KendraSlayer: Kendra was brought back by Whistler, who was acting as one of the assistants at the birth. He used the electricity lightning thing, which brought Buffy back and Kendra with her.

Should I make Kendra be re-called, or have another slayer from being a potential? If you want me to just have the three slayers, then I can have a Council seer be the one that found out about the slayer's death.

I will try to get Angel to show up soon. I will have Giles find something about it I think.

How should I re-introduce the scoobies to the slayers and golden trio?



The man stood behind the old seer. He didn't like her, and he in no way trusted her.

Her gaze started to come back, and finally she looked at him.

He smiled, and then frowned when she spoke next. "Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, has died. There is more then one slayer now." And with that, the seer went back into her trance state, and the minion went to make a call.


Watchers Council. England.

Traverse sat in his big comfy chair with his tweed suit on. He just got news from one of his seers that a slayer had died, and there was still more then only one slayer. That meant that there were now two slayer lines.

He didn't like that. He knew that Buffy Summers was the beginning of their problem, and that Faith was following in her footsteps. Kendra, the other slayer that had died had met up with Buffy Summers and had started to rebel.

He was glad that she was dead. He was glad that she had not made it to her crucientum. His only problem now was to find out how she had died. The seer did not know. She simply knew that she had died.

Travers was getting irritated. And the rest of the council (who were getting weird information) were waiting for his next report.

The information coming from Travers was not known to come from him. The man was passing faulty info, and was signing another name. He was signing Rupert Giles. It looked a lot like the other man's signature.

But since his father did not train him in all the ways of old law, he couldn't of known the truth. And neither of the Gileses kept in touch really. Rupert had always resented his father for forcing the ways onto him. And the elder Giles had always turned a blind eye to his son who had not taken in the Council's way without thought.

So he didn't know that it wasn't his son's handwriting.

Giles, who was busy in Sunnydale didn't know the extent to which he had been deceived by Traverse. Of course, he didn't know what his father had not taught him either. The elder Giles had thought he knew about all of the laws....


Days after the phone call, Giles sat back happily after finding the letter from his sort-of daughter. He had heard that she was dead from the council, and everyone had gone into instant grieving. All except for him, Joyce, Willow, and Oz at least. But now that he knew she wasn't, he was happy. O f course, he was concerned now too. Why would the Council call and tell him something like that?

He shook it off and went back to looking for Faith with his contacts. The young girl had disappeared at the news, and none of them knew where. He just knew that he wasn't going to alert the Council on anything.

They had found a letter in her hotel room saying that she had gone to stay with some family. They didn't know if she even had any family.

Willow had looked on the internet, but not found anything under Faith. Of course, someone could have erased any of that knowledge. And it isn't like the newest slayer had told anyone her last name. Giles didn't even know.

Joyce had finally woken up after Jenny threw some cold water on the woman, and been so happy at the letter they had received a few days later from her daughter.

Giles stood up and got the book that Buffy mentioned, out of the stacks, and set it down next to his notes. He sat down at his desk and returned to his notes, leaving the book he was meaning to look into to the side.

Two hours later, he finished the page he was on, and he read over it. "Oh dear..." he said. He took off his glasses to polish them, hoping beyond hope that the page would change...

...And at the new dawn, the portal shall re open to spit the soul from the depths of hell. The mother shall hear, and the daughter will comfort her. The sisters shall reunite, and the son and daughter shall be born. And at the second new dawn, the soulmates shall meet again, to go against the darkness in magic. The father shall return, and the friends shall help. If they do not come together, then evil shall swallow the earth. If love intervenes, then love shall follow and a time of piece shall cover the universe forever...

It was later, when everyone was in research-mode that they came across another prophecy.

...As it was written, so shall it be done. A past life comes to show, and the process shall begin. But with the birth, shall come death, and the children of the ensouled-vampire and his shall be left. As the Griffin comes to the mouth of hell, and the phoenix lies down, the sanshu will occur...

Giles didn't know what to think. Sanshu? What was that? What was this about a birth and children? But he was starting to piece something together as the clues added up.


Buffy and the others returned to the manor, or mansion with the size of it, around 9:00 o' clock. They had a bag each with the enchantment to carry anything weightlessly.

They all went to talk in the kitchen for a while. Hermione kept things polite between the two groups, and they all paid extra attention to the spoiled twins.

When Ron asked about their father though, they all saw the crack form in Buffy's smile. But it wasn't visible to anyone who hadn't seen the smile earlier. But Buffy quickly put up a fake one to cover it. They weren't fooled, but no one said anything about it.

She simply said that he had known about her calling, and they had been in love. He had been killed in a fight with vampires. She also said on a side note that her mother had never liked him, and her watcher had only been okay around him in the beginning.

But when they asked, she spilled. But she kept the pretense of the smile on her face. She told them about how her mother had kept her wizardry from her because she wanted her

To have a normal life, and no threat of Voldemort. She told them that she had found out when Dumbledore contacted her for a job because she had run away.

They found out that she had not even known about her roots, and had taken up the magic instantly.

She had had the twins on August 8th, in the school. She hadn't told them about her death, either of them. She was a little twitchy about dying again anyways. It made a girl wonder.


After they had all gone to bed, none of the students could sleep. It was about two weeks until school started again, and they were all anxious. Harry wasn't sure he wanted to leave Buffy though.

"Harry, don't be stupid. You can't miss school just because you found your family, I mean it's.... it's school."

Ron snorted, but when Hermione glared at him, the red head turned to him and said, "Yeah Harry, she is family but, Merlin forbid, "you could hear the sarcastic tones no, "you can't miss school."

Hermione rolled her eyes, and put her face back to speak to Harry. "Harry, go to school and owl her everyday, but give up your intentions to stay at this house." She said.

That's when the babies started to cry. It was just after 11pm, and the slayers were already asleep.

Kendra, who was the lightest sleeper, was heard shouting "I got 'em" through the house.

The three students all walked to the nursery, and were greeted by a light show in the room.

They smiled as they sat down next to the three 'sisters' as Buffy called them, and laughed when the babies did funny gurgling sounds. A few minutes later, when the lightshow was done, the Jamaican spoke up.

"So, what are the three of you doing up at this hour?" she asked.

They looked at each other, a little confused at that.

"Never mind Kendra." Buffy said. Then she looked at the three of them. "Don't worry about it. It's just that we're still jet lagged, and our hours haven't helped any. We're night people, and haven't really gone out for a good hunt yet." She said.

Hermione was looking at her enquiringly, while the other two just wanted her to continue.

"We haven't gotten to go for a patrol for a while, and we have slept at night still. The day is the other way around over in the states." Faith said. Buffy nodded.

The three friends looked at each other for a second. The boys just got what she meant, and Hermione spoke up, surprising all of them. "Why don't you guys go out for a while? The three of us will baby-sit for a while." She said.

The three slayers looked at her. "Really?" Buffy asked.

Hermione nodded, and the boy just stared at her, not knowing what she was doing, but knew it was something.

20 minutes later, the three of them were dressed, and ready to go out. Buffy had her wand and a special stake. The all had magicked stakes with 'Mr. Point II' 'Mr. Pointy III' or 'Mr. Pointy IV' carved into them. The original was in her wand. 'Mr. Pointy' was carved into the end, neatly, and was in-noticeable to just about everyone.

It was starting to be tradition.

They stood in front of the door as they saw the kids bounce down the stairs with the babies. "Will you be going now?" 'Mione asked?

Buffy nodded and ran to give her babies a kiss before she went.

"Aww B. Don't go getting weepy over a little patrol." Faith said sarcastically.

Buffy turned around and hit her arm with a stake.

"Ouch." Faith said, rubbing her hand in mock hurt. "Be careful not to break my arm B." she said.

Buffy rolled her eyes and went out the door. But turned back around to look at the kids staying in the mansion. "You guys gonna be okay?" she asked.

The guys just stared at her, while Hermione nodded her head in the 'yes' way to get the blonde to leave already.


When Buffy left, Hermione sighed, waiting for the three slayers to get farther away until she was sure that they wouldn't be able to hear her.

Harry turned to her then. "'Mione, what's goin' on?" he asked.

She just looked at him. "Well, I don't know about you, but I wanna get a good look at the library, and I can't do that where they can sneak up on us can I?" she asked.

The other two groaned, knowing that they had gotten themselves set upon one of Hermione's traps that ended up being perfectly able to lure them to what Hermione wanted to do next


Buffy left and the three of them walked out to a silent part of the street, and went to the nearest graveyard.

"Is it just me, or was Hermione up to something?" Faith asked.

"It wasn't just you." Buffy replied.

"Don't worry. She is probably just going to look up slayers or something." Kendra said, even though she was a little weary about thinking of that.

"True, and most likely." Buffy said.

They headed out to patrol.


An hour later, they hadn't returned home, and the three Gryffindors were still up in the library.

"Found anything Harry?" Ron called from another row.

"No, Ron. For the third time in the last two minutes. I have not found anything yet." Harry responded with an annoyed thought at the Weasley's questioning.

Hermione squealed in excitement, and the boys rushed over to see what she had found.

The babies were calmly asleep in their cradles, and looked as If they didn't have a care in the world.

"It says here that the watchers council has been in charge of the slayers for a few thousand years, but the slayer and the watcher watching over the slayer is the actual boss. But they haven't been aware of the fact for hundreds of years because of some cover up that one of the headman's family has been on since the early 1500's."

The others looked at her for a few minutes, before Harry said something.

"So, my cousin and legal guardian is the unknown boss to a government, and she isn't aware of it?" He asked.

Hermione nodded. "I'd give you more info, but that is all that has been transferred into English at the moment.

"What?" Ron asked.

Hermione looked at him and showed him the page. There was a paper in the middle of it, and it had a bunch of stuff that narrowed down to what Hermione had told them.

"Anything else?" Harry asked.

Hermione shook her head, and they decided that they would go back to bed for now, and see what would happen in the morning.


Four hours after that, the three ladies had gotten back from their hunt, and had been successful. Three each. They played with the fiends before dusting them, wanting to know how in shape they were, and Buffy was surprised to find herself a lot stronger then she was last time she had killed something.

'It must be the dying.' She thought.

They found the kids out on the couch and the babies were nestled in between them.

Buffy went over to Hermione, and nudged the girl asleep. "Happy hunting?" she asked.

Hermione, too tired to really realize what was going on, just shrugged her shoulders and mumbled, "Nothing interesting about slayers. Just some ownership stuff of the council's..."

Buffy smiled. They knew it, but oh well. Besides, Hermione had probably found her own notes.

She put her babies back into the moveable cribs, while Kendra and Faith went on to bed.

She apparated them, one-by-one, to their bedrooms, and tucked them in for the night.

Harry mumbled a thank you, and Hermione said something about a mouse. Ron kept saying something about a blowing dart gun or something.

Buffy held back a giggle. She couldn't remember the last time she had had some dream about something as silly as dart guns or ornaments.



Rupert Giles sat with a prophecy in front of him. He only had a small portion of the thing down, but he was shocked with the little bits of what he had.

He had some other books down on the table as well. The date for the new dawn was in a few days, and he wanted to have a talk with the others about the prophecy.

Suddenly he remembered a book Buffy had mentioned in her last letter. He bent down to the floor where the book had fallen, and picked it up.

He sat down and flipped to the middle somewhere.

After about ten minutes of reading, he was still in shock. He called the others, and they came when he called. They sat down, and he pushed his paper that he had been translating on to the middle of the table.

Willow grabbed it first, just before Cordy did. So the legendary Queen C waited, glaring daggers at her, and watched as the paper was passed to her.

Xander slid it to her, and looked at Willow. She was a little confused.

Cordy's eyes widened at what was on the paper, and Jenny, who was behind the girl, did the same impression.

"So, wait. You are the head of the Council by law, and you never even knew?" Queen C let out, without tact.


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