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Chapter 2: In which plans are made and Raven comes to a conclusion

It was around seven o'clock in the evening and the Tower looked simply dreary set against the gray skies. The weather was miserable and the skies looked like they were about to let out torrents of rain upon Jump City. This of course didn't affect Starfire's mood at all. Ever the optimist, rain simply meant a more mysterious atmosphere for the secret meeting that was about to take place between herself, Robin, and Cyborg.

She giggled as lightening flashed, momentarily lighting up the darkened room. It was like a scene from an overrated mystery movie that Beast Boy had demanded they watch a few weekends ago. All they needed now was a set of black trench coats and a few cigarettes and it would be perfect.

Starfire turned back to the table and sat herself down. As soon as she was seated the door made a small humming sound as it slid back to reveal Cyborg.

"Hello friend Cyborg!" she exclaimed clasping her hands in front of her.

Cyborg grinned at her halfheartedly and responded with, "Yo Star. Where's Robin, I'd like to know what this is all about. And where are Beast Boy and Raven?"

The friendly alien hushed him and whispered, "Shhhh! This is a 'secret' meeting! Beast Boy and Raven are not to know. It is so exciting is it not friend Cyborg?" She stared at him expectedly.

"Secret meeting? So this means it's about BB and Ra-" He was interrupted by the silver door sliding back once more to reveal Robin.

"Glad you two could make it. Fortunately this has nothing to do about crime fighting. However I still find it rather serious." Robin's commanding personality beamed through promptly.

Starfire hung on his every word. Cyborg glanced over at her and rolled his eyes. Normal behavior for the two of them. He spoke up, "This is about Beast Boy and Raven isn't it? And I know you as the fearless leader need to watch out for your team, but I don't think we all should be messin' with their friendship....or lack of one."

"Lack of friendship? What do you mean Cyborg? Raven and Beast Boy do not like each other?" She waited anxiously for him to answer. But before he could Robin hastily spoke up.

"No of course not Star. They are , perhaps teammates is a better word. But they like each other I'm sure...they just need to be pushed a little to show it to each other." He finished settling back in his chair.

Cyborg raised his eyebrows in disbelief but Starfire seemed assured by Robin's words. Now that his friends weren't interrupting any more, Robin decided to explain what he had in mind.

"Raven and Beast Boy could be friends-" a look from Starfire made him change his choice of words, "er, could be better friends...if they had the time to get to know each other." He paused to read the expressions on their faces.

Cyborg took this chance to speak up, "So, you want to lock them in a room or something? That seems a little....can't believe I'm using this word, but....cliche'. And I don't think Raven would have too much trouble figuring a way out."

Robin grinned, "Ah, I had anticipated that. Raven really could get out of any situation we might stick the two of them in. So I thought we could leave them alone here. For an extended period of time. All of us could make up an excuse and before we give them the chance to react, just leave. They could stay and watch Jump City by themselves, if anything got too out of hand criminal wise, we could always step in. That way, they wouldn't be trying to get away from each other, they couldn't. It would endanger the city. Though it may not seem like it in Beast Boy's case, he and Raven have a strong sense of duty when it comes to protecting Jump City."

Starfire looked uneasy and voiced her concern, "But that seems unfair, to make the two of them watch the city while we are gone. They would be upset."

Cyborg snorted, "Don't you worry Star, BB owes us for a lot of things. And as for Raven, she wouldn't go anywhere or would she care...don't you think Robin?"

Robin nodded in agreement, "Yeah Star, besides, it could be like a mini-vacation. Both sides win. We get a vacation; they get to...uh..."

"Strengthen their friendship," Cyborg finished. Robin flashed him a thank-you look. Cyborg continued, "Yeah, it'll also be a great way for you and Robin to, 'strengthen your friendship', eh Star?" He looked pointedly at Robin who glared in return.

The optimistic alien's eyes lit up at the thought, "Oh how wonderful! This will truly make things better around our home! So when shall we leave?"

Robin was drawn out of his glaring contest with Cyborg and looked thoughtful for a moment, before responding slowly, "The sooner the better I think. BB and Raven have been fighting more than usual. They both seem rather...tense."

Cyborg agreed, "Yeah, something is bothering the two of 'em. And for once I don't think it's each other. They're just taking it out on the other." Robin nodded.

"But why would friends do that? That makes no sense to hurt the other..." Starfire inquired.

"It's not that they're trying to hurt each other Star, they just need to blow off some steam. By us going away, perhaps it'll show them that maybe they aren't so different from the other as they thought," the Boy Wonder assured her.

Starfire seemed to accept this answer, but asked one more thing, "So, where will we go?"

"Well, I was thinking we could go-" The sound of the door sliding back made Robin stop. Beast Boy took a few steps into the room and then froze. All eyes were fixed on him intently.

Looking uneasy, Beast Boy stepped backwards and laughed uncertainly, "Uh, dudes, why are you all looking at me like that?"

"Looking at you like what?! We were not looking at you nor were we planning any- mmph!!" Starfire's high pitched voice was ceased by Robin covering her mouth with his glove clad hand.

Cyborg smiled nervously and managed to squeak out, "We're just, hanging out BB...uh, wassup?"

Beast Boy was relaxed a little by Cyborg's words, but was still uneasy looking at Robin trying to hush Starfire. He figured it best not to ask. Perhaps it was some weird Tamaranian custom Star was trying to teach Robin.

"Well, I was just wondering if anybody had seen Raven..."

"You're looking for Raven? Why?" Cyborg asked slyly.

Beast Boy laughed vulnerably again for the second time, and his blush stood out painfully clear even against the dim lighting of the room. He was saved from answering however by a particularly bright flash of lightning, followed by a deafening boom of thunder. Without another word to his fellow titans, Beast Boy bolted from the room.

He morphed into a cheetah and sprinted down various hallways, not really caring where he was going as long as he was away from the seemingly innocent questioning by Cyborg. Unfortunately for him, the electricity chose at that moment to go out. And though normally the darkness wouldn't be a problem for his feline eyes, it did take him a moment to adjust, and during that moment a door opened and he crashed head first into it.

He reflexively changed back into his human form, and the last thing he thought (besides ouch) was how funny it was that he had run into the one door that didn't slide back at just the right moment.

Raven stuck her head out cautiously. The thump against the door had shaken her considerably. The hood to her cloak was pulled back so she could see better, and she glanced down to find an unconscious Beast Boy laying in front of the door.

Eyes widening in a mixture of alarm and suprise, she bent down carefully and felt his pulse. Finding one, she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Straightening up she glanced up and down the hallway, hoping someone would come out and help her. Not knowing where the others were, and not wanting to just leave Beast Boy in the hallway, she lifted him into the air after whispering three words, and she walked back towards the changeling's room.

Thankfully it wasn't a very long way. The doors slid back and she stepped carefully around articles of clothing, old dishes, and other various items (some of which had blue fuzz growing on them). Raven laid Beast Boy on his green and black comforter and watched him.

Part of her wondered why she felt such an attraction to him. It was obvious to many of course, (except the green one himself) that he was good-looking in that comical way of his. There was another thing that made her enjoy his company. His sense of humor, though she would never admit it. She secretly enjoyed his joking nature; it made the world seem that much brighter. Which was a good change from her normally dismal outlook on life. She figured perhaps this was the reason she saw him in a different light then other people. He balanced her out. He too knew the harsh realities of the world, yet chose to instead focus on the brighter side. Raven admired him greatly for that.

She allowed herself a small smile while staring at him. 'Yes,' she thought, 'I do love him.' Something shattered out in the hallway and she winced inwardly. This was a dangerous emotion. Her mood darkened significantly and without a backwards glance, walked out of Beast Boy's room, to ponder what to do about all of this.

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