Tangle with Affliction by ckat44 and Chips Challenge

Diclaimer- You already know that Harry Potter doesn't belong to us....

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It was dark and Harry's fingers felt numb. He opened his eyes and knew right away that he was having vision from Voldemort. It wasn't like the normal vision. It was like he was watching a muggle television and the timing was really off in an off way. This wasn't the present....this was the future. Uncontrollably, Harry felt himself walk closer to the large stone door with torches on either side. There was a big, wooden knocker carved to look like a snake slithering around the words "Snape Manor." The door opened, and Harry looked around still not controlling his actions. There were potions everywhere. The big fireplace that was off to the room in the left was lit and cackling. A maroon, plush chair sat right in front of the massive fireplace. Harry looked in the chair and saw the owner of the house, Severus Snape.

"You betrayed our master! You betrayed him and you shall pay!" a dark voice whispered from behind him. Snape jumped out of his chair, and Harry could see where the voice came from.

Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle senior, and Avery Knott stood in a square formation with wands pointed. "Avada Kedavra!" Malfoy hissed, and a green beam shot out and hit Snape in the chest. Snape fell down dead.

"No!" Harry yelled, but he couldn't do anything. He couldn't control his actions at all. He just watched Snape die at the hands of a Malfoy. Harry looked over the fireplace, and the clock stroke midnight. Soon, everything sped up, and Harry felt himself backing out of the house in rapid pace.

Harry jerked awake, and found himself where he had fallen asleep. He was still at the Dursley's, and it was still just a week after school had let out. Harry looked at the clock. It was 10:45 p.m.

10:45 that meant that he still had some time. The order members wouldn't believe him if he told them about his vision. What if it was planted like Sirius' was? No... it couldn't be. Voldemort wouldn't think Harry wanted to save Snape... This had to be real... It had to be! Harry looked at the clock again and realized in shock that 15 minutes had gone by. He didn't have much time. Snape would be dead within the hour. Harry had to do something! Please let this not be fake! Harry jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs without even bothering to put on his shoes. But he paused at the bottom of the stairs. There would be someone from the Order watching his house. They would notice him leaving, and he didn't have time to explain what he was doing. There wasn't time. Harry rushed back up the stairs and grabbed his invisibility cloak, his shoes and his wand.

Harry quickly ran outside into the dark night, avoided all things that he could bump into, and took off down the street. Snape saw him as he did this. It was his turn to keep watch on Potter and Dumbledore thought that if the order members were to properly keep an eye on the-boy-who-lived they had to take the very rare potion that let people see beyond invisibility cloaks and charms. Snape became angered as he saw Potter run. The careless, unappreciative spoiled brat.... Snape had no choice but to run after him; granted he wasn't as fast, but he could Apparate every so often.

Harry stopped. What now? Where was he to go...? He had to go to the Snape manor, but he didn't have a way to get there.

Harry ran past the familiar houses and trees of his neighborhood. He ran past the empty swings and park benches until he reached the end of edge of the neighborhood. Harry wasn't sure exactly how to get to Snape's manor, but in the distance he saw an oddly shaped tree with a broken branch at the top that he recalled from his vision. He ran to the tree and then he saw a broken gate and then an overgrown garden. From the garden, he looked all around him. He didn't see anything that looked familiar, but it was dark. He couldn't really seem much of anything. But he had to get to the house. Harry distinctly remembered the cracked stone door and lit torches of Snape manor. He pictured them in his head as clearly as he could. He had to get there. Harry closed his eyes and imagined the torches and the bright light they emitted. He didn't have much time.

He opened his eyes and saw that he was still standing in the over-grown garden. He hadn't gone anywhere. 'What were you thinking, Potter? You can't Apparate!" Harry thought.

'You had better learn quickly if you want Snape to live through the night,' Harry retorted.

'Yeah, and what makes you think I want that?'


Harry felt the warmth of the torch light on his face even before he opened his eyes.

Snape was shocked when he saw Potter disappear with a 'pop'. Where could he have gone? Harry Potter was gone! He had to tell Albus and the order immediately and the fastest way he could do that was through the fireplace in his manor. He apparated as quickly as he could without causing a splinch and was soon as the back entrance of his manor.

Harry grabbed the doorknob and tried to open the door, but his attempt was futile. "Alohamora," he whispered and the door opened. Easy enough... Harry walked in, and the scene was just as it was in his vision. Now, Snape should be in the chair near the fireplace but...there was no chair...and the fire wasn't lit-

"Ah...Potter, we have been waiting for you," a voice said from his right. Harry whipped around with his wand in his hand to see the four deatheaters that had been in his vision.

He'd been set up again. Harry felt his grip on his wand tighten. His fingers cramped. It was so obvious, but was it? Why would Voldemort think that he would want to save Snape? Or was Voldemort testing Snape as well? It must have been Snape that was watching him that night. Maybe Snape was here?

"Well, are you just going to stand there or will you at least put up some kind of fight for us, little Potter?"

Harry just had to buy some time until Snape got here. But what if Snape wasn't coming? Harry had been wearing his invisibility cloak, and he had apparated; even if Snape had seen him, how would he know where he was?

Harry didn't let down his stance. "Expelliarmus!" he said but Lucius blocked it. "Potter, do you really think you can beat us?"

"I have before!" Harry sneered. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Again Malfoy blocked it but made no move to hex him. They were silent for a moment before Harry took off running. He had to go somewhere where they couldn't go. He had to set up wards and fast! He ran into the basement and put a heavy locking and unbreakable charm on the door. Harry started saying the spell for wards that would make it so no one could get in or out of the basement.

Harry didn't know that Snape was furiously running through the back door of the basement. Harry finished the wards, and with a crack, he knew they were successful. He ran to find a back door and quickly put the same locking and unbreakable spell on it.

Snape was looking for his floo powder so he could go alert Albus about Potter, when he saw someone behind a bookshelf. He then realized who it was. "Potter? What are you doing in my house?" He exclaimed in disgust and confusion.

"I...I was," I was trying to save your arse, that's what I was doing, Harry thought. But he knew he couldn't say that now. Now that he had been caught in a trap by Voldemort again.

"Nevermind," Snape snarled. "I don't have time to stand here and listen to you try to make excuses for your stupidity."

"I thought you were in trouble...I had a vision and-" The sentence was interrupted by yells of rage from the deatheaters outside the wards.

"Potter what is going on?" Snape asked hurriedly.

"It's deatheaters," Harry said without thought. "They were waiting for me. Voldemort planted a vision of you getting killed, so I thought I had to save you. You weren't here though but they were. I put wards on the basement. They won't be able to get in."

"Stupid boy! You should have checked if the vision was true or not! I was keeping watch on you, and you started running. Insufferable..." Snape muttered under his breath.

"What do we do sir?" Harry asked ignoring Snape's insults. True, he should have checked...but he didn't have time!

Suddenly, the door burst open shattering into splintering pieces. Harry ducked instinctively as Snape roughly threw him aside. Then, a flash of light came rushing towards them. Harry tried to roll away, but it was coming right at him and fast. But then it was gone. The light dissipated just before entering the rooms. The wards had held.

"Exactly what kind of wards did you put up, Potter?"

"Just a simple locking spell."

"...and an unbreakable charm er maybe I need to work on that one."

"I should say. What else?"

"Er a ward that doesn't allow anyone to enter or leave a room."

"I wasn't aware that that kind of magic was taught at Hogwarts?" Snape said.

"Well, I didn't exactly learn it at Hogwarts. Well, I mean I did, but I had to go the library. I went to the back of the library...in the restricted section. In the back of the restricted section there was this book about-"

"Tell me about it later, Potter. If there is such a thing," Snape said.

They both jumped when they heard a small explosion upstairs.

"Severus! There you are. Get Potter and bring him out here! Orders from master!" Lucius sneered after trying to get in but failing miserably. Snape most certainly could not help. He looked for the nearest thing that was about the size of the door, which happened to be the bookcase on the nearest wall.

"Movello," Snape muttered sending the bookshelf over the open doorway.

Harry didn't mention that anything touching the tip of the wards could be moved. He forgot all about that little bit of information.

"What was that for?" Harry asked.

"So we can ignore their taunts. I believe we are going to be in here a while, at least until they get tired and leave," Snape said coolly.

"Oh...okay," Harry said. He would not say anything else. He was still holding a grudge about Snape stopping his Occlumency lessens after the pensieve incident.

There was a loud crash outside. Harry jumped up to peer out the window, but Snape grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the ground.

"Don't make yourself and easy target, you stupid boy! Not that you don't all ready make it easy enough for them. Why did it have to be my night to watch you?"

"It wasn't your night. Usually Tonks watches me on Wednesdays. She leaves at 12 and then Moody comes. I don't know why you got stuck with it. Maybe you're just lucky?"

"I don't think luck had anything to do with it, Potter. I think the Dark Lord has been planning this for a while. I don't know why he thought you would fall for the same trick again though."

"It was a really different vision," Harry insisted. He couldn't understand. It was not a dream!

"Had you practiced your Occlumency, this wouldn't be an issue."

Harry just closed his eyes and shook his head. He had been practicing Occlumency, but he never seemed to get any better at it. He never had fewer visions, and he could never push anyone out of his mind. Maybe Occlumency was just something that he couldn't learn, but Harry was pretty sure Snape wouldn't understand that. Snape was a Master. Things like that probably came easy to him.

There was another crash outside this one close than the first. Then, a ball of light smashed into the small window that Harry had tried to look out of earlier. The window cracked, but it didn't break.

"Get over here Potter," Snape yelled.

Snape had ducked underneath a large, oak desk and Harry ran towards it. As he ran, the floor began to tremble. Then, the walls began to shake. Harry could hear glass breaking upstairs, and he was thankful that there wasn't anything breakable in the basement. The basement was pretty much empty except for the bookshelves and the desk.

The shaking increased in intensity and Harry could no longer walk straight. He stumbled, and fell to the ground. He heard an explosion and a crash. And then, he felt blackness.

The wards were failing, and the deatheaters were starting to get through. Snape saw Harry lying motionless under the large bookshelf that he had used to block the door. A piece of the wall had crashed in on top of the bookshelf. Snape tried to put the weak wards that Dumbledore had taught him back up, but he had to get Harry out first. Snape quickly looked at Harry and saw his leg was in a very odd angle. Snape hoped they could save it.

"Moblicorpus!" Snape said and dragged Harry. Harry was stuck though and the bookshelf on top of him was so far down on his leg that Snape hoped it could be saved.

"Niferzo," Snape whispered with a neutral face, and Harry's leg was bandaged. It would have to do until Madame Pomphrey looked at it. Snape could now lift Harry with the spell, and he dragged him farther and farther back in the wards. Snape felt magic pulsing in his fingers. He put Potter down and grabbed roughly onto Harry's arm. Two is always better than one, Snape thought. Snape said the enchantment to replace the wards, and the whole basement lit up in a silvery light. Everyone but Snape and Harry flew back and hit their heads on the stone wall. The four deatheaters fell unconscious right as several Aurors started to appear, but none could get within the wards. Great.... just in time, Snape thought.