briiiiiiiiing! The bell finally had rung. Everyone stood up and rushed out of the crowded classroom. Kimi strode over to her locker, excited that the first day of 9th grade was finally over. On her way, she ran into Z, her boyfriend. "Z!" Kimi blushed. "Hey babe," Z pulled back a lock on Kimi's black hair and kissed her, making Kimi blush more. " was your first day?" Kimi asked as they walked down the hall together. Z and Kimi had no classes together. "Boring. School isn't really my thing," Z yawned. Kimi nodded. "How would you like to come to my place?" Z asked. "Sure! I have no plans. Let me just find my brother and tell him. So he knows where I am."

"Chuckie!" Kimi yelled, as she spotted him chatting with Phil and Lil. "Hey Kimi!" Lil called to her best friend. "Lil! Hey!" Kimi greeted her. "Listen, Chuckie, I'm going to Z's house for the afternoon. Could you let mom and dad know where I am?" "Sure. Be home for dinner though." Kimi rolled her eyes. Sometimes Chuckie acted more like a father than a brother.

"Hello Kimi, Z," Z's mother greeted as they walked in the door. "Hello," Z said quickly. He grabbed Kimi's hand and they ran upstairs to his room. Kimi put her hand on Z's bed. She'd always loved it, it was a water bed. Her parents would never let her have one. Kimi began to blush as the quick thought of what sex would be like on a water bed crossed her mind. She shook her head and sat down. Z sat next to her, and for a moment, silence followed. "Er..I'm going to change. Be back in a few." Z announced as he dissapered into his extra large closet. He came out a split second later. Kimi began to wonder what took him so long when she saw he had no shirt on. She began to blush. Z gently pushed her on his bed and layed on top of her. He put his mouth on hers, and they fell into a long kiss. Z paused for a moment, then began to unbutton Kimi's shirt. Until he got to her bra. He hesitated, then pealed it off. She noticed Kimi's breasts were a little big for a 15 year olds, but of corse he didn't mind. They began to kiss again. Kimi was thoroughly enjoying herself, when she noticed Z's lips began to move to her breast.

Kimi didn't quite know how it happened, but she realized her and Z were both lying naked on the bed. She watched him stare at her, and wondered if he wanted sex. "If he does," Kimi whispered to herself. "I'm ready,"

Well that's the end of chapter one! hope you liked it! I realize I got too "Into it" for the first chapter, but you'll see why later in the story.