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Author's notes:
Done in 5-8 minutes at 4:15 AM plus a great amount of sleepiness. A really short YohxAnna drabble.


It was early in the afternoon during winter; we were sitting in front of each other, at the small table we placed in the middle of the TV room. Yoh and I were doing our homework as usual, our feet warm under the kotatsu and our textbooks spread out on the table.

I was finishing the last line of my essay on the Meiji era when I gave a soft, involuntary yawn. As soon as I closed the notebook and dropped my pen, I stretched out lazily. I massaged my neck and gave another quiet yawn; and then I turned to look at the clock on the wall. It said 9 o'clock. We'd have to go downstairs for a quick dinner and then go to sleep if we wanted to get up early the next day.

I looked at him as he tried to continue with his own homework. He frowned slightly and gave a sigh. Chewing on his pencil, Yoh looked up at me from his Math problems; he was still stuck on the fifth equation, so I thought he'd ask my help.

But he didn't.

He just gazed strangely at me and smiled; and I raised a questioning eyebrow in response. I guess he understood I wanted to know what was up with him, because then, putting down his pencil, he opened his mouth to speak. The question that came out of him was absolutely unexpected.

"Anna, do you love me?"

If possible, my brow rose up even more, but I avoided his question. I never thought he'd ask that. I always felt that our… feelings were something unsaid, but understood.

"What's wrong?" I asked instead, fidgeting with my pen unconsciously.

"Do you love me?" His face was serious, somewhat torn between serenity and soberness.

I looked down at my fingers with a blank stare, then back at him and met his eyes.

"I do."

His expression returned to that of his usual calmness and he smiled cheerfully.

"Ok!" he said, satisfied with my answer, "I love you too!"

And then he went back to his homework. At that moment, I didn't understand what had happened back then, I'm not so sure I do now; but something had changed.