Calai'di– Has anyone ever realized how hard it is to do a Yugioh–Stargate crossover? Especially if you're not Japanese. 'Cause then you have to go out of your way to learn everything about the original Yugioh and enough Japanese to carry on a conversation.

Anyway, this is written from the point of view of the SGC personnel, so the thoughts of the other characters are pretty much unknown. And I'd been playing with the idea of what would happen if the Yugioh characters actually got to go to the SGC. I always thought that Yugi and Yami were like the Tok'ra, Ryou/Bakura and Malik/Yami Malik were almost like the Goa'uld. So this is one way I think a Yugioh visit to the SGC would turn out.

However, I didn't keep it completely true to the original Yugioh. It would be rather hard and annoying if every time I mentioned Yami Bakura I wrote "the spirit of the Ring" or "Mou Hitori no Bakura/Ryou". So for my purposes I just called him Bakura.

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Japanese glossary, Yugioh Jap. to American names, and translation of Bakura and Ryou's argument at the end.

Oh yes…and since I started this before Dr. Fraiser was killed (sorry for that spoiler if anyone didn't know), she is still alive and well to take care of SG-1 in my story.

"General, I don't think I understand this correctly," stated Colonel Jack O'Neill as he entered General Hammond's office; he held a manila folder in one hand. The General glanced up at him from the papers on his desk.

"What's the problem, Jack?"

"First, let me make sure I know what you're saying. You want me and my team to show a teenage Japanese civilian group around the SGC, tell them everything about what's happened in the last eight years, and pretty much reveal our enter secret to them. Is that right?"

"They already have the necessary security clearance."

"May I ask why, sir?"

The General sighed. "I've recently learned of an series of disturbances surrounding this group of students that seemed to involve Goa'uld technology. Since the Japanese government knows nothing of the Stargate program I decided to bring them here for a 'visit' so we can find out what's going on. I already have permission from the President, Jack. There's nothing you can do about it. You and your team will just have to make them as comfortable as possible."

"Permission to speak freely, sir."

Hammond nodded like he already knew what was coming.

"They are a Japanese group, sir, not to mention civilian. I don't think the rest of my team will be delighted to have to do this, and frankly, I'm not either. Why don't we let SG-3 show them around?"

"Because SG-1 is the best team here. Don't worry about it, Jack. They'll stay for a week tops unless something happens. Why don't you go get ready?"

"When are they coming, sir?"

"Tomorrow afternoon."

"Plenty of time," O'Neill added sarcastically. "Well, might as well go inform the rest of my team we'll be baby-sitters for the next week."

O'Neill strode out of the General's office agitatedly. The General has officially lost it, he thought, bringing a teenage Japanese civilian group into the SGC. His team was even supposed to show them the Stargate! Wait till Daniel hears about this.

"You're kidding, right Jack?" pleaded Dr. Daniel Jackson as he learned about their next 'mission'.

"I do not believe General Hammond would authorize such a mission," added Teal'c, a Jaffa from the planet Chulak.

"Well he did, Teal'c. So this time tomorrow we'll be baby-sitting group of students from Japan that could be possible Goa'ulds and there's nothing we can do about it."

"Sir," began Major Samantha Carter, "Teal'c and I can sense Goa'uld symbiotes. If we don't sense anything we'll be back to our normal jobs in a week. I know it's a long time, sir, but why don't we just give them a chance? Maybe the disturbances were nothing to worry about."

"All right, you and Teal'c tell me as soon as possible whether any of these kids are Goa'ulds. In the mean time, let's get the guest quarters acceptable for living in."

The next day at sixteen hundred hours, SG-1 stood at the entrance to the gate room waiting for the group of students from Japan. General Hammond's report said the seven students were about 16-17 years old, but other than that and their names, the team knew almost nothing about them. So when the group came walking down the hall, SG-1 didn't know what to expect but it certainly wasn't what they saw. The gang's leader was about half as tall as the rest if you didn't count his hair, which was black, red, and gold and stood a foot above his head. His purplish-red eyes were big with innocence. He was talking to a boy with long blond hair and ocher eyes and another with brown hair like the bow of a ship. Nearby was another boy with very long, silvery-white hair and very pale skin who could have been albino but for his dark chocolate eyes. He appeared to be rather shy since he wasn't talking to anyone. The only girl in the group was laughing along with the spiky haired kid and his friends, brown hair bouncing and blue eyes sparkling as she laughed. The remaining two boys chose to stay separate from the others and they both looked like they thought they were better than everyone else. One had platinum-blond hair, almost passive lavender eyes, and notably tan skin. The other was taller than everyone else was, even the blond boy, and could have been the girl's brother if there wasn't so much tension between him and the others. None of them looked Japanese at all.

The boy with spiky hair walked up to O'Neill and said, "Um, are you Colonel O'Neill? My name's Yuugi Mutou, and this is Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu, Ryou, Malik Ishtar, and Seto Kaiba." He said the names in almost the same order as O'Neill had noticed them.

"Yeah, I'm Colonel O'Neill, but you can call me Jack. This is Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c." Teal'c remained silent even as the other members said hello. "Teal'c doesn't say much," O'Neill added.

"So, what's this all about?" Yuugi asked as he started to fiddle with a pyramid pendent he was wearing. "It must be really important if we all got free tickets to a high security military facility."

Jack was really impressed, even if he didn't show it. Yuugi may be the shortest of the group, but he was definitely the leader. Even Malik and Kaiba weren't interrupting him and they seemed to be natural leaders. Since Jack was taking so long Daniel decided to speak for him.

"Well, we decided we should tell the rest of the world about the SGC," he started. "Since you're civilians and from another country we want to see how you react before we tell the rest of the public."

Daniel was edgy. He wanted to stop the small talk and ask Yuugi about his pendent since it looked like it was made of gold and was of Egyptian design.

"What we wanted you to see is through here," Jack said, indicating the door behind his team. "Let's go."

"From here on in you're barely going to know what to believe," Carter added, "but believe me, it'll be worth it."

The metal door slid open and they crossed the threshold into a vast metal/stone room with a large window halfway up one wall. Near the middle of the room was a tall stone circle with a slotted metal ramp leading down from it. Nine orange triangles lined the outside ring, partially covering an inner ring with thirty-nine equally spaced Egyptian hieroglyphics on it. The group was in awe–except for Kaiba. He still looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. Yuugi walked a little closer as Malik commented, "What is it?"

"This is called a Stargate," Daniel answered. "It can transport objects from Earth to any other working Stargate in the galaxy."

"Hey, I recognize some of these!" Yuugi exclaimed suddenly. As Daniel spoke, he'd walked up onto the ramp and was studying the symbols on the Gate.

"You what?" Carter asked incredulously.

"Well, a few are easily recognizable, like Orion and Pegasus, but then there are some that are familiar and I have no idea why." He turned away from the Stargate and shrugged. " Gomennasai. Sorry if I interrupted."

"That's okay," Daniel answered.

"Yes, but now I think it time to visit the most exciting room of the place that everyone can't wait to visit when they visit," Jack interjected. "Let's go see the infirmary."

"Sir, I didn't sense a symbiote," Carter said once they were out of the students' hearing range.

"Neither did I," Teal'c added.

"Good," said Jack. "None of them are Goa'ulds so they'll be out of here in a week, right?"

"Actually, I'm not so sure about that. Even though I didn't sense the presence of a Goa'uld, I did sense something in Yuugi, Ryou, and Malik. I think there's something there, sir."

"I also sensed a presence in those three. I believe we will still have to be careful around them, O'Neill."

"I happen to agree with you, Teal'c," said Dr. Fraiser as she walked out of the infirmary holding a stack of papers. " Though according to medical information there shouldn't be anything to worry about. The MRI's came out clean, everyone of them is perfectly healthy, and even with a scan of the TERs nothing seemed to be wrong. Almost everything checks out perfectly, sir."

"Almost everything?" O'Neill inquired.

"Why did you scan with the TERs?" Carter asked. Dr. Fraiser's expression grew more worried and serious.

"For the same reason I still think we should be careful. Several times during the examination Yuugi and Ryou started talking to themselves like there was another person. Even though they spoke in Japanese, I heard Yuugi use the phrase 'Mou Hitori no Boku' several times–"

"That means 'the other me'," interrupted Daniel as he walked up to the others.

"I know. It's normal for some children to have an 'invisible friend' but not at their age."

"So they're either crazy or there really is something there."

"Exactly. Not only that, but both of their EM fields are abnormally high. It seems very suspicious to me, sir. Maybe we should have someone check on them?"

"I was just going to talk to Yuugi, maybe I should mention that?" Daniel informed.

"Why were you going to see Yuugi?" Jack asked.

"I was interested in his necklace and was going to ask him about it."

"Yeah, why don't you go do that," Jack said as Daniel began to walk away. "Tell him I said 'hi'." He turned back to Dr. Fraiser. "What about Ryou?"

"He didn't use that exact phrase but I'm concerned nonetheless."

"Why don't I talk to Ryou, sir," asked Carter. "Maybe I'll find out something."

"All right, and tell me how it goes. In the meantime, I'll escort the others around the SGC. I'm sure they're all ecstatic to look around."

"Kaiba sure didn't seem like it."

"I was being sarcastic. I bet what they really want to do is go through the Stargate."

"I'll see you later, sir," Carter laughed as she turned down the hall. O'Neill yelled after her, "Everyone loves to go through the Stargate."

Yuugi was sitting on the bed in his guestroom reading a book when Daniel knocked on the door.

"Come in," Yuugi said as he put the book down. Daniel opened the door slowly like he would be attacked. A queer-looking gun was in his other hand.

"Oh, Dr. Jackson, it's you," Yuugi said, surprised. "You're here to ask about my necklace, right?"

"How did you know that?"

"The instant I saw you I knew that you'd be interested. That's another thing I can't explain. I just know you're an archeologist. Am I right?"

"Yes, you are. So, what can you tell me about your necklace? I've never seen anything like it before." He looked more closely at the pendent hanging from Yuugi's neck. It was an inverted pyramid, made of gold, and had a myriad of straight lines all over it. On the front, a golden eye of Horus glittered innocently as Yuugi moved.

"No, I wouldn't expect that you have." Yuugi stopped suddenly and seemed to be listening to someone else in the room. Daniel had seen this before with a boy named Charlie; he'd been able to see and hear an invisible alien race called the Reetou. As Daniel scanned the room with the TER in his hand, Yuugi spoke again. "I suppose it would be all right to tell you since we're all sharing secrets here. This is called the Millennium Puzzle, one of seven Millennium Items. All the Millennium Items are about three thousand years old and can only be used by the person destined to have it. I was the first person to solve the Puzzle in three thousand years." He stopped again and listened. "Ryou-kun and Malik-kun also have Millennium Items, as I'm sure your team members will find out, and though the Puzzle is supposed to be the most powerful one, I don't even know how to use it yet."

"Amazing. I've never heard of the Millennium Items before, and I thought I knew more than anyone about ancient Egypt. Just shows anyone can still learn."

"Well I know almost nothing about the Millennium Items. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Is there anything else you wanted to ask me about?"

"Yes, actually. What do you know about the disturbances in Japan?"

"The disturbances? Oh, I wasn't really involved. It was really just Malik-kun and–" He broke off abruptly and cringed like someone was yelling at him. He whispered back, "Mama, Mou Hitori no Boku. Heki, ki ni shinai." Then to Daniel he said, "Sorry, I told you too much. All you need to know about the disturbances is that they didn't have anything to do with the SGC. At least I don't think they did. The problem is I don't know very much about the SGC; which leads me to my question, Dr. Jackson. Can I read some of your files about the SGC? I already tried looking stuff up on the computer, but since I don't know the security codes I can't get anywhere."

"Sure Yuugi, but first I have one more question. What does 'Mou Hitori no Boku' mean?"

"The other me. Why?"

"Just wondering." Daniel walked over to a computer in a corner of the room, typed a few keys, and stepped aside. "There you go. You can't look at everything from here, but it'll give you good idea of what we have to deal with here. See ya later, Yuugi."

"Arigato, Dr. Jackson," Yuugi said as Daniel walked out of the room. But as soon as Daniel was gone, Yuugi seemed to change. His eyes narrowed slightly, he stood more confidently, and there were gold streaks in his hair.

"Let's see what we have to deal with," he said in a deeper voice as he sat down to read the computer files. "And find out why General Hammond wanted us here."

Carter's encounter with Ryou started about the same way but ended quite differently.

"Hi Ryou," she said as she walked into the room. The boy was lying on his stomach on the bed facing away from the door reading a book. As soon as he knew she was in the room, though, he sat up and put the book down. Carter continued, "How are you doing?"

"Daijoubou. I'm fine. Did you want to ask me something, Major Carter?"

"Please, call me Samantha. What do you know of the disturbances in Japan?"

"Oh, the disturbances?" Ryou looked really uncomfortable as he thought about the question, but as he answered there was a slight smile on his lips. "Well, I can't say much about that since I wasn't really there. The real person to ask is Malik-kun. I do know that Malik-kun was trying to get the Millennium Puzzle and a Duel Monsters card from Yuugi-kun so he could rule the world. Of course, Yuugi-kun stopped him and got all three God Cards himself." Ryou stopped talking and looked to his right like someone was speaking. He nodded and turned back to Carter. "Dooka oyurushi-kudasai. Please forgive me. I can't tell you anything else, Samantha-san, since I wasn't there." He stood up and faced her, eyes narrowed and glistening insanely, pointy hair sticking further from his head. His voice was harsh and pitiless as he continued, "Though since I was there I can tell you whatever you want to know."

"Ryou?" Carter asked fearfully. She didn't know what it was about this boy, but she would have liked to run away from him right now.

"Yadonushi, or Ryou, is no longer here," the boy answered. "My name is Bakura. I was part of the disturbances you're asking about, Samantha. Of course, my price for knowledge is rather high, so if you really want to know–"

"Okay…Bakura…why don't we go see Dr. Fraiser?"

"Now why ever should we do that?" he asked as his face was lit up by light from below. For the first time, Carter noticed he was wearing a large, golden pendant shaped like a ring with a triangle in the middle. Hanging off the ring were five spikes, all pointing out from it at the moment. The ring was glowing, beginning with an eye in the middle of the triangle, and lighting up half the room.

Carter ran over to the wall and slammed her fist against a red button by the door and red lights and alarms started sounding.

"Security to guest-room C! Medical team to guest-room C!" she called into an intercom by the button. A flash of light flew from the ring on Bakura's chest and blew up the box near Carter's hand; then she was slammed against the far wall by a weird golden mist. She quickly ran out of the room as soon as she could stand and slammed the door shut as Dr. Fraiser and a group of armed guards ran up to her.

"Lieutenant, lock the door and don't let anyone in or out unless a member of my team is with them," she said addressing the leader of the troops. "Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I need to get you to the infirmary," Dr. Fraiser said as she helped Carter stand. "What happened in there?"

"I have no idea, Janet. But whatever is in there, it isn't Ryou."

"Major, what happened?" O'Neill asked as he entered the infirmary. Carter was lying on one of the beds with one of her hands wrapped in gauze.

"Ryou kind of–went insane, sir."


"Well, he seemed normal one moment and the next he was different, like he was possessed by another personality. And somehow he blew up the intercom in the room."

"Major, if none of them are Goa'ulds, then how did he do that?"

"I don't know."


"I'm sorry, sir, but I have no idea why he was like that. I still didn't sense a symbiote when I was in that room so he's definitely not a Goa'uld. I think he got his power from a necklace he was wearing–"

"That's the Millennium Ring," said a voice from behind O'Neill. Yuugi was standing timidly in the doorway, afraid he'd interrupted something extremely important.

"Yuugi, what are you doing here?" O'Neill asked.

"Gomennasai, I heard about what happened with Bakura–"

"Wait, you knew?" Carter questioned. Yuugi nodded.

"I've known about Bakura for a while. In case you're wondering, Bakura isn't a Goa'uld and neither is Malik-kun or I. But if you don't believe me about that, than by your standards I'd be Tok'ra, not a Goa'uld."

"How are we supposed to trust you if you're already implying you're a Goa'uld?" O'Neill asked. Yuugi closed his eyes and inclined his head. When he brought it up again, he'd changed.

"Trust us. We're not going to hurt you, Colonel O'Neill, but there are others here who might. If you let us help you, you can avoid the alternative."

"What's your name?" Carter asked.

"Yuugi's friends call me 'Mou Hitori no Yuugi'–"

"The other Yuugi," Daniel translated as he walked up behind the 'Tok'ra.'

"Right, but I'd prefer 'Yami no Yuugi'."

"How about 'Yami' for short?" O'Neill asked. Yami nodded his approval.

"So, Yami, is there anyone other than Bakura and Malik that we should watch out for?" Daniel asked.

"I see you learned something and forgot to mention it, Daniel," O'Neill said before Yami could answer. "Care to tell us anything else?"

"Not right now, Jack. Yami?"

"Well, it isn't really Malik that you have to be wary of. He also has alternate personality, Yami no Malik, but he only appears when Rishid can't keep him back. Rishid didn't come with us so I don't think we'll have to worry about Malik. Other than Malik and Bakura, though, you shouldn't have anything to worry about from us."

"Except for Kaiba," O'Neill added. "By the time I got to his room he'd already hacked into our system and read half the files. He told me he already knew how to build a virus that would take down our entire system and prevent us from fixing it for a month."

"Wow, smart kid. I think I'd like to talk to him," Carter commented.

"You didn't take that computer out of his room, did you?" Yami asked.

"No, but I wish I could have. Why?"

"I think if you'd taken away his computer he'd die," Yami laughed. "I'm not surprised he hacked into your system. Kaiba was building technology more advanced than anything here by the time he was twelve."

"Now I really want to talk to him," Carter said eagerly.

"Good luck," remarked O'Neill. "That kid is more arrogant than a Goa'uld who has Teal'c captured. Anyway, did you have something you wanted to tell us Daniel?"

"Uh, yes actually. When I was talking to Yuugi I learned of seven artifacts called the Millennium Items. That's one of them," he said as he pointed to the Puzzle. "It's called the Millennium Puzzle. Unfortunately I didn't learn much more than that."

"Sorry, I told Yuugi not to tell you any more than he did," Yami said. "I didn't know whether to trust you or not."

"Well hopefully you can tell us more now. I tried looking up the Millennium Items on the Internet but I didn't find anything useful."

"Actually, I hardly know anything about the Millennium Items. What I've learned I learned through experience. First of all, the Items use powerful, real magic."

"That's not possible. Real magic doesn't exist," Carter noted.

Yami smiled. "I thought you might say something like that. What do you think happened to cause the phone to blow up? Bakura used the Millennium Ring to hurt you, and unless we stop him he'll use it to hurt many other people as well. The second thing I know is the reason I know Bakura and I aren't Goa'ulds. I am the spirit of a Pharaoh that lived three thousand years ago. Bakura is also a spirit. Our souls are trapped within the Millennium Puzzle and Ring. I wouldn't get so excited, Dr. Jackson, I don't remember anything about my past, not even my own name. That's probably why I can't tell you much about the Millennium Items. But there is someone who can. The only person here who knows the most about the Millennium Items is Bakura–"

"You're kidding!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Unfortunately, no. Both Bakura and Malik know more than I do about the Items, so it's them you'll have to ask if you want to know anything more."

"You know who you remind me of?" asked O'Neill. "You remind me of Thor. Both of you seem to have that 'end of the world as we know it' air about you. Are you sure you don't know more than that about these Millennium Items?"

Yami nodded.

"Damn. Okay Daniel, did you learn anything else from Yuugi?"

"I learned something you're not going to like. Apparently Malik was involved in the disturbances and he also has a Millennium Item."

"He was also trying to get the Millennium Puzzle and something called a God Card from Yuugi," Carter informed. O'Neill turned to look at Yami again.


He sighed. "The disturbances were a result of the Millennium Items. Bakura and Malik were trying to win the Millennium Puzzle from me, Bakura because he wants all seven Millennium Items so he can rule the world and Malik because he wants the Puzzle and all three Egyptian God Cards to rule the world. The God Cards are the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters and combined with the 'power of the Pharaoh,' or me, Malik could unleash an unstoppable force. His other personality nearly killed four people, including Bakura, just so he could get the Puzzle. Fortunately, he didn't win it from me. That accounted for most of the disturbances.

"Bakura's been after the Puzzle since the first Duel Monsters tournament I was in. Yuugi, his friends, and I thought Honda had gotten rid of the Millennium Ring and therefor gotten rid of Bakura, but somehow it made it's way back to Ryou so Bakura could possess him again. According to what Honda's told me and what I've figured out myself, Bakura's killed about eight people since we met him. He and Malik made an alliance so they could both get what they wanted, which obviously wouldn't have worked, and during that Bakura hurt Ryou's body so he could further their alliance. Then he possessed Ryou while he was in the hospital, won a place in the Battle City finals after one duel, and then in my duel with him, released his control over Ryou, made him suffer, and then repossessed Ryou when he thought I would attack. After I did attack, he relinquished his control over Ryou again so he could suffer further.

"Of course, some of the disturbances were just Kaiba's dueling technology, some were the God Cards themselves, and some were Malik when he was controlling people's minds with the Millennium Rod. Those are the only disturbances I can think of."

"Well kids, looks like we have a problem bigger than the Goa'uld and have no idea how to stop it," O'Neill said after Yami's speech.

"Colonel O'Neill, I do have a word of advice for you. Do not let Bakura near the Stargate again. By now he probably knows exactly what it can do and will do everything in his power to use it against you."


The voice on the loudspeaker startled everyone in the room. Yami cursed softly and ran out of the room before sticking his head in again and asking, "Colonel, which room is Malik's and what level is the gate room on?"

"Malik–guest room B. The gate room is on level twenty-eight."

With a "thank you" Yami disappeared. O'Neill stood almost frozen for an instant, but then shook himself and also ran out the door with Daniel close behind.

When they reached the gate room, they saw Bakura was standing halfway up the ramp, Millennium Ring glowing brightly on his chest like it had been in his room. Yami and Malik were facing him, not quite side by side, though close to it, and all of their Millennium Items were glowing. Yami was wearing a gold choker with the Millennium eye symbol right at his throat. Malik was holding a golden rod about a foot long with a point at one end and a ball as big as his fist at the other. Attached to the ball were two things that looked like wings at first though they were flat at the end. The eye symbol was on the ball, too. The three of them were yelling at each other in both Egyptian and Japanese, and from the tone of their voices they weren't saying anything nice. There were also airmen standing throughout the room, every gun pointed at Bakura.

"Colonel O'Neill, what the hell is going on here?" called the General's voice over the loud speaker.

"I don't know, sir, why don't you ask Bakura?" O'Neill called back.

"I'll tell you what's going on," Bakura answered, glaring at them. "I would like to go through the Stargate and your General won't allow me to."

"Why do you want to go through the Stargate, Bakura?" Yami asked.

"It's a piece of our history, Pharaoh. Aren't you a little bit curious?"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean I'm going to threaten innocent people just to get what I want."

"How did you get out of your room?" Daniel called.

"Are you all idiots? I used the power of the Millennium Ring of course. Don't worry, I didn't harm any of your guards, though I could have and with pleasure. Now General, I will negotiate peacefully with you if you chose to abide by my wishes. I would like you to open the Stargate to–"

"We don't negotiate with terrorists, Bakura!" General Hammond proclaimed.

"That's a pity," Bakura answered as he pulled a deck of cards and sorted through it. "You would have saved yourself a lot of grief." He picked a card and held it up with two fingers. "This is your last chance."

"Sergeant, prepare to fire," the General answered. He was speaking to a man with a Zat gun; the Zat was so Bakura wouldn't get killed.

"I summon Man-Eater Bug!" Bakura exclaimed before he could get shot. A giant insect that looked like a cross between an ant, praying mantis, and something with horns and claws appeared in front of Bakura. The thing was dark green and had extremely sharp-looking teeth. It was down on four legs looking around for something to eat until it spotted the guards. It glanced up at Bakura.

"Go ahead," he answered. The bug started down the ramp straight at Yami and the guards behind him. It was shot several times by the Zats but they didn't even phase it. And unfortunately, SG-1 was standing behind Yami.

"I summon Feral Imp!" Yami exclaimed. A hobbit sized, fiendish, green animal appeared in front of Yami, blocking the Bug's path. "Feral Imp, attack!"

The Imp leaped at Bakura's Man-Eater Bug and they both disappeared.

"Look's like we're back where we started, Pharaoh," Bakura commented. "Why don't you give up now, before I have to destroy you."

"Tomb robber, you wish."

"Then you are in big trouble. I summon Morph–aghhhhhh!"

While Yami and Bakura had been arguing, Colonel O'Neill had crept up behind the latter and seized his arms so he couldn't use any cards. Bakura struggled furiously, kicking O'Neill several times, yelling, "Shimatta! Unhand me! You have no idea who you're messing with! Let go!"

O'Neill didn't loose his grip though, until Bakura stopped struggling. He flew back from the boy and was pinned to the wall by a golden fog. Bakura shook his hair and smirked.

"It'll take a lot more than you fools to stop me," he sneered. "Why don't you just make this easier for yourself, General, and let me go through the Stargate?"

"Sergeant, fire!" was Hammond's answer. Bakura laughed viciously as several Zat blasts hit a shield of golden mist. Until one got through. The force shield got a temporary hole and one Zat blast made it through to Bakura. He fell down to one knee and appeared to be in pain, but another blast shot out of the Ring and hit the culprit squarely in the heart. The man instantly fell unconscious. Bakura chuckled softly, raising the volume as he stood until his quiet snickering became psychopathic laughter.

"Pathetic mortals! Do you really think you can defeat me?! Shoot me again if you want, I don't care! I won't feel it and I won't die. And if you have any more doubts about my power, look behind you, General."

A hand touched the General on the shoulder and behind him was Kaiba. The youth's eyes were completely passive and his face was expressionless like he was possessed. Kaiba walked over to the computer and started typing.

"Hey!" Hammond exclaimed. "You can't do that!"

"You're words fall on deaf ears, General," Bakura called. "I've erased his memory of who he is. For now, he does remember everything about technology that he used to, but he is my loyal servant and will do whatever I tell him. So I wouldn't shoot him, since he wouldn't survive."

Kaiba finished typing as the dialing program appeared on the computer.

"Servant, I'd like to visit, oh, P7J-989."

Kaiba started typing rapidly once Bakura said this, until he suddenly slumped over the keyboard; almost immediately after, Bakura felt a sharp pain in his side. Looking down, he saw what looked like a tranquilizer dart sticking out of his waist and felt the sedative spreading through his blood stream. He smirked at Major Carter, who was standing in the doorway holding a tranquilizer gun.

"Foolish girl, do you really think that'll have the effect you want? All that'll do is–"

"Let me appear," finished a being that appeared behind the spirit. It was Ryou, transparent and ghost-like, and he looked both solemn and happy at the same time.

"While my body is possessed by Bakura, I'm trapped by one of his mental barriers," Ryou explained as he walked down the ramp to stand beside his other. "Even though that amount of tranquilizer won't bring him down, it does prevent him from reinforcing a few of those barriers, like the one the holds me. But before you ask, I still can't take control of my body. Sorry."

"Urusai!" Bakura blurted out. "Shimatta, Yadonushi! Bukkoroshite yaru zo!"

"But if you shoot him again–"

"Omae…" Bakura hissed warningly.

"–It'll probably let me–"

"Uzattai! Zakkenayo!"

"Zamamiro!" Ryou taunted back.

"Soo, desu ka?"

"Hai, meiki Duelist Kingdom, Battle City–"

"Shimatta, uzattai!"


"Yaru ka? Shokin kubi ni."



"Iie, Bakura-nichan."


"Gomennasai, Bakura-san."

"Hey Yami, what just happened here?" O'Neill whispered.

"Ryou was telling us something he obviously wasn't supposed to, Bakura yelled at him, they started insulting each other, Bakura threatened Ryou, and Ryou pretty much gave up," he sighed. Slowly, he stepped up onto the ramp and started toward the half-souls, who were still sort of insulting each other, though Ryou was only half-heartedly saying anything.

"Major, just shoot him again," he said exasperatedly. A small whistling sound and then Bakura dropped to the floor. Ryou bowed gratefully to Major Carter.

"Arigato, Samantha-san."

Japanese glossary:

Arigato: "Thank you"

Daijoubou: "I'm fine" or "It's alright"

Dooka oyurushi-kudasai: "Please forgive me"

Gomennasai: "I beg your pardon" "excuse me"

Heki: informal– "no problem!" or "it's ok!" or "forget about it!"

Ki ni shinai: informal– "don't worry." or "no problem."

-kun: adds formality and respect to a name, usually for peers

Mama: informal– "calm down." or "there there…"

-san: adds formality and respect to a name

Shimatta: informal– "damn it!"

Yadonushi: "host" or "landlord"; usually what Bakura calls Ryou

Yugioh Names:


Mou Hitori no Yuugi/Boku–Yami, "spirit of the Puzzle", Pharaoh


Bakura–"spirit of the Ring" "soul stealer"






Bakura and Ryou's argument:

"Shut up!" Bakura blurted out. "Damn it, Yadonushi! I'm going to kill you!"

"But if you shoot him again–"

"You…" Bakura hissed warningly.

"–It'll probably let me–"

"Shut up! Don't mess with me!"

"You had it coming!" Ryou taunted back.

"Is that so?"

"Yes, remember Duelist Kingdom, Battle City–"

"Damn it, Shut up!"

"What for?"

"Do you wanna piece of me? There is a reward in your neck."



"No, Bakura-nichan."


"I beg your pardon, Bakura-san."