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Titel: Flower Crown

Summary: A young Rin makes Sesshoumaru a flower crown.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin shouted as she ran to catch up to me.

"Hmm?" I turned to face the child whom I noted was severely grass-stained.

"Rin made you a flower crown!" she beamed as she held it out for me to see. I cringed as I saw it was pink and knew where this exchange was going.

"…flower crown?"

I did not know what to say. Maybe I could just go away and leave her to Ah and Un. But I knew I would have to face her sometime or another. Even if I left she'd just be here when I returned, clinging to AhUn and tugging on Jakken.

"Yes a flower crown! You know to put on top of you head!" she declared.

She put it on top of her own to demonstrate just how to do it. She beamed as if she knew she was torturing me, though I don't think she really did. I was left speechless. If I only had known one of the most gripping decisions of my life would involve a six-year-old.

"S-S-Sesshoumaru-sama! Rin worked so hard!" She wailed as her beaming smile turned to a frown and her chocolate eyes began tearing up.

Could I, Lord of the of the Western Lands, be even considering allowing this human child to decorate me with pink flowers?

I looked over to her and noticed her eyes were becoming more and more wet by the second. Her chocolate eyes met my depthless golden pools and I knew something:

I, Lord of the Western Lands, was more than considering allowing a human child to decorate me with pink flowers, I was going to do it.

"Well…" I said to stop the tears from flowing, yet delay the inevitable. But I was cut off before I could somehow distract her.

"Alright! Bend down so Rin can put it on your head!" she shouted as the largest grin that would fit on her face quickly appeared.

It was as if there never were any tears. It used to be I would have killed her for following me, but now I was taking orders from a six-year-old human whelp about to be crowned prince of the pink flowers. Tomorrow I would be running a nursery school.

I might as well go join Inuyasha and his fleabag companions for all I was coming to. But I looked down into her eyes and saw a happiness that somehow made having pink flowers on my head less important.

"Rin is finished! You look very pretty!" she said as she skipped off to play

I noticed Ah and Un were giving me a look that distinctly said 'Dear Buddha the world has ended, Sesshoumaru has pink flowers on his head!' but the thing that was ringing through my head was the word 'pretty'. Did she say I was pretty? If I were a more emotional man this would be the moment my face hit the floor and my feet shot up in the air in shock.

But of course I wasn't, so I just stood there for a moment till Rin ran off to bother Jakken, leaving me, the Lord of the Western lands, with a pink flower crown atop his head. I thought long and hard about taking the thing off. But then I saw the way she kept looking back to me… Perhaps I could keep the thing on for a little while…