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In violin toady drum roll Adonis and Remus are finally reunited , Draco finds out something he didn't need to know, and Dumbledore has a secret….

"Adonis?" Remus murmured. "I need you….."

"What the fuck did he do to you!" Remmy screamed. Suddenly something came in the window, it was a blur before it finally settled into a human form around Remus.

He had perfect blonde waves that spilled around Remus like a cloak, and his eyes were the deepest brightest green, with trails of dark, molten gold splitting the green into shards.

"Vallon…." He whispered and nuzzled Remus cheek with his nose. "I'm here, what did the nasty vampire do to you?" He glanced up wickedly at Remmy.

"Get off him!" Remmy spat, leaping on Adonis.

Suddenly Remus snapped out of his trance and starred right at Remmy. "Rem no!"

Alex jumped on Remmy pinning him on the ground. The brown haired vampire struggled violently under Alex. "Let me go Alex, he's going to kill Remus!"

"Shut up, Remy." Alex snarled. "Remus knows what he's doing."

"New friends?" Adonis smirked.

Remus smiled, the purest, most genuine smile Remmy had seen on the werewolves face in the past week. "Yeah….Don….Don, Don, Don." Remus whispered, snuggling closer to the fallen angel. "Remember when you told me you were an angel?"

"Hm?" Adonis whispered.

"Bastard, you never listen to me!" Remus teased. "That night when I told you I would never be afraid of you?"

"Mhum." Adonis sighed. "Do you still hold to your word?"

"Yes." Remus whispered. "Bastard."

"I'm sorry…." Adonis whispered. He traced the crosses on Remus' wrists delicately. "I was so….You…."

"Shut up, Adonis." Remus snapped. "I was talking about Mallvorn, why the hell did you get him involved in this! In us!"

"I needed you so bad. He was the only way I knew….and the price was so small. Just deliver Celice to him."

"You killed Katherine….Remember?! I heard you laughing when Auron ripped his wings out!" Remus accused angrily. Adonis sighed. "The blood was everywhere! It never went away, when ever it rained I saw…it unearthed more blood, the blood…."

"I'm sorry, Vallon I just needed to have you. I-You were mine! You're mine…I am your protector. Not some psych violin playing idiot!"

"Don't call Sirius and idiot!" Remus snarled. "Oh fuck you…."


"Pervert." Remus retorted, and he started to laugh. "Goddamit I hate you! What the hell am I going to say to Oreo, sorry honey, but I love a psycho killer, I'll have to leave you because I'm gay!"

"Your bi darling." Adonis sniggered. "So what's the plan?"

"The plan is we send students out for slaughter and watch the death eaters murder them!" Remus snarled.

"Well we'll change that." Adonis said, pleased. "Mallvorn and Sirius are coming tonight, Voldemort is being four hundred more death eaters, that's a total of a thousand death eaters. I told Mallvorn to go easy on his vampires, so that's around….maybe fifty vampires, Mallvorn only has two hundred. Sirius will be collared, the collar is made of angels silver, and it will control his will completely."

"We're screwed." Remmy snarled, he was now on his feet and pacing across the room, jerking back and forth. "We only have Stella, Nomi, Louis, me, Alex, and Morgan…The students…we have maybe two hundred students. Only half of which are strong enough wizards to fight properly, twenty ministry wizards, Harry, and Remus."

"Um….." Alex started, "We also have the staff, we have Draco and Torri, and we don't even know what Draco can do with that violin."

"Fine two hundred and fifty against a thousand death eaters and fifty vampires…" Remus trailed off. "There's no way you can stop Mallvorn?"

Adonis shook his head. "It's a revenge war, love. Voldemort wants to get back at Harry, I want to get back at Harry, and Mallvorn wants to get back at Harry."

"What did Harry do!" Alex snarled defensively.

"Voldemort is obvious, I wanted to get back at him for protecting Vallon, and Mallvorn…Auron tried to keep Celice away from Mallvorn and the violin." Adonis explained. "They want their revenge on him."

"What can we do?" Remmy asked. He plopped down on the desk. "It's not like I trust you," he eyed Adonis. "But you're here and Remus likes you."

"If Sirius is Celice then Mallvorn will be far less vindictive, Harry really only has to worry about Voldemort. If Mallvorn has Sirius then…well it will even them both out."

"Where's Torri and Draco?"

"Great hall, helping Oreo teach the kids how to use the unforgivable." Louie said casually as he plopped down on the couch. He shut his eyes and rested his head on his folded hands behind his head.

"The students are using unforgivable!" Remus cried, jumping to his feet. "No, no no no! We don't kill!"

"Remus…The death eaters aren't evil. But they're under orders to kill us all." Adonis whispered. "No one is evil. But no one's good either."

"So does that justify little kids killing people!" Remus whispered, falling to his knees. "Does war….do this to people?"

"War brings out the best and worst in people." Adonis murmured, hugging the werewolf. "People like to kill, we enjoy it. In times of war people kill because they feel they have a just reason to. The death eaters will kill us partly because they as humans enjoy death, and partly out of fear of Voldemort."

"So kids like to kill people? Little children!" Remus cried.

"They're not little…thirteen fourteen. They're old enough to realize why they like horror movies. They're old enough to realize human's like to see death, we enjoy it."

"Do angels enjoy death?" Remus asked.

"No, real angels loath suffering. But I'm not an angel am I? Blood is my passion, blood and love."

"And pie." Remus sniggered.

"I told you not to talk about that!" Adonis growled.

"Apple pie…."


"I do not want to know." Remmy growled. "Great hall, now."

Adonis picked Remus up, and smirked at Remmy. The vampire shot the former angel a death glare and stormed down the hall.

Remus blinked. "Wonder what his problem is."

"Hm…I wonder indeed." Adonis sniggered.



"You're not angry with me, are you?" Remus asked.

Adonis was taken back and just starred at Remus for a moment. "Why should I be? I thought you try and rip my throat out when you realized what…I did."

Remus sighed. "I should have….I would have. But I could never hurt you."

Adonis grinned and once again became a blur moving so fast no one could actually see him, and Remus shrieked like a girl. "Oh come on Vall, this is so fun!"


Laughing Adonis placed the werewolf on the ground and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Now let's go scare the children."

"You know there's a reason you're a bastard." Remus grumbled, but he never the less tossed open the doors.

Oreo and other ministry officials were running around correcting students mistakes. Harry was throwing knives into a wall. Almost all movement stopped when they opened the doors. Remus cleared his throat loudly.


"Remus?" Oreo asked, she suddenly noticed Adonis' arm curved around Remus' shoulder. "Who the fuck is he!"

"Uh….My…." Remus sputtered. He fixed his eyes on the ground and muttered, "Well um…that's a very good question."

Harry's emerald eyes suddenly fixed on Adonis, and with a cry of rage he leapt on Adonis, punched him in the cheek.

"BASTARD!" Harry screamed. Adonis lay almost still for a moment before Harry's nails pierced his skin. The moment that blood spurted, something in Adonis snapped. Adonis shoved Harry of himself and punched the smaller man. Harry whipped his wing around and slammed Adonis into the ground. They rolled around for what seemed like hours, like rabid dogs fighting over a piece of meat.

"Adonis!" Remus screamed. "Stop it, Harry please!"

"What the fuck is going on!" Oreo yelled.

Adonis pinned Harry o the ground and his nails once again became claws. "Oh, poor little Auron angry about his little whore?" He sniggered, tracing Harry's wing with his finger. "Pretty wings, stained with her blood."

"WHY DID YOU KILL HER?! SHE WASN'T A WHORE SHE DIDN'T DO A THING TO YOU!" Harry screamed again. Adonis' talon disappeared behind Harry's back. Harry howled pitifully.

Remus jerked around to see at least fifty wands pointy at Adonis, and jumped on the fallen angel. "Adonis!" The blonde let himself be pushed onto the floor beside Harry.

Remus kneeling over Adonis, starring into his endless green eyes. Remus' right knee was right next to Adonis' chest and his left was near the former angel's hip. For the second time in five minutes the room was silent. "You idiot."

"He drew the first blood." Adonis sneered, jerking his head towards Harry. He reached up with his long, still taloned fingers, and the wands once again jerked to the rippling blonde head. Adonis pushed a stray lock of hair from Remus' eyes. "You look nice from down here."

"Adonis…You could be dead by now."

"I would be if it weren't for you." Adonis chuckled with a smile.

"Oh shut up." Remus growled, crawling of the fallen angel.

Oreo was practically in shock. "Oh my god….is he with Voldemort!"

Wands were still pointed at Adonis. Remus blew a strand of hair from his eyes. "No. His name's Adonis, and he is my permanent boyfriend, we have been going out since……I don't know what year but at least two hundred. He's a fallen angel and he is not with Voldemort. He made a mistake and he is now on our side."

"Then why'd he attack, Harry!" Someone yelled.

"Because Harry attacked him first." Remus hissed.

"That bastard killed Katherine!" Harry yelled. "Do you even care!"

"Yeah well, he kills a lot of people!" Remus snarled. "Harry, look, I'm sorry about Katherine, okay! I'm god damn sorry! I loved her to, but….Harry if you asked Sirius the same thing he wouldn't be able to explain it."

"What the fuck are you talking about…he killed Katherine. She's dead because of him." Harry yelled, pointing an accusing finger and Adonis.

"If you asked Sirius why he loves Mallvorn, he'd tell you it's impossible to explain."

"Sirius hates Mallvorn." Harry spat. "And I hate him to. I'll kill Mallvorn and Adonis."

Remus' eyes hardened. The room went dark, and Remus started to glow with supernatural silver light. The crosses on his wrists started to run with bright sliver blood. "Auron, have you ever been addicted to something? Needed it so badly that you couldn't distinguish what was right and what was wrong?"


The light started to dim. "When you do, then you can come threaten Adonis." Remus murmured. He would have fallen if Adonis hadn't caught him. "I'm sorry Harry."

"Whatever." Harry snarled, brushing him off and walking away. The doors swung open and Dumbledore walked in.

The headmasters gaze fell on Adonis. Remus scooted between the hard grey gaze and his angel, making his loyalties completely clear. "I see Remus."

"Good." The werewolf hissed. "You knew."

"It's my job to know." Dumbledore said, in the same monotone voice. "Students of Hogwarts. We now face the greatest threat to Hogwarts in its entire history. Lives will be lost, but for the good of the world. We must fight and stand strong against this evil. We are the light, and the light always prevails! Who will stay, who will fight for the light!"

Remus burrowed into Adonis' side and turned his head into Adonis' shoulder. "This is sick. How can he call people evil…how can he make such distinctions."

"He may be a great wizard….But he's narrow minded." Adonis sighed. "He can't see beyond good and evil. This will be his last battle. Something wrong with him."

Remus sniffed the air. Since Dumbledore came into the room, it had gone rotten, like something dead was here. "I can smell it on him."

"Watch that damn kid." Adonis snarled. "Dumbledore!"

The headmaster looked at the fallen angel. "It seems we have a traitor amongst us…What do we do with traitors?"

Adonis, all but screamed. Instead the gold in his eyes got brighter and darker, until his eyes looked like green glass that had been shattered by golden light. They were huge and wide. "You!"

"We meet again Adonis." Dumbledore sneered. Only this was not Dumbledore, and Dumbledore did not have fangs. "Fancy meeting you again."

Remus darted beside Adonis. "What is he?"

"That my friend, is the Devils' Advocate, the Crimson King." Adonis hissed. "I thought I killed you!"

Harry looked back at them from his position between Blaise and Hermione. "Mione?"

"Something's wrong with Dumbledore….do you see the red around him?"

"No." Harry murmured.

The brunette gulped. "It's like blood pouring off him. Oh god…it's pooling on the floor now." She looked like she might vomit. Blaise put an arm comfortingly around her. "Remus… He's got an aura also….but his is silver…funny cause it looks like a cross."

Harry looked at Remus and then at the thing called Dumbledore. If I helped them…I would be forgiving Remus…for loving Adonis. He looked at Oreo. She looked good, well confused, but she was taking it well.

"Dumbledore?" Harry asked the strength of his voice surprised him.

"Yes Harry?"

"You've been the thing this whole time!" Harry accused. "You….Why didn't you kill me in first year! Why didn't you let Voldemort get me!"

"Because…I want your power to be at it's peak before I killed you! I want your wings!" Dumbledore cackled. "But now I can have Vallon and you! Oh bless you Adonis for bringing them both to me!"

Harry tried to back away from Dumbledore. His foot caught on one of the stones and he fell onto his back. Remus insinuated himself between the angel and Dumbledore.

"Stay away from Vallon." Adonis snarled. "He's mine."

"So you're giving me Harry?"

Adonis sighed angrily. "Just for Vallon, no! Auron is not yours." He leaned over and whispered in Remus' ear. "Vall….get angry, fast."

"Why?" Remus asked, but he was already going silver.

"Because what does the devil fear?"


"Correct." Adonis smirked. "You're practically God Vall. Do you remember that little girl? I doubt you will, her name was Anna…it was when you were Vallon, I mean in your past life."

"Anna?" Remus whispered. "The girl! She was possessed….exorcism….I don't remember the details."

"Fine," Adonis snapped. "Remember what you did?"

"I touched her forehead." Remus murmured blankly. "And then she screamed."


Adonis smirked at the Crimson King. "KK? Do you remember Vallon?"

"Bloody priest. Always preaching for Him. If he'd been mine…." The Crimson King trailed off.

Adonis scowled. "Well, this is Vallon reborn…Scared?"

The Crimson's eyes went as wide as tea cups. "No…He's dead, Adonis!"

"Fuck you." Remus snarled, the crosses all over his body were bleeding. He spread his arms out wide and brought them together with a loud smack. Silver waves spurted from his palms and the whole room shook. The waves slammed into the Crimson King and smashed him against the wall.

Dumbledore's body was squashed on the far wall. His blood pooled around him on the ground, and it seemed that every drop of blood had been drained from his blue body. But he still stayed suspended. Now the sickening sound of bones cracking filled the room. He screamed miserably before he was finally discarded on the ground. The body twitched a moment before lying still.

"Harry are you alright?" Remus asked calmly.

"Yeah…but Dumbledore-" Harry started.

"Is dead." Remus finished brusquely. Shacklebelt entered the hall, levitating at least six huge bags. "Shacklebelt what's in the bags."

"Uh….I found them in Dumbledore's study." The wizard stuttered. Remus walked over and ripped the bag open. He removed one of the objects.

"Guns." He remarked carelessly. The werewolf turned suddenly and shot at Dumbledore's dead body. The body shuddered and fell still again.

"The foot." Harry growled. "His foot moved."

Remus emptied the entire gun into Dumbledore's body. "Hermione is he dead?"

The girl shivered. "Yes…the aura's gone now."

Remus turned to face the room. "Well, you saw. Dumbledore's dead. All professors, adults, and ministry officials grab a gun. Harry, Hermione, Blaise, Pansy, and Milly can grab one as well. Shacklebolt take care of giving out guns to the rest of the students. Where the hell are Draco and Torri!"

"Here Remus." Torri murmured from the door. "We just got here….uh….Moony why's there a dead guy on the floor?"

"We can explain later, it's almost sun down, now get a gun and be ready to fight."

Harry was standing on the wall, with Draco on his left and Remus on his right. They were gathered on the wall because the sun was setting, and the war would start soon. In his left hand was a gun and in his right was a wand. Draco was seething.

"I see my dad." Draco snarled. "See,"

"Yeah." Harry sighed. "Draco anger will not help us."

"Why not! I'm going to kill him, and then I'll cut him into tiny pieces and I'll kill him again! And then I'll carve words onto his chest. HOW THE FUCK WILL HE LIKE THAT!"

"Draco!" Harry screamed, grabbing the blondes wrist. "What will you do to the death eater whose sneaking up on you from behind while your chopping your dad up? Hm!"

Draco shrugged.

"Nothing, because you'll be dead, look I know it's hard, but shoot and run. We don't have time to wait around and take revenge."

"Draco…." Remus sighed, "May we have some music?"

Draco grinned. "Any day, Remus." He started to play his violin. All the death eaters looked up at him, practically mesmerized. Draco shut his eyes and let the music overwhelm him. It's mournful tune weaved around every person on that wall, and every wizard waiting to rush out the front doors and all the wizards in the hospital wing. Draco's eyes opened again and all he saw was his father, smirking at him, at his music.

Suddenly the tune changed, it was no longer smooth and controlled. It was furious, hateful. Draco let himself relax into the hate, into the open arms of destruction. Here was no right or wrong, only the violin, taking over every cell in his body. He could feel the music melding with him. Hells black lightning danced over his skin. It's tiny crackles were like bells to his ears.

The black X burned his cheek. The pain didn't matter, all that mattered was the kill. Strike the death eaters down. Every one of them! His music became more frantic and staccato. But suddenly it was taking him away, his fingers danced down the violin, he was losing control of himself. Kill! Taste their blood, let it stain the ground…

"Louie make him stop!" Torri screamed.

"I can't!"

The wind howled all the louder. Torri shut her eyes suddenly and wished it could all be over. All she could think to do was call on the shadows. I don't want it anymore. The shadows get more powerful every time I call them. I like the power…I don't want it!

The violin stopped short. Draco's icy yes went wide as he saw what lay on the ground. Narcessia Malfoy's dead body was sprawled on the ground, her normally sleek hair was a horrible tangle, and her smooth skin was plastered with red scars and lumps. Draco's eyes widened in horror at the red scabs, Shingles…he thought miserably. How did she get shingles! His horror only grew as he saw small bugs were crawling out of the pours in her skin.

Torri shook violently next to him, but Draco hardly noticed, all he could see was his mother. And them her body shook, Draco leaned dangerously over the rocky wall in hope, and what he saw killed him inside.

Her body twitched and her mouth opened, and a huge back rat crawled out, holding her heart in his mouth. Lucius laughed and the rat brought him her heart.

"Draco! Oh Draco! Look what your mother gave me, her heart!" Lucius sneered, the death eater joined his mirth. "Keep playing your little violin, did your mother give you a new one?"


"Draco…" Torri whispered. Her face suddenly glowed with triumph. She wrapped her arms around his neck and winced as the lightning shocked her. She interlaced her fingers with his and jerked her head toward Lucius. "There will be time to punish him later. He will get what's coming to him, but for now….We have to be strong. Revenge comes second, winning comes first."

"Yeah…sure." Draco snarled.

More death eaters streamed in from the forest. "Mallvorn's here."

Draco looked toward the edge of the forest and saw the silver haired vampire, twirling a slim silver chain in his hand, attached to the chain was Sirius. "Sirius!"

"That's right. We save Sirius first…" Torri whispered.

Harry's eyes were hard as green glass and Remus nearly shook with rage. "On my signal." Harry said coldly. "We fire. No regrets, or hesitation. Spare them no mercy…Cause you'll receive none."

Guns were cocked and wands were held at the ready. Draco looked over at Harry. "So, is this the end Harry?" He asked casually.

Harry flashed Draco one of his genuine grins. "Yeah, I think it is."

"Well…." Draco teased. "I don't think I'd rather be here with anyone but you."

"I'd have to agree Draco. We do make a good team." Harry glanced at the blonde from the corner of his eyes.

"I got your back." Draco grinned. "Torri baby…."

"If you die I won't speak to you again." She crossed her arms over her chest stubbornly.

Harry grin widened. "Well…let's dance."

Torri dissolved into giggles. "If you say anything so cliché again I'll shoot you."

"If this is our end…" Harry sighed dramatically. "I'm going to make it a damn good one!" He aimed his gun at the sea f death eaters. "It's just like aiming a wand, see people!" He pulled the trigger back, the bullet hit the death eater in the chest and blood bloomed over the death eaters around him. "See, easy."

"ATTACK!" Voldemort screamed.


The echo of their guns resonated through the castle, and something deep inside it stirred….