Draco Malfoy stood in his beautiful room, furnished in Green and Silver, the slytherin colors. They were beautiful colors. His large feather bed was clad in dark green sheets and silver silk pillows. A large trunk at the foot of his bed held all his casual clothes. His more formal robes and suits were in a large wardrobe, which stood against the wall on the right side of his bed. On the left side was a double door, which led into the hall. His mothers rooms were right next to his. His large bathroom was green tile with a Jacuzzi silver tub and shower with three shower heads.

            He walked over to his wardrobe and clawed open the doors. He was still angry with his father for burning his photos. His whole collection, there were pictures of his aunts, his mother, his friends. Yes Draco Malfoy had friends. Blaise, Pansey, she wasn't a slut, that was for show, and Millie. They were all great.

            He knelt down and said softly, "Potter for president!" He laughed. Jes I'm so pathetic, laughing at my own horrible jokes. A small door opened, Draco reached in and pulled out a simple wooden box. He clutched it to his chest. As he sat down on his bed he brushed off the lid and grinned. The sight of his violin still filled him with manic joy after years.

            He looked back at the wardrobe, anger filled him again at the thought of his burnt photos. He took out his Violin and his bow. The smooth wood felt good in his hands. He put it in place and tuned it.

The music flowed from him in torrents of red. He shut his eyes, his slender form arched with the emotion in the music. Rage flowed through him, bloody rage. Damn that man, his photos. He smiled, knowing he would get his revenge, somehow. He played furiously once again. Then the door flew open.

The music stopped with an abrupt halt. Draco didn't move, he simply turned his head to see his father. Lucious Malfoy stood in the doorway, in his entire black splendor.

"Father, would you kindly leave. I was in the middle of playing."

"Do you think you have any control over me, you little shit." He spat. "Someday, when you belong to the dark lord, you will pay dearly for your insolence. For your pathetic failure. For being beaten by a mudblood."

Draco fixed him with a cold stare. "Still angry over that father? As I recall I was beat for that a month ago. May I add that I believe your age is getting to you, your crucitacious curses aren't what they used to be."

Lucious laughed. It was cold, evil almost. Panic crept up Draco's throat, he looked nervously to the window. In a moment he realized his mistake. His head snapped back to the space where his father had been. He wasn't there. Draco was flat on the floor, his head pounding.

His father reached down and yanked up his aching head by his hair. "You're hairs gotten to long. Why don't we cut it?" He slammed Draco's face into the floor. Hot blood streamed down Draco's face. Then he blacked out.

Light blue eyes blinked in the dim light. Draco shook his head. He reached over to the lamp and felt a tug around his wrist. He looked down at his wrist and growled. His wrist was bound to the bed post, Draco looked over at his other wrist. What the hell? Who tied me to the fuckin bed! He thought. He thrashed wildly against his bonds.

"Jesus Christ," He hissed. Fear touched the edge of his thoughts. He was going to throw up.

"No, Lucious Malfoy."

"Untie me this instant you maniac!" Draco shouted. The ropes cut into his wrists, he winced. His father just smiled cruelly at him. Draco shut his eyes. In two three, out two three. He opened one eye and sighed. Damn breathing's not working.  He glimpsed his father standing in the corner. "Didn't I tell you to untie me! What are you doing? Stop smiling like that! Is that a knife? Are you insane!"

"No, Draco, I'm quiet sane, really."

"Your holding a knife!" yelled Draco. I'm not scared of a manic with a knife!            

"Shut up Draco!" Lucious hissed. He stood over the boy, holding the knife to his throat. "Honestly Draco I'm sick of you. Brat Prince, that's what you are. Don't think you can order me around."

Draco wiggled back against the pillows, away from the rusty glint of the knife. "Is that blood?"

"Yes, old blood. Muddy blood."

Draco starred at him incredulously. After a moment the words set in. "You killed people with that knife."

"Mud bloods, my son. Mud bloods."

"You're insane!" Draco spat. Lucious grinned and positioned the knife over Draco's arm. The knife sliced into his arm. You won't see me scream, or cry, or beg, you bastard. Draco locked his eyes with his father, he didn't flinch as the knife was dragged down his arm.

"I'll show you pain!" Lucious spat. He slapped Draco and left the room in a furry. Draco sighed in relief. He didn't have long. Minutes later Lucious returned drinking from a bottle of vodka. "Waiting for me?" Draco rolled his eyes. His arm was starting to ache.

Lucious laughed. In a flurry of movement he jumped on Draco and cut the other forearm, deeper. He laughed again. Draco lost his resolve. I think he hit my fuckin bone!

"Get away from me!" he screamed. His voice was strangled with panic. He attempted to kick his father off himself. The bond cut into his skin. Sticky blood ran down his ankle. He kicked again and this time the thin rope broke. Draco's foot slammed violently into Lucious nose. Hs father stumbled away from the bed, grasping his nose. Blood gushed down his face.

Lucious leapt on him with an animalistic cry of rage. Draco screamed as the knife was plunged into his thigh. Lucious scrambled up to Draco's face. The knife was still buried in Draco's thigh. His father punched Draco. His head slammed against the head bored. "You're not screaming Draco? Come on, scream for daddy," He glanced at the knife and grabbed it. He twisted it in Draco's thigh. Draco screamed again. Lucious jumped off him. "Come on Draco scream."

Tears streamed from the corners of Draco eyes. He shut them and tried to stop the tears, but it hurt so badly. There was so much blood. "Draco, you've become too attached to this violin. Will you scream if I take it away?"

"Don't touch it!" Draco howled. Please not that! Anything but that!

Lucious grinned. "Brat prince, you screamed. So I think you will scream if I hurt the violin." He started a fire.

"No, you bastard don't touch the violin!" yelled Draco. He thrashed wildly against he bonds, but they held. Lucious cruelly laughed. He picked up the violin, cheered on by Draco's  screams. The flame cackled with Lucious. He tossed the violin in. Draco cried and screamed. He felt like he was covered in blood. He vomited all over himself, and cried and thrashed insanely. He was so dizzy. The last thing he saw was his violin, being consumed by the flames.  

            "Daddy why do you have to leave again?"

            "Darling, Daddy has somewhere to go." He said picking up the little girl. "But he's going to come back real soon." He planted a kiss on her forehead. She giggled and hugged his head.

            "Daddy? Where are we going?"

            "I'm going to leave you with my friend for tonight. He's going to take care of you."

            "I don't want you to go!"

            Tears welled in his eyes. "Don't cry baby, I'm comin' back tomorrow for you."

            He knocked on the door of the small hut. "Remus!" He yelled. "Remus!"

            A disheveled man opened the door, he hadn't shaved, and his hair was a mess of tangled dirty golden waves. His amber eyes were pained and blood shoot. A cigarette hung from his lip. He was dressed in black pajama pants and a UN button black dress shirt. "Remus?"


            "How ya doin." He asked re-adjusting his grip on his daughter.

            "How do ya think."

            "I'm sorry about James and Lily, and Sirius as well."

            Remus shook his head. "Don't be."

            "Look, I need you to do me a huge favor." He said. Remus nodded. "Can you watch Torri for me? I have to go somewhere."

            "He's dead stupid."

            "Then why is it burning?" He hissed sharply. He transferred his daughter to Remus' arms and clutched his own arm. "Look Torri you going to stay with uncle moony, daddy'll be back soon, I promise."

            She planted a kiss on his cheek. "Bye daddy. I'll be good."

            "Thank you darling."

            Remus looked at her. "Whats her name?"

            "Victoria." He was gone.

            "Victoria…." Remus murmured. "You look like your mother, Torri."

            "You knew mommy?" She asked. Remus laughed and took her inside.

            "Yes I knew your mommy. You have her eyes…I could tell you the funniest stories about your mother…"

            The child bounced happily in his arms. "Oh please uncle moony! Tell me a story."

            "Well…..we were in our fifth year at Hogwarts-"


            "It's a magic school, you'll got there someday, well Gabs and Lily,"

            "Who are gabs and lily?"

            "Gabriele, is your mothers name, Lily was her good friend, mine to, so they snuck down to the kitchens and found all these tubs of pink frosting……"

            That was only one of my many fond memories at Uncle moony's house, who's name  I later  learned was Remus Lupin, werewolf and dearest friend to my parents. I was swept away to uncle moony's house on numerous occasions, basically whenever the dark lord called Daddy. Daddy was a death eater, but not by choice. That's why he has to leave. The dark lord killed mommy, and he threatened to kill me as well. Daddy never told me that, not till I was thirteen. When I was ten he told me about the dark lord.

            I call him the dark lord cause Daddy does. When I got my letter for Hogwarts daddy told me I couldn't go because I wouldn't be safe there, the Dark lord would be there. When I asked how he knew he said I'll tell you when you older. Now I'm fifteen. I live in a huge mansion with daddy and lots of house elves, they're really nice. We have lots of money, I go out shopping in muggle London often. Daddy hires bodyguards for me.

            At home we have lots of spells for safety. I can do as much magic as I want. Daddy taught it all to me. I can apparate to, but only if the house is attacked. There are numerous wards, you can apparate out only. If someone tried to hurt us and they reached the house I could get out. I would go to uncle moony's. Daddy worked that out years ago. I'm really happy.

Daddy says I can go to Hogwarts this year. He thinks it's safest for me cause Dumbledore is there, and uncle moony's going back. I'm so excited about  going. Daddy's nervous cause Harry potter's there. Half the wizarding world thinks he's crazy. I know he's not, the dark lord wanted people to think that. Well actually Harry should be dead, but….Let's ignore that, the weasly family gone bezerk on him. They've made statements in the daily buggle against him.

            That Sirius Black fellow's in the paper as well. Some guy came to the ministry and started rambling on about a rat named Pettigrew, they took him to st. Mungos. He tied a week later. People are speculating that Black's innocent. I, because of daddy's job, know he is. I've never met him, but Uncle moony tells me lots of stories about him. He even got this dog for me! His names snuffles. He's very sweet. 

            The entry was cut short as her father rushed into her room swearing.

            "Daddy what's wrong!" She asked. She leapt out of bed and ran over to hug him.

            "You have to get out of here, now. Death eater's are meeting here tonight. Pack your thinks, all of them."

            Torri nodded. "Daddy what time are they coming?" She asked as she ran around her room, packing pictures, clothes, brushed, and jewelry in a huge trunk.

            "Around 8, darling. It's four now."

            "I'll get the house elves to help you, are you hungry?"

            "Just a little,"

            "I'll get them to make you some food to…Please hurry Torri."

            She nodded and continued tossing stuff in the trunk. Soon house elves aided her by bring her clothes that had been in the wash, they found the clothes all over the house and put them in her trunk. "Thank guys!" they all just bowed their heads and continued working. She packed all her pictures away except for a few she was leaving with daddy. She loved to draw, and was quiet good at it. She packed her extensive collection of paints, pencils, and other mediums in another trunk.

            Her favorite pillows, covers, and any other furniture items were shrunk and placed in yet another trunk. Finally fifteen minutes and three trunks later, Torri dashed own the stairs into the living room, to find her father pacing nervously. A diet coke and chocolate crossant were waiting for her on the dining room table.

            "Ready, Torri?"

            "Yes daddy" She gave him a kiss. "I'm going to miss you…"

            "You have you cell phone?"




            "Chargers of various kinds?"

            "Yes daddy…" He picked her up and kissed her.

            "Call me tomorrow."

            "What if he kills you?"

            "Don't worry, he likes me," Her father said softly. He put her down. Torri ran into is arms again, crying. "Come on darling."

            With a huge crack they apparated out of the house, when torri opened her eyes, they were in a dark neighbor hood. He took her hand and led to the empty space between house number 11 and 13. A very, very big house appeared out of thin air. Torri shuddered.

            "This isn't uncle moony's house, daddy."

            "He moved to a safer place."

            They walked up the steps to a huge door covered in locks and bolts. Her father knocked with one of those old fashioned knockers. A lock slid over to expose a whole in the door. Two amber eyes peered out.

            "Uncle moony!" Torri cried in delight. The door opened and Torri flung herself into his arms. "I haven't seen you in months!"

            "How ya doin' Torri,"

            "Good." She looked back at her father and almost cried. "Be daddy. I'll call you lots."

            "Bye baby. Don't worry I'll be fine." He said as he hugged her. A sudden howl made Torri jump.


            "That old bat's not dead?" her dad asked.

            "She's dead. That's her portrait."

            "Oh lord, good luck, darling. You'll need it more then I do. I'll call you." He was gone in a second.


            Torri jumped a foot in the air. "Jesus Christ!"

            "Sirius Black, love." Remus corrected gently. "Sirius shut her up she's scarring Torri!"

            "I'm working on it moony!" He howled back. "Aug, there, she's covered."

            Torri took another step into the dark house. "Erm….Sirius Black?"

            "Hey Torri," He said giving her an affectionate hug.

            "Have we met?" Torri asked. Sirius frowned and turned into snuffles. "SNUFFLES!" She knelt down and hugged the dog. "I didn't know you were Sirius! I'm sorry,"

            "So'kay," Sirius said cheerily. "I'll introduce you to Harry and Hermonie." They walked through a long corridor decorated with heads of house elves. I'll ask Sirius about that. They walked into a surprisingly nice room, it was flooded with sunlight. A girl was curled into an arm chair reading, a dark haired boy was petting a snowy white owl, and a woman was sprawled on the floor sleeping.

            "Harry, Mionie…Meet Torri!" They both looked up, the girl smiled.

            "Hi! My names Hermonie! I'm so glad you're here, Harry's Pmsing and I'm alone in the house!" Torri cracked up.

            "Pmsing?" She asked, laughing.

            "He is I swear to god!"

            "I'm Torri, lovely to meet you."

            "Do you have a room?" Monie asked. Torri shook her head. "Come up on the fourth floor with me'n Harry! I'll help you take your stuff up!"

            As they chatted, Torri ad Hermonie became friends quickly. Hermonie helped Torri unpack. After an hour or so, they slid down the rail of the stairs.

            "Monie I can't stop!" Torri shrieked. She was laughing.

            "That's the point silly!" Hermonie yelled form behind. They slid down four flights of stairs, when Torri noticed that the banister just stopped, and Harry was walking by. "Harry-"

            Torri screamed and crashed into Harry. "God I'm so sorry- Ouch!" Hermonie fell onto of Torri laughing. Torri looked up at Harry giggling. "Sorry Harry!"

            "Get off me!" said Harry. Squirming wildly. Torri was sprawled across Harry's midsection. Monie was sitting on top of Torri.

            "Monie has to get off me?" Torri laughed. Hermonie fell back on top of Torri, her eyes closed and a smile playing on her lips.

            "You killed Hermonie, Torri!" Harry shouted half teasing.

            "Oh sweet Jesus! Uncle Moony! There's an expired person on me!"

            "Expired?" Harry giggled. They were a 'laughing heap, including Hermonie the expired corpse.

            Moony saw the piled and laughed. "If she's expired how is she laughing?"

            "She's a zombie!" Harry shouted. Moony pulled Hermonie off Torri, who then rolled off of Harry.

"I'm banishing you all to the kitchen," Remus laughed. "And I demand you make some eatable food!

"And Harry!" Sirius added. The addressed boy starred at him innocently. "No rat poison this time! I dare say you can come up with a more creative way to take my money."

Harry laughed and saluted his god father. Torri and Monie followed the suit. There was much giggling heard from the kitchen and a very large explosion.

"Harry, that's house elf stove! You can't turn it that high!"

Wicked cackle, and another explosion. "Idiot."

At Malfoy Manor.

            Draco woke up, lying on his mothers bed. He was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a large Black sweater. His head was pounding. It hurt just to move. He  heard his mother, talking worriedly to herself.


            "Draco darling you're awake!" She cried running over to him. "How do you feel?"

            "Terrible. My head's pounding." Said Draco.

            "I'm brewing you a strengthen potion. You have to get out of here."

            "Mom I can't-"

            "Draco if he wakes up while your here he'll kill you. I packed all your stuff. Oreo is going to meet you at Leaky Cauldron. She'll take you somewhere safe for him."

            Draco nodded. He slid back into a light sleep. He awoke to his mother sitting next to him. She shoved a glass in his hand  and waited till he drank it all. She hugged him gently. "Darling you're going to take the night bus, alright? I got a room all set up for you. Oreo will be there in the morning."

            "I'll be alright mom, but you won't be. He's going to hurt you when he wakes up."

            "Darling I have connections. He knows about Stella. If he kills me, then he'll have her to answer to."

            "Is Stella alright? I haven't heard form her I years." Draco asked.

            "Yes love she's fine, but you have to go." She said a spell and Draco was floating down the stairs with his trunk and his mother beside him. She gave him a kiss. "Good luck darling. I'll write you as soon as school starts. You have money in the trunk and the gringottes key. I also made you a new bank account. Just tell them Draconis. They'll give you a key."

            "Bye mom." Draco said floating over to give her a kiss. He laughed. I'm peter pan! "I'll be good. I promise."

            He floated outside. His mother flung up his arm. "Bye darling." She said hugging him. He kissed her. His mother took off the floating charm and set him down as a purple bus appeared in the distance.

            "Bye mom." He grabbed the trunk and grinned it was as light as a pillow. He glanced at his grinning mother. "love you." The look in her eyes said the same. The bus pulled away with a start. "Wait!" the bus stopped. Draco dashed out and hugged his mother. "My violin, he burnt my violin."

            She grinned at him. "Darling I was hopping you wouldn't forget. You must be tired though, that potion, anyway, here."

            She handed him a small ink black box. It had a white handle. Draco grasped the handle. "What is it?"

            "Something very dear to me, it's an heirloom of the family, I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Go on love, 'I'll write you."

            Draco gave her a kiss and ran back on the bus.

            "Forget something?" a man asked. He was in a dirty conducters uniform, and was quiet dirty himself.

            "Yes." Draco said. He handed the man some money. "It's empty right?"

            "Yeah, kid. What's your name? You look familiar."


            "Draco Malfoy!"

            "Just Draco, please."

            "So you're runnin' away."

            "I don't run away."

            "Call it whatever you wanna, but you're runnin' away, why? Your rich aren't you."

            "My father's…….not exactly father material."

            "Ahhh….." the man said. "So you'll never go back?"


            "I'm stan, by the way." He said offering a hand.

            "I'm draco, as you already know." Draco smiled and shook his hand.

            "You should smile more, kid."

            "Why?" Draco asked.

            "well…" Stan began. "You've got your dad reputation against you, it's gonna be hard to make people see you and not him. You could use friends. You look nicer when you smile. People like pretty people. Your pretty…I'm not gay! Just sayin'."

            Draco nodded. "thanks."

            "Your welcome. I ran away once when I was younger. I went back a few weeks later. Say what's in the box?"

            "I'm not sure." Draco carefully opened the box and took gasped. It was a violin. A beautiful black violin. It was shiny and smooth. Little diamonds decorated the tuning knobs. The string shone like diamonds. The cuts in the violin were exquisite, the inside was also black.

            "You play?" Stan asked.

            Draco nodded and removed the bow, strung with pure white horse hair. He positioned the violin and started to play. He frowned a bit and tuned it real quick. And then he played. No anger this time, but more….happiness, joy, and freedom. 

            "Jes, kid your good!" Said an astonished Stan. "Oh! By the way where are you going?"

            "Leaky Cauldron." Draco said drowsily. He lay down in bed and tucked the violin under his arm, and slept. It's not my old one, but it's…Special. He thought as his mind drifted into sleep.

            "Kid, Draco! Wake up we're here!"

            Draco opened his eyes. "Thanks stan," said Draco groggily. He hastily put his violin away and noticed his trunk was outside. Draco smiled at Stan and shoved a pile of money in his hands. "Thank's a lot Stan!"

            The bus was gone in a second. Draco stood there a moment before dragging his still light trunk into the Leaky Cauldron. 10 minutes later his stuff was in his room. Draco went downstairs to get some food. Once downstairs he was sitting at the bar when a red head sat down next to him. Draco peered over and stifled a gasp. It was a weasly. He looked over at Draco. Draco quickly focused on his soup.

            "Are you Draco Malfoy."


            "Yes you are!"

            "Just Draco please." He managed through gritted teeth.

            "Why, where's you dad? And the death eaters are they here?" The weasly spat.

            "I'm not with my father, there are no death eaters and I ran away!"

            The weasly was truly shocked. "Ran away?"

            "Look it's none of your business," a wave of dizziness swept over Draco. "I- I…hate him! He burnt….I…I-I can't breath." Draco fell over unconscious onto the weasly.

            Bill looked at the unconscious Malfoy. He really ran away. Jes I guess I better help him. Maybe find someone how can help him. Is that blood?! Jesus Christ. He picked up Draco, who hardly weighed anything and carried him back up to his on room.

            When Draco woke up he was in a bed. A soft sunshiny bed. He rolled over onto hi back and carefully sat up, wincing. Potion must've worn off. Wait, where am I! What happened I was talking to him and then, I must have passed out!

            "Awake, Draco?"

            Draco seized up and scoted away form the voice. No, the fire…he's going to burn the violin!

            "I'm not going to hurt you." The face came out of the shadow. "Draco?"

            "I'm fine."

            "Where did you get those cuts?" Bill asked, guestering to his arms. Shit! Draco thought. He wasn't wearing a shirt.

            "Cooking accident," Draco said stubbornly. Bill raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

            "And the cut on you chest?"

            Draco looked down and saw a words scratched into his chest. "What does it say?"


            Draco fell back against the pillows, he fought back tears. "He wants to torture me."

            "Who does?" Bill asked sitting on the edge of the bed. "Be honest, I won't tell anyone."

            "My dad. He burnt my violin. It meant the world to me. It kept me alive at that house."

            "And the cuts?"

            "You guess," He snapped. Bill tossed some lotion at him.

            "Put this on, it'll keep it from scaring." Said Bill as he walked to the door."

            "Where are you going?!" Asked Draco, slightly panicked.

            "Just to get some food." Draco smiled Sheepishly. Bill laughed and left.

            After he put on the lotion Draco fell back against the pillows. He was so tired. Oreo's coming in the morning. She'll like Bill. Maybe he can come with us, to where ever we're going.

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