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Also, if you have not read Dreams of a Cat and a Wolf, please do so, or you will surely be confused. Thanks and enjoy!

Age check: Tommy, Jason, Trini, Kim, Zack, and Billy-27

Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat and Tanya-26

Bulk and Skull-28

Primary Pairings: Billy/Kat, Tommy/Kim, Rocky/Aisha, Adam/Tanya,

Jason/Trini, Hunter/Tori(possible brother rivalry between Blake and Hunter)

And Connor/Kira/Trent triangle. Tell me which paring you like best!

Dreams 2: Blue Wolf Rising

Chapter 1: Vilified Peace

For the years during Veridian's rule and attempted conquest, Thomas Oliver went to college. He became very avid the field of Paleontology and studied hard for his degree. He was quite busy with school, fighting evil, and having a family. After Lothor and Veridian were defeated, Tommy was offered a job at Anton Mercer industries and graciously accepted the high-paying job even though his colleague Smitty also wanted the job. It caused him to lose Smitty as a friend, but Tommy had a family to think about and they were more important. And then there was the accident. Anton Mercer and his friend Terrance Smith were lost in the experiment gone wrong and Tommy narrowly escaped. After that, Tommy was offered a teaching job at Reefside High and Kim was offered a position as the gymnastics coach as an incentive. The young couple accepted the offer and moved to Reefside, promising to visit Angel Grove often.

Things started out pretty normal for the first day of school. Tommy taught his first class, still unable to believe that he and his friends had been the students only about eight years ago. The first day, Tommy took his class on a routine trip to the paleontology museum. He preferred interactive learning rather than just basic classroom work. But that's where the normalness ceased. While he was being chased by what was supposed to be a T-Rex statue, three of his students found their way into he and Kim's secret basement. There, they found three Dino gems that Tommy had discovered a few years earlier. At first, Tommy was angry with the three, but then realized that these gems had chosen them. The would become the next ranger team and defend Reefside against the newest threat: Mesagog. Peace had lasted for three years, but once again, the earth needed the Power Rangers. His three new rangers were:

Connor McKnight-a soccer jock.

Ethan James-a computer whiz/geek and

Kira Ford-an aspiring guitarist/musician.

Not long after the three had become rangers, another Dino Gem was discovered. Elsa attempted to gain it in a battle, but in times of desperation, the gem chose it's new holder. The gem detected the presence of another power source within the holder and so it bonded to it to create a whole new power.

"TOMMY!" Kim called, as she saw her husband disappear in the midst of Elsa's blast. She willed her morpher into sight. Billy had recently built wrist morphers for the Ninjetti powers to keep the morphers safer.

"Ninjetti! The Crane!" Kim called, as she flipped into action.

"Oh no, where is Dr. O?" Kira wondered.

"Tommy!" Kim called.

"Right behind ya beautiful," Tommy said, as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"How..." she began.

"Guess we know the powers of the black gem...invisibility," Tommy replied.

"But Tommy, you're already the white Ninjetti ranger. How can you be the black dino ranger too?" Kim asked.

"I'm not really sure, but I think the powers melded together. Billy's gonna flip when I tell him," Tommy laughed.

"Well, I think we should put an end to this little battle. Besides, I want to see your new spandex," Kim said.

"Yeah, let's see the new duds Dr. O," Ethan said.

"All right, Dino Thunder, power up, Ha!" Tommy called, as he morphed. His suit was now black and his helmet resembled the Brachiosaurus. But instead of the Dino emblem on his chest, a falcon was there instead. The outlining and highlights of his suit were white.

"Nice," Connor said. The five rangers finished the battle and foiled another one of Mesagog's evil plans.

{Location: Cranston Residence, Angel Grove California}

After the defeat of Viridian, Billy Cranston got a job at the Angel Grove Planetarium. He quickly became part of the head research team and in no time had become top researcher, heading the team himself due to his vast knowledge of the universe and his actual travels through space. He had also done quite a few projects for NASA, though for many of them, he had to travel to Florida for. But being such a highly sought after scientist, usually allowed him to bring his family with him. He was making a lot of money and this allowed Kat to devout her time to Toran. After the defeat of Viridian, Kat's body had been miraculously healed and returned to as it was before her uterus had been removed. A little gift that they were certain came from Lupis and Lupina. Kat was able to have children once again and two years after Viridian's death, Kat gave birth to a baby girl. She and Billy were ecstatic and named her Larisa Lynn Cranston. While Kat was pregnant, she and Billy bought a larger house and moved. The house was very large with two levels. It included a kitchen, dining room, large living room, eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a huge basement, in which Billy converted into a power chamber, though hoping it would not be necessary.

Billy came home from work. Kat, who had their daughter, greeted him. She noticed a particular look in his eye. She knew this look meant that Billy Cranston was up to something.

"Hey babe," Billy said, as he kissed her. Little Larisa held her arms for her father, and Billy eagerly took his daughter.

"Okay, what have you done," Kat said.

"What? Nothing," Billy replied.

"Billy, you have that look so I know you're up to something," Kat replied. Billy rolled his eyes. It was so impossible to hide anything from her.

"Well, I talked to Tommy today. It seems that he found a Dino Gem and it melded with the white Ninjetti powers," Billy began. Kat eyed him to keep going.

"And it also seems that they have their hands full too. A white Dino Gem has appeared and it's evil. Whoever this white ranger is, he's evil, and he's good. I was talking to my colleagues and it seems that they have been talking about sponsoring a bunch of astronomy classes to be taught at different schools in California," Billy said.

"And let me guess, you told them that you would love to teach at Reefside High," Kat replied.

"Yep, but I promise that we'll teleport back and forth so that we won't have to move there temporarily. Besides, I think they could really use the extra ranger power," Billy said.

"Okay," Kat replied.

"You're okay with it?" Billy asked.

"Of course Billy, we are rangers after all. And besides, I miss Kim and Tommy and I know Toran misses playing with little Jason," Kat replied.

"I love you," Billy said.

"I know, I love you too," Kat replied, as she kissed him.

"Are we really going to help the Dino rangers?" seven-year-old Toran asked anxiously.

"You bet little man," Billy replied.

"Am I old enough to be a ranger yet?" Toran asked.

"Absolutely not," Kat replied. Toran pouted, but then perked up.

"I can watch the fights right?" Toran asked.

"Sure kiddo," Billy replied.

The next day, the arrangements were made and students were enrolled in the astronomy class. The group of students included Connor, Kira, Ethan, Cassidy, Devin, Trent, and about 12 other students.

Billy taught his first class without any problems. Tommy waited for all but three students to leave and entered the classroom.

"Dr. Cranston," Tommy greeted.

"Dr. Oliver," Billy greeted back.

"You two know each other?" Kira asked.

"Wait, you look really familiar now," Ethan said. Billy chuckled and removed his glasses.

"I recognize you from that video journal that Dr. O kept on the different teams of rangers!" Connor said.

"Billy Cranston, blue Ninjetti Wolf ranger," Billy introduced.

"Wasn't there a female blue ranger?" Ethan asked.

"That's my wife Kat, you'll meet her soon," Billy replied.

"Yeah, Kim doesn't have a seventh period, so she and Kat are probably terrorizing the mall with the kids right about now," Tommy joked.

"You have kids too?" Kira asked.

"Yeah, a seven year old son and a one year old daughter," Billy replied.

"You don't look old enough to have a seven-year-old son," Ethan replied.

"That's probably because I was only twenty when he was born," Billy replied. Suddenly, Tommy's communicator alerted him.

"Tommy, we've got trouble at the mall," Hayley reported.

"We're on it," he replied, as they left.

Kat and Kim watched as people ran and screamed to get away from the monster.

"These creeps really know how to ruin a good shopping spree," Kim whined, as she and Kat set their bags to the side. Tommy, Billy, Connor, Kira, and Ethan arrived beside them at that moment.

"Hayley, I'm teleporting the kids to you," Tommy said.

"Take your sister sweetie and be very careful," Kat said, as she gave him Larisa. Toran cradled her carefully, just as he had been taught. With that, little Jason, Toran, and Larisa were teleported to Hayley.

"Ready," Tommy said. Everyone nodded.

"Dino Thunder, power up, Ha!" Tommy, Kira, Connor, and Ethan called.

"It's Morphin Time!" Billy called.

"Ninjetti! The Crane!" Kim called.

"Ninjetti! The Wolf!" Billy called.

"Cute matching blue ranger costumes. Where'd they get the rookies?" the white ranger taunted.

"Rookies? He thinks we're rookies," Kat said.

"Let's show him otherwise," Billy replied. He and Kat faced off with the fierce white ranger, while Tommy faced Zeltrax. He was still puzzled as to why the villain had such a personal grudge against him. Kim, Connor, Ethan, and Kira faced the latest monster. The three Dino rangers managed to destroy the monster with the Xerex blaster, but Elsa was ready with the Hydro Regenerator. The white ranger took to his zord also, expecting to have the advantage on the blue rangers. But he was proved wrong, as they called their Wolf Ninjetti battle zord and saber. Tommy called out the Brachiozord for the rangers to form that Megazord, while he and Kim called the Falconzord and the Cranezord. The white ranger used his arrows in zord form and sparks filled the cockpit of the Wolfzord.

"Tommy, let's join the Falconzord and the Wolfzord," Billy said.

"You got it Bill," Tommy replied. The arms of the Wolfzord came off and allowed the wings of the Falconzord to insert themselves before the arms reconnected.

"Fire Falcon Lasers!" Tommy called.

"Wolf Saber lightning strike!" Billy and Kat called, as they bombarded the white ranger with their attack, forcing him to retreat.

The other three and Kim managed to defeat the other monster and the city of Reefside was once again safe. The group arrived back Tommy's since introductions were in order. Kat quickly demorphed and took her baby from Hayley.

"Thank you for watching her. I'm Kat Cranston," Kat introduced.

"No problem, she is the sweetest thing. And I know you by reputation," Hayley replied.

"If you guys haven't already figured it out, this is Billy and Kat Cranston, the blue Ninjetti rangers. And these are their kids, Toran and Larisa," Tommy introduced.

"I can't believe I am meeting THE Billy Cranston. It was your notes and studies that helped me build the morphers for the rangers," Hayley praised.

"Nice to meet you," Billy replied.

"It's really great to meet you both," Kira said.

"Yeah, and it's great that you guys will be sticking around for a while. We miss you guys," Kim said, as she hugged Billy and Kat.

"Hey Toran, I have a new game, wanna try it out?" Ethan asked.

"Not really, wanna spar?" the seven-year-old asked.

"Spar?" Connor asked.

"Yeah, Martial Arts," Toran replied.

"Let me guess, you can't wait to be a ranger?" Kira replied.

"Yeah! But mama says I'm still too young," Toran replied.

"He's already training in Martial Arts?" Connor asked Billy.

"Yeah, Tommy and Jason started his training. But for the past three years, Hunter Bradley has kind of taken over. He's been teaching him the ways of the Thunder Ninja," Billy replied.

"I love training with uncle Hunter," Toran replied.

"Well, Martial Arts isn't my big passion, but I can teach you to play a mean game of soccer," Connor suggested.

"Can I go mom?" Toran asked.

"Sure sweetie, just be careful, and stay with Connor," Kat replied.

"I am getting tired of these failures. You two better shape up and find a way to destroy every single ranger or you won't like the consequences of your future failures," Mesagog told Elsa and Zeltrax.

"Yes master, we will not fail again," Elsa replied.

"You had better not, now get out of my sight," Mesagog ordered.

"Beware Ninjetti rangers, I will make all the previous villains you have faced seem like nothing..."

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