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Unspoken Words

by: lady-rouge

Chapter 1

She was doing it again.

She glanced at her wristwatch and groaned. It was now 9:15. She was supposed to have been here by 8:45. Throwing one quick glance at the big building with the huge letterings: Takahashi Corporation, she rushed in and looked frantically for the elevators. She spotted it filled with a big group of people in it and she smiled...until she noticed it closing.

"Wait! Please hold the elevator!" Kagome yelled breathlessly as she ran towards the closing elevator doors; navy heels tapping the smooth marble floor as she passed the flying scenery. Giving one last push of her energy, she made it barely through before the large metallic doors slid shut.

Muttering an embarrassed hello to the crowd of people inside, she tried to straighten her gray blouse and skirt. She reached up and tried unsuccessfully to tame her mussed-up hair by combing her fingers gently through them; trying to make herself look decent.

She could not be late today of all days. Dear Kami, please no. She just couldn't. Today was her first day of working for the Takahashi Corporation and she couldn't blow it. Working at the Miko Corporations building had been satisfying, but not receiving enough pay had finally driven her to find a better job. And this had led her to the biggest corporation in Japan: the Takahashi Corporation. They paid double the payment at her last job and if she did well at this secretary job, this meant that she would probably be able to afford the surgery on her nine year old brother Souta.

Her mother, who could not work temporarily because of an injury from her previous job, her elderly grandfather who was retired and her little brother all depended on her right now to support them even if they denied it. They had helped and supported her to get into college, and now she would help them in return. Hopefully this job would be the answer to her prayers.


The bell sounded; pulling her back to reality. Startled, she blinked and looked around and saw that she was alone. Seeing that she was now on floor 58, she willed herself to be strong. Drawing in a deep breath to calm her churning stomach she took a small step towards the open and walked out.

She found herself in a wide circular room. Kagome spared a few seconds to examine it. There was a circular wooden desk that sat in the center of the room with leading hallways from all angles. Spotting the woman behind the big desk, she hurried towards her. "Excuse me," she asked her politely. "Could you tell me where to go for my new job today? I'm Kagome Higurashi."

"Ah hello Kagome. Yes, I was given specific orders from Sesshoumaru that you are to work for his brother in room 588. You can't miss it. If you do, you won't miss him," she said warily with a small tug at her mouth. "He's...how should I put it? Kind of...talkative," she grinned.

"Thank you...?"

"Sango Misachi. It was a pleasure meeting you. Maybe we could go out for coffee some time this week and talk," she suggested.

"Yeah, I'd love to. Thanks for everything."

"No problem. Have fun with your boss." Sango grinned again.

Shaking her head, Kagome just laughed and began her search for room 588. Trying all the hallways, she was about to give up when she spotted the huge oak doors with the 588 lettered in bright silver.

Loud yelling could be heard from the inside. Knocking gently, she waited expectantly for the boss to pop up any second, but after waiting awhile, she debated as to just walk in or not. Getting tired of standing there, she opened the door softly and peeked in. A big spacious room bathed in a creamy cream color met her gaze. It was filled with a big desk, two sofas and an oak table. Seeing a movement, her eyes shot to the figure of a tall man clad in a navy suit that fit well with his lean figure. He had long dark hair that fell down over his shoulder as he bent down to peer at an unconscious man.

"Oi Mirouku! You dead or what, because I am not finished with you yet!"

She could see him shaking the guy carelessly and bobbing him on the head.

"You didn't have to hit me that hard," the man named Mirouku said, wincing as he rubbed his sore head. He cracked his neck gently and Kagome noticed that his black hair was tied into a short ponytail at the end.

"Keh!" He snorted. "I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't scared the shit out of me!"

"Ah gomen gomen." Mirouku apologized, not sounding sorry one tiny bit.

About to go in and interrupt their argument, she froze suddenly when the man with the long hair turned slightly; revealing the side of his face. Kagome gasped; covering her mouth to stifle it. 'It couldn't be...' she thought. 'It wasn't...-'

"Inuyasha, I heard that you got a new secretary today," Mirouku said.

"Yeah," his mouth turned upward into a smirk. "But she hasn't shown up yet. I should fire her for being late."

"Now this is their first day, Inuyasha," Mirouku said calmly, "She probably had some difficulties on the way here."

"Difficulties my ass," Inuyasha snorted.

Not able to do anything but stare at the one who had captured all her attention with a dazed expression, she was helpless to suppress the images that she had tried so hard to forget. All the painful images replayed over and over again in her mind; cruelly staying there to torture her. Oh how wrong and stupid she had been in the past. She had made the biggest mistake of her life, but it was too late to change the past events. He probably hated her now. Hated her with all his might for betraying him like that.

Realizing that she was standing there in the hallway spying on them, she backed off quickly, nearly tripping over her own feet and ran towards the elevator. She would leave and go find a different job. Any job would do as long as she was far away from him. Caught up in her conflicting thoughts, she did not notice the person until she bumped into him.

"Gomen." She bowed her head. "It was my fault."

"No harm done," a low male voice replied. "Higurashi-san?" His voice was laced with surprise now.

Kagome looked up into the cool eyes of a man. "Sesshoumaru-san?" It was her turn now.

"Are you lost? I was just coming down to check up on my brother and you, but it looks like you have not found him yet."

Looking into his calm gaze, Kagome gulped; forgetting her former pledge and nodded weakly. He had interviewed her earlier in the last week and seeing him again had reminded her of the intimidation that he emitted.

"I'll show you then. Follow me." His tone was quiet, but held authority.

As she followed him down the long hallway, her stomach twirled faster and faster in protest.

"I hope you will enjoy it here," he said, not looking at her as he continued to walk. "The people are nice and the work is not too rough. Though I do have strict regulations at this company and I do not make exceptions to anyone, you understand?"

"Hai," Kagome answered softly, her eyes on the looming doors and what lay beyond.

"Here we are," he indicated to the room and opened the doors.

She followed him into the forbidding room and tried to locate him as she entered the room. She found him sitting in the swivel chair; back towards them.

"What do you want Seshy?" He asked in a bored tone; not bothering to turn around.

"What I want, Inuyasha, is for you to turn around and greet your new secretary cordially!" Sesshoumaru barked.

"Maa Maa. Calm down, Sesshoumaru, I will." He swiveled around, got up and stepped over Sesshoumaru to get a good look at his secretary, whose face was tilted downwards; bangs overshadowing her features. "Hi, Inuyasha Takahashi and you are...?"

Her head quickly snapped up and he stood shock still as he saw the face that he never thought he would never see again...






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