Yugi awoke the next morning when he felt a pair of arms tighten around his waist, he shot up and away from the person holding him, jumping out of the bed. He turned around to see Yami laying there with a content smile on his face; Yami opened his eyes when he didn't feel anything to hold onto and sat up looking at Yugi.

"Yugi is everything all right?" he said.

"Yami?" Yugi said wondering how he had gotten in bed with him,

"h-how?" Yugi stuttered, looking back at the door then to the bed still confused,

"You don't remember?" Yami asked sitting up and crawling across the bed.

"N-no," Yugi stuttered shivering at the thought of the last time he had slept with his dad.

"You were sleepwalking last night, you almost killed yourself," Yami said sitting down in front of Yugi. Yugi sat down next to him curling up next to him.

"I-I don't re-remember..." Yugi started as Yami wrapped an arm around him.

"Maybe I should show you," Yami said Picking Yugi up. The little one put his arms around Yami's neck and put his face in his neck as Yami carried him back to the trophy room. When they enter the first thing to meet his sight was Seto staring straight up at the ceiling were the splintered little bullet hole was, the pistol still in the place it had been thrown. Yugi turned to look from Yami shoulder and his grip tightened on Yami's shirt,

"I want to leave Yami," he sniffed back tears as he reburied his face in Yami's shoulder.

"Yugi, why did you do it?" he asked rubbing the scared child's back.

"I d-don't know," Yugi replied as Yami sat down in one of the old worn-in armchairs with him Yugi looked back at the gun sitting on the floor, an innocent looking chunk of metal, and he cringed reminded of what he had tried to do to himself.

"h-help me," he whimpered he didn't know what to do he was scared to look away from Yami's shoulder,

"I would but you need to tell me what's wrong," Yami said stroking the poor child's back.

"I-I can't..." Yugi whimpered.

"come on Yugi," Yami said standing with Yugi still in his arms.

He left the room and headed for another room more like a private room with a desk covered by papers and bookshelves lining the walls Yami sat him down in a soft armchair facing a small fireplace.

"when you feel like you are ready to tell me what happened come and get me I'll be at my desk if you need me," he whispered leaving the poor boy curled there. Yugi reached out for him as he walked away like a little child his fingertips brushed the edge of Yami's shirt tail but he couldn't reach far enough laying his head back down, Yami sat down behind the desk slipping on a pair of reading glasses.

Yugi lay there curled up in the armchair he was stunned scared his mind had started a huge war against itself and the world was collapsing in on itself and he shut his eyes in the darkened room the only light came from the re-lit fireplace.

All of a sudden his mind shut down and his eyes fluttered open, they where no longer shining violet, they had become dull purple; he stretched yawning tiredly looking around the room before he spotted Yami at the desk, and he got up coming around the desk rubbing his eye like he was half asleep he tugged on Yami's sleeve jerking the hand he was writing with. Yami looked up at him, Yugi sniffed like he had just been crying,

"sir, could yew tell me whewe I am?" Yugi asked him sounding like a five year old.

"Yugi you know where you are and you don't have to call me sir I'm Yami," he said sounding concerned and taking his glasses off.

"Yawni? I don't know whewe I awm, who awe you?" Yugi asked him tilting his head to the side. Yami's eyes widened could it be Yugi didn't know who he was,

"How do yew know my name mister?" Yugi asked pulling on his sleeve again.

"Yugi, I'm Yami, you know me, I picked you up out of the snow two nights ago," Yami said turning in his chair to face him now worried; was Yugi just playing with him?

"Are yew my baby-sitter?" Yugi asked, one his small hands finding the spikes of hair hair and pulling on them gently; the other coming to rest just above his eye and pressing down.

"why you wook like me?" he asked again. Yami's eyes widened as much as they could with Yugi's hand on his face; this couldn't be happening, Yugi had lost all memory of him.

"I don't know, Yugi, could you come with me?" Yami said gently removing his hands and standing up.

"Okay" he said very childlike.

"Yugi could you tell me how old you are again, I can't seem to remember," Yami lied taking Yugi's hand and leading him away.

"I'm onwy four," Yugi said smiling innocently up at him.

'no!' Yami thought worried he started to walk faster,

"Mr. Yawni yew huwting my hand," Yugi cried pulling at Yami's fingers that where gripping Yugi's little hand. Yami looked down at him he was already starting to tear up.

"oh, Yugi I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that," he said as the little one sniffed rubbing his nose.

"Yugi it's all right I'm not hurting you on purpose," Yami said kneeling down next to him and catching him up in a hug. Little Yugi gasped in his state of mind he was thinking he had never been hugged like this before, he liked it and leaned into it wrapping his arms around Yami's neck.

"Mr. Yawni can I stay hewe foweva?" Yugi asked quietly putting his head on his shoulder. Yami didn't really know how to act You wouldn't either if the sweet ten year old you had known for a couple days had just turned into a scared fragile four year old with the same body.

"I don't know Yugi," Yami said picking the little one up.

"Yugi how would you like to meet one of my friends?" he asked he was going to have to reintroduce him to Seto.

"awe they a nice fwiend?" Yugi replied clinging onto Yami instinctively; Yami began to walk off towards where he had last seen Seto, the trophy room.

"he's a nice friend," Yami assured him. Yami entered the room and immediately Yugi's calm attitude changed for the worse; Yugi began to squeeze tighter on Yami's neck and hid his face

"I don't like it hewe!" he cried shrilly just about climbing Yami.

Said twenty year old left the room quickly, upon not seeing Seto there, but Yugi didn't calm down he continued to cling to Yami, if he had tried to drop him Yugi wouldn't have gone anywhere,

"Yugi it's okay shhhh, stop crying, it's all right you can open your eyes," Yami said sitting down on the floor with his back against the wall Yugi was getting too heavy to carry he was putting his full weight on him and dragging him down.

Yugi continued to cry into Yami's shoulder even after he sat down Yami just sat there not really knowing what to do yes he could comfort a ten year old with words and a small shh and a pat on the back, but this new Yugi was so frail that he was afraid to even touch him now.

"Yugi shhh," Yami shushed him rubbing his back gently.

"sh, sh, sh it's okay you're fine nothing is going to hurt you," Yami whispered as Yugi hiccuped against his shoulder.

"Ami' I'm scawed," Yugi whimpered sniffling.

"YAMI!" the sudden shout made Yami jump looking around quickly he spotted Seto at the end of the hallway, and he felt Yugi begin to shake again.

"no, daddy," he heard Yugi whimper.

"Seto, shut up," Yami whispered to the tall brunette that had started marching towards him.

"Yami what are you doing!" he said from his view Yugi was straddling Yami's stomach with his head on his shoulder.

"Seto shh, I'll tell you in a minute, could you help me here?" Yami asked him shifting a bit. Seto bent down and began to move Yugi, picking him up under the arms, Yugi freaked out reaching for Yami.

"I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go! Yawniii!" Yugi cried franticly fighting Seto, who dropped him surprised, and Yugi scrambled to get back to; Yami latching onto him and shutting his eyes tight against Yami's chest.

"What on earth?" Seto began Yami cut him off.

"I don't know," he said making his way to his feet by trying to slide up the wall with Yugi still holding onto him.

"Yugi it's okay this is my friend, Seto Kaiba, Yami said looking down at Yugi who had his arms wrapped tightly around his waist Yugi looked up tearfully at him releasing his hold slightly.

"Seto Kaiba?" he said looking curiously back at the still surprised CEO.

"yeah you know him we ate dinner with him last night" Yami replied.

"No, I didn't, I was with daddy last night" Yugi replied looking down as a chill ran up his spine. Yami looked up from Yugi to see Seto staring at him.

"I'll tell you in a minute" he mouthed patting Yugi on the back.

"Yugi why don't you explore the house I will come and get you when lunch is ready" Yami said separating Yugi from his waist and patting his back to get him to move down the hall in the direction he wanted him to go. Little Yugi turned back looking at them timidly before he walked off slowly looking around like something was about to jump out of the wall and rip him to shreds. It wasn't until he was already around the corner that Yami turned to Seto,

"Yami what oh earth is going on?" he almost shouted.

"I don't know I sat him down in a chair in my private office and the next minute he was acting like a little kid he even claims he's four years old!" Yami replied fidgeting with his fingers this was worrying him to no end.

"Four years old?" Seto repeated "that's not good, could this have something to do with that gun incident last night?" Seto said running his fingers through his hair.

"how would that turn Yugi into a four year old again?" Yami asked quirking an eyebrow.

"well you told me he's been abused by his father, that dream could have been about his father killing him, or something like that, and his head finally said it had had enough and took itself back to a time when he thought he was safe," Seto explained putting an arm around the shorter man's shoulders and leading him off.

"Should we get him professional help?" Yami asked now that they were settled into separate chairs at the bar in the center of the kitchen.

"No, we don't want to do that, there's a chance that the shrink would have seen him on TV," Seto said he had had to go to a psychologist when he was younger for 'problems' with his adoptive father (R.I.P. may he rest in pieces) the man didn't listen to a word he had just sat there going uh-huh every couple minutes.

"Then what are we going to do!" Yami cried.

"We make him confront his fear until then we treat him as gentle as we can," Seto told him looking over Yami's shoulder to see Yugi standing in the doorway. The little one looked around then slinked over towards the fridge the only thing visible over the counter was his hair tips; they watched as the fridge door opened and Yugi jumped as high as he could grabbing for something on the top shelf of the refrigerator. It took him two tries before he caught it but only succeeded in dragging a couple more things off with it and landing in a sprawled out heap on the floor with the thing he had wanted in hand. Yami had started to go see if he was okay but Seto grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Watch," he whispered out making Yami sit again; Yugi picked up the loose items on the floor and put them back on lower shelves, thankfully none of them had been glass. Yami watched the little on picked up the bag of two or three apples he had dragged out and slinked off leaving the two older men wondering what that was about.

"Should we follow him?" Yami asked his friend.

"Yeah I think we should just to make sure he doesn't hurt himself," Seto said as they got up creeping after Yugi. They followed the little one for a few minutes before the little one stopped at a door, a closet. They watched as he opened it, and the both gasped, in the short amount of time they had left Yugi alone the little boy with a four year olds mind had collected an entire bedsheets set and made it into a bowled shape on the floor with a small lamp and one of Yami's coffee table books with lots of pictures in it. Yugi curled up in the blankets with the pillow and his apples shutting the door only enough to leave a small crack that let out a little light as the little one clicked on the lamp. Yami watched the sweet little child with a sad look,

"I have to do something Seto, I promised I would take care of him and I will,"

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