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Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman shot a thin web strand from his wrist, held onto it, and let it go. Then he performed an acrobatic flip in mid-air and pressed his middle and index fingers against his wrist. Again, another thin web strand shot through the New York City sky. He was well aware of the two helicopters flying nearby, and he heard the loud wail of the police sirens piercing the sky. However, nothing mattered. The only thing he could think of was that breath taking kiss that he had shared with the love of his life: Mary Jane Watson-the woman of his dreams. Just moments before, she was standing in his doorway in that grand, flowing wedding gown. She was supposed to marry John Jameson, the son of his boss-James Jonah Jameson. Instead, she chose him. She had kissed him with such vigor that he could still recall every little detail: her smooth skin, her lush, red hair, and those beautiful green eyes. He pressed his two fingers against his wrist again, but nothing came out.
"Oh no...This can't be happening...not again!" he thought as he fell toward the street below.
Mary Jane Watson stared out of the window that her boyfriend had swung out of seconds ago.
"Wow...I can't believe that this is really coming true-the one guy that I've always loved is Spiderman," she thought. Suddenly, an expression of worry crossed her face.
"Be careful, Peter," she whispered.
"What are you doing here? This is Peter's apartment," declared an angry voice.
Mary Jane turned around to see where that harsh tone came from. There, standing in the doorway, was a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of jeans and had a tight, white T-shirt on. Mary Jane immediately realized that her eyes were filled with extreme anger and hatred. She was surprised-she had never heard or saw anyone so angry. MJ was also angry-What right does she have to talk to me like this?
"I'm Mary Jane Watson-Peter's girlfriend," MJ defiantly replied.
"Oh.." she whispered. The girl felt like crying, but she took a deep breath and looked at Mary Jane. She tried to smile, but failed. After a long awkward pause, she said, "I'm Gwen Stacy. Peter owes my dad rent; it's been days, but I was able to convince my father to let Peter stay at our apartment for a while until he can pay back the rent-I mean, he's such a nice guy."
"Oh...I see," MJ said. She was getting a little suspicious-she knew Peter would never cheat on her, but the fact that Peter never mentioned Gwen bothered her. Why didn't Peter say anything about Gwen to her? After all, she knew that Peter loved her for a long time.
Gwen caught the glimpse of suspicion in MJ's eyes, and quickly said, "But nothing happened. I mean, we never talked much, but the last time that we were together, he seemed like he was thinking about something else. I wanted to ask him what or who he was thinking about, but he seemed so content and happy after he ate the chocolate cake and drank the milk and everything, so I didn't bother. I realized that he was going through a lot of stress that month-so I didn't want to-you know-I mean, he's just so cute when he's happy, and I didn't want to ruin the moment."
Gwen suddenly realized what she had just said and quickly looked up at MJ. She could see the anger building up in MJ's eyes and hurriedly said, "I mean-it's not like we did anything. I just asked him if he wanted some cake and milk, and he just said, 'That would be nice.' I just wanted to help him out, and I just felt that some food would make him feel better. I mean, I know he loves chocolate, so I-"
"Yeah-I get the point," MJ said curtly.
"Wait until Peter gets here," MJ thought. Suddenly, she realized that if Peter swung in- which could be any moment-Gwen would find out Peter's secret.
"Listen, Gwen," said MJ.
"Umm...well, it's nice meeting you, and I'm sure Peter would be glad to see you, but he's not going to be here for a while. I think you should leave, and talk to him tomorrow."
"Oh...that's OK. I'll wait...I have nothing to do."
"Are you sure? Don't you have any school work-like a term paper or a major project coming up?"
"Don't you want to hang out with your friends? What about your boy-"
Gwen's eyes hardened. She quietly said, "I don't have a boyfriend."
MJ saw the cold glare that Gwen was giving her and became extremely uncomfortable, but she knew that she had to get Gwen out of there before Peter's secret was revealed.
"AAAAAHHHH!" Peter screamed as he tried to shoot a thin web strand. Nothing happened. He saw a nearby flagpole and grabbed it. He twirled backwards, flipped, and crouched onto the large pole.
"That was close," he thought. He stared at his hands.
"What is wrong with me?" he whispered. He thought that his powers had disappeared because of his previous, rotten emotional state. He again pressed his fingers against his wrist, and finally, a thin web strand shot through the air. He was about to swing from the flagpole when a familiar tingling sensation occurred at the back of his skull. He quickly held onto the web strand and swung from the flagpole just as the room that it was hanging from exploded. He landed on the side of a nearby skyscraper and heard that notorious cackle.
"It can't be him-it just can't. I killed him two years ago," he thought as a figure he knew all too well rose into the sky.