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She stared into the cold, iced eyes of him.

No, not again.

She tried to scream, but the screams were nothing. The towel in her mouth soaked up those screams. She began to panic, trying to move her arms, but it was for no use. They were tied, so tight, to the bedposts. She looked to her legs, just opening one eye at a time so she couldn't see him. They, also, were tied.

The baby. She whimpered as she heard pants being unzipped, and her eyes filling up.

Her eyes met up with the man, and she began to shake, seeing his lips curl into the sadistic smirk that made every hair on her body stand up.

She felt his hands on her body. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping he wouldn't notice how close she was to the brink of tears. Then, she froze, she could just feel her the brim of her shorts being touched, then slowly, the little seconds going by like hours, being taken off.

"I always knew you were a cheap whore." The man snickered, as she was getting even closer to just bursting out into tears. Why, out of all nights, did she not wear panties under her shorts?

She was lead into reality when she just opened her eyes slightly, seeing the man hovering over her, completely naked. His hand made her way over to her mouth, as her eyes locked on it. Once his hands reached its destination, he yanked the cloth out of her mouth. Her response was a cough, then trying to get any taste back into it, before his lips forcefully met hers. He bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood, and she cried at his motion.

The moment she feared was coming, as his body was smashed into hers. She felt it, him going into her.

"Why?" She managed to force out when he stopped kissing her.

"I know you love the pleasure."

His grin sickened her, and even worse, when he began to thrust. She felt no pleasure, only pain and sickness. She heard him groaning, of course, the man getting off on himself and the sick deed he was doing.

"Oh come on now, baby." He laughed. "I knew you would love this."

"Never." She said meekly as she tried to hide her true emotions.

He could read her like a book. Knowing every move at every time. He positioned himself and got right into her sweet spot. She felt it, and tried to hide it back, but cried out.

"Right on the spot. I still can't believe it. And I can't wait to tell the bay how much of a fuckin' slut their mommy is."

She glared at him. She couldn't say anything, or do anything, but just cry. But finally, figuring out since it didn't cross her mind that much, that there was nothing in her mouth.

She screamed out loud for help, before a fist sent her out.

Chris could not figure out what that noise was. Now he knew he had some rowdy neighbors, but not that crazy. He sat outside in the chair, just wondering, before he heard it once again.

The same scream, but this time, he could hear help with it.

He shot up in an instant, nearly falling over because he was so relaxed just a second ago in his sitting position, but sprinted inside of his house and up the stairs faster than any professional runner could time. He heard the scream again, scream after scream, nearly ringing out his ears as he made his way to the guestroom, opening the doors to find a sight.

There was Stephanie, wiggling around, with her arms and legs spread out. The sheets were either on the floor or wrapped around her, tightly.

Taking his mind off of the situation she was in, he rushed to her side. "Steph... Stephanie!" He knew now that words wouldn't get her up. He touched her on the arm, but was met with a knee right into his jaw. The impact rattled him, and woke Stephanie up.

"Stop!" She cried out loud one more time, before realizing he wasn't there. She took a huge breath of relief as she looked around, seeing that her hands and legs weren't tied up. But she saw something unusual on her right side, a finger. Her heart began to beat faster as she slid slowly to the side, and she craned her head forward to the edge.


His head shot up as he felt pain went to his jaw again. "Yeah, um... uh. I just tried waking you up." He rubbed his jaw, making sure it was in the right place.

She watched him, realizing that she hit him in the real life. "Oh God, I'm sorry." She got off of the bed to sit next to him, when she felt the sheets sliding off of her bare chest. She looked down and had shorts on, but no shirt! She quickly snatched up the sheets, and covering herself up.

"It's alright, my fault, should never touch people who are having dreams, always end up in something bad." He said as he looked over to her, as she was looking away in another direction. "May I know... What were you screaming about?"

She continued to look away, in a direction of a window. She swallowed out of being nervous to talk about this. "I thought... I was getting raped."

His eyes widened at her word: raped. "Wait, wait, raped? By... who?"

"You should know the answer by now..." She said with a sigh.

Now, he did. "Paul."