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Yugi's small hand slammed down on the alarm clock the sound hurt everything hurt it hurt to move to blink to breath. He sat up holding his stomach he looked around his dingy room, the basement; the walls were all black and grimy he slept curled up in the corner on a single blood soaked blanket there where also stains of blood splattered all over the walls from the knife that had been used. Yugi moaned as he stood and grabbed his school cloths off the washing machine they were the only thing clean in the entire room he hissed as he slipped his white shirt over his tri-color hair brushing his blond lightning bolt bangs out of his eyes. He pulled on the long-sleeve jacket, thankful that it covered the scars and cuts covering his entire body, and his pants then he put on a thick leather buckle that covered the bruises on his neck. He started to climb the stairs out of the basement when the door flew open knocking him back behind the door. His drunken father stumbled down the stairs.

"Where are you runt?!" he yelled. Yugi stayed silent smashed behind the door. He slung the door back revealing Yugi pressed against the wall he grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in close to his face

"Where are you going?" he said Yugi could smell alcohol masking his breath, he quickly averted his eyes from his father as best he could.

"S-s-s-s-school d-d-dad" he stuttered

"School! Who would waste good money on school especially on a weakling little piece of shit like you?!" he bellowed throwing the kid down the stairs with a pain filled screech he was still recovering from last nights beating. He lay there in a fetal position crying after just that shove down the stairs "You really are a weakling you'll never amount to anything more than that!" he shouted marching down the stairs and kicking his son across the room with a satisfying scream that even the neighbors probably heard. So the beating went on the drunken parent slung Yugi across the room smashing him against the cold stone walls with screams accompanying every throw. Yugi heard footsteps going back up the stairs leaving him there sobbing on the floor shivering as the cold seeped into his thin body, he was slightly thankful that his dad was gone but that thought was quickly smashed to bits as he heard the door open again. A sudden sharp pain across his back told him immediately what he had left for

'The whip' he thought trying the only thing he though would make the pain go away at least slightly; he gave in to it. Every muscle in his body relaxed his screams of pain went down to short gasps and his eyes fell half lidded. He'd learned how to do this years ago whenever his father got too drunk and brought out weapons which so far had consisted of: a metal pipe, a rope, a whip, and a knife. His father noticed the silence of his son's screams and it only made him want to hit the boy harder he brought the thick leather whip down on Yugi's back over and over creating long red marks and sometimes breaking the skin. He finally gave up trying to make him scream Yugi heard him pound back up the steps, laughing, he heard the front door slam and the sound of a truck engine starting up. Once Yugi was sure his father was gone he started to cry, loud pain filled sobs echoed off the basement walls as all the pain flooded in on him he couldn't even twitch with out feeling unbearable pain.

'Somebody help me! Please help me!' he pleaded silently wishing someone would help him. As if to add to the pain his stomach started growling again he hadn't eaten in days and he didn't have enough money to buy lunch at school. After a few hours Yugi gathered up the strength to crawl slowly up the stairs he made it through the door and into the kitchen he searched for some food that hadn't gone bad and found just a single piece of bread, which he ate quickly. He was about to go back down into the basement when he heard a truck pull into the drive way his eyes got wide as he realized he would never make it so he quickly threw him self into the nearby bathroom just as the door was opening.

"Where's that brat of a son of yours?" he heard from behind the door he heard a few voices from behind the door his dad had brought help

"Probably crying his eyes out" that was his father he heard the basement door open and Yugi quickly locked the door to the bathroom

"Where did ya go you son of a?" he heard the basement door slam

"He's gone!" Yugi heard the other men shuffling around the house searching for him. The door handle rattle as one of them tried to open the door; Yugi crawled away from the door.

"Ah found him!" he heard someone yell

"You know you're not supposed to be in the house!" his dad yelled through the door Yugi climbed into the tub and closed the curtain whimpering as he heard banging against the door

'I'm going to die, I'm going to die' Yugi's brain repeated over and over. Yugi felt a cool breeze coming down on top of him and looked up, the window had been left open a little bit normally the windows were all locked. Yugi stood up and looked at the window sure enough the window was open just enough for him to get his fingers through. He was mesmerized someone up there liked him enough to give him some slack. With a sudden burst of strength and confidence he reached up and yanked the window open the door behind him started to splinter and creak as his father and his friends banged it open Yugi started scrambling through the window he heard the door give way and come bursting inward. Yugi franticly scurried through the window

"He's escaping!" one of the men yell Yugi just barely made it out the window as they all barged in to the small bathroom Yugi hit the snow covered ground running the adrenalin surging through his veins he turned out of the yard. He ran and ran until his side started to sting cause of the cold air and his back was starting to hurt but he kept on going he wanted to get away from that hell, suddenly he fell he'd slipped on some ice hidden beneath the snow. He heard a car engine roaring behind him and he turned around to see who it was sure enough it was his father speeding down the road with his buddies in the back of the truck; he wasn't going to let his son get away. Yugi scrambled to get up and started running again but the truck was gaining on him; Yugi got another steak of luck from the gods as he saw that he was approaching an alley that was way too small for the truck to get through he dove into it just as the truck went speeding by. He kept on going through a maze of alleyways and side streets running blindly he finally stopped next to a store on one of the streets, making sure that he was probably miles away from his father he found a big box and crawled into it and sat there in the cold the snow was starting to seep into his skin (A.N: remember Yugi's not wearing a shirt anymore) he started shivering the cuts he'd received earlier were starting to make themselves known and he started to cry in pain as he laid there in that box on that cold winter night.

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Twenty year old Yami was walking down the street his big jacket wrapped tight around him, he was walking to his car he'd been in a big business meeting up the road and his driver had insisted on parking a few blocks away saying

"It'd do you some good to get some exercise"

'I don't think he was thinking straight when he said that' Yami thought turning the corner and tripping over a box that had been laying in the middle of the sidewalk sending him flying into a snow bank

'Just great another thing to add to my list of things that can go wrong today' Yami thought brushing snow out of his red, black, and blond spiky hair. He looked back at the offending box with an angry glare when he noticed a foot sticking out of the box he walked back up to it an kneeled in front of it looking inside there laying in the box was a small boy who looked like he could have almost passed as Yami's twin except this boy was a few inches shorter. The boy was curled up and crying he was shirtless and must have been freezing Yami quickly took of his warm jacket and put it over the boy who opened his eyes looking up at him weakly he made contact with Yami's ruby red eyes and they locked his gaze there, those eyes looked like they were probing his soul. Yami leaned down to pick the poor boy up when he ease his hand around his back Yugi cried out harder in pain and tried to yank away. All his body comprehended was the thought

'I'm in pain and this man just wants to cause more.'

"Please let me help you" Yami said trying to grab the boy who had started to freak out on him even though he was trapped. He finally saw why; he saw his back there where scars covered it some of them still looked fresh and bleeding.

"You poor child, I'm sorry, please calm down I just want to help" he said holding onto the boy. Yugi kept crying softly but let himself go limp in this mans arms exhausted. Yami gently picked him up out of the soaked box and carried him towards his car.

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Yami reached his car and got in quickly

"Hello master Yami might I ask who that is?" the driver asked as Yami laid Yugi out on the seat next to him putting his head in his lap.

"I don't know I just found him like this; and how many times have I told you just call me Yami I'm not like my father! Now step on it I need to get home" he said looking down at the boy's head on his lap.

'Poor kid I wonder what happened to him' he thought stroking his look-a- like's hair. They arrived at Yami's house, correction, mansion; Yami gently lifted Yugi out of the car trying to calm him when he tried to push Yami away. Yami ran inside avoiding all the ice spots on the way there, a servant met him at the door.

"Kinjo get me some bandages and warm water and meet me in my bedroom" he said as he walked past him he headed up the stairs and to his own room where he laid the little one down on the bed. Kinjo arrived moments later with the things he asked for

"thank you Kinjo that's all I need" he said turning back to Yugi he took the washcloth Kinjo had brought with him and wet it with the water and started to clean the wounds on the boy's back. Yugi felt a sudden sting as the water was applied to the cuts and started to whimper and arch his back away from Yami's comforting hands

"Shhh, it okay I'm not gonna hurt you" Yami said trying to sooth this boy after he was done carefully cleaning up Yugi's back he gently sat him up with his legs dangling off the edge of the bed. Yugi kept his gaze down at the floor not daring to look into those eyes for fear that he'd be hit. Yami started to wrap the bandages around Yugi's upper body when he heard the boy finally say something

"Hurts it hurts so much" he tried to curl up in a protective ball and started to curl around Yami hand

"It's going to be all right, where does it hurt?" he asked calmly

"My chest" Yugi said, it hurt to speak. Yami coaxed Yugi out of his ball and before he went any further with the bandage he started to feel over his chest for anything broken. He didn't find anything broken but there were plenty of bruises Yugi kept wincing as Yami's long fingers trailed over his chest; Yami dipped his he down so that he could look into the child's eyes he got to look at them for mere seconds before the boy turned his head to look away

"look at me" he said they spent the next couple of minutes trying to make eye contact but every time Yami got eye contact Yugi would turn his head away. Yami finally reached up and grabbed Yugi's jaw in a gentle yet firm grip and brought Yugi to face him

"Look me in the eyes, please." He said finally getting the boy to look at him Yami finally locked eyes with him staring into Yugi's deep amethyst eyes.

"You have the sweetest eyes I've ever seen how could some one possibly think of doing this to you?" he said to himself Yami let go of him and continued to wrap the bandage around Yugi's torso. When he was finished Yugi threw himself at Yami he suddenly burst into tears

"Why me, why me? I'm worthless I don't deserve it!" he sobbed making the most noise Yami had heard from him so far

"You are not worthless not to me to me you're special, what's your name? My name is Yami Takahashi" (A.N: why not use his creator's name?) Yugi sniffled burying his head in Yami's shirt


"That's a nice name Yugi why don't you try to get to sleep? It'll make you feel better"

"Okay" Yugi said wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. Yami watched surprised as Yugi slowly made his way around the bed taking off the top blanket then he bent down out of sight with the blanket in his arms Yami ducked down to look for him and saw something that was slightly cute but kind of creepy. Yugi lay there curled up in the middle of a nest of blanket under the bed already asleep. Yami couldn't bring himself to wake the boy so he grabbed the pillow off the bed and put it under Yugi's head.

"Sleep well little one" he said walking out of the room questions buzzing through his head as he left to do some paperwork for the company.

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