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Here are the references:

Kari- 14 years old. Lives with her brother Tai. This is two years after MaloMyotismon's defeat.

Yusuke- 14 years old. Defeated Toguro 1 month ago.

Kurama is 15. Kuwabara is 14.

Digimon are still kept secret. Gennai personally spoke with Matt's father to convince him to broadcast a news special saying that everything that has happened was just a hoax and when MaloMyotismon covered the world it was nothing more than a bizarre anomoly.

Now on with the show.

YuYuHakusho: Digimon Files

Episode 1: Introductions

There he was, the second in command ofSpirit World, Koenma, doing what he does best- stamping access for people who is either going to heaven or hell on his favorite chair. After the Dark Tournament there was a lot of buildup in his work. Now he was just trying to catch up.

"I knew I should've just left ogre behind to do this while I was gone." He said agitated.

"Koenma sir." Botan had just walked in with a folder in her hand.It must've been a profile of a human.

"What is it Botan? It better be important! As you can see I'm very busy at the moment.." He stamped one more paper this time extra hard.

Botan walked over to him and put afileonto his desk.."There is something you should see." Koenma opened up the folder and saw pictures of a girl. She had brown hair and was wearing a fluffy pink jacket with white pants and a pink cap. Her eyes were hazel with a hint of red and her mouth was curved into a smile as if she was posing for a camera.

"Who is this girl?" He turned beyond the picture to her actual files. "Hikari Kamiya." He flipped through some of her pages until he found her spirit power chart. His eyes instantly bulged. "This much power?" He said in shock. Botan nodded her head.

"What's odd about it is that we haven't felt her out yet. It was actually by accident how I found her file. It was actuallyduring our clean-up of the spirit world files when I found this under one of the shelves covered in dust. But that never happens. Could this be a coincidence?" Botan informed.

"That's not the issue now.About this girl, does she have any relatives?" Koenma questioned.

Botan then handed him three more files. "Taichi Kamiya. Her brother. No spirit power. Hmmm and their parents, no spirit power either."

"So what should I do about her? Apparitions will probably be after her right?"

"Hmmm. It's up to her what she wants to do with her power. But it's up to us to let her know what she can do with her power. Without any prior training her spirit power is up there with Yusuke's after Genkai's spirit orb and after Toguro awakened his sleeping power. But it's still strange. If she's had this power all along why haven't apparitions attacked her."

"So what's the plan Koenma?"

"Send Yusuke to Odaiba."


"Yusuke!" Keiko yelled as she slammed her books intothe spirit detectivesface before storming off with a slight blush on her face.

"Ah dammit Keiko I didn't pull your skirt up on purpose you know." This was Yusuke's sad attempt at an apology.

"And you call yourself a man!" Kuwabara was behind him and scored a nice punch to Yusuke's neck before getting him in a headlock. Yusuke used his legs to trip Kuwabara but didn't think the plan through as he fell too. Yusuke got the advantage and started hammering Kuwabara's face with his fists. Then Kuwabara got the advantage and began hammering away at Yusuke's face. As Yusuke would call it 'I'm hitting his fists with my face. Clever huh?' They continued alternating like that until Kuwabara's friends came and pulled them off of each other.

"You two never stop." Yusuke and Kuwabara were both shocked.

"Botan!" They both said in unison. And they were right. Botan was standing in front of them with her school girl outfit on.

"Let me guess Botan I have another mission. Well tell Koenma this I'm not doing anything while I'm still on vacation. Dark Tournaments a bitch ya know." Yusuke said crossing his arms to show he's made up his mind.

"It's not a hard case Yusuke. All you need to do is explain to a girl that she has tremendous power and needs to decide what to do with them." Botan said.

"What kind of tremendous power we talking here?" Yusuke asked.

"Why don't you meet her and find out?" Botan said with her cat face.

"Dammit Botan. Fine I'll go after school." Just as soon as he said that she gave him her name and address and was already on her oar.

"Good luck Yusuke." Was all she said before she disappeared into the sky.

Yusuke looked at the paper. "Odaiba!" He ran to the window. "How am I supposed to get to Odaiba? Botan!"

"My sis could drive us. I want to meet this girl. " Kuwabara said. "I've been away from my Yukina for too long. I'm . . . I'm starting to want to see new women! No! It can't be! No! Yukina my love I will never betray you! But . . . but!" Kuwabara continued to argue with himself for several minutes until he realized Yusuke was gone.


Two cat ears sprung up asthe front door open. "Kari you're finally home!" This cat however was no ordinary cat. Besides the fact that it can talk it could also walk on its hind legs and wore gloves on its hands. Its name is Gatomon.

"I told you I'd bring your favorite kind of chocolate today. You didn't think I'd be late did you?" Kari replied, whileputting her single bag of groceries on the counter. She took out a snickers bar and gave it to Gatomon.

"You're a life saver! I should talk to the candy people and convince them to make some fish falvored candy." Gatomon ran back into Kari's room to eat her new "chew toy". Kari quickly put away the groceries and went to the couch to watch the TV.


Walking up the stairs of the apartment building was none other than Yusuke and Kuwabara. "Maybe you should stay here Kuwabara."


"Well look at it from her point of view. She'll open the door and see me and say 'oh come right on in'. She'll open the door and see you and say 'The police are on the way so you better leave.' Or she'll open the door and see both of us and slam the door in our faces." Yusuke said with a smile on his face. "Then again,that'd be case closed and I could go home! On second thought Kuwabara, I'm glad you came"

"Why you!"

Kuwabara was about to strangle Yusuke until Yusuke said, "We're here." They stood right in front of the Kamiya residence.

"Wait! Are you sure this is the right place?" Kuwabara said. "I don't sense a thi-"

"What're you two doing here?" A voice called from the other side of the hall. They both turned there heads to see none other than Kari's older brother Tai Kamiya.Yusuke and Tai's eyes were locked as Tai was walking closer to them. Two heroes had met for the very first time.

End Episode 1.

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