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Fixing Beast Boy and Raven

Chapter One: In which we are introduced to the problem

Titan's Tower was in a moment of suppressed chaos. Oddly enough, it had nothing to do with arguments on what to eat, whose turn it was to do the dishes, or video games. It also had nothing to do with Slade, something for which all of the Titans were grateful.

Slade hadn't made any attacks, acted out any premeditated crimes, or in fact contacted them in anyway. It also seemed that the rest of the crime world of Jump City was following his lead, as there really hadn't been any disturbances deemed large enough for the Titans to be called in. This too originally made the Titans happy. After all, every team needs a break.

This break had been going on for a month. And even Beast Boy couldn't play video games for a month. Tensions had been running high. Robin had exhausted every lead on Slade, Starfire had baked (or attempted to) everything in the desert book, Raven had gotten sick of herbal tea, Cyborg's T-Car couldn't get any shinier, and Beast Boy had beaten every game they owned. And yes, they were bored. The tension was right below the surface, and all of them knew it.

For Beast Boy, the lack of crime had at first been nice. It gave him time to master the video games. But now that he had done just that, he was left with nothing else to do except confront his feelings about a certain dark haired sorceress. It had plagued him since a few months ago. But with Slade running amok he had never had time to work it out. He had hoped the feelings would just go away, but to his shock, they had just gotten stronger.

The object of his affection was currently sitting at the end of the couch, rereading one of her books for the third time. Beast Boy glanced up at her, and instantly regretted it, for his thoughts immediately focused on that rather annoying emotion called love. And for a brief second he was reminded of Raven's personified emotions, and conjured up an image of his emotions, differently colored skin to fit each one.

He snorted and suppressed his laughter, as to not annoy the 'Dark One.' But it was in vain. Raven's eyes flickered over to his position on the plush rug on the floor, a purple eyebrow receding into her hairline.

"What's so funny?" she asked in her ever monotone voice.

Beast Boy swallowed trying to come up with an answer, he would rather not tell her what he'd laughed at, for fear she would be reminded of the time he and Cyborg intruded into her mind. Then his eyes widened as a thought came to him, couldn't she read minds anyway?

"Uh....well....nothing....actually, can you read minds?" He stammered.

Raven furrowed her brows at him. "Is that what you were laughing at?" Misunderstanding what she had said, he exclaimed, "You CAN read minds! Please don't be angry about that time me and Cybo-"

"What are you talking about?" Her dead panned voice echoed in the huge room.

"What do you mean what am I talking about, you-"

"I can't read minds. You wouldn't have anything to worry about anyways, there wouldn't be anything there for me to 'read' if I could." Satisfied, Raven returned to her book.

Beast Boy sat there stunned. Normally an insult like this wouldn't have bothered him, he received quite a bit of verbal abuse from Cyborg. But the fact that this was Raven, (secretly the object of his affection) who had insulted him, it stung more then he thought it would. And for once, he couldn't bring himself to laugh it off with another half-hearted joke. Instead, heaving a sigh, he stood up and walked out of the main room.

Purple eyes followed his retreat all the while. Raven continued to stare at the doorway he'd gone through. She finally gave a half-hearted sigh, like she was attempting to act annoyed, and went after Beast Boy.

Tracing his steps she walked with a confident stride down the air-conditioned hallways. Some semblance of guilt ran through her and she needed to fix that. Besides, she hadn't really meant to hurt him. People don't intentionally hurt those they cared about. And she cared about Beast Boy, perhaps more then the other Titans.

She rolled her eyes in aggravation as her thoughts once again returned to the conflict of Beast Boy. More specifically, her emotions associated with Beast Boy, a potentially dangerous combination, she figured.

It hadn't really been that long ago when she had stumbled across a new emotion. And while her carbon copy still hadn't really identified herself, she had that sneaking suspicion it was love.

Raven turned down another hall and saw the fleeting shadow of Beast Boy on the wall. She continued to think as she trailed behind him. At first she had been in her form of shock. A state in which no one noticed anything, but chaos still pulsated through her. She narrowed down who she would feel love for. Not Robin, he was too, 'good.' She was fairly certain she wasn't into the same sex thing. So Starfire was out. Her and Cyborg shared a fairly tight friendship, but she decided it really wasn't anything more then that. When she came to Beast Boy however, she couldn't find a reason why she wouldn't love him. Which was odd. But believe it, she tried. Yet every time she reasoned why she wouldn't, that unknown emotion would come back with an argument, something she couldn't disagree with. So thus, she liked, (loved if her unknown emotion had her way) Beast Boy.

By the time she made it to Beast Boy's room, she was feeling rather agitated. Thinking about things like love frustrated her. It was a concept so completely foreign to her. And she hated the fact she didn't know what to do about it, because it certainly wasn't just going to go away.

She sighed once more (yet something else to be angry at) and knocked upon his door. Raven waited a few moments, her eyes fixed on the green lettering that spelled out Beast Boy on the door. After about a minute, she knocked again. After receiving no response, she decided to just go in anyway.

The door slid back and Raven was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of, animal. Her nose scrunched up for just a moment before she stepped into the nauseatingly green room. The goth looked around for a instant, surprised that there was no sign of Beast Boy.

As she stepped farther into the room, a particularly large green spider crawled onto her shoulder. Raven felt something on her right shoulder and looked directly at the offending arachnid.

Her eyes widened and a lamp on the bedside table exploded. Uttering a very un-Raven squeak, she flung at the spider, sending it hurling through the hair. Before it could hit the wall it morphed into Beast Boy. He slumped down onto the floor.

"Dude, that hurt, much! I didn't know you didn't like spiders Raven." He was in the classic anime pose, his hand behind his head and elbow in the air.

"Well now you do idiot! " She snapped at him, her reason for being there momentarily forgotten.

Beast Boy responded at the offensive and said harshly, "Well, for one who likes her privacy so much, you sure don't respect it much when it comes to others!"

The two bickered back in forth. Outside of the room, Robin happened to be walking by. He listened to the fight and shook his head. Something really had to be done concerning Beast Boy and Raven. Then he suddenly had an idea, something that could fix that awkward relationship. Grinning evilly in a very uncharacteristic way, he rushed off to get help from Starfire and Cyborg.

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