Remus' POV

"Love you…" I murmur before I even open my eyes.

Sirius laughs,

"I love you, too, Moony. But you didn't say a name!"

"I love you, Severus," I tell him.

My Mate lets out a bark of a laugh,

"Thanks, Moony. That's a mental image I could do without."

"Me too," I admit.

"Come on, let's get some breakfast," he jumps out of bed, pulling me with him.

I groan softly,

"Too early…"

"I know it is full moon tonight, Moony, but it's gone ten… I need to eat," he tugs on my hand.

I nod and follow him downstairs.

"Sirius, Remus," Harry smiles, "good morning! Sleep well?"

"Yes!" Sirius beams at his godson. "Now I am hungry. Where does Molly keep the bread?"

He starts hunting around in random cupboards without waiting for an answer.

"Full moon tonight," Harry turns to me.

I nod,


"What are you going to do?"

"We'll go outside," I tell him. "We can run through the fields, there is plenty of space."


"You think I came back just to kiss him?" Sirius looks up from the cutlery draw.

"Oh, you!" Harry laughs, "I almost forgot about Padfoot, sorry."

Sirius sighs forlornly,

"Hear that, Moony? He has forgotten me…"

"Are you really looking for bread in the cutlery drawer?" I ask him.

He shrugs,

"That's where I kept it…"

"That's because we had no cutlery…" I remind him. "Try the bread bin to your left."

"Oh, yeah," he laughs, "I see it."

"You had no cutlery? No… wait, I do I want to know?"

"Sirius' family, the few who like him, give him a bunch of stuff for our flat. One of those things was cutlery…"

"Stupid twat. He knew I was living with a werewolf," Sirius voices from across the room.

"It was all solid silver," I tell Harry. "We had to sell it all."

"Then somebody spent all the gained money on a new broomstick…" Sirius moaned. "Stupid prat."

Harry looks at me in surprise.

"Not me," I laugh then wince slightly in pain. "James."

Harry laughs,

"And you complain when I am not responsible?"

"Yeah, well, I throttled him…" Sirius grins, while using a fork to try and toast the bread over the magical equivalent of a gas hob.

"What makes me think Sirius didn't often do the cooking?" Harry murmurs, looking rather worried.

I laugh, and Sirius looks offended.

We all look up as Hermione apperates into the room. She looks shocked.

"Why did I miss it? Sheesh… I'm going mad!" she exclaims as she looks over at my Mate.

"What?" Sirius asks, warily.

"The marauders! Not Remus, the marauders!" she exclaims.

"Yes," he relaxes. He dumps two pieces of toast, miraculously unburned, on my plate and gives me a pot of jam and a knife.

"Um, Hermione? What are you talking about?"

"We haven't told him," I tell her. "We didn't want to get his hopes up."

"Told me what?" Harry looks irritated.

She nods in understanding.

"Told me what!? I think I have done enough to earn your respect by now!" he snaps.

"He has his mother's temper," my Mate observes.

I laugh softly as Harry looks rather put out.

"Sorry, Harry," I smile. "The spell wasn't…"

A loud crack fills the room and a young man with messes black hair and glasses drops to his knees before us. He gasps for breath and presses his palms against the floor to maintain his balance.

Sirius lets out a loud whoop and throws himself at the man. The man grunts.

"Get off, Padfoot…" he mutters, "I'm trying to breathe here."

"That, Prongs, does not bother me!" my Mate exclaims and promptly drags James into a tight bear hug. James reacts in the only possible way and hugs him back.

Harry's eyes have gone very wide, as have Hermione's. I smile happily at my two friends.

Suddenly James jerks back from Sirius and turns to Harry. His face lights up with delight and he jumps to his feet. He offers his hand to his son.

"Hey, Harry, I'm James."

Sirius lets out another bark of a laugh, grabs his arm and drags the three of them into a group hug.

Harry is grinning as they pull apart.

Sirius backs away, unnoticed and gestures that we should leave them alone. I nod and grab my toast as we leave the room.


"What about mum?" Harry asks as the four of us relax in my room.

"Anytime now," James replies. "The Powers believe it to create too much of a magical disturbance if they bring back too many people at one time."

Harry nods in understanding.

"Full moon tonight?" Prongs turns to me.

"How did you guess?" I murmur as I cuddle up to my Mate.

"I'm a seer," he grins.

"It's the hair," Sirius tells me, "it can detect signals from outer space."

"Oi!" James and Harry complain, simultaneously.

I snigger and close my eyes. My Mate runs his hand through my hair soothingly.

"So, we are running tonight?" James asks, after huffing for a few seconds.

"No, we are going to put Moony outside then play a game of scrabble. Of course we are running!"

"Well, I was just thinking Moony and Padfoot… they haven't seen each other for a while!" James leers at us suggestively.

"Yeah, well, you always did like a good exhibition, Prongs," I tell him.

I can't see him, but I know he turns bright red. Harry is trying to smother snorts of laughter, and my Mate is kissing my hair.

There is a large crack from downstairs. James jumps up and runs from the room, Harry follows him. Sirius looks up, but doesn't move from my side.


"Merlin!" Molly exclaims as she enters her kitchen.

"Hullo, Molly!" James beams.

Sirius snorts with laughter and Lily hits her husband on the arm.

"Molly," Lily stands up, "I know this must come as a bit of a shock…"

James erupts into laughter. Lily hits him again.

"But… I thought the spell was for…" Molly stutters and looks over to me.

"The spell was for the marauders," Harry tells her.

Molly looks at Lily.

"She's my reward," James tells her.

"Peter?" Molly asks softly.

A look of pure disgust crosses the face of my Mate, and a similar hits James.

"I think you will find he is in Azkaban," I tell her quietly.

"That isn't a reward…" she scowls.

"No," I agree. "But the spell wasn't for a reward. It was for justice."

"Oh…" she blinks, then seems to recover. "Would you like some dinner?"

"Would I ever!" Prongs exclaims then moves to the other side of Harry before he is hit again.

"Yes, please, Molly," I smile. I am trying to make up for the number of times I growled at everyone.


We are sitting outside, awaiting the full moon.

The marauders, Evans and Harry. My pack.

Moony is ecstatic.

"Tens minutes," Lily tells us as she looks at her watch.

I nod,

"I know. I can feel it."

"You should leave now," Sirius tells her, "you too, Harry."

They nod.

"Have fun," Lily kisses Prongs lightly. She puts her arm around her son, waves, then they walk inside.

My Mate unhelpfully starts to whistle 'Werewolves of London'. I'd glare at him; but it is rather comforting. After a minute James joins in and I laugh happily.

"Will you two stop that?"

"Nope. Love you, Moony," my Mate tells me, then continues from where he left off.

I grit my teeth as the pain hits, then I scream.

The pain passes.

I feel something licking at my snout. I open my eyes and see my Mate.


Hey, Moony!

Where shall we run to? I ask as I stand up.

Wherever, Prongs steps up behind my Mate, let's explore.

There are humans nearby, I tell them.

Not your concern, Padfoot tells me sternly, let's run!

I wag my tail happily as we run off across the fields.


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