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Chapter 30: Melin ceni hin lîn síla i 'eladhach

Over the next few months following the fall of the Dark Side, the Wizarding World went through radical changes. In particular the War had left the majority of the European Minitstries of Magic in complete shambles, most of the Ministers and the highest ranking officials either dead or incapacitated. For many of the older, pureblood clans this was a time of chaos. For a younger, more radical breed of wizards and witches however, this was the ultimate opportunity to make a difference in the world they were a part of: all the more so when rumors spread that Harry Potter was the descendant of a royal line. It was only a matter of weeks before people started demanding the return of the King.

Harry for his part just wanted to take his NEWTs and get on with his life. He wasn't particularly interested in becoming King but he couldn't shake the feeling that this could be an opportunity to right many of the injustices in the magical world. After a lengthy discussion with Hermione, Harry decided upon being crowned some time after the completion of the NEWTs.

If Harry was honest with himself, the thought about being King was rather surreal. He didn't give it much thought but before he realized it, NEWTs had passed and Harry was kneeling atop the highest courts of Minas Tirith as Dumbedore placed a crown on his head.

"Tradition dictates that a Numenorean King chooses a new, ELvish name upon becoming king," Dumbledore had said.

"Er..." answered Harry in somewhat of a daze, "I-I think I'll decide on that later."

In practice, it wasn't as if Harry was given instant power. The various European Ministries were reestablished and elections were held to determine new Ministries of Magic. The various Ministries essentially remained autonomous in the day to day running of things. The Ministries essentially formed a sort f Parliament under the Royal Court which oversaw the governments rather than outright ruled. Still, the newly established Royal Court was the pinnacle of power and t would be held by the line of Potters.

Progress was slow but things were definitely changing for the Wizarding World. The concept of House Elf liberation was introduced for the first time. Naturally, this was resisted by many of the pureblood clans. The change came rather in the House Elves themselves; whereas previously they could be counted on resisting the idea of liberation, the encounter with the Eldar had left many of the House Elves questioning their status in society for the first time. If House Elves started demanding for their freedom en masse, there would be nothing the pureblood families could do.

The status of werewolves was vastly improved as well. Attitudes toward them couldn't be changed so easily but it was becoming more and more frowned upon to have them barred from employment opportunities because of their afflictions. Improvements in the wolfsbane potion also helped and having Remus Lupin as a High ranking official in the Royal Court was the icing on the cake.

Of course making vast changes throughout the Wizarding World wasn't all Harry was doing during his time. He spent most of his days in the quiet of the Tower of Ecthelion at the top of Minas Tirith. The isolation of the Palace felt well needed to him and he was glad to be out of the scrutiny of the wizarding public, especially the press. Besides, he was also planning something far more personal.

The day the announcement was made about the engagement of the young king to muggle-born Hermione Jane Granger was considered a tragic day for the many single (and in some cases not so single) witches whom had an eye on the Royal virtue of the king. It was also a signal to the Wizarding World that the time of exclusive pureblood dominance was at an end: they would now bow before a muggle-born queen.

For Harry and Hermione, all of that was trivial. They would soon be marrying each other and in the end that was all that truly mattered. While the Royal couple was mostly in the tower planning for the upcoming wedding, the running of Minas Tirith was placed under the charge of Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom, the two having been appointed as co-stewards under the king. They were the ones who spent much of their time preparing the Royal Capitol for the arrival of the king and queen as well as overseeing several housing and economical projects as a number of wizards and witches had expressed interest in moving into the no longer abandoned city. Also at Ron's insistence, a Quidditch Stadium was built right next to the city, serving as a practice ground for the National Teams of England (as that was the King's home country) and Italy (as that was where Minas Tirith was located), with exhibition matches between the two a common crowd drawer.

On a more personal note Ronald Weasley was still dating Luna Lovegood. Strangely endeared by the quirky blonde, Ron was seriously considering proposing some time soon.

The wedding finally took place on a spring day at the very top level of Minas Tirith. Everything went according to plan. Dumbledore conducted the ceremony as the lovely bride that was Hermione was declared queen of Numenor, sealed with a kiss. This was met with thunderous applause from the guests, including some roars from a few non humanoid ones.

"Well now, what do you think?" declared Rauthoron from his perch atop the mountain overlooking the wedding. "I suppose the declaration of the Queen is a cause for rejoicing amongst all species, isn't it?"

"Hmph," declared Metimalohe from next to him. "So long as the dragons are left alone, she's fine by me."

Rauthoron smirked and said, "If you say so."

"Yes Harry! Well to go!" declared Ron as he slapped the groom on the back. "And Hermione you look absolutely stunning."

Hermione smiled and said, "Thank you Ron," before kissing him on the cheek.

"Thanks for standing up with us, mate," said Harry. "That really means a lot."

"Hey, like I would've missed that for the world," said Ron. "Now if you'll excuse me, there's another absolutely stunning girl I'd like to see." With that, Ron made a beeline straight for Luna whom was just congratulating Luna.

Remus Lupi and Nymphadora Tonks greeted the Royal couple next. Lupin gave Harry a fatherly hug and said, "James, Lily, and Sirius would be so proud of you."

"I sure hope so," said Harry.

"I know it," said Lupin.

"Oh Hermione," shouted Tonks (standing out in her short, shocking pink hair) as she enveloped the young queen a tight hug. "That was such a wonderful ceremony."

"I-I'm glad you enjoyed it," said Hermione.

"Ejoyed it? It brought all these tears to my eyes!" Tonks literally started balling and had to be quieted by Lupin. Tonks was completely overshadowed by the well wishing of the next guest however.

"Harry 'n Hermione go' married!" sobbed Hagrid as he blew in his handkerchief. He proceeded to envelope the newlyweds in a bone-crushing hug. "I can still remember when yeh was jus' this wee baby, Harry. I carried yeh all the way from yeh parents' house, and look at yeh now!"

"I suppose it has been a long time," said Harry.

The guests continued to give their blessings to the newlyweds. Professors such as McGonagall and Angnathron gave them rather professional 'congraulations' while the Weasleys were more personal (gestures including Molly giving them both teary hugs and chaste kisses from Ginny and Fleur). Neville also gave the hugs as did many of their classmates from Hogwarts.

Finally, Dumbledore decided that the Royal Couple had enough and said, "Everyone, I kno you wish to provide your blessings but perhaps it is about time with gave the King and Queen some privacy.

As the guests started to file out Dumbledore made his way in front of Harry and Hermione. Saying nothing though his eyes twinkled, Dumbledore simply made a low bow before Harry. Harry smiled and returned the bow, so many words spoken in those simple gestures.

Later at night, there was a whisper over the wind as three voices sounded through, looking over the highest level of Minas Tirith looking down upon the Royal Capital.

"Can you see them James?" asked a feminine voice.

"Of course I can, Lily" answered a masculine voice. "Our son has finally reclaimed the happiness that was robbed from us."

"My dream is finally a reality," said Lily. "Harry has restored hope to mankind."

"Ha! Told ya there was more going on with those two?" declared another voice. "I've been seeing them for quite some time and I just knew it was inevitable between them."

"Yes Sirius we know," answered James. "Let's let the kids alone. Let's go Lily."

"OK James; so long as we're always watching over them."

"Hey! Hey! Don't leave Padfoot here behind!"

Under the stars Harry and Hermione continued to sway together, the silent music echoing through their ears. "Do you know something?" Hermione whispered into Harry's ear. "My third wish has come true."

"Oh, it has, has it?" said Harry with a smirk. Hermione grinned at him before leaning in for a kiss.

"Melin ceni hin lîn síla i 'eladhach" whispered Harry.

I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh.

And with that, the two lovers' lips met once more, under the twilight of the stars.

The End

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