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Dade Murphy,alias Crash Override, was hanging out at Cyberdelia-watching his friends and girlfriend trying to best each other at pool. It was three weeks after the Ellington trial and Dade, like the rest of them, were estatic that Plague and Margo got what they deserved. Still unlike his friends he just wasn't happy.

"Dude,dude. Can you believe Plague's name is Eugene?Eugene Belford man," Lord Nikkon said as he came over-booted out of the game because of his photographic memory. He looked at a girl wearing skin tight black pants and a tight, long sleeve shirt with holes cut out at the side. Licking his lips he motioned for her to give him her number.

"You're name is Paul. Paul Cook," Dade said-lifting his face from his arms long enough to see that Nikkon was wearing something from Cyberdog. "So you finally gave in to Kate."

Nikkon looked the young man, not even a man. A kid. Probably one of the best minds he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. It amazed him the intelligence and cunning of this kid. Yet now when he should have been celebrating he was moping around, hardly returning anyone's call and perhaps never leaving his room. Still, he understood. He had been that way when he was his age but back then he had a father that would make sure that he got his ass out of bed and worked.

Dade's father didn't even show up for his graduation or the trial.

"Hey man," Nikkon said sitting down across from Dade. "I let her dress me this way. Because she's nice."

"Devious is more like it."

"Who's devious,"Kate said as she returned victorious to Dade's lap. Wearing a latex, backless, blue suit that defined her voluptous yet athletic figure, Kate was the quintessential girl of Dade's dreams.

"You are ,"Dade replied awarding her with a peck on the cheek.

"Devious?I prefer sexually manipulative," she said as she returned his peck with tongue.

"That too."

"Aww so cute,"Nikkon said sarcastically. "Now Dade, dude what's up man?You haven't been returning my calls. We haven't seen you."

"And that goes for all of us. I haven't heard from you either." Kate said, looking at his profile. From the first time she she saw him, he infuriated her and he never stopped. Though she admired his intelligence and ingénue she couldn't help feeling like she wanted to drop kick him off a high building. Probably the one they swam in on their first date-to make it perfect.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Dade said sitting up straight,just staring without blinking.

"Stop being defensive we're not attacking you," Phreak said, grabbing his fries away from Cereal's hungry hands.

"Defensive?Who's being defensive? I know I'm not."

"They're just worried about you,"Kate said. "And so am I."

"Man we're all worried about you," Cereal said. "It's like you should be happy and celebrating you know. Getting it on with Burn. Ow! Skin rubbing, sweating and panting..."

"Cereal!"Nikkon yelled. "What he means is you should be happy man! Jumping up and down! Or whatever it is you do."

"That's what it I said!"

"Man Cereal shut up and have some fries," Nikkon said as he grabbed Phreak's fries and handed them to Cereal.

"Hey that's mine!"

Phreak reached for his fries but he was too late. Cereal grabbed all the fries and stuffed them in his face.

"Nice, very nice. Maybe you should try chewing. You look like a damn stork," Phreak said to Cereal.

"MMMMM MMMM those fries were goood," Cereal said smacking his lips inches away from Phreak's face.

"Oh that's it you crazy white boy!"

"Guys! I'm trying to talk to Dade here," Nikkon yelled.

"Sorry,"Phreak said sitting down, slapping Cereal on the back of his head. Cereal licked his lips and fingers.

"He started it," Cereal said.

"Yeah, I don't care,"Nikkon replied. "So Dade. Talk to me. You are happy about Plague and Margo getting locked up and the whole world knowing we aren't bad people."

"Yeah of course."

"Then what's bothering you?"

"I...I don't know!" After his experience when he was seven and the fiasco months before Dade had come to hate being interrogated. Right now he felt backed in a corner. His friends and even his girlfriend were attacking him and he wasn't going to stand for it.

"Calm down.Just asking a question."

"That's easy for you to say. You know what?I got to go," Dade said getting up and grabbing his bag. "It's been fun. But then interrogations always are. See ya."

"Dade!" Kate called.

"What's wrong with him," Joey asked, breaking his concentration from his new laptop long enough to ask.


"Dade is that you," Dade's mom,Lauren asked from somewhere in their apartment.

"Yeah ma." Dade took off his shoes and kicked them in the living room. He slammed his bag on the couch, scattering the contents over the living room.

"So what are you doing here? Did Cereal eat all the food in Cyberdelia thus forcing you to eat your mother's crummy cooking," Lauren said coming from her room. She looked at the mess and her baby boy. He was in one of his moods again. She attributed it to being a teenager but there were times when she wanted to smack him.

"Yeah ma and all the rats mysteriously disappeared so no option of barbacue."

"Oh Dade,Kate called. She said to call her back So," Lauren said facing her son with her i-know-there's-something-wrong-so-just-tell-and-i-won't-make-it-painful look.

"So,"Dade said.

"Care to talk about it?"

"Hmm, let's see. Talk about my love life with my nagging,but beautiful mom and possibly scar myself for life-consequently turning me into a serial ax murderer or go to my room and sleep. I'll take sleep for 1000 Alex," Dade said heading to his room.

"Fine then, suit yourself. But if you die lonely, surronded by cats, never once banging a girl-don't blame me."


"That's what you young people call it now right? When I was younger we called it getting laid."

"That's nice ma, why don't I go on a killing spree now huh?"

"Alright Dade, be sure to be home before 3. Oh and if you happen to swing by the houses of the board of directors from my job, give them a hello from me."

"Sure ma."

"You know Dade, I bet Kate would love to hear about this."

"Nice try ma but I don't feel like talking to anyone right now."

"Oh?Then I must be pretty special."

"The doctors call it insane."

"Well then, if I'm insane I guess I should call Kate and tell her you're here."

"Ma!I'll call her alright."

"That's all I wanted to hear. Goodnight."

"Goodnight mom."