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Chapter 3

Kate laid on her bed as she thought of her first semester at MIT. She always thought Dade, Phreak, Cereal, Joey and her would be rocking it out at MIT; spending late nights studying and partying as they worked towards their dreams. Influenced by her mother, Kate was determined to break the glass ceiling and be the president of MKL Technology, one of the top companies dealing with computers and technology. Then she wanted to start her own company which would be focused on developing new technology as well as encouraging young women to forgo fashion for math and science.

"Well whatever," Kate said, determined to not let that 'boy' ruin the rest of her summer vacation. She picked up her phone and called her friend Shelly. Shelly was the party queen in high school. If she knew about a party then everyone would know.

"Yeah tomorrow night at my place," Kate said. "Love you too, bye."

She opened her closet and pulled out a black corset and tight black jeans. From the back of her closet she brought out a pair of shiny, black stiletto boots. Undoing the laces, Kate looked at herself in the mirror.

Tomorrow will be fun, she thought.

Lauren glanced at the clock and sighed. It was already 10:30 and Dade was still at large. She tried to stop thinking about everything that could happen to him in New York's dangerous streets. "He's probably at that club or with his friends," she said to herself. Her voiced filled the tiny apartment and the building groaned as if it were worried as well.

Dade replaced his skates with shoes as he sat on the curb in front of his apartment. Shit, he thought as he the time. 1:15 am. He prepared himself for his mother's lecture and walked towards home.

Slowly he opened the door and carefully he walked to his room , trying not to wake up his mother as she slept on the couch. He went to his room and found a note on his bed.

'Party at Kate's tomorrow night- Shelly 8:30 pm, it said. Feeling slightly better, he decided to go and apologize to Kate. Hopefully she would forgive him.