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It's been about a week since the ending of the last chapter. During that time the gang went to Trademeet and helped with the shadow druids attacking the town. At the grove, Cernd challenged Faldorn for the position of Arch-Druid, and Cernd won. With that, our party returned to Trademeet (with the head of a certain djini-fleeing being) and are now simply messing around town until tomorrow when they leave for the shadow-master Ahrend Gend.

"So… wha'dyae wanna talk teh meh aboot?" Annah asked to the shaggy haired half-elf opposite the table in the inn they were staying in. She'd had a mental eyebrow raised for several minutes; he'd been doing his best to avoid her these past few days; and then suddenly out of the blue he asks her to have a drink with him because he's 'got something to talk about' with her. Aerie had been forlorn for the last week, so maybe…

A flicker of… something… excitement, anticipation…


…just maybe.

A hint of a smile grazed her lips-the poor bugger was really nervous despite the fact they were the nearly same ages, he was still so young and inexperienced in at least the ways of the heart.

But she wasn't falling in love with that part of him.

She was falling in love with her leader: the determined, bordering on stubborn, rugged, experienced brawling warrior that could handle strong dwarven ale.

That he accidentally had a good body was just a nice bonus.

He fumbled at her outright question yet he seemed to be on autopilot. "I wanted to talk about us."

She nodded.

The flicker became a small flame…

"…" He sighed, and just decided to grab the bull by the horns.

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

The small flame ignited into a firestorm.

Her hand slid across the table to his, and their fingers entwined, and she smiled in response.

"Tha' wannae soo 'ard, nah was it laddie?" she said with a mischievous smirk.

A stupid grin crossed Loké's face. "So… now what?"

"How about a meal?"

And it went from there.



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