, she said her silent good night to Angel, even though she knew it would be impossible without him.

Four days later, she had taken a portal to England, as was waiting in a train station. She was definitely confused about it, but accepted it and put it into her weird category.

Buffy went a lot further into the dimension she was in with the enslaved people. In a week, she had learned more then she'd care to remember, but she had had to memorize many things to survive. She was even forced to learn new languages, and the group made sure to take many things from there to sell.

And now, due to her pregnancy, surviving was on the top of her list of things to do. Well, it was safe to say that she followed her own to-do's then the rules in the slayer-handbook. She shook off those thoughts; they reminded her of Kendra, which created a long horrible chain reaction to everything that had happened since her 17th birthday.

Buffy sat down on a bench and put her portable CD player on. She listened to a band that she only recognized as the Dingoes. Oz's band hadn't gotten any big record deals, but they had recorded their stuff enough times for those who hung out with the band. She sat there with her eyes closed, silently using her senses to flow through her surroundings.

Half an hour later, her batteries running dead, she turned her walkman off when she felt something, mystical. She looked around, only to stop on a wall. But, it being just a regular ordinary wall, did nothing for her spidey senses. She had learned to hone all of her senses during her short stay in hell.

She replaced her batteries, throwing the bad ones away in a nearby garbage can. She went back to listening to the Dingoes play.

Half an hour later, she looked up at the clock above her head, to see it was 10 till 11 am. Dumbledore had said that he would meet a man by the name of Hagrid at 11 am today.

She sighed and went back to the music. And ten minutes later, a shadow passed over her. She looked up to see a tall, broad man with a dark beard, and kind eyes. She smiled and asked, "Hagrid?"

When he nodded, she sat up and put her things in her back. He led her to the wall, and at her confused look, explained the wall, and that people wouldn't see them go through it.

She was a little resistant, but she got through on her first try. Buffy didn't even bother telling Hagrid that she had barely believed it was there, and pushed those thoughts away to her slayerness. Giles had once told her that being the slayer had a magical element that allowed her to decide if some things worked on her. It nothing big, just those things that can be denied.

Hagrid led Buffy through a confusing route, which she had been determined to memorize, until they reached Diagon Alley.

(Hagrid's POV)

Albus Dumbledore asked me to go pick the new DADA teacher up between the stations. He told me she would be young, but I didn't expect this. Albus didn't tell me a reason, but then he isn't required too; But I can't help feel that she is a little young. She is further in the age category of a student.

He told me that she has power, and comes from a hurting past, so she was offered the job. I was told that she isn't a wizard, but she does have power. I have to show her around and make sure she has all of her stuff.

She was on a bench humming to a tune when I saw her. I studied her a moment, until I walked over to her. She looked up at me when my shadow passed over her, and I had to restrain myself from cringing at the look in her eyes.

She looked...old. Worn down. Dumbledore looks like a new happy youth compared to the age I saw in her. She is one person that has seen to much.

Then Albus told me that she was pregnant, and I asked him why he was offering the job then. I think that sounded a lot differently then I had in mind.

I meant to be questioning why a pregnant woman was going to teach now, but that's not how I apparently sounded. I think Dumbledore thought I was asking why a pregnant woman would be allowed. Although, he should know better then that. I am usually nice when it comes down to things in that nature.

Anyway, I saw her, and took a mental step back. She looks tough, but such like a child. She is young, younger then I expected of course. I figured he meant someone around the age of 25 or so. She isn't even 18.

And I felt the odd stirrings of protectiveness for her. So, I decided to show her the ropes...

Buffy was amazed and in awe when she first stepped past the brick wall. The three clicks on the certain brick sure did do the trick.

She was standing in what looked like a medieval shopping center, only with more of the futuristic mystical things in shops. Of course, they had their food stalls as well. But she stood there in shock for a moment before regaining her cool. She just lived on a hellmouth for a few years; she shouldn't be surprised at stuff like this.

But she had never seen anything like this before, except maybe in movies. In the hell dimension he had spent a week in, she had seen a lot that she had never seen or heard of before. And that was only in a week. But this was something different.

Hagrid took her to the bank first, and was surprised that she had money in the bank already. It was under Elizabeth, but she quickly explained that she would never ever use that name. She was nicknamed Buffy from her cousin, and it was what she would be known by. She stated it firmly. Buffy was just as surprised though.

When they went to her vault, 3939, they opened it, and found a ton of money in it. Hagrid just stared,

'Not even Harry had this much money!' He thought.

Buffy took two handfuls of coins, not knowing what was worth what, and put some in back. She made sure to get some of everything, and then asked Hagrid if it was enough. He just nodded. He himself could live on how much she had put in her bag.

As they left though, Buffy asked the goblin who had set the account up for her. He looked into the files, to find that an ancient old relative had left it in the heir-vault, and she was the only one that their line had led down to. Buffy was confused, and when she asked who it was, the guy said it was confidential, and not even in there.

Buffy sighed and left it at that. She had a mystery on her hands, and she just knew that she would have it stuck in the corner of her mind until it got figured out.

But she pushed those thoughts away, and allowed Hagrid to take her to the first shop. It was a wand shop, and she was curious as to what type of wand she would get. Hagrid had talked about the things she would need on the way to Diagon Alley.

When she stepped in, no one was in sight. But her spidey sense was going all wacky. Then a gobbling guy steeped out, and Hagrid greeted him. "Hey Olivander! How's it going? The lass here needs her first wand."

Olivander studied the slayer for a few moments, before his eyes widened. He could feel the power running off of her. But he didn't know why. He quickly regained his calm though, and asked her name.

Buffy was a bit weirded at the guy who looked at her funny, but answered her question. "Buffy Anne Summers." She said.

Olivander opened his book, and looked for her name.

"Buffy Summers, Summers.... Ah!" he exclaimed when he found it.

His eyes widened when he saw it though.

.... Summers, Buffy Anne. (Potter-Black. Summers.)

And then he read it to himself. She was related to 'The Boy Who Lived.' Harry Potter was cousin to Buffy Summers! And Olivander doubted that she even knew it. He kept his mouth shut though, and made himself a reminder to write to Dumbledore about that.

He went to the back, and grabbed a couple of wand boxes. When he returned, the two customers were waiting expectantly. Hagrid was looking curious, to see what she would get in her's.

Buffy was looking curious, just plain confused.

Olivander held out a wand. "Paratot feather and ebony." She took it. "Well? Give it a swish."

She swished it, and a spiral of air shot out, hitting the pots behind him.

He quickly grabbed it from her, and gave her another one.

"Tears and laced quatrax." She took it and swished.

A blur ran out of it, and melted a pen.

He grabbed that one as well, and quickly replaced it with another.

"Garbled Wolf fur and pine."

When she swished that one, sent a burst of air, and knocked some things down.

He took it, and did the same things until he got to the eighteenth wand. The weird thing was though, it wasn't the wand that was rejecting her, it was her that was rejecting the wand. He was confused, and in awe of this... ability. And finally, he spoke up.

"This is Very odd..." and he mumbled to himself some more.

Hagrid questioned him. "Getting old in this day and age Olivander? I believe that is a new record for rejecting wands." Buffy blushed, she was starting to get what he meant as the wands acted up.

"You don't get it- and NO! I am not acting old! I am only only 457."

Buffy's eyebrows raised up a tiny bit at that. He was acting alittle bit childish when he said that.

"The wands choose the wizard, that's how it's always been. But you... you. You are a whole different story. These wands will gladly choose you, but it seems that it is you that is rejecting them, which is impossible!"

Buffy inwardly rolled her eyes. Of course this would happen. Something always has to happen.

"So, how am I gonna find my own wand?" she asked.

There was a silence, before Olivander spoke up.

"I believe this is the first time this has happened in history, but I am afraid you will have to make your own."

Hagrid was frowning, and Buffy just looked a little lost. She didn't know what to do.

"Make her own? You can't be serious." Hagrid said, and he gave a slight noise (somewhere between a snort and a laugh) of amusement.

Olivander just looked at him, giving his answer with a nod.

"Do you have any specific wood, enemy, friend, love, thoughts, or feelings?" He asked.

He also asked many questions before giving her nay chance to answer.

He led them both down into the secret compartments, where MANY ingredients were. It was strange, and Hagrid was as in awe as Buffy about this. He doubted that anyone other then wand makers themselves would be able to have anything like this. It was huge, and had uncountable ingredients in storage-like cases.

Half an hour later, Buffy was finally giving the chance to answer. And now, she had a pretty good idea of what she was going to use. Her bag in hand, she opened it, and produced the stake Kendra had given her, which she had named

'Mr. Pointy.'

Kendra had actually taken the time to carve it into the side of it.

"I think that this will work with for the actual wand." She said as he examined it.

She held it out to him as she said this. Olivander quickly snatched it from her, and looked at it in concentration.

"Hmm. Yes, I think this will do. What else?"

It didn't take Buffy long to reply. "Phoenix tears and a feather; a drop of my blood, and..." She faded the next few words unconsciously, and the other two looked at her, waiting to hear what she had said.

"Very good, very good. Uhm, what else did you say?" He asked as he stopped at the aisle where the Phoenix stuff would be.

She sighed before answering. "I think I'll need blood. Blood from Angelus, and his ensouled self Angel." She was wringing her hands.

Angel was her love-her soul mate, her husband. (Yes, she remembered the information from some book she had read about a romance.)

Angelus was her worst enemy because it was the opposite of everything in her heart except for his body.

And as she said this, they both choked on their thoughts, and looked at her, almost afraid. "Angelus?! Whatever for?" Hagrid exclaimed.

She just looked at him, again showing the age and knowledge in her eyes. And he didn't question it. He figured she had just come face to face, and survived. Maybe she was a victim that was saved. But he tried not to think about it. It was scary to think about him. He was almost as bad as 'He Who Will Not Be Named.' (a.k.a. Voldemort.)

He shivered, as well as Olivander, and the wand maker looked into her eyes as well.

"If you say so, I just hope that this wand will accept you." And he gathered the ingredients, with the other two following close behind. They stared at all the things on the cupboards and shelves. It was an amazing sight!

When they had finally collected the vampire blood, after the phoenix tears and the feather, they went to the middle of the bottom section, where a cauldron sat. It was dark, and shiny, but gave the place some texture and coolness in Buffy's eyes. It didn't look like you would picture a cauldron to be. But it did make sense to Buffy.

And Olivander explained the process to a very interested Buffy and Hagrid. They mixed the ingredients in a certain way and in certain orders.

Then Buffy slowly took a knife from her back pocket and made a small cut on her finger.

Both of the guys winced, while Buffy hardly felt it.

A few moments later, the cauldron sizzled, and the wand floated to the top of the now-clear water. Olivander was amazed.

Whenever a wand was made, the water was cleared to a certain extent. It cleared to the power. But the water had never been see through. And now, it was just that, clear.

It was amazing, and he went wide-eyes at the power this wand would hold. But he shook it off. He had had enough surprises with this girl.

But it was still shocking, and he reminded himself to write to Dumbledore about that too. He led them back upstairs. When he looked at the clock, it showed that they had been down there for half an hour. Hagrid looked, but shook his annoyance off. He didn't have anything more to do today at the school.

Hagrid went through her money, and gave Olivander the appropriate amount. As they walked outside, Hagrid explained the money system to her. Buffy actually had some of it sorted out by the time they got to the store to get her clothes. But she wrote it down anyways. She probably would end up forgetting it by the time she needed it again.

Hagrid was surprised with what he saw Buffy do with her wand. Most stick it in a case, and then in their back, or simply just in their pocket. But he had never before seen anyone do what she did.

Buffy put it in her hair, and it looked so natural, no one really paid attention to the piece of wood sticking out of her hair.

He shrugged off his surprise though. His new comrade was weird, and she had surprised him an awful lot today with what she didn't know, and how she was.

She never had told anyone, but she was incredibly smart. She never told any of the gang though because she didn't want anymore responsibility.

She let Willow and Giles do any of the brain work, and

She could score perfect on any of her tests that she had studied for at all, but chose to go for the blonde cheerleader look anyways. Plus, she didn't want any attention.

At Hemery, in LA, she had scored an almost perfect on her bigger tests like SAT big, but went into the computers at school and changed what was sent home. She didn't change the official records though.

She knew that Angel knew she was smarter then she let on, but she wasn't aware if how smart he thought she was.

Buffy looked through the robes, and bought many, seeing as how she was rich somehow. She bought four black, one red, one blue, one purple, and one white. She got mostly white shirts, but got some black too. She got plenty of colored shirts, and a few with little things on them. She wanted to go get something with 'Buffyness' as Xander once put it from an actual mall or something, but shook the want off.

She finished her clothes shopping, and looked at Hagrid. He looked about to drop. She smiled, and gave him a small giggle.

He was cheered up at the noise. Hagrid didn't believe he had heard a sound so nice in a long tome, and he somehow just knew that it wasn't even a true laugh from her.

"Men. You guys are clueless when it comes to clothing." He rolled his eyes and quietly moaned in his boredom, while Buffy just seemed more uppity now that she had had a good shopping spree. She hadn't felt so pleased with herself for something like this for a while.

Hagrid took her to the owlry, to see if she could find some type of bird she liked to deliver her mail or anything. She looked around for a good five minutes, before coming across an owl. It was beautiful, and had blue eyes, which were very rare, Hagrid had told her. It was pure white, until you got to its head, which was oddly, almost unnaturally, streaked with black, a beautiful dark crimson red, and a blonde color. It was almost bleached.

She bought her.

When they were walking through the rest of the store, Buffy immediately spotted an egg, and went to it. Hagrid went to see to when he saw her looking at it, and was curious about it, but not as much as his new friend was.

Buffy was staring at it wide-eyed almost. She asked a nearby employee what it was. He said that nobody knows. Someone had found it a long time ago, and had sold it to some people, who sold it to someone else, and so on. Until it ended up at the store. But since it was such a mystery, no one was really interested in it.

When Buffy asked Hagrid how much it was, he told her, and she found it wasn't all that much. She bought it, and tucked it in a safety box in her bag with her other new stuff. But it was protected by a little magical device that came with it, to make sure it wasn't smashed.

Hagrid took her to the local broom shop, and she had one made especially for her. It was designed in a way that she had thought up in a few minutes. It had an end that changed in the dark to a point, so she could find some way to stake vamps. She also made it somewhat fashionable to her own tastes.

It would be delivered to Hogwarts by owl an in a few days.

Buffy may have spent a week in a hell dimension, but she tried to be as fashionable and teenage-like as she could. That part of her hadn't changed over the course of time at all.

Hagrid took her to the other required stores, and a few that were not. Buffy's baggage cart was packed when they left. The owl was tied on top, and the other things were in boxes along the way.

They went to a corner of the street where they wouldn't be interrupted or ran into, when Hagrid took out an object.

"Port Key." He said simply.

And before she had any chance to ask what it was, he put her hands on her stuff, and his own on her and her bags.

Buffy then felt an odd pull.


The next moment, they were standing in front of a huge castle, and Buffy's mouth would have been hanging open if she wasn't expecting any more surprises.

Instead, she just blinked. Twice. And Hagrid smiled. But he kept looking at her. She looked so young, yet so horribly experienced. He shuddered to think of what gave her that hardness. He knew there was something else. But he didn't question it.

Buffy was led up to the front of the castle, as Dumbledore came out to meet them. "Ms. Summers, I would like to introduce you to the castle. Welcome to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Right after he said this, Buffy just corrected him. "Buffy is fine. Ms. Summers makes me feel old."

She gave him a small smile that didn't reach her eyes... not that either of them could see her eyes right then. They were directed on the large brick/magical building in front of her.

Dumbledore took a shortcut to his study/room area, where he stood face to face with a picture of an old man with black hair, and a red mustache. He asked for the password with a joke, and Dumbledore silently gave him one. The others two didn't her it though.

When they walked in, Buffy took a deep breath, and then gasped when she looked around. And then she saw the bird. It was molting, but it was only about halfway through the process.

Hagrid and Dumbledore were both very surprised when Albus's phoenix flew across the room at the guest. Their first thoughts were that it was, for some reason or another, attacking.

When they turned to where Buffy was, they were even more surprised, to see Buffy and the phoenix almost cuddling. It was almost grooming her, and Buffy was letting it. If Dumbledore was not who he was, he would have gaped at them like Hagrid was when Buffy started to press down softly on the skin for a few seconds. It was almost like they were sharing an instinct. It was like they were grooming and calming each other.

After a few moments, Buffy sat down in a chair that was offered, with the Phoenix, Fawkes still on her lap. Hagrid was watching them, still a little shocked. He was having a weird day.

First he was asked to show a new colleague through Diagon Alley, and then met her. When he was surprised with how young she was, he found himself examining the things she did all day, and then her herself. He was just as startled with every little oddity of Buffy Summers.

Second he saw the stuff with her new wand, and then was seeing the bizarre behavior between her and Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes. Yep. He was having a weird day.

After a few more minutes, Dumbledore went into the explanation of the school. Buffy didn't look at him, but she listened to every word, soaking it in. She still felt like today wasn't real. It was strange, even for her- protector of humanity, who lived atop the hellmouth.

The headmaster explained her job to her, and she nodded when he was done. But then he said something that Buffy just wasn't expecting. (Hagrid had said goodbye and left by now.)

"And if you don't mind, I would like to see who I am talking to." He meant that he would like to see her face fully.

She looked at him. And on instinct, his breath caught in his throat. She was young.

But her eyes were the eldest he had ever seen. Much older then his even.

And that was saying something.

Dumbledore quickly recovered his composure, and showed Buffy none of what was going on inside him. Buffy wasn't going to try to read him anyways.

Dumbledore looked at her for a moment, knowing that the look in her eyes would remain in his head for a long time to come. She looked to young to hold any of the type of that nature. Even Harry's looked like child's play compared to her's.

They talked for a while about her position, and he explained that he knew something extremely bad had happened, and that she had run away. She nodded, and he accepted that. Anything that would scare Her away, must have been bad. And he would not force her to handle it.

They also talked about her pregnancy. She told him that the father and her were lovers, but he had been killed in a fight with vampires. That was basically all she said.

When he asked her his name, she simply replied, "Angel." Then they talked some more about her pregnancy and they set up a plan. If she decided to stick around when he or she (they) were born, she could, and the baby (babies) would just share a room with her until the kid was (kids were) old enough to share with another, or join the others if he or she decided to become a wizard/witch. (wizard and witch.)

An hour later, Dumbledore and Buffy sat up, and Fawkes awoke, who had fallen asleep on her lap, almost like you would expect a cat to. Albus showed her a very short tour around the castle, and then to her room. There was a picture of an old woman who acted rude and stupid on her doorway. It was making her uncomfortable.

Albus saw this, and told her that she could find a different picture, and replace it. She sighed in relief, and found that when they entered, all of her stuff was already there, ready to be unloaded. And the room was Nice.

No, nice isn't the right word. More like Friggin' Awesome! It was huge! But it wasn't too tall, that would make her uncomfortable.

Before Dumbledore started showing her around the room, he asked how her day had gone. She told him what had happened, and then about how she had to make her own wand.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of the greatest school of witchcraft and wizardry was astounded.

He had never heard of anyone choosing their own wand, or anyone being forced to make their own wand. He told her not to tell anyone about what was inside of hers when he heard.

He told her to let them guess and that if they knew, it would probably freak them out more.

She shrugged; she was used to the unwanted spotlight and gossip. He just raised his eyebrow at her. She was odd. But he somehow knew she would make a good teacher.

And he hadn't even seen her work yet.

He gave her directions of how to work her room, and then told her that he would give her a better tour in the morning. He told her the meal times, and gave a small grin when she moaned at the breakfast time.

Before he left though, Buffy remembered her egg thing, and stopped him. She showed him the egg, and he was curious about it as well.

They quickly examined it with their eyes, and Buffy said that she would just wait until it decided to hatch. Then the headmaster told her that some things took millenniums to hatch.

She just looked at him and shrugged. "Couldn't hurt to try." She said. And he gave a short smile as he left through the magical door.


Buffy slowly looked around her room, before unpacking. She tried the drawer, and found that you could find any food or refreshments out of it.

She closed it and said "chocolate," (number one comfort food, followed by fighting-which she wasn't allowed to do), "chocolate chip muffin." She opened the drawer, and in there was a warm muffin that she asked for. She used the same method, except asked for a diet coke. She got it in a cup with ice, and took it over to her side-table.

Buffy put her snack down, and then unpacked. The first thing she took out was her CD player. AS she hooked it up to the outlet in the wall, Buffy placed

it on the top of the drawers, and placed a CD of the music she made with Lily and Gunn.

She whistled, hummed, and sang with the music. But she made sure not to sing to loud, she wasn't sure how thick these walls were.

She put outfits in the closet, and then her other clothes in the drawers. She placed her weapons in one of the drawers. Her diaries went into her side-table drawer, and she put many pictures up around the room.

She had many of the gang, and others of just some of them, maybe dancing or something.

Then she had some singles pictures, with just a couple of them, or one. But her favorite was one of her and Angel. It was secretly snapped in the graveyard when they were cuddling on a tombstone, waiting for one of the vamps to awake and find it's way out of it's grave. He was just holding her. He wasn't brooding or in vamp mode.

It was just a side of him that her friends never saw.

She looked at it lovingly, longingly, and then set it down on her small side-table as well. She then unpacked her goodies, and little snacks she got on Diagon Alley.

When she finished that, she got to work on her owl's area. Dumbledore said that the teachers kept them in their own rooms unless they preferred them to be fed on their own. Buffy knew for a fact that her new friend/pet would be good. She wasn't trained to, But Buffy just, knew that she would.

The slayer put up a perch and an expensive owl hole for her. And as she was setting up the food vendor on both of them, she finally thought of a name. Buffy decided to name her owl after her cousin Celia. They had watched over each other a lot before she died, at the hands of the Der Kindestood of course. Buffy still felt creeped out about that.

She thought about it for a few more minutes before deciding.

"Hmm. Well, what do you think about Cecily?" The owl just looked at her and blinked. Buffy took that as a no.

"Celian?" The slayer asked. The owl blinked again. "Cecilia?" Buffy shrugged, and then gave a tiny smile when Cecilia nodded her head.

"Well Ceecee, what do you think of your new home?" she asked not in any way actually committed to the question.

She hummed to her music some more, and then turned it up just a little bit so it would ricochet off of the walls. Buffy put out her arm, and Cecilia flew on to it, and gave her a small peck on the nose.

Buffy scrunched her nose after this, and put her cheek to Celia's head. Cecilia nearly cuddled her head to Buffy's.

The slayer walked to the other side of the window, and placed her new friend on the perch next to the owl-hole. Cecilia did as she was bid, and flew over to the perch. Buffy filled the two bowls, and made sure to affectionately pet her friend from now on.

She had a small glimpse at the other owls, and could already tell that they were not nearly as affectionate as hers already was.

Buffy guessed that since there was so many, they didn't all get played with. She gave herself a mental note to spoil her owl rotten, as long as she behaved.

That's when she realized how tired she was.

She finished her muffin and diet Pepsi before lying on her bed. But she got up again to automatically time her CD player so it would shut off soon after she was asleep.

She took a last look at the egg. It was neatly nestled between some silk and cotton rags so it wouldn't roll off or get chilled. Buffy didn't want to take any chances. She wanted it to hatch.

She laid back down when she knew everything was in order. But, as every night had it, she dreamt.

There was fire. Lots of fire. It was red and burning hot, but she could not find her Angel in it. He was over to the side, climbing up stones and crevices. Higher and higher he went. He was looking for a way out, as everyone who can does. But no one has ever made it out of hell before.

Except for Dante, but he was going to do some documentary on Hell, so they let him through. And he made his documentary. And it became somewhat famous. It was also mostly correct. So Dante doesn't count.

But Angel was climbing, looking for the way out Looking for the way home. Looking for his way to his Buffy, his wife and soulmate.

Then Buffy was transferred out of that dream, and into another. A more peaceful one. One she knew would come.

She was standing over the pier. The sun was out and high, but it wasn't giving any warmth off. There were a few clouds in the sky, but non were anywhere important. The waves hit the beach with a slap that would cause many to flinch, but not her. She was used to it, and knew it would only cause pain to those who went near it. And no one else was in her dream. She stared at the ocean miles away, until a breeze caught her, and ruffled her dress.

And then she felt him. He slowly came towards her, and slipped his arms around her waist. He laid his hands on her stomach, protecting them. And she put her's on his own, doing the same thing.

"Do you know?" she asked. She didn't say anything aloud, but he knew what she was meaning.

"Angelus was too concentrated on you to notice and I was as well. But when I went through the portal, everything played through my mind, and I remember hearing the beat of your hearts. They're on the same pace you know? That's why most didn't hear them?

"Them?" the slayer asked.

"The heart beats." He smiled and rubbed her belly, cryptically, and put one to her own chst for a moment, bfore wrapping it back around her waist.

But she took it as comfort, it was familiar to her. Her belly wasn't extended yet.

Then he smiled and kissed her through her hair. "It's only been a little while since, don't worry about it. Another week or so, wait till you have an ultrasound, and you'll see."

There was a pause as they just glorified in being near each other. "Stay here. Never leave me?" She asked, she nearly prayed it.

"Never." He stated simply. "Not even if you kill me." Her eyes snapped open and she tried to grab on and hold her to him. But it was of no use, and she was pulled out of the dream.

She awoke, and nearly screamed as she did every night. But she saw where she was, and somehow, got a hold of herself.

Cecilia was at her side though, trying to comfort her. Buffy took the comfort, knowing that someone knew her pain, and she could trust her new friend. Buffy let Celia burrow between her arm and chest, like her cousin and her would do often. Buffy smiled at the memory, and kissed the top of Cecilia's head.

A half an hour later, she finally drifted off, back to sleep.

And she dreamt again. And it wasn't surprising. She sent Angel to hell over and over again.

She woke up and nearly screamed again, but her owl was there to get her nerves back together, and nuzzle her face. Buffy nuzzled back, and let her owl stay in the bed. When she finally drifted back into sleep, she had no dreams.

But her last thought was, 'I hope Celia is willing to get used to these sleeping arrangements. I doubt I'll ever quit having these dreams.'

Her CD player came on, playing one of the songs she had made. She groaned and sat up, awakening Celia too. She mumbled about sleeping times, until there was a knock at the door. "Ms. Sum- Buffy. Are you decent?" She took a quick look at her clothes and groaned again.

"Just a sec Dumbledore." And with an old acquired skill, and lots of practice, she shoved some clothes on, and about a minute after he knocked, she let him in. She was fully dressed, but her hair was in a tangle. When he walked in, she was running a brush through it.

"Good morning. Would you like a tour?" she nodded.

"Yeah, why not? And it's morning, so it's not exactly of the good." She said. He chuckled at her words, and a small sparkle lit his eye. Then he caught her eyes, and the smile almost vanished when he saw the age in them.

So he started showing her around, after she had put her wand back in her hair of course. Dumbledore was surprised at this, he hadn't really noticed her wand before.

Buffy's stake/wand was very different then the stake Kendra had given her now. It was thinned out and smoothed. It looked like it had almost been varnished and waxed. But it still held the very feeling of Mr. Pointy in her hand, like when it did on the patrol nights with Kendra, alone, or with someone else.

She loved the library, and immediately thought about how Giles would love it. She threw the thoughts away though, knowing they would only cause heartache, and major missage on her part. The stacks were long, and went further back then she could see. She wasn't surprised though, the little she had seen was already amazing.

She felt like she was in a whole different world anyway, which technically, she was.

Then she was shown the different 'houses' and she soon found herself leaning towards being a Gryffindor. When Albus told her the different characteristics, she just shrugged, and found herself in all of those categories.

An hour later, she had been shown every main room, and was going down with Dumbledore to meet the other professors. Hagrid saw them, and went to meet up with them.

Buffy waved him over, and they talked on the way to the main room eat, and help explain things to Buffy. The slayer was surprised that she didn't feel overwhelmed with all of this. So were the others.

When they got to the tables, she was met by the other professors, who were very curious about her. They were thinking about how young she was and small she looked. She couldn't possibly be asked to teach here. Right?

It was Professors Sprout and McGonagall that seemed to take highly of her though. Maybe it was their female bonding theme that seemed to take effect. But it was probably their trust in Dumbledore that got them thinking about her.

Trelawny just stared at her, almost in shock. Trelawney could see power all around her, and was amazed. Plus, she already liked the girl as well.

Only the teachers realized how in tune with nature she really was. The students just thought that Professor Trelawny was a little nuts in the brain.

But Buffy could see the aura around her; it was one of her newer powers that are starting to develop. Trelawny was in sinc with nature, more than usual, as was she. But Buffy was into nature the way she was because of her slayerness, while Trelawny was just born that way.

Buffy went through the introductions, and she saw Snape sneer at her. She just smiled in a way of critical understanding. It unnerved him.

When Albus announced that she was pregnant though, silence went through the hall, until the traditional 'Congratulations' were given.

She smiled and blushed under the attention. Buffy decided to make herself the meek little mousy person around here. She didn't want to be under everyone's gazes when something happened. And knowing her luck, something would.

It's not like she would give her smarts away anyways.

They sat there and talked about the school politely, and Buffy was amazed at the way the food just appeared out of no where. Trelawney and Sprout shared a small grin at the look on her face when the food just popped up out of, well, nowhere.

When the food was finished, some of the other professors were busy explaining to her what their jobs entailed. Buffy took it all in. She was surprised that she hadn't gotten into magic when she was first with Willow. It was very interesting now.

When she finished, she went exploring around the castle. Dumbledore had shown her around to every important place, but then the unimportant places were where everything tended to happen.

When she found she was finished, she looked at a clock, and realized how long this actually took. It was past lunch. She decided to go to her room and just call in an assortment of foods. She would start her lesson plans, even though classes wouldn't even start for many months. But she shrugged, and went to her room.

When she got there, Celia flew to her and greeted her. Buffy smiled at the owl, and petted her head. She made sure the food bowl was full, and then refilled the water bowl. She had left her window opened so that Celia wouldn't be cooped inside. It looked as if Cecelia had been using her advantage to run out her hyperness.

Buffy sat down on her bed after turning the CD player on. It went to one of her own pieces. She sang along as she opened the drawer to her side-table, and took out her current diary. She hadn't written in it since she got the letter from Dumbledore, and she had a lot to write.

When she finished, she put it down and counted the pages it took. It took 12. She hadn't written that much since when Angel... she quit thinking about him again. It was way to painful still.

When her belly rumbled, she went to the drawer above her other clothes, weapons, and other stuff, and got a bowl of chow mien and teriyaki chicken.

She loved this part of Chinese. And as an after-thought, a fortune cookie popped up with it. She was surprised that she had gotten it because she hadn't ordered it. She shrugged. Though she didn't necessary like anything with the future like or fortune tellings, she wouldn't bug them about it. Instead, she got a napkin and a pen and wrote 'thanks' on it.

She got her food out and went to her small table to eat, with Cecilia's plate nearby for company. The drawer closed, and with it her note went to the kitchens.

When she finished, she was satisfied, and ate her fortune cookie. (You have to fully eat your fortune cookie before you get a fortune.) When she finished her crunching, she looked at it.

'Though darkness lies in your past, as well as in your future, happiness lies on the other side as well.'

To her, it didn't make actual sense, but she put it in her drawer for further investigation anyway.

She looked around her room to see what she would do. She didn't feel like doing class work now for her students.

So instead, she looked at getting a new picture. Dumbledore asked her to get one today so she could have a password worked out, and maybe have a nicer wall person.

She cleaned up her stuff, and said later to Celia as she walked out of her room. She started walking and saw professor McGonagall along the way. She stopped her and asked, "Do you know where I can get a new wall picture?" The elder teacher smiled politely, she liked the girl. And pointed her in the right direction. Buffy thanked her, and went on her way.

When she got to the entrance to the room, she knocked. Buffy wasn't sure if she should knock, or just walk in. "Oh well." She said to herself.

A house elf opened the door and said hello to the young professor on the other side. She nodded and smiled nicely at him. When she had first seen them, she had thought they were mischief makers, until she saw some of the students abusing them with words. She had stopped the house elf saying that it wasn't his fault those students were just rude.

The house elf opened the door for her, and she walked through, to see a huge assortment of portraits and pictures of many people. When she saw the end though, she found that the many volumes were only frames. There was an easel in the middle of the room, surrounded by many more of them.

She asked the house elf to tell her about the paintings, and she told her his name was Dobby. "Dobby, what do you know about the paintings?" she asked. And he told her. She sat down and chatted with him for a few moments about them, before asking a certain question. "Dobby, can you put more then one person in a picture?" He nodded, although it wasn't done often so no one would start fighting.

She thought about what she wanted, then told Dobby. He told her how to get the picture to focus on she did.

In the picture/portrait:

The doors opened around her, and she could see the large table in the middle of the room. It was loaded with various books, including a few she knew personally. (The one that said 'Vampyr', the one that said 'Acathla and Other Portals,' and the one that said 'Perganum[I think that's it] Codex.') Otherwise, she had various books she remembered form the library on the table.

The computer was on, off to the side, and you could see Willow surfing the web. Xander had a bowl of Popcorn and was going over one of the many books. Oz was behind Willow, and his guitar was behind him against the wall.

Giles was in the doorway to his office talking to Ms. Calendar.

Kendra had a hold of one of two punching bags, one left open for herself. She was of course wearing the shirt that Buffy had given her little-sister-slayer.

Cordelia was sitting on a chair just giving her nails a manicure, looking like the legendary Queen C.

If you looked close enough, you could see a man in the shadows. He was looking at Buffy directly. He was looking for her, waiting. And you could see the ring on his finger if you paid enough attention.

Buffy made a few things stick out about each person, Giles had his hand on his glasses, wiping them in the fashion anyone would notice often, and Buffy teased him about often.

The cage door was opened, and the locker had no door. If you paid attention to it, you could see staffs, swords, assorted weapons, and a crossbow in it.

The window showed the moon, in a perfect half crescent. (She didn't want to put the werewolf in a cage. Poor Oz.) And the shade in the room was partially lighted by the inside lights. The infamous sign with 'Rearranging Stacks' sat at the side, for when they had a research party or something apocolypsey.

The stacks were in the background, finishing the décor of the library the scoobies often went to, too research, hang out, or have fun. (Or possibly another apocalypse.) It was technically 'Scooby Central' anyway.

The room looked like an everyday thing if you were passing by, but if you would take more then a passing-glance at it, you would see all of the small touches, making it inviting, and almost homey.

Buffy opened her eyes when she finished imagining the picture. She looked at it, and was pleased. Even though she had very good memory, she was still a little weirded at how she could remember the exact lines on their faces, and the ways they acted during a normal day for them.

She looked down at Dobby, who was looking at the portrait. He smiled at her nicely when he saw her looking at him. "Dobby likes Mistress Summers's new picture."

Buffy frowned when Dobby said that, but before he got a chance to think he did something wrong, she put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Dobby, I would like it if you would just call me Buffy."

Dobby nodded, looking as if he was about to cry. But she stopped him again. "Dobby, I'm not mad for whatever reason you think I am, but I would like to be friends instead. I don't like being a mistress."

It took a moment for her words to register, but his eyes almost teared up, and he had a smile on his face. "Mistr- Buffy wants to be Dobby's friend?!" He shook his head as if to confirm his answer. Buffy laughed nicely.

"Yes Dobby, Buffy Is now Dobby's friend." He looked excited for a reason Buffy couldn't exactly point out; but she guessed it was because she was showing extreme niceness to the house elf.

She looked back at her painting, making sure everything was alright. She nodded when she decided it was fine. She talked to Dobby about it, and he told her that she could pick a frame, and it would be there within a few hours. She smiled at the answer. The school/house was still amazing her.


She went to the library and studied for the next few hours before dinner. She learned a lot in that little time, but didn't show it. She checked out a few books, and went to her room.

When dinner came around, she went to the hall like she was supposed to, and made idle chit chat with Professors Sprout and McGonagall. She made sure to eat plenty since she missed most of her lunch, and was soon to be showing.

Sprout and McGonagall explained more about Hogwarts, and told her to go to Dumbledore when she was finished eating.

She did, and he gave her a summer list of professors to go to too learn her things. She nodded and accepted it. She actually wanted to ask him about it anyway.

When she got to the doorway before her room, she saw that her painting was up, and it was Giles who asked her what her password was going to be. She told him that

"Claudaigh Rings, and Prophecy Dreams."

He accepted and the others said 'Hi' as she entered. She waved, and got to work on studying for her classes she would start in the morning. She would be taking everything until school started for the students.

For a month, Buffy went to class and passed all of the Professors' expectations. She had most of the easier potions filed in her mind.

Her class with Trelawny was actually interesting, but Trelawny herself was kind of getting on her nerves. She kept predicting her death, and then she said the exact same thing the fortune cookie had said.

Buffy was a little bugged about it, but didn't let it phase her lessons.

She learned to fully use her broom within two classes, only lasting about an hour each.

That was very surprising to the other professors.

It became one of her things to do, one of her hobbies. It was fun, she would be up high; plus, she could scout the area around the castle. But she was sure not to go near the forest behind it in her condition.

Since she was showing, she told everyone that didn't believe her, that she would keep the baby even though she was quite young and a teacher.

Most just accepted it, but Snape kept scorning at and around her stomach. Not that it was odd for him to be the weirdo he was. Buffy only heard a little bit of the student gossip that had gone around, but she already knew that Snape was always like that.

So she ignored it.

She was getting good at that.

Her lessons with Professor Sprout weren't boring exactly, but it wasn't the most fun thing to learn about. But she passed it with flying colors anyway.

She learned many things every minute, and some of the professors were becoming worried that she would suck everything up, and then forget about it.

But Hagrid and Dumbledore realized that she wouldn't. They kept an eye on her just in case.

She went through every course, and particularly like McGonagall's class. But she didn't do any better then the others, which was just saying she didn't not get an A type of thing going.

The teachers were amazed. She was already learning her 3rd year for this.

Sprout kept joking about her doing even better then Granger, the A always student. Buffy ignored those things, and tended to go to the library and study. She also tended to look into everything she could find, and soak up the info.

At the end of her second month though, she came across a book about the Watcher's Council. She looked through it, and was even more disgusted with them. Hundreds of Watchers had been denied the wizardling world, simply because of their family stations, and watcher status. There was a list, and she froze when she came across a very familiar name.

Rupert Giles.

She hurriedly put that away for further research.

She had started writing to the gang on her first week at Hogwarts. She would have Celia deliver it to the post office instead of certain people though. And she talked to her friends through them as well.

But she never said anything specific. Just that she was safe where she was, and holding down a surprising job. She asked questions about their lives, knowing that they wouldn't be able to write to her.

But she did anyway so they knew she wasn't ignoring them.

She wrote to Lily and Gunn as well. She had heard over the grape vine that they were dating, and she gave them congrats. They however, knew about Celia. So they would write back.

They told her how the band wasn't doing so well without her, so they had to post-pone it for later. They got easy jobs though, and were doing fine with what they were making and what they had gotten from the homeless shelter fund. They had actually turned it into a homeless shelter now, and were taking in a lot of people.

They were also still involved with the street gang, going after vampires and demons and stuff. She told them to say 'hi' to Lorne as well. She had been surprised to learn that Lorne was starting up a demonic karaoke club. It was going to be a safe-zone for humans and demons alike.

Lorne had a talent with singing. It wasn't the same as Buffy's but it was awesome.

Buffy thought it fit him perfectly. She wondered if he could maybe set something like that up with Willy, but soon threw all of those thoughts out of her head. Sunnydale thinking was still all too painful.

Hagrid had been watching Buffy like a protector, and saw her doing things that nobody would really notice. He of course knew why.

She would have her wand in her hand and twirl it around, as if waiting for something. But he had talked to her about it, and she had told him that she wouldn't dream of slaying when pregnant.

It was just habit, and as the slayer, she didn't like to be caged or holed up. It was one of the reasons she was so able to pour herself into her studies.

He wondered about her though. He knew the basics. Her name was Buffy Anne Summers and she was the only pregnant slayer ever. She had a lot on her slayer resume, but he didn't have any idea of what. She was secretive, and only 17. She had gone through some dramatic changes after she became pregnant, and it had caused her to make some big decisions.

He knew that she had a bad past, and that's why Dumbledore easily found her. He could see pain and hardships in her past through her eyes. Hagrid wasn't sure if he wanted to know what they were. But he wanted to make sure she was okay never the less.

He saw her training when she wasn't eating, sleeping, learning, or resting. He figured she just had to keep busy. He was right.

On Buffy's first visit to the medical area for a checkup, she had a quick-in-and-out. But on her second, they wanted to take an ultra sound. It was a magical version though, so they could see more.

At four and a half months, she was showing. And she was hungry, but not to abnormal for a pregnant woman.

When the nurse person had taken the ultra-sound though, they hadn't discovered anything abnormal. But they couldn't find any information like the sex of the baby or anything.

She had asked Trelawney, Sprout, and McGonagall to take her to Diagon Alley to shop for the nursery stuff. They had smiled, and then been delighted to go.

Neither had ever been maternity shopping in years, and it was never for them, but they were pleased anyway.

They had all enjoyed on talking about the 'what ifs' for a boy or a girl.

On Diagon Alley, she was led around by the two elder teachers. Maternity shops weren't rare, and Buffy had been surprised with how many there actually were there.

At the first shop 'Wizardling's Gap', they had gotten a few small things, like necessary baby things. But it was expensive, and the variety wasn't very rewarding.

At the second shop though, there had been much more. 'Babies Deal' was having a sale, and had much better prices anyway. They didn't get much though, since they didn't know the exact sex of her baby.

Honestly, Buffy didn't care if her baby was a boy or a girl.

They went to one more shop; 'Momma's Tanks.' And they got clothes for Buffy to wear. She could warp her school clothes to fit her self later, but she wanted comfortable wear for the future when she would get bigger.

Buffy treated them all too some places, and she bought some 'other' stuff for herself. She had a list for the charms and things she wanted to put on herself and her things.

They were pushing a cart by the time they were done shopping. Of course, they had just magicked it to be weightless and fit anything and everything that they bought.

When they got back to the school, the other three female teachers thanked her for the trip. They had been a little too involved in only the school to do anything else.

Buffy had found herself becoming friends with the other female professors, no matter what the age difference. But she was very careful not to let anything about her past escape.

If someone where to ask her about the father, she said that his name is Angel, and he had been killed in a fight with vampires. She didn't give any specifics though, and brushed off any other questions like that.

If she was asked how she came to be here, she would tell them that Dumbledore had contacted her with a job offering when she wasn't exactly thrilled where she lived before, and had taken it immediately.

She thought up easy answers that she would remember to any other questions thrown at her. No one cared about her being the slayer, and she was thankful. They told her that it was up to her to tell the students, and they would brush any questions pertaining to that subject.

They were thanked as well.

Over in Sunnydale, the scoobies were kind of worried. Actually, I don't think the word 'kinda' fit the description so well. They were constantly checking for news on her, and Giles was looking for any information on her with contacts that weren't agreeable with Travers in the Council.

They got letters in the mail every now and then, but they didn't get any real information about her on it. And it didn't have a return address on it.

Willow and Jenny were looking through the computers for her name constantly, and coming up empty.

(As I think I said once before, Jenny was not killed; she was just put in a coma until after Buffy had already left.)

Xander had come out with his little lie, and they had been disgusted with him. He was still there though, and making himself useful. But he was under everyone's scorn all the time.

Joyce was there as well, but she was just making herself a nuisance. She kept asking questions about the things Buffy had gone against, and had finally found out the depth of Angel and Angelus.

But no matter how many times she asked, none of them would tell her about the things Angelus had done. Xander was the only one of them that still could not see a very pleasurable difference between Angel and Angelus.

Joyce didn't know what to think about it.

And Jenny was getting annoyed with her babbling, as were most of the other scoobies. But Joyce looked oblivious. She kept asking if anyone had received anymore answers, but no one had. Giles was ready to yell at her in a Ripperesque manner.

Willow had done a few spells to find her, but whenever she did, it would go all screwy. Giles told her there were many reasons for that.

Giles and Jenny had done that as well, but come up with weird findings. So they couldn't be counted on. Giles was asking contacts about a girl fighting vampires, but they couldn't come up with Buffy.

And no one was really sure what had happened at the mansion. Acathla lay dormant, and Giles had been sure that Angelus knew how to activate it. The only question was if he actually started the ritual to a certain point.

And Willy wasn't helping any with where she was. He just didn't know. They had even done a truth spell, and learned nothing on Buffy. Although, they had learned that there was a nest of tereska demons coming in, hearing that the slayer was elsewhere.

But Willy had told them that she had asked him to keep the picture up for the demonic world before she left; and he had done so. He was a snitch and a liar, but he also wanted to stay in business.

And if the slayer wasn't here to protect the hellmouth, then everyone would be out of business pretty soon. So he had told them that she was just being a little lax on patrol. That she was here, and Angel was helping as well.

Of course, the scoobies knew it wasn't true, but the demons that were evil didn't. They thanked him.

Buffy knew that Willy was keeping up the pretense for her, so she decided to give him a little gift if he did so. She created a small charm for him, to keep the club a safe-zone for a certain amount of time from when he activated it.

She made more than one, and sent them to Willy, with instructions to give one to the gang for the library.

She also made a couple for the gang in LA and a couple for Lorne's new karaoke bar. Knowing them for just a short time even, showed Buffy how they were.

She was working on a number of charms for herself as well.

She was making a shielding ward for herself, or at least her belly area. She had a few to get herself to relax more.

Her slayer didn't like being somewhere cagey like this just as much as she did. So she made it so she could rest easier, mellower.

But not in the I'm-tired-give-me-a-bed way. Just the slow-down-and-wait-up way. And she liked it.

She was in her 6th year in the end of her fourth month of pregnancy, and the professors around her were just as awed. She was into it though, and had a lot of stuff in her mind for this.

She also sent Willy an artifact that was worth a little, (a little being a couple hundred to a thousand dollars worth), and a box for the gang that could only be opened by one of them.

They could get their money that she knew would have been spent on looking for her, back. And she would assure them that she was fine. But she doubted they would quit looking for her. The bag they would receive had a few of those artifacts, and the charms that she had created.

That charm, in fact, was one of her own design. She was really creative, and had already gotten a number of them underway.

Knowing her scoobies, her slayerettes, they would find her when she least expected it. So she made another charm so that the scoobies could not find her unless she was allowing them to.

But the first charm she created, she made it so that no one could find her using magic, except for using a specific Hogwarts locater spells.

Joyce Summers was at her house, just hoping for her daughter to get home. When she had thrown her out, she hadn't meant it. She had overreacted, but not for the reason that everybody thought.

Everyone assumed that she was in denial about her daughter's 'status.' But that wasn't what was going on. She hadn't believed it at first, maybe her daughter was believing in fairy tales.

And then she had pushed her down, and Buffy hadn't had to use too much muscle. Actually, Joyce didn't thing she had to use any, except for her hands to go down.

Joyce believed her, and only said that to try to get Buffy to stay inside, and talk to her. She was ready to spill everything she had tried to keep secret, but it had backfired.

Joyce Summers is actually Joyce Potter-Black. Her husband's name is Sirius Black, and she had disappeared when he had been blamed for her twin brother's murder, and put into Azkaban. She didn't believe that he did it, but everyone else seemed to think so, so she took her daughter away from the place that rumors would hit.

Joyce Summers was twin to James Potter. Her best friend was one Lily Summers. She married Joyce's twin brother. Joyce married her brother's best friend Sirius Black. So they had been a group that had never split apart, until her brother's and best friend's deaths. Sirius had been framed.

No one really believed it, but the little evidence showed it so. Sirius had been whisked away to Azkaban prison, and hadn't heard about them since.

Joyce loved her husband. And she had married Hank Stewarts unlawfully. She had taken the last name Summers, when Lily died, and she left the country.

The woman had replaced Buffy's and Hank's memories, making them think that Buffy was Hank's. Hank treasured his daughter until she started growing up.

(Lets act like the part where Joyce and Hank sent Buffy to an asylum never occurred, and Buffy never started babbling about vampires and darkness like she supposedly did before coming to Sunnydale. I always thought that was stupid.)

The memory where Buffy got Mr. Gordo from Sirius, was changed to where she thought it was Hank that got it for her. And Hank believed the same.

So Buffy's father wasn't who she remembered it being. And Joyce had made it that way, so they could stay in hiding. But it wasn't going the way it was meant to.

Buffy was supposed to have a normal life where nothing like this had happened. She was supposed to grow old and wrinkly, and give Joyce grand children.

But no, she was going to die young because of some stupid duty that was not suppost to be given at all. Or at least, by the people it was given by, the ones that claimed to control it. They were just a bunch of high powered fools that wanted to feel important and be in control.

Joyce paced.

She wanted to use magic, but she knew she couldn't. Buffy had to come home at her own pace. Magic had already been tried and failed, so it was no use.

If she used it, it would only cause the Ministry to find her, and things would get all the crazier from there.

Joyce looked back over the course of the past three years or so and again thought of how she hadn't seen it. It was obvious something supernatural was going on. She sighed into her pillow in her arms, and sat down on her bed.

She wasn't going to sleep tonight. She doubted she would get any until exhaustion claimed her...

Buffy/Angel, Giles/Jenny, Willow/Oz, Cordy/Xander, Lily/Gunn, Hermione/ (Harry or Ron... I'm not sure who I want to put her with yet...), Joyce/Sirius,

[A few of these ships may not come into the actual story with the characters, but they will at least be mentioned some time in this fic; such as Lily/Gunn.]


I am sorry if this story strays from the summary. I always think of something to put with it, and then I do something totally different then what I meant to.

Buffy/Angel, Giles/Jenny, Willow/Oz, Cordy/Xander, Lily/Gunn, Hermione/ (Harry or Ron... I'm not sure who I want to put her with yet...), Joyce/Sirius,

[A few of these ships may not come into the actual story with the characters, but they will at least be mentioned some time in this fic; such as Lily/Gunn.]


- I am sorry if this story strays from the summary. I always think of something to put with it, and then I do something totally different then what I meant to.


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