Quite a lot has happened since the last time I summarized the situation. Since then I've changed in ways I didn't know were possible.

My best friend and digimon partner Gatomon is gone. She was eliminated by Surt the demon that was sealed inside of me by Meioh. In her last moments I could feel Ophanimon's heart connect with mine and in that instant I learned something. She was truly happy. I don't know why or how, but she was.

In all of this time my spiritual awareness has grown. I've learned how to create barriers as well as learned the basics of martial arts. I may not be an expert when it comes to reading stances and what-not, but my so called immense spirit energy makes up for that. It really helped me out in my battle against Surt himself.

This brings us to another topic. My personality must be changing because of what I'm calling a special hatred I had for this demon. With Myotismon it was fear and sometimes anger. With BlackWarGreymon it was worry and compassion. But when it came down to Surt, it was plain hatred. I wanted to. . .I wanted to kill him. And that's not like me at all.

But, maybe that's fitting for the queen of the dark ocean. What am I talking about now? Well by capturing the souls of my parents and using my friends as leverage I was forced into an unreal situation where I was forced to marry Dragomon, ruler of the dark ocean. I still don't know more about it besides 'it's destiny', but I can't worry about that right now.

Daemon has control over the digital world. He's created three generals for his third version of the Daemon Corps, Phelesmon, MetalPhantomon, and Astamon. It gets worst, he's one of the very few known Digimon who have gone beyond the mega level. And he wants to do it again. Probably for world domination, so it's nothing new for us.


Episode 32: Doppleganger

The digital wind was a gentle breeze. Yusuke stood next to Kari as they stared in an ominous direction. To the north was Daemon's castle. Visible even from where they were positioned. From that area they could feel the power of Daemon. Yusuke was never big on feeling a digimon's power, but the power coming from the castle was too large and commanding not to notice.

"I take it this place has looked better." Yusuke's tone was more serious than usual.

"It's been peaceful, but unfortunately it's usually a battle field. I hope we're ready for this." Kari smiled half-heartedly. "I can feel them. . .his forces are already on their way here."

Yusuke smirked. "I hate long waits. Maybe we can work up a strategy or something."

"No," Kari said. "Let them stay the way they are - at least for a few more minutes."


Matt ruffled TK's hair. "Welcome to the mega club."

TK grinned. "I knew I would catch up one day." He pushed Matt's hand away. "I'm not a kid anymore."

"Heh, well to be fair I haven't seen you as a kid since you tricked Puppetmon back in his forest." Matt's gaze vanished as he lost himself in thought. "Then you died."

TK frowned. "That was a ridiculous jump, Matt. Besides I came back didn't I?" TK replied.

"A little more grown-up, but still as arrogant as ever."

TK rolled his eyes. "Like your one to talk about arrogance,"


"C'mon Ken! It's me! It's MEEEE!"

"Yolei, please drop it."

"Grrrrr, you disappear into the dark ocean with Kari and you want me to drop it?!"


"Not happening,"




"Don't Yolei me! Now unless something went on in there that you don't want me to know about then-"

"Don't twist it around, even though I can't tell you what happened in there I can at the very least tell you that nothing happened between me and Kari."

"Fine! I'll drop it until after we've saved the world! But you're not off the hook yet, mister!"


Agumon stared at the dark sky and frowned. "This doesn't feel like home, Tai."

"Yeah, I've spent enough time in the digital world to call it a second home myself. I know just what you mean." Tai crossed his arms.

"Mind if I join you?" Tai turned around to see Davis and Veemon approaching.

"What's up?"

Davis let loose a furious scream, as powerful as his lungs would allow, lasting close to fifteen seconds. Everyone had turned to look at him and when they saw that he was okay, they went back to their own conversations.

"Uhh, feel better?"

Davis smiled. "Actually, yeah."


"Thank you,"

Kuwabara looked skeptical. He didn't get 'thank you's all that much. When he was the leader of his gang he may have received a thank you here and there and when he saved Yukina he received another one. Still, he wasn't going to pass up a chance to take credit from Joe.

Kuwabara grinned and gave him the thumbs up. "No problem. Anything to piss them off." A simple attempt to try to act cool. Successful?

All conversations were brought to an abrupt halt as a massive red X appeared on the ground. The ground began shaking and everyone moved away to prepare for what was to come.

Yusuke balled his fist, but soon found himself taken aback. "What the hell. . ." Rising from the ground was two dozen digimon that Yusuke had faced personally. NeoDevimon. Yusuke saw the change in everyone's demeanor. "Can't let the welcomers get the best of you. Its time to kick some ass!" He smirked before he muttered: "Let's just hope they don't go mirroring everybody."

"Time to get to work gang!" Agumon said.


Tentomon Digivolved to. . .Kabuterimon!

Kabuterimon Digivolved to. . .MegaKabuterimon!

Wormmon Digivolved to. . .Stingmon!

Veemon Digivolved to. . .Exveemon!

Hawkmon Digivolved to. . .Aquilamon!

Armadillomon Digivolved to. . .Ankylomon!

Gomamon Digivolved to. . .Ikkakumon!

Ikkakumon Digivolved to. . .Zudomon!

Agumon- "Don't digivolve!"

End Digivolution!

Tai glanced at TK. "Tai, I think the strongest digimon should save their strength." Tai nodded, remembering he applied the same tactic against Piedmon.

In an instant the two opposing sides clashed. Yusuke charged his way towards the NeoDevimon. They sunk back into the ground just as he reached them. He immediately looked down before jumping backwards. Claws penetrated through the ground the moment Yusuke moved away. He pointed his finger at the ground and smirked. Yusuke changed his mind, perhaps he'll need that strength later, and clenched his fists.

MegaKabuterimon flew, horn first, into a NeoDevimon. Despite the obvious size advantage the NeoDevimon had held the beetle back with his bare hands. Energy began to gather in MegaKabuterimon's horn just before he was tossed aside.

"V-Punch!" Exveemon plowed his fist into NeoDevimon's wing. He growled in frustration since he had been aiming for his head. Exveemon followed up with a kick that packed twice as much power as his punch. NeoDevimon was forced backwards a few feet before stopping. Now that his opponent wasn't in his face, Exveemon prepared his V-Laser. "V-Laser!" The blast from his chest collided with both of NeoDevimon's wings.

"Exveemon you're going to have to do something about those wings!" Davis yelled.

An electric crackling surrounded Kuwabara's body, as he reached into his pocket. He pulled free his trial sword, previously used against Elder Toguro in the dark tournament.

Yolei rooted for Aquilamon as her partner exchanged blows with one of the NeoDevimon. What she didn't notice was that one such NeoDevimon was creeping up behind her. She felt an undeniable feeling of dread as her sixth sense picked up on something behind her. She turned around to see a claw heading to tear her apart. With a quick squeal she waited for the inevitable. However, just before she was hit a pink coated fist slammed into NeoDevimon's head sending it skidding across the ground. Kari turned to face Yolei, with a very peculiar look -as far as Yolei was concerned- on her face. She didn't have time to question it as Kari quickly put up her spirit barrier which parried slashes from two incoming NeoDevimon.

"Cody there's a shadow coming from behind you!" Ken yelled. Stingmon quickly came to his rescue picking him up before a pitch fork pierced the area he was merely second before. A mixture of red and black now levitated in the air.

Matt instantly picked up on his presence with his eyes. "Phelesmon!"

Phelesmon grinned, staring down at the blonde haired kid. "Ah, you've come at last. I believe I made a declaration the last time we met. It went along like this. 'I would be slaughtering the lot of ya.' Now is that time."

Gabumon gave a smile. "He really doesn't know what he's getting into."

"Then let's show him."


Gabumon Warp Digivolved to. . .MetalGarurumon!

End Digivolution!

MetalGarurumon moved to bite Phelesmon's neck, but only found himself biting into Phelesmon's trident.

"Demon Shout!" Phelesmon's mouth opened, before visible sound waves of red and black were released, smashing MetalGarurumon into the ground. "Pitiful for a mega,"

Matt crossed his arms, confident. Phelesmon found something detonating on his chest sending him scraping across the ground. MetalGarurumon's shoulder rockets launchers were smoking, as the mechanoid wolf howled. The ultimate and mega level digimon's eyes both narrowed.

"It won't be that easy!" They both said simultaneously.

"Stun Claw!"

"Shot Gun!"

The two NeoDevimon never reached the spirit detective before multiple blasts of energy overwhelmed them. Yusuke turned around to see Tai and Agumon walking up to him as if a battle wasn't happening at all. "I think we should head to the castle."

"Yeah, but not everyone can handle these NeoDevimon as quick as you can. We should take care of the current threat."

"Not questioning your leading skills or anything, but if we want to end this as quick as possible then we'd better make a mad dash towards that castle over there!" Yusuke pointed at Daemon's castle.

"I want to end this with the least amount of casualties as possible. Preferably zero." Tai replied.

"Fine, do what you want Kamiya, but these bastards have already taken one of my friends. And Kurama's badly hurt thanks to these guys too. That's two too many casualties by my count." Yusuke said. "So you take care of things here and I'll go kick the big guys ass."

"Wait!" Tai demanded. "Shit, he's gone,"

"Tai! Let's go!" Agumon said.

"Alright! Alright!" Tai held out his digivice. It began emitting an orange glow.


Agumon Digivolved to . . . Greymon!

End Digivolution!

Tai seated himself on Greymon's shoulders. "Fine, after him!"


Tai turned his head to see Kari running after them. "Don't they need your help?" Tai called out.




DNA Digivolved to. . .Paildramon!

End Digivolution!

"I think they'll be alright!" Kari said, now seated on Greymon's opposite shoulder. Tai nodded, he knew that she would have to confront Meioh, she was unconsciously telling him that. But this is Meioh, the one behind Daemon and Surt. The one who even has influence in spirit world. If this woman can conspire the death of someone as powerful as Surt, then what's stopping her from taking them down as well. That still leaves Daemon, who defeated the four sovereign with the help of Meioh. Even with all of that against them, the determination in Kari's eyes showed Tai that she was wouldn't be swayed. Well at least this way he can watch over her.

Paildramon aimed his blasters and fired. "Desperado Blaster!" The energy bullets rained on several NeoDevimon. Davis and Ken saw Greymon running in the distance.

"Where are they going?"

"Probably after Daemon, meaning they expect us to hold it down here." Ken stated.

"They attacked with only one NeoDevimon in Genkai's forest last time. They're pulling out all the stops." Yolei said.

Cody nodded, "They must be experiments. Last time they attacked us during the middle of our struggle against Surt. That must have been trying to see just how effective they really were." Cody's eyes widened. "We'd better settle this before they start digivolving!"

Patamon looked up at TK. "He's right ya know."

TK face faulted. "Fine, fine." He closed his eyes and paced his breathing. "Let's go!" A small glow of light simultaneously emitted from Patamon and TK.


Patamon Digivolved to. . .Angemon!

Angemon Digivolved to. . .MagnaAngemon!

End Digivolution!

"Why'd we stop here?" MagnaAngemon asked, before noticing TK on his left knee.

"I'm not use to that yet, do what you can now."

"Excalibur!" MagnaAngemon rushed an NeoDevimon with his sword. The NeoDevimon countered with Stun Claw, only to have the sword jam straight through his arm, hand first. MagnaAngemon didn't stop there as he continued until he ripped the sword out through one of NeoDevimon's wings. He balled his other hand into a fist and hammered the NeoDevimon's face, smashing it into the ground. It exploded into data a few seconds later.

Zudomon brought his hammer down hoping to crush a NeoDevimon underneath, but the synthetic devil was able to evade, just barely, but upon impact a bolt of energy erupted from the ground point blank into NeoDevimon. A massive hole replaced where it's chest was a minute ago. The rest of him followed suit and dissolved.

Phelesmon growled. "Shit, they're dropping like flymon." Just as MetalGarurumon fired off a ton of ice missiles Phelesmon took to the sky swerving left and right to avoid them. "NeoDevimon! To me!"

The NeoDevimon did not need to be told twice as they stopped their current battles and rushed up towards the demon general. Phelesmon rose his trident into the air as dark energy surrounded it.

"Not good," Davis said, before he noticed a grin on Ken's face. "What're you smiling about?"


"Paildramon don't let him finish whatever he's doing!" Davis commanded. Paildramon flew into the sky, accompanied by MagnaAngemon, MegaKabuterimon, and Aquilamon.

"Blast Rings!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Desperado Blaster!"

The three attacks smashed into the group of demons exploding in a brilliant firey bang.

"Did we get them?"

The smoke cleared to show a Paildramon with narrowed eyes. "What the hell?!" Paildramon looked up to see himself staring down at them.

Matt froze in shock. "I know what's happening. . ." A MetalGarurumon landed in front of Matt's MetalGarurumon. "Shit we were too late."

"How many did we delete before this?" Cody asked.

"Ten at most." TK answered.

"Horn Buster!" A bright orange ball of energy made its way towards Izzy. MegaKabuterimon flew in front of his partner to intercept. "Horn Buster!" From his own horn he fired off a duplicate of the incoming attack. The two blasts collided.

"We're severely outmatched here guys." Yolei said, nervously.

"Hahahahahahahahaha!" In the sky three Phelesmon hovered in the air. The one in the middle spoke. "You do not live up to your reputation fools. I'll enjoy making statues of you all!"

"Yaaaaaa!" A massive electric blade came down with the intent on cutting the middle Phelesmon in half. Phelesmon descended, outrunning the blade as it followed him. With a quick swerve to the left he let it pass by.

"Who dares?!" He then saw the blade being retracted back to Kuwabara.

"You think you're so bad! Well I've been in plenty of scrapes and am still alive to tell about it!" Kuwabara yelled. "Now get down here so I can pound you!"

Phelesmon's irritation turned into a smirk of amusement. "Before you worry about me you should take a look behind you."

Kuwabara glanced back and his eyes widened. Two copies of himself were staring him down. "Heh, and you call yourselves copies! Don't you know a real man doesn't need to ambush!!"

"Everyone, endure and stay alive." MagnaAngemon said. His own doppleganger already igniting Excalibur.


Yusuke continued to race ahead. Even if he kept at it at full speed he definitely wouldn't reach the castle for another twenty minutes. Descending from the sky Airdramon locked their eyes on Yusuke and pursued.

"Shit fliers. Nothing I hate more than things I can't reach."

"Spinning Needle!" Pandemonium fell from the skies as it began to rain black fire balls. Upon contact with the ground they expanded into huge flames. Yusuke sprinted forward, confident they wouldn't be able to keep up. However, they fired past his current position and ahead of him. The blasts created a line of black flames that forced Yusuke to halt.

He turned around to face his attackers. 'Think Yusuke think. Umm what do I know about these guys. We fought them in Genkai's forest. The Digidestined said they were champion level so . . .aha!' Yusuke smirked. "Here goes nothing!" He ran into the flames. 'Yep, not as strong as I would've guessed by their looks.' He emerged from the other side, without a scratch on him. He renewed his mad dash towards the castle. He completely ignored the fliers above.

Not too far behind them, Greymon was running towards the castle with the Kamiya siblings on his shoulders. "He's going to make it long before we do." Tai groaned. He could feel irritation radiating from Greymon. "Eh. . .not that its your fault or anything, buddy."

"Tai, Airdramon at three o'clock." Tai looked up to see the incoming phantom beast digimon.

"I'm glad it's just them. Champion level digimon are easy to take down." Tai said. He felt irritation radiating from Greymon again. "Not that you're easy to take out, buddy." Greymon stopped running and Tai raised his digivice into the air. "Digivolving time!"


Greymon Digivolved to. . .MetalGreymon!

End Digivolution

Kari froze for a second upon seeing Greymon's digivolution. Tai noticed his sister's look and gave her the most sympathetic look he could muster.

"I'm going to try and catch Yusuke." Kari said, already dashing ahead.

"Wait. . .ugh why bother. She's already gone." Tai looked up to see MetalGreymon manhandling the champion digimon above.

'Well flying there should be a lot faster than running.'


Yusuke continued to sprint forward, Daemon's castle was not that far ahead. He didn't know whether the others were alive or not, but at the very least he could still sense Kuwabara's spirit energy. Numerous explosions echoed behind and he suddenly stopped and turned around. Decision time: go back and see if the others needed help, or take out the root of the problem, Daemon.

As he turned back around he noticed someone ahead of him. Long black hair, eyes of a plum color, a gown in the combination of black and red, it was Meioh.

"Hello Spirit Detective, or can I call you Yusuke Urameshi?"

Yusuke's eyes narrowed, those who called him spirit detective, save for Hiei, were usually enemies. "And to think I was looking for-"

"Spirit detective it is."

"Then you must be-"


Yusuke frowned. "Alright that's really-"

"Fun on my part." Meioh grinned. She scratched an itch in her hair, but kept her eyes on the detective. "Kari will die,"

"What the hell kind of introduction is that! Besides what would you know?" Yusuke said, defiantly. "I would hate to have you as a fortune teller. Anyway, you're just as big a piece of this mess as Daemon is." He pointed his finger at her. "And it is my duty as spirit detective to bring you down!" He said with a straight face. He kept the straight face for five seconds. Then he burst out laughing. "Sorry about that, just always wanted to say that."

"We could continue this conversation all day, but I'd suggest you help out your friends." Meioh grinned. What did she know that Yusuke didn't?


Kuwabara took one right hook form one doppleganger only to be moved into a second right hook from the other. His face was already bruised, but that didn't bother him much.

He raised his trial sword, letting the electric blade fill the area. "Come on!" Surprisngly, the two copies only ignited their regular spirit sword. Maybe they didn't have the trial sword?

Kuwabara didn't care to find out and moved on to the attack.

MagnaAngemon wasn't fairing any better as his blade moved in blurs to attack his own copy. The two blades continued to smash into each other without either gaining an edge. That is until another copy moved in to attack from behind.

"Watch out!" TK called. MagnaAngemon took to the sky, forcing both to follow him. He didn't have a full plan yet, but it was the only thing that came to his mind.

"Davis, we're the difference maker here." Ken said.

"What do you mean?"

"Right now they've taken the form of Paildramon. Once Imperialdramon makes the scene he'll have to whipe these two out before they get a chance to change. He can do the same with most of the copies here." Ken said.

Davis nodded. "Good plan." He slammed his fist into his palm. "Time to enact it!"


Paildramon Mega Digivolved to . . . Imperialdramon!

End Digivolution!


"They can take care of themselves. I think it's you who may need help soon." Yusuke said. He stepped forward, ready to engage.

Meioh gave him an unimpressed look. "My fight is not with you, spirit detective. As a matter of fact these events are unfolding exactly as I've planned."

"Exactly?" "Yes, exactly." She held out her arm just before a circle of power extended around them.

Yusuke shielded himself, only to realize that it wasn't hurting him. But that didn't mean it didn't have other effects. Yusuke pointed his finger at Meioh. "Let's get started."

"Not while we have company." Meioh replied. Yusuke turned around to see Kari racing towards them.

"Hey Kar-"

She continued right along passed them.

"That would qualify as rude, Kari!" Yusuke called after her.

"She can't hear you. She doesn't know where you are. And now she rushes into Daemon's awaiting hands, alone. All thanks to my power. Unless of course you can get to her in time." Meioh laughed. "That's the game."

"Damn you." Yusuke said. He reached his arm back and it radiated with blue spirit energy. "Shot Gun!"

Meioh raised her hand out forward and unleashed a torrent of red lightning. It ripped into Yusuke's attack igniting them early.

"Isn't that a bitch." Yusuke muttered. He moved forward, covering the distance between himself and Meioh in only an instant, before he let loose a barrage of punches. Using her palms, she caught and parried each strike. Half of them were telegraphed through his mind and the other half was read through her own martial arts prowess. She finally grasped both of Yusuke's fist and in an instant let the lightning rush through him. Yusuke's spirit aura erupted as he summoned more strength to himself to break away.

He was slightly shocked by her fighting technique, but every moment he spent fighting her, was a another moment Kari would be in immense danger.

"Try again, spirit detective."

Yusuke's eyes narrowed. He had tried not to grunt out in pain as the lightning had coursed through his veins, but that didn't stop the pain.

Yusuke moved on the attack again, as fast as he could he rushed passed her before dashing back towards her back. Gathering energy into his fists he pulled his arm back and rushed it forward with such force it should've been able to knock Toguro off the island the dark tournament was stationed on. All that force was wasted when it hit nothing but air. She had ducked and let him pass.

Yusuke frowned. "So much for an easy fight."

"This isn't as much of a fight for me as it is a game, spirit detective."

Yusuke cracked his knuckles. "So you're only here to waste my time."



"Positron Laser!"

A massive beam of blue and purple rushed through two different Paildramon obliterating them instantly.

"Imperialdramon, help Yolei and Cody." Ken called out.

Kuwabara ignited his normal spirit sword into his right hand. With one hand holding his trial sword and the other wielding his spirit sword he felt invincible. And he moved into a sword fight. His trial sword always overpowered the copies spirit swords, but his own spirit sword only matched them in strength. He swung his blades wildly hoping to continue to hold off two enemies of his very own caliber.

That is until both of his opponents ignited a second spirit sword, mimicking him.

"Ahhh!" MagnaAngemon cried out as both of his adversaries rushed passed him, obliterating four of his eight wings. It was still a remarkable feet not to have been cut down along with his wings.

TK watched, his eyes betraying no emotion. After dying, nothing like this could ever shock him again. "I had a few days preparation the first time around. But if I don't do this. . .we can all die." He concentrated, pulling at the power that's been inside of him from the point of his revival.

TK's body began to emit a small force of spirit energy. "MagnaAngemon. . .digivolve."


MagnaAngemon Spectral Digivolved to. . .SlashAngemon!!

End Digivolution!

SlashAngemon rushed forward, he knew he only had a few seconds before they changed again. He combined his two blade arms into one and light began to gather within them. And with that he passed right through a MagnaAngemon copy.

He turned to face his second opponent only to find himself staring in the mirror. "Too late," Was all he could say before a battle of ridiculously sharp blades was under way.


Yusuke's movements stopped. Meioh cocked an eyebrow.

"What's wrong spirit detective? Giving up? That's not in your profile." Meioh's eyes shined with demon energy. "Ah, yes. You're not giving up. You're developing a plan."

Yusuke smiled. "Not a plan per se. But something I did realize. Now that I think about it, it may have originally come from you, being the old ladies teacher and all." He shook his haed. "I've been treating you like you were just a nuisance and nothing important at all. I wanted to get to Daemon and take him out because he was the source of the turmoil here." Yusuke's smile widened into a grin. "That was wrong. The most good I can do now, is to concentrate on you. And only you." He said.

Meioh sensed his move, only a second before he made it. As best as she could she deflected Yusuke's punch to the side, followed by a second one. She reached her hand forward as if to grab the spirit detective only to find him attacking from behind her now. She quickly turned her body , but couldn't stop the blow to her shoulder. As powerful as she was, her power reduced the pain significantly. But the important thing in Yusuke's mind was that she had now been hit.

A blur of punches were aimed at Meioh's entire body. She moved into the defensive again. Yusuke's surprises were far from over however: the speed he had displayed thus far had been a ruse, he was at least twice as fast in actuality. And he picked a perfect time to prove it, the moment he saw Meioh's face unguarded. With a mighty punch he brought his fist into Meioh's cheek as hard as he could.

Pain exploded across Meioh's face, but that wasn't all, her entire body felt like it was being torn to shreds as she was sent at over one hundred miles per hour skidding across the ground. With a quick burst of demonic energy she destroyed the ground around her and stopped herself from moving any further.

Yusuke's grin hadn't left his face. "That was a surrender punch. I don't have problems fighting girls, but Kuwabara says its wrong. I'm testing the theory so I pulled a little of that punch back. Also, I didn't name it that for no reason. Surrender now, while you are able to."

Meioh spat blood from her mouth onto the floor. She was seething with anger now, but her training and mind kept it from being visible on her body. Truth be told, she wasn't giving it her all in this fight either. It was suppose to be a simple deterrent. Deter Yusuke's progress until Daemon killed Kari. Like Yusuke had, maybe she would have to take this fight seriously as well.

"Spirit Detective."

"Oh she speaks."

"Yusuke Urameshi, as member of the spirit defense force, I order you to stand down." Meioh said. Her voice was full of authority.

Yusuke scratched his head. "Um. . .no?" He said, confused.

"Very well," Her hair rose up as her combination of demon and spirit energy filled the area. "I am the daughter of a demon. I am the daughter of a powerful psychic. I carry both blood in my veins and can use them to my desire!" She reached her left hand back, it covered in black flames. She reached her right hand back, covering it in a blue power.

Yusuke was expecting a blast of some sort, but instead he was rewarded with a Meioh in his face. With a punch she sent his body flying, covered in black flames, sailing across the ground. His spirit energy dispersed the flames, but she was ready for her follow up. Yusuke matched her fist with his own energy coated fist and the two began to trade blows. From the looks of it, it seemed as though their punches were aimed at each others fist, which was partially true. Each time their power collided a shock of energy erupted.

"You're not as fragile as you look!" Yusuke said, while punching.

"You'd be surprised!" Meioh responded. She jumped away from Yusuke and slammed her firey hand into the ground. Instantly black flames of power erupted all around them. To Yusuke's shock one of the eruptions took place right under him.

His screams echoed throughout the battlefield.


Kari stopped running. She had thought that she had heard Yusuke scream. Now that she thought about it, she realized she wasn't sensing Yusuke anywhere. But hadn't he been running in this direction?

"Well this certainly is interesting." A new voice spoke. Kari jumped back as a demon rose from the ground. She shook her head.

"You," Kari said.

The demon grinned. "Yes, me."


"In the flesh." Astamon replied.

End Chapter 32

A/N: . . .It's been quite a while I know. I just didn't know how to get this chapter out there. This one was very hard. Sorry about that.