Author's Note: This chapter has one exception. Whenever something or an event for that matter is italicized, it means that it is occurring while Professor Xavier is speaking. You'll understand what I mean when you read! :)

Two days later:

Professor Xavier wheeled into the large UN room with Storm and Cyclops by his side. He finally stopped in front of the pulpit. Surrounding him were representatives from almost every country of the world.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen," said Professor Xavier into the microphone, "We are gathered here today to settle an important topic: the Mutant Registration Act. Mutants are-"

"The devil's children!" screamed a US Senator.

Professor Xavier turned to face the white haired senator with green rimmed glasses.

"Mutants are atrocities!" screamed the senator, "Mutants are inhuman creatures incapable of understanding what humanity is-ruthless murderers." There was a murmur among the members of the UN and a large nodding of heads.

"Mr. McLain," replied Professor Xavier calmly, "What is humanity to you?"

The Senator was caught off guard when Xavier asked him this question. "That's besides the point-"

"Actually, that's exactly the point. You claim that mutants are "inhuman creatures incapable of understanding what humanity is." In order to understand what mutants are, we have to understand what humanity is-Do we not? Humanity-does it rely on race, religion, sex, or one's genetic history? Does it mean one has to be human to understand it? I think not. Humanity-my fellow ladies and gentlemen-is the ability to learn when to move on."

Gwen Stacy places the last box on the back of the truck. She turns to see her apartment and remembers the last time Peter visited her there. She sighs. She hears her father calling her name. She walks toward her father's car and opens the door. When she gets in, her father excitedly starts talking about physics as Gwen rolls her eyes and smiles.

"Humanity is learning not to hold grudges against others-even those who we believe have harmed us or our dear loved ones."

Harry pours himself another glass of liquor and swallows it down in one gulp. "Peter," he whispers as the glass in his hand shatters under the pressure.

In a prison cell, Dr. Otto Octavius tries to break his tentacles free from the mechanism designed specially for him, but fails. Angrily, he whispers, "Parker, you'll pay dearly one day."

"Humanity is the ability to forgive those who have made careless, yet grave mistakes in the past."

Aunt May-who was released from the hospital that morning-thumbs through the same album that she was looking at several days ago. She smiles at the thought of her nephew, who she has always considered a son, finally getting married to the woman of his dreams.

"Most importantly, humanity is the ability to do what is right-even if it requires the greatest sacrifice of all."

Mary Jane and Peter are walking in front of a store that is selling expensive wedding garments. They stop, and with dreamy looks on their faces, they softly start kissing each other. Suddenly, three police cars whiz by them. Peter pulls away and looks at MJ, who smiles and nods. Peter runs off-leaving MJ alone.

"Humanity is what makes us who are. It is the essence of the soul. You claim that mutants are inhumane. However, and although you may not realize it, mutants are just like humans-human beings with emotions and souls, which once shattered can never be mended. We-like every one of you-want warm food to eat, cool refreshing water to drink, and a place where we can be accepted for who we are: human beings with an additional gift. Ladies and gentlemen, humanity also includes the prevention of war-where no one side truly wins-where people from both sides lose-where once happy children become orphans, where once happy families resort to cannibalism because they are starving, where whole villages-full of women, men, and children-are demolished. This Mutant Registration Act is the first step toward this gruesome act. I do not know what decision will be made here, but I urge you all to take into consideration the grave consequences of your actions. Remember that each of us are human beings with unique gifts-and when we work together, these abilities can be used to ensure a brighter future for all-mutant and human alike."

As Xavier's words rang throughout the building, a red and blue figure swung by-a misunderstood person who had been known by many as the masked vigilante. Yet many others knew him as a hero who saved lives at the expense of his own. Others considered him an intimidating foe while others thought he was a valuable ally. However, only one woman with cherry red hair and emerald green eyes standing in the glittering city below knew who this hero truly was: an ordinary man named Peter Parker who was bestowed by fate with extraordinary powers-who like all human beings-needed someone to remind him that with great power comes great responsibility.

Author's Note: And-that's the end ladies and gentlemen! :) I hope you all liked it again because I sure loved writing. I actually was thinking about the second and first movies several days ago, and I guess I just started writing and writing and it just came to me. I felt this was a great way to end it because it provides insight to what's happening to everyone else who was involved in this story (with the exception of Dr. Connors and Felicia.) Please again, I'd love to hear any comments-negative or positive. One more thing: I've asked this a thousand times, but I just want to ask you guys if you think I should write a sequel to this sequel. Like a Spiderman 4 movie, u know? Before I leave, I'd like to give a special thanks to all of my reviewers and readers for taking the time to read this. Very much appreciated.