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In a busy city like Tokyo, many people pass by many other people not caring about anything of that person. In such a city, these 5 friends struggles to keep everything together while still having a life of their own. When they all starts to have weird meetings with these same guys, how will these situations turn out like? Can it be that even a cold city like Tokyo will have its own secret warm places as well?

Slam Dunk Characters:

Rukawa Kaede

Age: 26

Occupation: Professional Basketball Player for Team Japan

Fujima Kenji

Age: 28

Occupation: Model

Maki Shinichi

Age: 28

Occupation: Owner of Japan's largest casino

Kiyoto Nobunaga

Age: 26

Occupation: Professional Basketbal Player for Team Japan

Sendoh Akira:

Age: 27

Occupation: Owner of Japan's largest basketball agency company

Own Characters:

Catherine Wheeler

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Birthday: July 15th

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

She's your average university student, ever since she's small, she had wanted to be an architect, being in the designing part of the university is her dream come true. She's a pretty friendly girl, very hyper very often. She likes to smile and laught, a very bright girl. She has a very creative mind when it comes to arts and buidings. That is why her room looks likea world famous desinger hs lived there before, totally reflecting her personality. She works with one of Japan's top architects, he has a company of his own, and she goes in there to pick up her work from time to time. She fixes other imcoming designs, for every design she fixes and checks over, she gets money for it. So, she doesn't really have a set working time, but one design cannot take more than a week.

Grace Yuuga

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9

Birthday: September 10th

Hair Color: Rainbow

Eye Color: Lilac

She's a very forgetful girl, usually she'll run in and our of the house a couple of times before actually getting ready. She's also very shy, she's unable to approach a stranger without looking like a tomato. She's also into the designing field, but she also majors in science and literature, the reason is because she still can't narrow down exactly what she wants to do in the future. However, she's in a different designing field than Catherine, she's aiming to become a fashion designer. She's also very innocent about things that couples do, sometimes she'll neter the wrong conversation att eh wrong time with the wrong words, totally confusing everyone. Aside from her silliness sometimes, she's very good with clothing and waht she needs to wear, she's the fashion helper for everyone.

Kita Shay

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Birthday: November 12th

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Gold

She's the drama queen of the group, seeing that she majors in drama, very talented as well. She works as a helper in the local musical theatre, she is te 'entertainer' within her friends. Everyone likes to make fun of her and pick on her, but that's just for fun, no feelings hurt. She's a very clumpsy person, falling down the stairs, tripping over rocks here and there is her usual cup of tea. Other than that, she likes to pick argumetns with Christina... however, she would always lose. It's juet her luck. Surprisingly, with the usual arguments between Christina and her, Christina can somehow understand what she's 'saying' even when she's not speaking and is waving her hand around like crazy. She's extremely loud with her friends, but very quiet with strangers, perhaps its's a phobia of hers, who knows. Aside from her work, she alos is a tennis lover, playing tennis is a must for her every single week.

Samera Leo

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Birthday: November 2nd

Hair Color: Silverish Grey

Eye Color: Greyish Red

She's somewhat a clueless kind of girl, she knows about nothing else except for her career. She's very innocent, she thinks everything will turn out to be happily ever after. She the annoyingly sweet person, too nice sometimes, and she can be very playful at times. One flaw that she has... according to Christina is probably how she places tons of trust in everyone, Christina says that she's bound to get hurt someday because of that. She's light hearted about most things, but definitely not about her studies, she takes them very seriously, over seriously sometimes. Sher majors in accounting, and is now working in a bank, she's just very that her math improved a lot when she got into high school. She's very dreamy about how relationships should go and how there's always on person out there waiting for someone.

Christina Fujimiyato

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7

Birthday: April 29th

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Greenish-blue

She's a sweet and very caring girl on the front, she can always be seen with her silver glasses. Everyone believes taht she's very naive and have no bad thoughts abuot anything. Little do they know about the girl that's beneath her glasses. Her friends know about both sides of her, and therefore calls her 'split personality'. Without her glasses, she isn't so much of a sweet and caring person anymore, let's just say that she enjoys other people's misery. She majors in Japanese... based on her friends, she's very lucky, she didn't even study one bit through out high school nor in university, she still gets high marks, making everything looks so easy. She's now working as a secretary for Sendoh Akira in his basketball agnecy company. She loves to read and sleep, so don't try to disturb when she's doing either of those things... or else... the Christina without her glasses should not be let out too often.


Hey people, my first time writing a Slam Dunk fanfiction. Lol... I've been a fan of Slam Dunk since I was like... 5, and is still in love with it until now. Or should I say, in love with certain guys, lol. :p. Anyways, I decided to write a Slam Dunk fanfiction after I watched Slam Dunk a while ago for like... the billionth time. I have no confidence in writing a basketball game match or making up fancy moves, so I decided to move onto my specialty... I'll make everyone older and have something else to do besides basketball.

Aside from the setting of the story, I'm hoping that I'll get the characters just right. I want them to be the way they were presented in the anime series. To me, it's probably going to be a challenge, so please bear with me for at least the beginning where I'll be struggling with everyone's emotions and dialogues.

In conclusion, I just want to thank you for reading this little blurb, and hopefully you'll get around to read my story when I post up the chapters. Have a nice day everyone, and please R&R---------------------------------- . Princess Marlene