"You can't help who you fall in love with, and that, you shouldn't be sorry for."

Candy's words raced through his mind like a greyhound running a track. He did love Zoe, but he could never tell her. He wasn't sure he wanted to get involved with a woman with "baggage". He had "baggage" of his own, but would two people, one with past "baggage" and one with present "baggage", last? Dan loved kids, but he wasn't sure he could love another person's children. Yeah so they weren't Zoe's children either, but she was their guardian and if he did have a relationship with her, they would be her "baggage". He knew the kids were Zoe's deciding factor in a commitment. If it didn't work with the kids, it wouldn't work with her, it was as simple as that. Then why did she turn down Marcos? He hit it off with the kids, but for some reason not with her? Could it be it was a one-sided love?

Zoe stared blankly at the television screen, her station already off the air for fifteen minutes. It had been nearly three weeks since she and Marcos split up, but she still couldn't stop thinking about her decision to not marry him. Marcos was honestly the perfect man, great with the kids, very sweet and they had good chemistry, but the only thing was Zoe couldn't fall in love with him. She loved him, but not in the way he had hoped when he proposed. Her feelings got complicated when she realized to herself that she had feelings for Dan. Dan made her heart jump when he said her name; Marcos was never able to do that. Dan though was someone she wasn't sure if she wanted to get involved with. Did Dan even like kids? Would he be a good role model for them? All of the thoughts running through her head kept her awake until 2am.
"Hello, Zoe." Dan greeted as he stood in the doorway to her office.

Her heart jumped with the sound of his voice. "Hi, Dan," she finally greeted; looking up from a file she was reading.

"Are you okay? You seem a little out of it today." Dan asked, approaching her desk in concern.

"I didn't sleep that great last night. I couldn't shut off my brain."

"What were you thinking about that kept you up?" He asked, taking a chair to sit in.

"Oh, a lot of stuff. Marcos..." she trailed off.

"Oh," Dan uttered, feeling a stab of jealousy.

"... And about that night he proposed."

"Are you regretting your decision?" He asked, praying she'd say no.

"I don't know. I was just really confused that night. You and that damn kiss, for one."

Feeling uncomfortable with talk of Marcos, Dan rose from his seat and bent over her desk to say, "I've got work to do, but just so you know, that kiss meant something to me."

He gave her a quick smile before finally leaving her office. Taken aback by his comment, she sat straight with her mouth open for a while before shaking her head and getting back to work.