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Unspoken Words

by: lady-rouge

Chapter 15

Kagome braced herself for the impact that was sure to kill her, but a loud screech filled her ears instead. Hearing quick footsteps, she opened her eyes to be filled with the sight of a suited chest before she was pulled into a tight hug. Surprised, Kagome let out a small sound, but she did not resist the warm body that hovered over her own. He pulled back and as she looked into his searching, anguished eyes, she felt her heart skip a beat.

"Don't you ever scare me like that anymore Kagome," he said in a tense tone. He was breathing hard and his face held a livid look. "Don't ever do that again," he repeated tensely before burrowing her in another hug. He finally pushed her into arm distance before looking her over for any injuries. His face had calmed down somewhat and so did his voice. "We didn't hit you, did we?" He asked in a low voice.

Not knowing what to say, Kagome just shook her head. Satisfied with what he saw, Inuyasha brushed back the tendril of hair that the wind was playing with and cupped her chin gently. "I could have lost you, Kagome. Don't scare me like that anymore," he said in a hoarse voice.

To her shame, Kagome felt her eyes welling up with tears and she turned away from him to hide them. "I'm sorry Inuyasha," she said in a small voice. The coldness of the bottle seeped to her hands and she remembered her purpose. "Here," she said quickly to him before thrusting the delicate bottle into his hands. She closed his long fingers over them and moved away from him. "Please drink it," she said in a whisper before hurrying to get away from him before his disgust for her showed.

"Wait," his voice held tinges of panic and his free hand came and gripped a gentle hold on her wrist. She halted and turned back to him. "Let me explain," his urgent voice implied many things.

Kagome's voice rose in wonder as her eyes widened at him. "Explain?"

He closed his eyes in frustration before opening them and looking at her intently. "Yeah," he said softly. He ran his hands through his hair nervously before looking at her again in anticipation for her answer. His hand snuck out to capture her hand in both of his and a remorseful expression flit through his eyes. "I was wrong," he said in a low, haunted voice but it carried with the wind and Kagome heard it clearly.

Kagome could only stare at him as confusion washed over her in thick waves. He mistook her confusion for revulsion and he quickly let go of her hand and stepped away from her. "No, wait!" she said in a worried tone before grasping his hand back into hers. "Please explain." In a softer voice, "I want to know."

He tilted his head and looked at her for a moment before nodding. He turned his head to look into the sky before speaking in a soft, distant voice. "I guess you could say that this began when you came back. At first, I was angry at you for coming back into my life." He chuckled sadly. "You could even say I was bitter from what happened six years ago. At first, all I wanted to do was hurt you like how you had hurt me—intentionally as I had always thought." He sighed before continuing, "But then somehow, I started to feel it fading away under the influence of your friendship. I didn't realize until Mirouku and Sango mentioned your birthday that I had completely changed. That I was making the same mistake again," his voice ended in a pained murmur.

In the midst of feeling pain wash over herself at Inuyasha's words, Kagome did not realize he had stopped talking until it became quiet. She needed to know what came after that and so she ventured. "What mistake?" she said in a quiet tone to him.

His eyes flew to her before turning back to the sky. It was a moment of silence before he spoke again. "Falling in love with you," he said in a soft whisper.

Kagome's eyes widened and she looked at him in surprise and sorrow. "You think it's a mistake to fall in love with me?" she said in a hurt voice.

He shook his head. "No, just for me. We have never been able to be together. I think it is fate's way of telling us that we were never meant to be together—as friend or lover." His voice continued on regretfully. "For that man that you love now or will come to love in the future, they should feel lucky because they don't know how lucky they are to have your love." He stopped for a moment as if searching for something else. "After realizing that I could never be with you, I ran away and fell into Naraku's trap," his voice was a hiss as he remembered the unpleasant man. "I was set on haunting him down for doing this to me, but then the news was brought to me that . . ." his voice halted before he continued on. "That you were a part of this charade to kill me. No matter what they said, I refused to believe them. But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much you hated me—how many reasons you had to hate me." He stretched his back tiredly, "I guess I was thinking about the past and how you had made a fool of me and it began to cloud my judgment until I too, began to see you as a possible ally with Naraku. Sango and Mirouku, being the loyal friends they were, protested all the way, but we paid them no heed. All that mattered was hurting you for trying to hurt me. I was a selfish man, wasn't I?" he let out a hollow, disgusted laugh into the air. "When I did accomplish to you what I had wanted in the beginning—for hurting me then and now, I expected to be filled with smugness and satisfaction, but instead, I was filled with hatred at myself and pain. He turned to look at her quickly before resuming his familiar stance. "But it was too late and you were being carted off to jail. Then that incident with the guard occurred and I was so angry at that man, but mostly with myself for sending you there in the first place. That was the last straw and I decided that I didn't want you hurt at all" he turned his head towards her, "That is why I'm setting you free, Kagome," he said in louder voice to her. "You're free as of today. You don't have to go back anymore. I dropped the charges today." After a moment, he continued on as an after thought. "You . . . you could go back to working in the company to, Kagome," he said softly. "Don't worry, you won't have to worry about working for me anymore. You could even work with Kouga if you want, I won't be upset. I . . . understand perfectly. Me . . . I won't bother you anymore or when you're with Sango, Mirouku or Kouga either."

Kagome stared at his back feeling an old ache resounding within her. With his words, Kagome felt it intensify. Drops of liquid began to cloud her vision and she looked in confusion to the sky to see if it was raining, but the blue sky bewildered her. She ran her fingers to her face and felt the drops of tears trailing softly down her cheeks. I'm crying. Why? I have everything back in order. I don't have to stay in jail anymore. I'm . . . free. Naraku won't threaten Inuyasha anymore, the antidote is with us, Inuyasha is asking for forgiveness. I even have my job back. So . . . why am I crying? Why do I feel like my life is over? Is it because . . .? The realization hit her and Kagome clamped her hands to her stifle her cry and her realization. I only want him . . . but he doesn't want me . . .

"So, what do you say?" he asked her in a hopeful voice. When she did not answer him, he turned around in confusion. He saw her closed teary eyes and the attempt she tried to stifle her cry. His heart felt like it was being broken over again as he stared at the heartbreaking sight. Another tear leaked out of her tightly suppressed eyes and he reached out to wipe it, but stopped with the thought that he might just break her again. Fearful, he took back his hand. "Kagome?" he asked in a subdued voice. She finally opened her eyes and he was thrown back by the deep emotion that swirled within the chocolaty depths. "Please answer me," he said in a worried voice. "If you're mad at me, tell me."

"I . . . I'm not going to take back my job," she said in a strained voice to him.

Inuyasha looked confused for a moment, but realization washed over him. "If you're worried about the resignation paper you turned in, I already talked to Sesshoumaru about it. Don't worry."

Kagome shook her head resolutely. "It's not that," she said softly before turning her head away.

Panicked, Inuyasha went to face her. "Is it me? If it's because of me, then I will resign and go somewhere else."

At that Kagome shook her head fearfully. "That's not it . . ."

"What is it?" Inuyasha went to face her again. "Tell me. What is wrong with having your job back? You won't see me at all and you will still have Mirouku, Sango and Kouga there with you. What is wrong with that?"

At those words, tears sprung into Kagome's eyes and crept down her cheek one after the other. She cried silently and Inuyasha could only watch her helplessly as she stifled her mouth of sound, but the tears betrayed her emotions. Finally, she spoke. "You want to know what's really wrong?"

Inuyasha nodded urgently. "Please tell what's wrong? I don't understand why you're not happy at having Sango, Mirouku and Kouga next to you at work." His voice lowered sadly. "I thought it would. I only wanted to make you happy."

Her tears increased and suddenly, she moved to throw her arms around him in a tight embrace. "You, that's what's wrong," she said in a distressed voice. "You're not going to be there, that's what makes me sad." She continued as she tightened her arms around his neck, "You want to make me happy, but you don't know that that would make me sad. Having Kouga, Sango and Mirouku next to me is not the same as having you. If you are not there, I don't want to be there either." Her voice ended in a whisper before she clenched her fingers around his jacket.

Inuyasha looked at her in uncertainty as he listened to what she said. "You don't . . . hate me?" he finally asked in bewilderment to her.

Kagome shook her head vigorously. She wiped her tears before answering, "Where would you get an idea like that?"

Inuyasha seemed confused. "I have snubbed you, sentenced you to jail, lost my trust in you and almost let that guard rape you . . ." his voice trailed off as he heard her whisper in his ear.

"I already forgave you for that a long time ago."

Inuyasha's breath hitched and he tightened his grip on her waist. He looked into her earnest eyes and let out a grateful smile before hugging her tightly. "Thanks for giving me what I needed to hear," he said gruffly. She just smiled and nodded.

They stayed like that for a while before Kagome spoke again. "Inuyasha . . ." Inuyasha cocked his head towards her to listen. "That night . . . it wasn't what you thought it was. That night, if I had known that it would end up like this, then I would never have agreed with my parents to go out with Naraku for dinner. They needed the money and you could say greed covered their eyes for a while. Mine too, since I went along with it," she said in a soft voice. "Then about now," she hesitated before talking, "Naraku came back into my life and threatened me with your life," her hands tightened around him as if to make sure he was still there with her. "He said if I agreed to marry him, then he promised that he would give me the cure, but . . . we got caught when I was giving you the medicine—the medicine that he had given to me for the cure. It was only in jail that I found out that it was a fake one and Naraku used it against me to lie for him and I did in hopes that he would give me the real one." Kagome stopped and smiled to him. "And thanks to Kagura, his forced slave, you finally have the cure. I just wanted to tell you this so you can let go of the past, Inuyasha," she said in a sad voice. "Not to get your pity."

"Kagome . . ." Inuyasha breathed sadly before hugging her again. They stood there silently before he spoke. "There was so much misunderstanding between us, weren't there?" he said softly.

Kagome nodded regretfully. "At least there's nothing but the truth between us now," she said in a relieved voice. "I never thought the day would come," she said with a sad smile.

"Too bad it had to come when things are ending," he said sorrowfully.

Watching his forlorn expression, Kagome took a gamble—a gamble that she knew that could make or break her world. "It . . . it doesn't have to end," she said. Feeling his violet eyes scrutinize her, her cheeks stained pink and she averted her embarrassed gaze somewhere else.

"Do you mean . . .?"

Not knowing how to back out of the hole she had dug for herself, she just nodded lightly and kept her gaze averted—missing the light that entered his eyes and the joy that flashed across his face before he pulled her to him quickly. Kagome could only gasp before her mouth met his in a warm, smooth kiss. His mouth moved over hers and Kagome's eyes fluttered close as the familiar sensations began to slowly wash over every pore of her being. Her mouth began to move of its own accord and her fingers trailed up his arms slowly to rest in his wind-ruffled hair. His only response was to tighten his grip on her waist and pull her closer. When they broke apart for air, Inuyasha grinned at her shyly.

"Since you asked, you can't back out anymore, Kagome." Kagome nodded and smiled happily. "Because you're now stuck with me," Inuyasha said in a teasing voice and then his voice became more serious. He took her hands gently into his and he looked deeply into her eyes, "I promise you that there will be no more misunderstanding between us, Kagome—at least none that will end like this anymore."

Blinking back tears, Kagome nodded and he burst into a bright grin. Kagome opened her mouth to say something, but a voice caught their attention and they turned to look at where it came from. To her surprise, Kagome saw her nurse struggling to come towards Kagome and Inuyasha, but she was being held back by Mirouku and Sango in an attempt that was proving futile as she broke free and started to run towards Kagome. Astonished, Kagome looked up at the grinning faces of Mirouku and Sango. They looked at her and gave her mischievous grins before laughing. Kagome could not help but grin in return. The heady feeling that she was feeling was now increasing by Sango and Mirouku's knowledge that everything was going to be okay. She switched her attention to the running nurse who was getting closer and closer to them. Something tugged at Kagome's hand and she looked up to see Inuyasha grinning slyly at her. He beckoned his head towards the open streets and when Kagome realized what he meant, she laughed and nodded.

With her agreement, Inuyasha scooped her up onto his back. "Hold tight," he said in a laughing tone to her before getting up and running towards the open streets. Hearing the nurse's exasperated voice calling them, Kagome felt a twinge of guilt but it was swept away like caution to the wind and she laughed freely as she felt her hair become swept by the cool wind. Feeling his warm back beneath her, Kagome let out a satisfied sigh before resting her head on his back and closing her eyes.

Now this, this is what makes me happy.


1 Year Later

Nothing could be heard above the clashes of sound that reverberated through the enormous room. Delicate glasses clattered together as they met for good toasting. Laughter floated through the room as stories and jokes were exchanged. Music drifted in and out of the people and tables that stood proudly. The walls were decorated in soft silver and warm gold along with the tables that held bountiful plates of delicacies. Waiters and waitresses decked in stiff-ironed uniforms slipped through the crowd of guests balancing enormous plates of extravagant wine glasses. Everything was so beautiful that it was almost easy to forget the purpose of the party, Kagome mused grinningly as she walked down the main stairs. Everyone was talking and laughing that she thought the heavens were shining down on her as they continued to do so when she came down to join the party.

She was thinking so hard that she did not notice the hush that undulated through the crowd of guests until the room was completely silent save for the soft music that the orchestra was playing. Kagome looked up at the absence of noise and noticed that everyone was staring at her in wonder and awe. Immediately, a scarlet hue covered her face and she searched for the one person she had come down for. He was talking softly to a friend, but when the friend nudged him to look, he did—and froze.

She was stunning in her dark forest green dress that rippled around and hugged her body. The color emphasized her paleness and brought the warm tones in her eyes. Kagome caught his eyes and smiled warmly at him. Feeling his throat dry, Inuyasha walked slowly to wait for her at the bottom of the stairs where Kagome took his hand gratefully. Feeling like the proudest man on Earth, Inuyasha grinned at her and led her into a dance as they danced a song for the group. A cheer rippled through the crowd as they watched the couple dance for a while.

Looking at her stained cheeks, Inuyasha couldn't help it. "A little shy, Mrs. Inuyasha Takahashi?" he teased.

Kagome's blush intensified and she resisted the urge to stick out her tongue at his smug face. "Try having the whole room look at you at one time," she muttered to him.

He let out a laugh, but pulled her to him briefly and kissed her quickly. "That's because you're so breathtaking tonight. You better get used to it, Kagome," he said laughingly. "Plus, you are the bride of honor today."

At that, a smile burst on Kagome's face and she nodded. "Hai," she said softly to him before bending down to give him a quick peck on the lips. The music ended at that instant and the guests cheered one more time before joining the dance floor.

"Let's go say hi to your family," Inuyasha said to her before pulling her gently out. At that, Kagome's head perked up and she looked to Inuyasha with an astonished gaze.

"There're here already?"

He grinned at her and nodded before pointing to her mother, grandpa and brother who stood talking to Mirouku, Sango and Kouga by the entrance. Feeling deliriously happy, Kagome laughed before dragging Inuyasha through the crowd of people to get to them. Inuyasha just chuckled and let her drag him. The crowd parted for them like a sea and they made it to the small group safely.

"Mama, grandpa, Souta!" Kagome said happily before embracing them. They laughed and hugged her back before stepping back and examining her. "Souta, you're all better, aren't you?" Kagome asked worriedly. Souta nodded happily before following a newly found friend.

The whole family was only able to come and shake Inuyasha's hand before Rin came.

"Hi everybody," Rin said to the group before giggling and grabbing Inuyasha. "I'm just going to borrow him for a while. I've tried to make Sesshoumaru dance with me, but he's as stubborn as ever," she pouted. Waving, she took Inuyasha with her. Giving them a helpless shrug, he laughed and followed Rin to the dance floor.

"You look like you're happy," her mom said to her with teary eyes. Kagome tore her gaze from a laughing Inuyasha and made herself focus on her mother.

"Yeah, I am," she said softly as she turned her gaze back to Inuyasha. She couldn't help it, he was so handsome and something about him made her feel warm all over. "Can you tell?" she asked her mother.

Her mother laughed and nodded. "It's as obvious as your blushes," she said. At that, Kagome blushed deeply with a smile.

"Is it that obvious that I love him?" she said softly as her eyes traced his graceful figure.

Her mother nodded. "It glows not only from the outside, but also from your inside—and that's why the audience was so captivated by you."

Kagome smiled in wonder and raised one of her palm to her cheek to fight the blush that was coming on. "Oh? I— "

"Can I speak to you?" A cool voice broke through their conversation and Kagome looked up to meet the eyes of Kikyo. Kagome was surprised but she did not show it. Looking at Kikyo carefully, Kagome nodded.

"Let's go out onto the balcony. We can get privacy out there," Kagome said quietly.

They walked silently to the doors and through it. Making it to the balcony and reaching the edge, she stopped and turned to face Kikyo.

For the first time, Kikyo looked uncomfortable, but it passed quickly and in its place, her calm expression took hold again. "Let me begin by saying that this is not a peace offering because it's not," she said coolly to Kagome. "But it is also not an attempt to win back Inuyasha either." She crossed her arms elegantly before continuing. "I just came here to tell you that I have finally accepted Inuyasha's decision of choosing you over me." Kagome's eyes softened and seeing it, Kikyo roughened her features a bit. "What I mean is that I won't try to interfere anymore in your relationship," she said sternly. "You may think that all I am is a cold-hearted model, but . . . I do love him too in my own way." Her feet traveled to the doorway where they could see Inuyasha dancing with Rin. A sigh escaped Kikyo's lips, "That is why I appreciate the changes that you have brought to Inuyasha and for that, I know that you are better for him than I am." Kikyo threw her long hair over her shoulder and tilted her head proudly. "So, for once, I admit defeat," she admitted. "And I just . . . wanted to wish you two the best." With that said, Kikyo started to walk proudly to the door.

"Thank you, Kikyo," Kagome whispered softly to slender woman. Kikyo halted as she heard the words and turned around to look inquisitively at Kagome. A ghost of a smile drifted over her lips before she hardened her features into that of an ice princess once more. And then she was gone. Kagome blinked at the sudden change of the woman and smiled as she realized what had happened. Feeling content, Kagome walked to the doors that held bubbling life within it. As soon as she came through the door, she searched out for Inuyasha and saw him still dancing, but now with Sango. They were laughing and joking around and Kagome felt the urge to laugh at whatever they were laughing at. Feeling the need to join them, she started to walk towards them, but a voice halted her.

"I've never seen him that happy before, Kagome. You must have a lot of talent."

Surprised, Kagome turned and faced Sesshoumaru. She laughed quietly, "I don't think it's me," she denied. "It's his family and friends that's making the difference. I'm not that special."

"I don't think you know how much power you hold over him," he said to her in a teasing tone but then it turned serious. "That is why I want to tell you to never hurt him." He turned to look at her with a serious face and Kagome gulped before nodding.

"I'm not sure I believe that though," she said in a soft voice.

"Just look at him," Sesshoumaru said to her quietly. They both looked at Inuyasha and at that moment, he looked up at them, meeting Kagome's gaze. A vivid smile broke transformed his face and Kagome's heart leapt before she smiled a dazzling one back. He waved softly before saying something to Sango and weaving his way to them.

"That's the smile of someone that's in love," Sesshoumaru said to her. "I know it's trivial, but promise me that you will always love him. He's been in too much pain to go through anymore."

Feeling tears prickle through her eyes, Kagome nodded at him. "I promise you with my whole heart and soul," she said softly to him before looking at Inuyasha who stepped up to them.

"Ready to go dance with me, Mrs. Inuyasha Takahashi? I saved the rest for you." He grinned at her boyishly and held out one long, lean hand to her. Heart in her throat, Kagome nodded at him and reached out to take it.


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