I had this friend once.

People teased us when they saw us together. I was allergic to it, sneezing everytime 'Mrs. Jyou Kido' was mentioned while Mimi turned the color of her hat. But I still enjoyed walking home with her. We would hail ice cream trucks, treating each other to popsicles. She loved strawberry.

When we reached our homes, she would yell loudly, See ya around, Four Eyes!

Embarassed, I would mumble, See ya.

We don't walk home together anymore.

We're two strangers because history with someone in the fifth grade means nothing in high school. And now, I'm walking down the sidewalk alone. Someone's crying on the curb. It's Mimi. I stop an oncoming ice cream truck and buy a strawberry popsicle. For old times sakes, I tell myself.

Here, I give Mimi the treat, It used to be your favorite.

It still is, she sniffles, Do I know you?

We were friends once, I explain, feeling stupid.

Sorry, I don't remem-

It was a long time ago.

Another girl enters the scene, interrupting our conversation. She begins to chat earnestly with Mimi. I fade into the background, turning away with their voices in my ears.

...is he your new boyfriend?

No, we used to be friends.

He's cute. Name?

I...forgot. Hey, what's your name again?

I grin to myself, Four Eyes.


Call me Four Eyes.

She smiles, Alright. Thanks for the popsicle. See ya around, Four Eyes.

See ya.