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Dreams 2: Blue Wolf Rising


The former rangers celebrated with their kids with food and music. Many other former ranger, yet non-Ninjetti came too. Many of them were married by now and some even had kids as well.

Among some of the couples there were Carter and Dana Grayson; Hunter and Tori Bradley; Cam and Hayley Watanabe; Dustin and Marah Brooks; and Connor and Kira McKnight.

The ranger party was enjoying their private location, which happened to be the youth center. It was no owned by Bulk and Skull and they had closed for the night since a ranger reunion was in order.

"May I have this dance Mrs. Cranston?" Billy asked.

"You may," she replied, as she took his hand and they began to sway to the song while gazing into each others eyes.

"Can you believe we've finally passed on the powers?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, it was time. Besides, our training has been complete for a few years now. Our powers exceed that of our ranger forms now," Billy replied.

"I suppose you're right. I like having you all to myself," Kat said. He smiled and kissed her.

"We've been through so much, but we made it,"

"Yeah, it's all so surreal sometimes," she said, as she and Billy both found themselves remembering how everything had started. And the obstacles they overcame to be together.


Kat found herself in a cloudy area.

"Katherine?" a voice asked.

"Who's there?" she asked.

"It's me, Billy," he replied, as he approached her.

"But your unconscious," Kat replied.

"How do you know about that?" Billy asked.

"Because it's my fault. It all started the day I moved to Angel Grove. Rita put a spell over me, and then she forced me to steal a power coin. I was supposed to steal Kimberly's, but I took yours instead. I'm the reason your in here," Kat said, as she bowed her head in shame. Billy stepped toward her, and lifted her chin up.

"This is Rita's fault, not yours," Billy said with a smile. Kat wanted to melt.

"Billy, do you have any idea where we are?" Kat asked.

"My guess is that we are in a dream void. It's like a dream, but actually real. If I'm right, we are having a real conversation, and you'll remember this," Billy said.

"How come I'm me, and not Rita's evil projection?" Kat asked. Billy smiled.

"Rita has no control over you in dreams. So you are who you want to be," Billy replied. Kat smiled.

"I have a question now," Billy said.

"What is that?" she asked.

"Why did you take my coin, and not Kim's?" Billy asked. Kat froze, but decided that she couldn't lie to those beautiful emerald eyes.

"I took yours because I like you. And this way, I can be close to you," Kat said, as she turned away, expecting him to hate her.

Billy felt his heart explode with joy. He touched her shoulder, causing her to turn around. Billy leaned in, and kissed her gently on the lips. Kat was surprised at first, but then fell into the curves of his arms. The kiss deepened, and became more heated. They finally broke the kiss.

"I have to break Rita's spell and free you," Kat said.

"I know that you will," Billy replied. Suddenly, Kat began to fade.

"What's happening?" Kat asked in alarm.

"You're waking up," Billy replied.

"I don't want to leave you," Kat said, as she clung to him.

"We'll see each other next time you fall asleep," Billy said, as he pecked her on the lips, and she faded away...

"Those puny fish rangers may have defeated my monsters this time. But next time. they'll be all dried out. Rito, keep an eye on Katherine and Ninjor while I go to Zedd's palace for a bit," Vile said.

"Sure thing pops," Rito said, as he settled in his father's throne. Within ten minutes, Rito was fast asleep. Kat's empty expression remained on her face. The usual light in her eyes was dimmed, as she stared at the grungy floor.

"Do not look so distraught young wolf, for all is not lost. The earth still has hope," Ninjor said. The young girl gave him a confused glance.

"Wolf? Why did you refer to me as a wolf?" Kat asked.

"Your spirit animal of course. Yours is that of the wolf, like young William's, thus your deep bond to him," Ninjor explained.

"Is that why I feel so empty?" Kat asked.

"I'm afraid so young one. But your mate is feeling the same way, and he will not tolerate being apart from you for much longer," Ninjor replied. Kat's heart began to fill with hope that had diminished. She would be reunited with her love; Vile would not win.

"Hurry this along Finster. We must proceed with the wedding while the blue ranger is engaged in battle. Katherine's heart sunk, as Vile pulled her to the altar.

"Katherine!" a sharp male voice pierced through the villainous music.

Kat whirled around and was met with the site of her blue knight.

"Billy! I knew you'd come!" Kat cried.

"I love you wolf boy," Kat said.

"I love you too angel girl," Billy replied, as any space between them disappeared and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Light blue light swirled around Kat and encased her in it.

"Katherine, the wolf protects you as it does Billy. Though the power coins are confined to six colors, there are exceptions. And this case is one. Katherine, embrace the wolf spirit and become one with him. Take your place as a ranger in the army of light next to your beloved!" Ninjor called.

"I am the wolf, cunning and swift," Kat called out, as the sky blue light bathed her and clothed her in a sky blue Ninjetti uniform with the emblem of the wolf on her chest. Billy could only stare at the woman he loved in awe. The light subsided and she smiled brightly.

Billy knew that Cestro was asking him to come to Aquitar, as he and the other Aquitians had come to Earth. And Billy knew that he couldn't refuse. Kat sensed his decision and

gave him a long, hard kiss.

"You take care of yourself," Kat said, as she fought back the tears. Billy

caressed her cheek.

"You don't have to worry about me. I probably won't even be gone a whole

month," Billy replied, as he continued to hold her close to him.

He decided to take a month's leave from school. He knew Mr. Kaplan would not have a problem with it since Billy was such a good student.

"I love you wolf boy," Kat said.

"I love you too angel girl," Billy replied, as they leaned in for a final kiss.

"Power chamber to Billy...do you read?" Adam called.


"Billy...please answer! Billy Cranston! You answer me right now!" Kat yelled.

Seconds passed and nothing but static.

"Please...my sweet wolf. Please answer," Kat cried.

"Guys! I'm still here!" Billy called. Everyone present sighed in relief.

"You scared us man!" Adam said.

"Sorry bout that," he replied. Everyone waited impatiently as Billy's ship docked in the holding bay. The doors to the other decks in the chamber slowly opened, revealing Billy's form.

"Billy!" Kat cried happily, as she ran into his embrace. Billy scooped her up and spun her around.

"Did you miss me?" Billy asked with a chuckle. Kat responded by capturing his lips in a kiss that was hot enough to set off the fire alarms.

"Things are definitely back to normal," Rocky said dryly.

"Wow, maybe I should go away more often," Billy joked.

"Don't you dare," Kat replied, as she kissed him again.

"Billy, my sweet wolf!" Kat cried, as her body writhed in sensation. He reached

around her and unclasped her bra, while she was busy freeing him from his

pants. They took a moment to take in the sight of each other, before resuming

the slow, euphoric lovemaking.

"Kat, my beautiful angel," he whispered hoarsely.

"William Aaron Cranston and Katherine Lynn Hillard, spirits of the wolf, stand before me. By the powers of the Ninjetti, I grant you my powers. You are the blue wolf rangers, joined together by the powers of love. You will fight in the army of light against the dark forces. Behold your new powers and zords!" The spandex was no more, but in its place was resilient armor. Emblazoned on their chests were gold emblems of the wolf.

Next, the couple turned to see their zords. Billy's wolf looked much more intimidating than his old one. It was also much larger. Katherine's zord wasn't really a zord, but a weapon rather. It was a massive saber, adorned at the base with the snarling face of the wolf.

Billy and Katherine, like the others, you must be at peace when operating your zords. The Ninjetti control their zords telepathically, but in order to operate the zords, you must do it together. If one of you is not present, then the wolf zord and saber will be inoperable. Billy, your zord, has a warrior mode that will allow you to use the wolf saber. This is a feature that the others do not have. Now that you are completely in touch with the powers of the Ninjetti, you will struggle to control your natural impulses.

"What does that mean?" Billy asked.

"Billy, you are an alpha male, and you will desire to be in command. But you must let Thomas lead the team, for you are most important as his council and second in command. Thomas may be the leader, but they always turn to you in times of peril. Katherine, while he is a council for the team, you shall be his council and the source from which he draws strength," Lupis informed them.

"Thank you Lupis," Katherine said and Billy nodded.

"Mom..." Billy choked out.

"My little boy...oh Peter, you weren't kidding when you said he wasn't so little anymore," Kara said. Kara hugged her son tightly and they both began to cry. Kara released him and he sat down in a chair next to her bed.

"Aren't you going to introduce me Billy?" Kara asked, as she spotted Kat. Billy turned and held his hand out for her. She took his hand and came closer.

"Mom, this is Kat, my girlfriend," Billy said.

"Hello Mrs. Cranston," Kat said.

"Hello sweetheart, I must thank you," Kara said.

"Thank me for what?" Kat asked.

"For loving and taking such good care of my baby boy. If I wasn't here, I'm relieved to know that Billy has someone like you," Kara said.

"Let me go! Billy, please help me!" she called.

"What are you doing slave! I ordered you to destroy the rangers!" Divatox yelled. Billy's eyes flared red and he turned to Divatox, catching her throat in his vice-like grip.

"I take orders from no one!" Billy growled, as he threw her. Then, he stalked toward Vile, while passing by Adam and Rocky.

"Hey, welcome back Billy," Rocky said, but was surprised when Billy shoved him out of the way.

"Or not," Adam said.

Billy stared at Vile and Kat, his brain conflicting an action.

"Young wolf, do not let the evil consume you. You are a wolf and your beloved mate is in danger. You must save her, for only she can free you of the evil," a voice inside his head told him. A voice that could only be Lupis.

Kat saw him struggling and she could hear the echoes of Lupis herself. She stomped on Vile's foot and tore away from him.

"Come back here!" Vile yelled. Kat reached him and before he could resist, she pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Every memory they had shared came flooding back to him. Their love expelled Maligore's evil, returning Billy to normal. She broke the kiss and looked into Billy's clear green eyes.

He arrived at the bus station outside the airport a while later, just in time to see his angel step off.

"Katherine!" Billy called. She whirled around, her eyes meeting his. The rain continued to pour down on them, as if the sky was crying.

"Kat, you can't leave me," Billy pleaded.

"Oh Billy, it's the last thing I want to do. But I have to for your own good and the good of the team," she replied, as she began wiping the tears mixed with raindrops from her cheeks.

"I need you Kat," Billy pleaded with her.

"I need you too Billy. And we will be together, once this mission is over," Kat said, as she began to turn away.

"So that's it, you're just going to let Vile drive you out of my life!" Billy yelled. Tears spilled down Kat's cheeks.

Suddenly, thunder boomed loudly, and a bright white light surrounded her. She found herself in a damp cave. A wolf appeared before her, before turning into a beautiful woman.

"Who are you?" Kat wondered.

"Why do you think Lupis was so insistent on his charge's mate joining the army of light? For Lupis himself has a mate. I am Lupina, female wolf Ninjetti master and mate to Zev Lupine," she announced.

"It's an honor to meet you," Kat said.

"Child, why are you letting Master Vile tear you away from Billy?" she asked. Kat sniffed.

"I hate seeing him get hurt over me," Kat said.

"Young one, your mate is in great pain without you near. Your powers work together, and without you as his council on this mission, it would surely be endangered. Vile wishes to tear you apart, but you must not let him win. Go to him and never leave his arms again," she said, as Kat returned to reality, as if she had never left.

She turned to find that her love was still there, the rain still pouring down upon him. She ran to him, allowing herself to be caught in his embrace.

"I'm so sorry I ever doubted us!" she sobbed.

1."It's okay, I'm glad Lupis helped us out with this one," Billy replied, knowing that Kat had spaced out only a moment ago.

"You mean Lupina," Kat stated.

"Lupina?" he inquired.

"I'll tell you later," Kat replied.

"Every relationship has its bumps in the road, even ours," Billy said.

"It's those bumps that bring us closer together," Kat finished.

"There's something you guys should know," Adam began.

"What's that?" Kat asked.

"Well, when you were asleep, Adam and I ran many tests on you and we discovered something," Trini said.

"What is it Trini?" she asked anxiously.

"You're pregnant Kat," Adam stated. Billy nearly fainted and Kat put a hand to her stomach.

"Wow," she said, as she looked up at Billy, who smiled down on her.

"Billy, are you upset about this?" Kat asked.

"Kat, how could I ever be upset about something like that? It may be unexpected, but I could never be anything but happy about you having our child," Billy said, as he kissed her. Adam and Aisha smiled at the couple.

Billy stared at his bride in awe, as she descended down the aisle. He glanced at his mother who cradled their two-month-old son: Toran William Cranston. Katherine glowed with happiness, as she reached the altar. She glanced at their son, before taking his arm and turning to the minister. To Kat's left, Aisha, Tanya, Kim, and Trini stood in baby blue bridesmaid's dresses.

To Billy's right, Adam, Rocky, Tommy, and Jason stood in black tuxes with royal blue bowties and sashes. Love shined in their eyes as the minister began the ceremony. The minister finished and vows and rings were exchanged. He pronounced them husband and wife and they shared a sweet kiss. The reception followed and it started with the bride and groom's dance. Kat and Billy smiled, as they the girls and their mothers cooing and doting over their baby.

"Can you believe it Billy? We're finally married!" Kat said, as they danced.

"I have to be the luckiest man in the world. I have the most beautiful wife and a beautiful baby boy," Billy replied, as he kissed her.

"Wolf Battlizer!" Billy called, as he took to aerial mode.

"You'll never touch her again and this time, there's no one to bring you back!" Billy yelled.

"WOLF ENERGY BLAST!" Billy called, as he fired the huge energy beam and hit him directly with the blast. Vile screamed as the energy seared through him and incinerated his flesh. When the blast ended, nothing but ashes were left of Master Vile Billy collapsed and demorphed in exhaustion. Kat rushed to his side and kissed him.

End Flashbacks

They both gazed deep into each other's eyes, fully remembering everything they had been through. And they had overcome everything together. Kat laid her head on his shoulder, as they continued to sway to the song.

"I love you wolf-boy," Kat said.

"I love you too angel-girl," Billy replied, as they kissed passionately.

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