Summary: Chris Irvine is suddenly out of a marriage, by his wife, with no reason. It is seven months later and he still couldn't get over her, until someone who is married comes up. Can he get over the pain, and the other's?

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own the story, but the rest I don't.

Characters: Chris Irvine, Adam Copeland, Jay Reso, Paul Levesque, Stephanie McMahon. (more to add in later chapters)

Author's Note: I thought this could be a good story to play off of, and here it is! Well, at least the beginning, but it will get good.

Chris Irvine sat in a locker room, a mess—his mind in a mess. His friends were truly concerned over the blonde Canadian. He ended his marriage with his wife Jessica well over seven months ago, but emotionally he wasn't just straight. People knew that it wasn't Chris that ended the relationship, it was Jessica.

"Chris, I'm sorry; I just do not want to be with you anymore." Jessica said with a hint of sadness in her voice. She could not tell him the real reason she wanted out, and for her chances of being alive, it was probably a good idea.

Chris stood there in complete shock as he listened to his wife. Wife? How could a wife just tell you she wanted out, and he had no reason? "Why?" He muttered out as he began to choke up.

"I... I don't know." She replied with a sigh, turning away from him. Her mind buzzed, and she looked back to him, seeing his face in his hands, with tears slipping out.

He looked at her after a minute of crying, a pure look of defeat suddenly vanishing. "Well, if we're over, get your shit, because this is my house." He snorted, the old Chris boiling inside of him when he decided to have enough.

Now it was her turn to look up in shock. She looked at his eyes, the sadness overwhelmed with hatred and betrayal. She deserved it, and slowly nodded, going up the stairs to pack her things.

"Chris... Man, please." Adam Copeland begged of his best friend to get out of the cold memory. He knew that distant look he got when he thought about the end of it.

The smaller man shook his head, sighing deeply. "Adam, I still don't know why."

Adam looked to his friend, putting his hand on his shoulder. "Maybe you'll find out, okay bud? Don't worry yourself about this, it's been over six months, you have to get over it somehow."

Chris knew that, and he bit his lip, hard. "I know, but, just, ending something that was so important, you know?"

Adam slowly nodded. He didn't want to make the wrong choice and get the wrong consequence for it, whatever that may be.

A knocking on the door startled the hell out of Chris, as the person didn't mind just coming right in.

"Chris, look at the paper, is it good?" Stephanie McMahon-Levesque said as she handed a paper to Chris.

Adam peered over to Stephanie, then to his best friend. He noticed something tremendously different; he had that gleam in his eye. Adam smirked as he looked back to Stephanie, who sent him a confused glare.

"Yeah, whoa! We're gonna play... Musical chairs tonight?" Chris mumbled out in utter confusion at the last part he said.

"Uh huh, don't you remember Nick is the GM tonight?" She asked, while her eyes sparkled. He looked at her for a moment, a small smile forming.

"Oh, yeah. How is this going to fit with the whole hometown thing, though?" He asked, still confused.

Nick was actually Nick Dinsmore, otherwise known as Eugene in the wrestling world.

"You're going to 'win' the game; didn't you read the rest of it?" She looked down at him.

He scanned the rest of the paper. "Ohh, there it is. I'll be pulling out the old rug on Tomko." He grinned, knowing how Winnipeg would eat everything up.

"Have fun out there, then." She said, turning around to leave.

"Uh, um, yeah... you too." He stuttered. She looked back and smiled, then left the locker room.

Adam whistled as he snatched the paper away from Chris. He looked through it, now knowing the results for the six man tag team match. He looked up for a second, startled to see Chris staring at him. "What?"

"Don't tell a damn soul." He said in a serious tone.

"About what?" Adam looked at him. He knew, but he was going to play it out until he got Chris to admit it.

Chris knew his friend, and he let out a frustrated growl. "You saw, man, just, don't tell that fuck, I don't need to be sent down, again." The 'fuck' he was referring to was none other than Paul Levesque, Stephanie's husband. He couldn't believe a husband could even be like that.

"Hey Irvine, come here." Paul said from his locker room, as Chris was coming by.

"What's up, Paul?" He asked in a slightly aggravated tone. He was about to kill himself from hunger, and this wasn't going to happen. "Please make it quick." He mumbled as he went into the locker room. Paul gestured for him to shut the door, and he did so.

"Look, Chris, don't even dare think about stepping into my territory." He said, in a different tone, a pissed off tone.

"Territory?" Chris repeated the last word, puzzled.

"You know what I'm talking about you shit—Stephanie. I've seen you lately, all buddy buddy and shit. I swear, you even think about making a move on her and I'll rip your head off, or, to be nice, send that push you were getting down the fucking drain." He warned.

Chris raised an eyebrow, confused as can be. "Paul, I don't know what the hell you're thinking. I've only talked to Stephanie about business. Okay, maybe some humorous stuff, but that's what friends do."

"Listen here, punk, I'm NOT losing my power because of you. Now get the fuck out of here." He spit out, standing up.

"Whatever the fuck is up your ass, you better shit it out soon." Chris said as he left the locker room. What in the hell just got into Paul. He didn't want to his 'power'? He wasn't so hungry anymore, and decided to pay Adam and Jay a visit.

"What is it now, Chris?" Adam asked as he peered down to his friend. He was standing up, getting some things together.

"Just that talk with Paul before the whole break-off." Chris said as he looked to Adam.

"What's up, fuckfaces?" Jay Reso joked as he came into the locker room, throwing his bag down and taking a seat.

"Nothing much, assclown, why so late?" Chris asked in curiousness as he looked to Jay.

"Checking up on Tyson and Trish." Jay said as he leaned back. "But you guys know I'd stay here." He was taking time off from a back injury from a steel cage match back in June. Chris cringed at the thought of hurting his friend. "Dude, don't worry about it, it wasn't your fault."

"I know, Jay, but I do feel guilty." Chris said as he started to drift into his depressed mode. Adam growled deep in his throat, tossing a magazine in Chris's direction as he went to Jay, grabbing his arm, and physically pulling him out of the locker room.

"Ow, what was that for?" Jay asked with a frown as he rubbed his arm.

"Look, he had the break-up thing in his mind earlier, and Stephanie got him out of it, don't bring him back into depression. He's just a total mess right now, and it's driving ME nuts." Adam said as he defended his friend.

"Again?" Jay asked in disbelief over the whole Jessica issue.

Adam smacked Jay hard upside the head, glaring at him. "Look, if you went through the shit he went through, and don't even know why, you would be sitting in there like him. Now would you please get some fucking sense?"

"Fine." Jay huffed. He didn't want to seem like such an asshole, he did care, but Chris just had to get over it sometime soon.