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Thursday, March 1

I am such an idiot. Why couldn't I leave things alone? I only started dating Theo to make him jealous. Now I'm afraid that if I try to leave Theo, he'll get mad and hurt Ulrich. I can't let that happen, so I must endure.

March 1 - Thursday

I can't believe how much Yumi has changed. When she's with Odd, Jeremy, and I, she seems fine, but as soon as Theo shows up she looks almost scared. I don't trust him. If he hurts her... I wish I could watch over her here like I do in Lyoko. I was angry when Yumi chose him over me. Anyone else, Yumi. Anyone but Theo. Herb and Nicholas even... but not Theo. Why, Yumi?

During lunch, Yumi sat down at their table, facing Ulrich. Theo sat to her right, wrapping his arm around her possessively. Ulrich looked away and clenched his hands into fists under the table, unable to bear the sight. He hated how Theo acted as if Yumi was his. At least there was one place where Theo couldn't go - Lyoko. For once, Ulrich almost wished X.A.N.A. would attack so he could get Yumi away from Theo.

Ulrich was brought back to reality as the bell rang, ending lunch. The gang, plus Theo, picked up their trays and threw away their uneaten food. For Yumi, this was most of it. Lately, Yumi's appetite had diminished until all she could eat was a granola bar for lunch, and a small meal at supper. Breakfast no longer existed for her.

After dumping her uneaten food, Yumi let Theo lead her to her next class. She glanced over her left shoulder to see Ulrich watching her with his hands in his pockets and a scowl on his face. Theo tugged on her hand and she was pulled into the crowd of milling students where she could no longer see Ulrich.