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yami to hikari

/hikari to yami/

'Kay? Got all that? Good.

"What do you mean, 'so now what'?" Seto asked Duke, who'd asked the question.

"I mean, what about Naid and Sola? And are we going to try and keep this stuff as quiet as possible or what?" Duke clarified.

"Naid can stay at the mansion. And, yes, you will keep this little escapade quiet if you want to avoid a trip to the asylum." Seto said. Naid sighed and looked around. Ryou seemed slightly relieved and she could somehow tell that Yami and Yugi were back in one body – or she figured they were, since she and Sola were in the same body. Everyone was looking glad that they were back in their own realm and she knew that they were all dying to get home.

"Okay, I'll do that. Every one else ought to be getting home, it's a little late." Naid glanced at her watch. In the time of their own realm the entire adventure had taken only an hour. "Seto, I'm going to have to pick something up from outside before we head off to your mansion."

Everyone was slightly taken aback at the way she got right to the point, but they all agreed that it was time to head home. Naid, Seto, and Mokuba left the game shop and Naid walked across the street and dug around in a large bush. Finally she found a backpack in the bush and shouldered it.

"Why'd you leave your backpack in a bush?" Mokuba asked.

"Before our little adventure in the other dimension, I was watching the game shop from that bush. It's actually rather comfortable. I forgot my backpack was there until we came back from that dimension." Naid shrugged. "So, that your limo?" she pointed to the limo in the driveway of the game shop.

"Yes. Get in." Seto said and the three of them got into the limo. "Robert, back to the mansion."

"If I may ask, who is that fine young lady?" the driver asked, starting up the car.

"My name is Naid. What's yours?" Naid asked, situating herself with one backpack strap still around one arm and her backpack resting in the seat beside her.

"Robert." He answered.

"What do you like to be called?" she prompted. She could tell by his mannerisms that he was a normally laid back person, but being laid back anywhere near Seto was a bad idea – especially if you were one of his employees.

"J00, I mean, you can call me Rob." He said, a slight blush when he switched into L337 in front of Seto.

"I take it you read megaTokyo." Naid said, a smile on her face.

"Yes, do you."

"When I get the chance. I haven't read it in a year or so, though."

"You missed a lot." Rob was about to say more when Seto interrupted.

"What is this megaTokyo?" he asked.

"It's an over-the-net comic. One of the biggest." Naid shrugged.

"If you want you can catch up on it in your free time at the mansion." Seto said. He personally didn't have time for something like that, but she would surely have time.


When they arrived, Seto showed her to one of the guest rooms, which was very spacious with a king size bed, a computer at a desk, a dresser, and it's own bathroom. Everything, including everything in the bathroom, had some color of green in it.

"If you can't sleep, the computer has Internet access, so you can look up your comic. Do you have pajamas in that bag of yours?" Seto asked.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. Good night." She said. Seto left and she changed and fell asleep right away.

The next morning she woke up at about dawn, got dressed and such, and tried to find her way to the kitchen. She found it pretty easily and saw that Seto was already awake.

"Good morning." She greeted with a large smile. "What do you have for breakfast around here?"

"The cook is making us breakfast right now, I think it's pancakes." Seto said, buried in a newspaper, slowly sipping a cup of coffee. Mokuba came barreling in and slid on the floor with his socks. He stopped just short of the fridge, and then greeted his brother.

"Morning, Seto!" he shouted.

"Morning, Mokuba." Seto was still buried in his paper.

"Is he always like this in the mornings?" Naid asked.

"Yep. He can't seem to really wake up until after he's read the paper. He can do without coffee, but not the paper." Mokuba shook his head. Just then the cook – or Naid supposed it was the cook – came in with a large tray. On it was three platefuls of pancakes, a jug of orange juice, a jug of milk, syrup, butter, three cups, silverware, and a platter of toast. He set down the tray while Seto folded his paper and Naid and Mokuba sat down. The cook put a cup, silverware, and plate of pancakes in front of the trio and he left the toast, milk, juice, butter, and syrup in the middle of the table. As soon as the cook left, the two males started eating. Naid smiled at the food, filed her cup with milk and just drank the milk before eating a piece of toast then going onto the pancakes. Mokuba noticed that and asked her why she was doing that.

"Because, I haven't eaten a meal like this in quite a while. I was making sure my stomach would be able to handle good food like this." She shrugged. As soon as everyone was done, the doorbell rang. Naid rose and Seto shook his head.

"Our butler will get it." he said, going back to the newspaper.

The butler came in and said, "Mai Valentine, Serenity Wheeler, and Tea Gardner here to see Miss Naid. They said that they wanted to take her shopping. Shall I admit them?"

"Shopping?" Naid asked no one in particular.

"I think it's a good idea. You can't have had all that much in that bag of yours." Seto said. "Here, you can use my credit card." Setting the paper down he pulled his wallet out and took his credit card out and gave it to Naid.

"Seto, I don't want to impose upon you, but one thing I really wanted to buy that might – well not might, most definitely – be really expensive-" Naid began, but Seto cut her off

"Buy it. It's not like I don't have the money to spare." He said with a wave of his hand.


"Take the limo, too, and ask Robert to drive you."

"Thank you. You're being too generous." Naid gave a small bow and ran out of the room, her cheeks uncharacteristically red.

/I think you've got a crush on him./ Sola said and Naid could picture her smiling from her soul room.

I do not! It's just, well, you know that not all of the men I've know have been anything near nice to me.Naid retorted.

/Try none./ Sola protectively snapped. That was a touchy issue.

Naid made it to the front door where she put her shoes on and walked out the door. Mai, Tea, and a girl that Naid hadn't met were standing there. "You must be Serenity." She said, holding out a hand.

"Yes. And you're Naid, correct?" Serenity shook Naid's hand.

"Yes. Seto said we could use his limo and this." Naid held up the credit card.

"He must really have the hots for you." Mai laughed and Naid blushed. They went into the spacious garage and found Rob sitting on the roof of the limo, a laptop in his hand and a stick of pocky in his mouth.

"J0! Rob! Seto said we could use the limo." Naid said and Rob looked up.

"Hello, Naid. You seen today's megaTokyo?" he asked. Naid shook her head and went over and looked at it, the two sharing a laugh before Rob shut down the laptop and opened the limo door for the ladies.

"This is Rob, Seto's driver. Rob, this is Serenity, Tea, and Mai." Naid said as they got in.

"Good morning ladies." Rob said and got in the limo as well. "Where are we off to?"

"The mall." Mai said as if it were obvious.

"Then…" Naid trailed off, but then leaned up to Rob and whispered something in his ear. He arched an eyebrow, but nodded just the same.

At the mall, Mai and Tea were all over the place, showing Naid which clothes they thought would look best on her and piling stuff in her arms to try on. Serenity was the one who finally got them to calm down and let Naid try on the clothes. Between the three of them they decided what looked best, then Naid had the final choice. She immediately chose black pants and a loose blue t-shirt, but otherwise got some leather and some different kinds of black pants and different t-shirts, including one that said, "five out of four people have problems with fractions." Another said, "If you shoot for the moon and miss, you'll fall among the stars."

Then they got to the jewelry section, where Tea and Mai started to try to convince Naid to buy a cross as "a fashion statement". Naid looked around and saw a girl in a baggy t-shirt that said "Friends don't let friends go to hell.." She also wore what looked like a small railroad spike or nail around her neck on a leather cord. The girl was glaring at Tea and Mai, who'd just said that a cross was a fashion statement.

"No," Naid said, "crosses aren't fashion statements. They're a statement of a belief. Don't try to treat it like a fashion statement."

"Alright." Serenity said, reacting more to Naid's final tone than her words. She and Tea and Mai went on but Naid stayed. The girl that had been glaring at Tea and Mai stepped towards Naid and smiled.

"Thanks. People who think that all a cross is, all it represents, is a fashion statement insult me. I would have said something, but I'm glad you did instead." she said to Naid, who smiled back.

"You're welcome." She waved to the girl and walked off towards Tea, Serenity, and Mai – who were in the shoe store.

When they left the mall they had several bagfuls of clothes as well as a large suitcase/bag that Naid could hold everything in. they got in the limo, Rob helping them pack everything into the trunk, and headed off for their other destination, still unknown to everyone bit Naid and Rob.

"J00 sure j00 want to go there?" Rob asked.

"What was that? You spoke different!" Serenity asked before Naid could say anything.

"Ph34r my skilz!" Rob said enthusiastically.

"Rob, yes I'm sure I want to go there. And Serenity, he's speaking in megaTokyo L337. MegaTokyo is a net comic and L337 is where you talk with numbers and stuff." Naid explained.

"Okay…" Tea said.

"I'll have to show you. MegaTokyo is more American than anything." Naid shrugged. In a few minutes they had arrived at a motorcycle shop. Naid smiled and got out of the limo and walked in, the girls on her heels.

"Did Kaiba say you could buy one of these with his credit card?" Tea asked.

"He said not to worry about the price because he had plenty of money to spare." Naid said, standing next to a streamlined, slim, green motorcycle. Someone came up to assist her and she ended up buying the bike, helmet, and leather jacket all within an hour.

Rob looked impressed at the bike, and Naid rode it back to the mansion, where they dropped the girls off seeing as Mai's car was there, too.

When Naid went back into the mansion, she saw that Yami was there (in control of Yugi's body of course) and he and Seto were glaring at each other. "Thanks for letting me use this." She told Seto, tossing his credit card to him. "You know that big thing I was talking about buying?"

"Yeah." Seto said, eyeing the leather jacket and all the bags of stuff that she set down.

"Want to know what it was?"


"A motorcycle."

"You bought a motorcycle?" Seto asked questioningly.

"What is a motorcycle?" Yami asked, up until that point excluded from the conversation.

"It's really cool." Naid said with a smile.

"You're gonna crash." Seto shook his head.

"I know how to drive it and I've got a helmet!"

"How about a license?"

"That too. See." She pulled out her wallet and pulled out a license that was certified in America, but it also said she was allowed to drive in other countries. Seto peered at the birth date.

"You're 15?" he asked.

"Yes! I know I don't look it," she snapped.

"Does that last name say what I think it says?!" Seto was alarmed now.

"Yeah. So?" Naid shrugged.

"You realize what that means? Right?"

"Not really. Oh… wow." she made a face, then added, "we need to go see someone. I only had a photocopy of my birth certificate and I know someone who would have the original."

Ten minutes later they were at the game shop, looking at a birth certificate. Part of it read, "Naid Muto, born on February 3, 1989."

"Do you know what this means!?" Yugi shouted excitedly.

"I'm your sister. You know, I never noticed that my last name and yours were the same until now." Naid smiled.

"Where have you been, anyways?" Grandpa asked.

"At first, Egypt. Then America, then to a few different countries in Europe, back to America, and then I came here."

"So can you speak modern Egyptian and English as well as Japanese and ancient Egyptian?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah, and a few others."

"Such as?"

"Some French, German, and Italian, a lot of Spanish, Latin, and ancient Greek, as well as several computer programming 'languages'."

"How in the world…"

"Photographic memory."

"On a side, but very important, note, are you going to have her stay here or shall she still stay at the mansion?" Seto asked.

"Here." Grandpa said, leaving no room for argument.

Later, Grandpa joined the fast growing Club Against Naid Having a Motorcycle, or at least Naid figured the only way so many people could be against it would be if it were a club.

"I can drive it better than most people and I'm responsible with it!" she whined at Grandpa.

/Naid, maybe it is best for you not to ride it if he doesn't want you to./ Sola said, trying to be gentle.

You keep out of it!Naid snapped, not in the best mood. Grandpa ended up allowing her to drive it, but only if she wore her leather jacket and helmet at all times.

It didn't take long for them to transfer all of Naid's stuff from the Kaiba mansion to behind he game shop. What did take a while, however, was for Grandpa and Yugi to get used to living with a girl. Often she would find boxers and the like in the most unusual places. She even once turned on the TV to find one of Joey's "tapes" in the VCR. She figured the stuff on that tape, which she burned in the backyard, would shame even playboy girls. Joey also had a hard time adjusting seeing as he spent most of his time at the Muto's.

Two weeks after Naid moved in with Grandpa and Yugi, she decided that a relaxing camping trip was just what they needed.

"You want to do what?" Yugi demanded. Apparently he was not an outdoorsy person.

"To go camping, as a family thing. Starting Saturday and taking a week or so." Naid reiterated.

"I'm sorry, but I have an important meeting with our wholesaler. I can't." Grandpa said, "But maybe you can convince the others to go with you."

After several days of inviting people, it turned out that the only people free were Ryou and Mokuba. Seto – not really knowing if he should trust Ryou, Yugi, and Naid with Mokuba – decided that he would take a vacation from work to come along with Mokuba. The majority of that decision was based on Bakura's bad habit of coming back from the shadow realm time and time again. Hearing that Naid would be the only girl there sorta worried Grandpa, but Sola reassured him that she'd look after the teen.

When Saturday came Naid awoke even earlier than usual to check on their stuff. They had ended up reserving a spot in the middle of the woods in the nearest large park – meaning they'd have to set up their own tents, cook by a fire, and use the trees as toilets. Seto and Yugi weren't to happy about that, Mokuba was excited, Ryou was rather indifferent, but to Naid the "primitive" conditions were homely, reminding her of how she grew up. Sola and Yami didn't offer an opinion.

After checking their gear, Naid snuck up to Yugi's room, into the room, and next to his bed. She took a deep breath and yelled, "TIME TO GET UP, SLEEPY HEAD!" he jumped and literally fell out of bed, Naid laughing so hard that Yugi thought she'd suffocate.

"Shut up." Yugi muttered, standing, "And leave so I can dress." Naid left, still laughing.

I thought it was funny, aibou.

/You can shut up, too, Yami./ All the reaction Yugi got was a mental image of Yami smirking and chuckling.

Soon afterwards Seto's limo pulled up in the driveway.

"We're taking that?" Yugi asked.

"Apparently it's the only thing they have that can hold all this stuff. But, I'm not riding in there." Naid shrugged, obviously not believing that. All their money and you'd think the Kaibas would be able to afford a van.

"What, don't j00 trust my driving?" Naid heard Rob ask.

She turned to see him getting ready to open the door for them and smirked at him. "Sorta. You're high on pocky half the time I'd imagine. But seriously I think Seto's trying to baby me. I'll stick my bag in the limo, but I'm taking my bike."

"Very tomboyish, aren't we?" Rob arched an eyebrow.

"Yes." she nodded. Rob shrugged and opened the door. Yugi got in and Naid stuck her head in to see Seto, Mokuba, and Ryou all in there, though none of their bags were.

"Naid, could you get your brother's bags for me, Mr. Kaiba wants all of the bags in the trunk." Rob asked.

"Sure. Hey, Seto, I decided to ride my bike over to the campgrounds. Hope you don't mind. Yugi, Rob – the driver – wants to put your bags in the trunk." Naid said. Yugi handed over his bags, but Seto was close to arguing with her. She smiled sweetly and ducked out of the car, closing the door quickly.

"I don't know if she drives me insane of if I'm insanely fond of her." Seto muttered as Naid almost slammed the car door in his face. Mokuba grinned slightly, but enough so that Seto couldn't see. According to Mokuba, Seto needed a girlfriend. It'd help him loosen up. And Mokuba liked Naid, she played video games with him, so that'd be a double bonus.

"I take it Mr. Kaiba wasn't too happy with j00." Rob said, an eyebrow (still) arched.

"Not Seto, but I think Mokuba might be trying to play matchmaker." She smiled, helping Rob put her and Yugi's bags in the trunk.

Rob's other eyebrow shot up. "Between you and Mr. Kaiba?"

"I think so. Or if he wasn't, he is now. Race you to the campground." She smiled, more than a hint of challenge in her voice.

"You're on. But, be careful on that bike of yours." Rob said solemnly.

"Don't worry. I rode a bike in America. I can beat pros at motorcycle tricks, so if anything happens, I can get off fast."

A half hour later, Rob pulled into the campground as far as cars are allowed to go to see Naid reclining on the seat of her bike. "What took so long?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

Rob smiled and shook his head, opening the door of the limo. Seto and Mokuba got out first, followed by Ryou and Yugi. Naid, Ryou, and Yugi helped Rob unpack the trunk, while Seto just looked around and Mokuba was bouncing around excitedly.

"Robert, we'll be back here Tuesday at noon. Absolutely no later." Seto said as Rob closed the trunk and headed for the driver's door.

"Yes, sir." Rob said, getting in and driving off.

"When we got here, I asked the park officials if I could ride my bike on the trails. They said I could on the gravel trails, but not the dirt ones. I also found out that the road to our campsite is gravel." Naid said and grabbed her bag, putting them on her back and attaching them to the back of the motorcycle. "So I'll see you guys at the campsite." She smiled and put her helmet on, speeding off down the trail.

"Why would she want to ride that thing down there anyways?" Yugi wondered aloud.

Perhaps she thinks she'll need it.Yami suggested, sounding worried.

/Maybe…/ Yugi trailed off. He picked up his bags and waited for the others to do the same before heading off towards the campsite.

When they arrived about an hour later they saw Naid staring at a campfire, sitting on one of the logs that were set up in a circle around the fire, her tent set up behind her and to her right and her motorcycle next to the tent. She looked up from the fire when she heard them get close and smiled.

"Took y'all long enough." She said. Yugi rolled his eyes. Sometimes it seemed like she was more competitive than Yami.

"Very nice. Now how do you set one of those things up?" Seto asked, his voice slightly snappish as he pulled his tent stuff out of his bag.

It ended up that Ryou and Naid were the only ones who knew how to set up a tent, so Naid helped Seto and Mokuba while Ryou helped Yugi. After that, they all helped Ryou set up his tent so that they could get done quickly. Naid's tent was the furthest to the right, followed by Yugi's, Ryou's, and the Kaiba brothers' tent was on the far left. It was also the largest, seeing as I had to comfortably fit both Kaibas, as well as whatever they brought.

Later on that night, Naid was helping Ryou cook their dinner over the campfire. Naid was of absolutely no use in the kitchen, but it turned out she was very good at cooking over a fire. Yami, having taken over Yugi's body for a short time, was in a "friendly" duel with Seto, and beating the pants off him. For some odd reason, both Yugi and Seto had brought their Battle City duel disks, so they were using those. Mokuba was, of course, cheering on Seto while Yugi was cheering on Yami from his soul room.

"Guys, dinner's ready!" Naid said, just as Yami took out the last of Seto's life points.

After dinner, Naid eyed the duel disks. "How about I take one of you on?" she asked, pulling her deck from one of the pockets of her baggy pants.

"You duel?" Seto asked.

"A little." Naid shrugged. Yami quickly, asking permission first, took over Yugi's body, and arched an eyebrow.

"How little is 'a little'?" he asked.

"I doubt I've dueled as much as either of you. And I've never used a duel disk." She answered, absently shuffling her deck.

"I'll take you on, then." Seto said. Yami handed over Yugi's duel disk and Naid placed it in her arm and expertly snapped her deck in. Yami and Seto both arched their eyebrows.

"I though you said you'd never used a duel disk." Yami said.

"I haven't. I learned that from you two. Photographic memory, remember?" Naid grinned.

Ten minutes later, Naid's Zoa – the yami field magic card, Metalmorph, Axe of Despair, Sword of Deep-Seated, Horn of the Unicorn, and Black Pendant equipped to it, making it's total attack, when attacking a Blue Eyes White Dragon, 7100 – attacked Seto's Blue Eyes White Dragon. He had all 4000 life points left, but the attack difference was 4100.

"Wow. I can't believe you just did that." Seto said.

"My best combo." Naid smiled, but the smile was directed to Zoa.

"Is that your favorite?" Yami asked as the holographic monsters faded away.

"Yes, he is." Naid said. Sola, in her soul room, muttered something about a ka, but Naid ignored her.

After they cleaned all of the cooking and eating utensils they used for dinner, everyone went to bed. It was about ten o' clock. At about ten after one in the morning, Naid jerked awake, though keeping her eyes closed. She had the feeling like you have when you wake up from a falling dream, like you just hit your bed and woke up from the shock of the impact. She figured that all that was bothering her was a dream, until she sensed something in the woods. She stood and dressed, having changed to pajamas, and crept out of her tent, hoping to wake no one up. But, as she passed the Kaiba tent, a hand shot out from under the tent and grabbed her ankle.

"Seto, it's me." she hissed, identifying the hand.

"Oh. Wait there a second, I have something to ask you." Seto whispered back. She debated on whether or not to wait, but the mental debate took long enough that Seto was standing in front of her before she'd decided whether or not to wait for him. He was wearing his pajamas.

"What do you want?" Naid asked.

"Why are you out here, fully dressed, in the middle of the night?" he asked, sounding slightly suspicious. She rolled her eyes.

"You wouldn't believe me anyway." She said, crossing her arms and leaning back slightly in a defiant manner.

"Try me."

"I sensed something… something magical. It woke me up and now I'm going to go check on it."

"You're right, I don't believe you."

"Not like you can stop me. Catch me if you can!" she said, almost gleefully, and darted off into the woods towards where she'd sensed the oddity. Seto stood there a second, before heading back into his tent. By his reasoning, if something happened at camp he was the only one with fast enough reflexes to react. And Naid could protect herself. Despite how utterly immature she seemed just now. He thought wryly.

Naid, on the other hand, had slowed down just as soon as she reached the trees. She knew Seto wasn't about to follow her, so she could try to find this thing much more leisurely. She ambled off in the direction of the thing, not in any hurry at all. She knew Yugi would worry if he woke up and she was gone, but it was just after one in the morning, he wouldn't wake up for a while yet.

She eventually, before she reached the area where she'd felt the thing at, came to a place where it seemed as if a recent blast or fire had obliterated everything. The trees were gone and the ground was scorched, there was even a faint burnt smell lingering in the air. She tentatively walked out into the clearing. Close up it seemed the same as it had from the trees. Though she couldn't find the source of the blast, or whatever it had been. A loud scream pierced the air and Naid spun around, facing the direction from which it had come. She listened intently and when she heard it again, knew it wasn't human. She cocked her head suddenly. The scream came from the same direction as the thing she'd sensed.

Without hesitation she dashed off towards the scream and whatever it was she'd sensed.

She eventually stopped in front of a cave. The thing she'd sensed and the scream came from inside the cave, but it was also about four in the morning. If she looked around the cave and then went back, the others would be awake and worried. If she sprinted all the way back, she'd make it back before they awoke. After hesitating only a second, she sprinted back towards their campsite.

She made it back just in time to go in her tent, rest a few minutes, then come back out as the others awoke.

"So, did you ever find that thing?" Seto asked the first chance he got, making sure no one overheard.

"What?" she asked back, knowing she could bluff her way through.

"You were up in the middle of the night, off chasing something."

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." Seto gave her an odd look and she added, "Whatever it is, you must've dreamt it up."

"I know the difference between a dream and reality." He snapped, suddenly very defensive. He did not mention it to her again.

That night, Naid snuck out of camp again. As soon as Seto knew she was gone, he woke Ryou and Yugi and explained things to them. Yami promptly took control and insisted they follow her.

Upon reaching the cave again, Naid went in. she was about to try and find something to use as a torch when she heard a scream, like the other it was mot definitely not human. She looked around, worried. She could barely see and that scream sounded close. She was about to tap into her magic so that the Eye of Horus (the Millennium Symbol) would shine on her forehead, which would provide some amount of light, when what looked like a bolt of lightning hit the ground not five feet away from her, igniting dry grass and moss she'd not known was there. She looked around, almost frantic now, and saw a huge, life size duel monster. It was a monster that she only recognized because she'd seen it once when she was younger and the description on the card had caught her eye. It was called Solitude and the description read, "This beast-warrior swings a massive scythe and feeds on the souls of the slain." That was exactly what it was doing. There was another duel monster on the ground next to it, an Oscillo Hero #2, which explained where the lightning had come from. Except the poor creature was not dead yet, which became very evident as it let out another scream. Naid bit her lip, tying to think of something she could do.

At that moment, Seto, Ryou, and Yami rushed in, all three looking at least slightly worn out.

"What's going on?" Seto asked, and the Solitude looked up, right at the boys.

"Don't know. They were here when I got here. Now it knows we're here." Naid snapped. The duel monster slowly and cautiously walked closer, finally stopping and sniffing, about three feet away from Naid. Then, in one swift and almost undetectable move, it swung its scythe at her. She ducked and signaled to the others to run. Following quickly, she made sure to watch the monster out of the corner of her eye, just in case. Surprisingly, it didn't follow them. As they exited the cave, Naid saw it dematerialize slowly, as if it were being shrouded from her view by a thickening mist. "Stop, it's gone."

"You did this last night, too, didn't you. I wasn't just imagining things." Seto said, more than a hint of anger in his voice.

"Yes, I did. But I only got as far as the cave entrance." Naid snapped. She turned to Seto accusingly. "You left Mokuba alone back at camp, didn't you? What if he woke up and saw all of us gone?"

"Why are you changing thee subject?"

"Because Mokuba is a more pressing matter than me sneaking off. When we get back to camp I'll fill you in on everything so far. It's not much, but it's confusing." Naid said, running back towards the camp. The others shrugged and followed her.

When the boys arrived, they saw Naid coming out of the Kaiba tent, looking downright pissed.

"Mokuba's not there."

SJ: And so concludes chapter two!

Kageka: I think all your fans are probably gonna give you the tar and feathers treatment. That is if you had any.

Dragon Child: For what? Being mean to Mokuba, again might I add, or taking four months, was it, to get this up?

Kageka: Well, she started typing this four months ago. Who knows how long it was before that when she updated her fic. At leas she's off that darned cough drop high now.


Kageka and Dragon Child: Inside joke.

SJ: on to replies (from the alternate ending of Of Modern Yamis and Ancient Hikaris)! Wait… reply. I only got ONE review for the alternate ending! Cries

Kageka and Dragon Child: sweatdrop

Lonewolf16 – Yami and Seto slugging it out… hmmm… that sounds like a good idea. Actually I told my friend about this and she wanted me to have Naid kiss both of them, then have them make her chose after a huge argument between the two. Toyed with the idea a bit before ditching it. Yeah, 'bout the disk drive, my older sis gave me her computer a while ago, and when my dad put it in was a little before I started In Medias Res, I think. I want to musenap Djanil! (by the way, does that name mean anything?) You can have Kageka or Dragon Child!

Kageka: we're your other sides! You can't get rid of us that easily.

SJ: They're as annoying as heck!

Kageka and Dragon Child: HEY!

SJ: Do you read Wingleader Sora Jade's stuff? If not, GO DO IT! She's cool! READ IT! She's got one fic in her Unseeing Hearts Trilogy where she kinda rants about one of the reviewers who said that the story and Wingleader Sora Jade helped that reviewer in their walk with Christ, and then WSJ said that that in turn encouraged her in the same way! It was so COOL!!!!!!! And she says in her Yamis Of Tokyo U: Freshman that she lives in Ohio. I live in Ohio! I could know her and not know it! Again, if you don't read her stuff already, GO DO IT!

Kageka: chibi! Why are you yelling at one of your favorite authors!?

SJ: oops! Anyways, I was thinking …

Kagkea: that's never a good thing

SJ: anyways, Lonewolf, I was thinking… I had a good idea for a fic, but I don't think I'm good enough to write it myself. Ok, so you know the song Cartoons by Chris Rice? Well, I had the idea to stick the Yu-Gi-Oh characters (as well as plenty of others from other anime) in that song! Funny, no?

Kageka and Dragon Child: NO!

SJ: anyways, I wanted to know if you would like to co-authoress it with me. If you don't want to I don't mind, but keep in mind that it most likely won't get written if I can't get someone to co-authoress it with me. (If you say no I'm gonna go out on a limb and ask Wingleader Sora Jade, whom I don't even know if she knows I exist.)

Dragon Child: why should she? She's got like a hundred people that said she was one of their favorite authors and you have five, SJ.

SJ: I need some industrial strength duct tape for their mouths.

SJ: So concludes the replies. Now PLEASE REVIEW! I would like some kind of input on my work. I don't care if you flame me to death, I just want your opinions!

Kageka: the weirdo is review-starved. Her max number of reviews on a story is seventeen and she thinks that that story is her best work. Maybe if you review, she'll stop trying to get rid of us.

SJ: One more thing. I asked someone (I won't put their name here in case they say no) to draw Naid for me. I was going to describe Naid in this chapter, but that never worked it's way in. So, I shall describe her here. She's about as tall as Yami, somewhere between Yami and Yugi's height, and has the same hair color as Yami as well as crimson eyes. Her hair is a lot shorter than Yugi and Yami's (about half the height of their hair, but the same general style) but the bangs still spike up in a similar fashion to Yami's since she's a yami. She wears loose pants with lots of pockets and a loose shirt, wearing boot/shoes similar to Yami and Yugi's. She's really scrawny, so that creates a weird effect with all her loose clothes. The Millennium Armlet goes on her right arm about halfway between her elbow and shoulder and is usually hidden by a shirtsleeve, unless she's wearing a tank top, which she wears from time to time in the summer. The Armlet is about three inches tall and around it has the seven Items and (obviously) the Eye of Horus (or eye of Ra or the Millennium Symbol, depending on what you like to call it) on it, evenly spaced and encircling the entire thing. Sola is similar except she's shorter than Naid and has lavender eyes. Her hair is also more like Yugi's than Naid's and Yami's. I think that's a good enough description of her for the person I asked to draw her and for the rest of your curiosity. If anyone else would just like to randomly draw her or something, it's ok (I'd actually like to see how you depict her) as long as you tell me and if you post it on the net give me the link.

Kagkea: the end, finally.

SJ: Wait! One more one more thing!

Kageka: This had better be short! It's nearly one in the morning! I'm tired!

SJ: It will be, yami, I promise. The girl in the store with all the Christian stuff is me. Mostly symbolically. I've never had to glare at anyone like that, but I saw a poster with a famous singer (Well, actually that was only one of them. I've seen others on TV and such with the same problem) wearing a cross and they have very un-Christianly lyrics in the songs they sing. I've never listened to their songs, but from the fragments my friends have told me about, a lot of those songs would make a sailor blush because of the words and they have many rude implications, which are sometimes stated flat out. I just really want to stand up for my religion. I hope that doesn't make me lose any readers I have, but if it does, it's the readers loss, not mine. Thanks for listening to my rant. You can go to bed now, Kageka.

Carpe diem!